11 Best Cougar Dating Sites & Apps You Can Consider Trying

by John Santana

Age is just a number when it comes to dating. Gone are the days when age was a barrier even in finding that special someone. So, here comes Cougar Dating; when a younger man dates an older woman.

Don’t be shy if you are one of them who likes Cougar women. Needless to say, dating cougars has been growing popular with people all around the world, because only that special person matters, and nothing else.

So, are you looking out for a date with one of these Ladies?

Well, this article has listed some of the recent best sites to find cougars and make the hunt for your partner easier for you. Starting from Cougardate.com, CougarLife.com, and many more, these  cougar sites have proved to be on the top with a huge user base that is ever-growing in nature.

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Top Cougar Dating Websites/Apps in 2023

Don’t be surprised when you land yourself a date with a cougar using this cougar website. The below mentioned 11 best cougars dating apps are explained in detail. Read further to find out, how they will be helpful for you as well.

Adult FriendFinder
Older women dating

1. Adult FriendFinder

There can be absolutely no better platform than Adult Friend Finder when it comes to Cougars Dating. With the highest user base, AFF.com website will present you with a wide range of options from Cougars to Swingers to One Night Flings. No matter what you look for, AdultFriendFinder will the last Cougar site you had to visit.

Adult-Friend-Finder-comIrrespective of whether you want a serious relationships or a casual hookup, this website serves it all. You can sign up for free and set your preferences and complete the search criteria. This information gives an insight into who you are, and as a result help in finding your love interest easily.

You can also share your photos and other life events. You can upgrade your account to the paid services as well, where you can enjoy the benefits of Incognito and/or zen mode.

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder

2. CougarCrush

Cougar Crush has come a long way from catering to a wide range of users with its instant chatting and video calling features. These are the best features that have kept the users enticed to this website instead of any other.  So if you are searching for your partner in crime, then wait no more. Go online and make a profile on CougarCrush.com to search for your potential cougar partner.


The sign up is free of cost, and you can search for profiles by putting filters in your location as well as your preferences. This will narrow down the search to only those profiles that match up with your own interests.

Once you have created your profile, you will be able to send instant messages to other profiles you would like to chat with. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a casual hookup or a serious relationships, because through this cougar dating site, you can get either of it. All you need to do is mention your preferences and expectations clearly while making up your profile.

3. CougarLife.com

Cougar Life has been adding more numbers to its success years, owing to the fact that it has been providing the best services to the users consistently. It has a user base of around 7 million and still counting. Cougar Life has some of the best features, designed only for you so that you and your partner find each other at the earliest.


Features like an exchange of private photos, live chat, gifts, and finding a date have been known to add an extra charm to the overall experience of searching for that special someone.

Another remarkable feature is the priority messaging; Cougar Life ensures that your messages remain highlighted and at the top of the receiver’s message inbox.

Apart from these, the friendly mobile version of this website is like a cherry on the top.

4. Older Women dating.com

Older women are likely to be matured and much more aware of their needs and aims in life, which is why younger men are looking for dating them. Who doesn’t like a older woman who is smart enough to know the needs of a younger man?


Well, this older women dating website is full of such mature women, and if you are looking out someone who will drive you all the way through easily, in the backdrop of their experience, then this cougar site is for you.

Matching up with people of similar interests of the opposite sex is great, and when you get to meet and know them in real, it becomes even more heart-quenching. Therefore, just go out and create an account in Older women dating.com with all your details and set up a perfect date with your older woman now.

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5. DateACougar.com

Dating older women is now even easier with this website, where the whole process is free and you can search for your potential match in a very easy and hassle-free manner. It welcomes you with a user-friendly interface where the profiles are showcased along with their profile photos one by one.


The sign-up process is totally free and you get the options from every corner of the US. The best part of this cougar dating site is that you can search for cougars according to age as well as location. It has been observed most of the mature women registered on this website are beautiful and established in their careers and they are looking for energetic and younger men.

So, if you are in search of your romantic partner, then she might be out there. Make your profile now and use it for free dating. Whether it’s a one night romance or more, you can get all that you desire by engaging in conversation with the right partner through this website.

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6. AgeMatch.com

So, this website is specifically for older men and younger women, looking out for each other. Generally, older men prefer younger women because they are full of life and are excited to try everything new and spontaneous. Unlike older women, who may come with a lot of baggage ex-boyfriend, husband, etc, younger women are more independent.


So, if you are a younger man who wants to live freely and are in search of a suitable match, then you should definitely check out this website AgeMatch.com. It has a vast user base and caters to the singles to fulfill their needs and demands. The sign up is really quick and doesn’t bother you with a lot of questions, unlike other cougar dating websites.

You can share your photos if you like to. You also get to enjoy real-time messaging through this website and get to talk to someone you like.

7. AskMe4Date.com

This is the website where you will find modern and confident mature women taking up most of the space and they are in search of fun and would like an exciting and thrilling experience in a relationship. So, if you are the man who is funny as well as up for an amazing experience, then go and sign up for a free account in AskMe4Date.com.


It is worth mentioning that dating site has been featured in some popular magazines like Playboy and Fox news too. The wide user base also makes it trustworthy and you can be sure that you are meeting up with a genuine cougar who is looking for a relationship with eligible singles like you.

The cougar dating site has a very appealing interface and it will let you find your potential match even easily. You just need to create a profile; set your preferences and hobbies and other basic information, set a profile picture and you are ready to search for your woman of dreams. You get a platform to showcase your lifestyles and hobbies by sharing your pictures, which will be visible to those who connect with you. Therefore, finding the potential match becomes easier.

8. GoCougar.com

So, if you think younger men attract you more than mature men, then you will definitely like to check out this website GoCougar.com. It is no wonder that younger men are smart and full of wit and humor. They are also energetic and exciting. Therefore, if you are a beautiful and experienced woman, and want to date a younger guy, then it is time you make a profile on this website and enjoy the benefits at the earliest.

The sign up is free, similar to many other best cougar dating sites. But apart from providing free sign up, this website also provides certain other benefits such as instant messaging and user-generated blog posts. The latter feature is a unique feature and many users have found it helpful too.

This website will help you find your probable match easily and as a result, you will be in that perfect relationship that you have always to be in.

9. CougarDate.com

Signing up is the easiest in this website than any other website. It just takes a minute to complete the sign-up process and set up a profile. The security measure in this cougar dating site is one of the best things ever. So, if you are looking for an older woman with beauty and brain, then you should immediately sign up in CougarDate.com.

CougarDate-comWith such a huge user base, you are likely to be assured that you are genuinely in conversation with a cougar who is also looking out a potential match. Every week lots of new members are joining, and thus, the user base is ever increasing.

The best cougar dating site also has a blog space, wherein you can get to read the blogs on advice on cougar sex and relationships, which might be of great help for a newbie. There is some health advice too.

10. AgelessDating.com

As already mentioned in the beginning, that age is just a number and shouldn’t be a hindrance in dating. It is nothing to be ashamed of, if you like someone older or younger than you, because finding the right partner is what ultimately and not the age. So, if you are looking for a potential partner beyond the usual norms of age, then try AgelessDating.com.


Just as the name suggests, dating is now even more exciting and thrilling with these best cougar dating sites. You get to meet a lot of people with the same mindset, and hence there is no question of being betrayed and lied to. There’s no backstabbing.

Leave behind the embarrassment and sign up now. The procedure is free and in no time, you will be ready to catch up with those cougars that you always desired for.

11. SeekingCougar.com

As the catch line goes, amazing dating happens here. So, with a user base of almost 5 million, this website is becoming even more popular. It is for all those who want a long term relationship as well as who want a casual hookup with a cougar.


This best cougar dating site is likely to give you a list of potential partners who are rich, funny and full of life. So, if you are looking for a partner who is into dating a cougar, then SeekingCougar.com is for you. It will offer you a wide range of attractive singles with whom you can relate at various levels.

The instant messaging feature provides you a private place where you can get to know each other and may even set up a date if you wish to meet in person and give the relationship a chance to flourish.

Therefore, dating has been made fun and purely full of excitement for everyone out there, through these cougar dating sites. In a nutshell, it is the era of ageless dating, where age is just a number or simply a word. It has no importance when it comes to finding a suitable match.

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Final Thoughts:

So, if you are looking for an older woman or a younger man, all you need is to sign up for any of these cougar dating sites and get the benefits instantly. Whether it is setting up a date or casual sex, you can have it all with your partner. The messaging and sharing photos features of every website are purely unique and cater to the users for narrowing their hunt for potential partners.

Apart from such features, their privacy policies are also praiseworthy, as the cougar dating sites do not share information of a user with another without their prior consent. Additionally, they also keep fake users at bay.

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