25 Signs She’s a Keeper and You Should Never Let Her Go

by John Santana

A healthy relationship is a key to successful living. But to indulge in a healthy relationship, one must know whether the woman they are dating is a keeper.

If you’ve been looking out for the signs, we’ve got you covered! Let’s take you through 25 signs that ensure that she’s a keeper.

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Is She a Keeper? – 25 Strong Signs

1. You feel like the ‘only’

Every man loves being felt like the only in his partner’s life. If this woman makes you feel special, what are you even worried about?

If she loves you and wants you with all her heart and soul, she really feels for you and would never let you go.

2. She is your number one fan

lovely couple

A woman who loves her man admires him – she loves him for whoever he is, whatever he is, and learns to rejoice in his pleasures just as for herself.

If she doesn’t bat an eyelid when you deserve to be treated well and overjoys at every success you reach, she is your number one fan and sure as well a keeper for a lifetime!

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3. Stands strong like the pillar

We all need someone in our life who can stand strong beside us and help us through our thick and thin. It’s very rare people find a special someone who wouldn’t leave them to hang out in the dry on the worst days, and if you’ve already found one, you are really lucky!

If she doesn’t leave your side when you need her, she is a keeper.

4. She is insane and fun

Relationships get better with people who can keep the enthusiasm intact by adding chunks of fun and entertainment. With endless moments of fun and funk, even difficult times seem better.

If your woman is really funny, bloats your stomach with laughter, and leaves no room for insanity, isn’t she worth every damn thing?

5. No room for insecurity

A relationship strengthens when two people are doing everything to keep it intact. If she makes sure that you do not feel insecure or uncomfortable while you are with her, stop looking for more signs.

It only indicates that she is worth the keep and will not leave you disappointed.

6. Your fam and friends adore her

Family and friends play an important role when it comes to relationships and the woman you want to keep forever. If your family and friends tell you they like you, there’s a reason.

If your woman is liked by every member of your family and every friend in your group, why would you even doubt about keeping her?

7. Respect is the cardinal point

With lots of respect and love for each other, the idea of a relationship becomes infinitely strong. Respect makes two people believe in each other, give each other the space they need, and empower their privacy.

If your woman is doing everything to respect you, she loves you.

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8. She knows you better than you

loyal couple

It is fun and special how some people love you enough to know you better than yourself. Whether it is about the favorite pastry at a store or your favorite dine-in restaurant, if they know how to read your mind, you’ve just got lucky.

Don’t ever give up on this woman who knows you and loves you with all her heart and soul.

9. You learn to up your game

A good new relationship is one that trains you to learn to up your game and become a better person every day. If you feel that this lady constantly motivates you to become better, learn faster, and do good to your life, believe me, there’s nothing better!

10. Its rainbows and butterflies

With this lady, you don’t feel unhappy. You don’t feel unloved or unwanted. Rather, she makes you smile, laughs, loved, and wanted.

If she does, don’t let her go!

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11. There is room for understanding

If she doesn’t scorn you for your problems or gets angry when you cancel the plan, rather understands you in need, she is a keeper.

12. There is no need for pretense

If you can be as natural as you are, and still be loved unconditionally, your partner loves you and would do anything to keep you.

13. Fights don’t last long

If you both fight and it doesn’t last longer than a day because she can’t do without talking to you or sleeping with a fight on, her feelings are for real.

14. Losing you is unimaginable

If the thought of losing you, shudders her spine, she loves you and wouldn’t give up on you, no matter what.

15. She misses you in your absence

If she misses you when you aren’t around, sends you loving quotes and messages, that means you are always on her mind.

16. Communication is sorted

Communication is an important aspect of every relationship. If you both communicate with each other about everything and leave no room for misunderstandings, she loves you just how you do.

17. The love is loyal

She doesn’t say ‘I love you’ just for the sake of it. When she says that, she means every word and ensures her loyalty to you, she is a keeper.

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18. There are no secrets to hide

She doesn’t keep secrets. Instead, she comes and tells you everything that you should know, all the gossip that goes around her and all the deep dark secrets she wouldn’t tell anyone if not you.

If there are no secrets in your relationship and your lives are crystal clear to each other, she loves you and you shouldn’t let her go.

19. She is your ‘BFF for life’

Your woman is your best friend. She isn’t a pain to you when you want some fun and doesn’t hate you for not doing things the way she wants. You both have ultimate fun when together, and you hardly feel the need to indulge more people in your life.

If that’s how she makes you feel, you must love her with all your strength. She deserves it!

20. You are a part of the future

She doesn’t see a future without you in it. Alongside her business, friends, and family she also lovingly makes way for you in her plans. If she does, she is yours to keep.

21. What’s with the pampering?

She pampers you like you are all that she has. She gives you random gifts, a cheek full of kisses, and all the love you desire. If she does, she is the woman of your dreams.

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22. You ‘Check out’ together

If you both check out girls and boys for each other and laugh at the thought together, she is meant for you.

23. She respects your people

If she doesn’t constantly nag about the people in your life and ask you to stay away from everyone, she is a keeper.

24. She confides in you

She trusts you, believes in you, and rely on you because you are important to them. If she does, she loves you.

25. You are her happiness

If she treats you like you make her world go round, you are very lucky!


If all of these signs were a green tick mark in your head, don’t let her go! EVER! She is going to fill your life with happy colors forever.

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John Santana

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