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Cheating Cougars Website Review: Is It a Scam?

by John Santana

Ready to make a hot connection with an older woman? Tired of being led on by women who claim that they want a young man to rock their world, and then finding that they aren’t ready to handle you? Then the right cougar dating site may be the solution that you need.

Cheating Cougars promises to provide all of that and more to young men looking to take a cougar woman to bed. But can it compare to some of the other high-class dating and sex websites like Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finer or is this one a bust? Check out our review below.

Cheating Cougars Website

The internet has helped a lot of people make their way in the world of dating, sorting through the potential partner based on tastes, interests, and even age.

There are different services for dating for all types of attraction and demographics. For those who want to go after an older woman who is looking for a younger man, then promises to be the right option for you.

While many men head to this website in the hopes of finding a woman who is actually interested in younger men, it doesn’t always turn out that way. This website makes a lot of promises that it is not able to keep. Users need to be careful about the fake scams and other issues that can come up with this one.

There are some good things about this website, but there are also some negatives as well. But does that make it a scam? Check out some of the key points of this website below.

The Key Features of Cheating Cougars

Before we get into the full review, let’s take a closer look at a few of the key features of this website. Some of the features include:

  • Promotes hookups between younger men and older, cougar women
  • Offers a free version as well as paid plans
  • Paid plans that work well for any length of time
  • Includes explicit material that other sites may not offer

The Pros

  • Claims to offer connections with older women
  • Allows you to look at some profiles for free
  • Easy to sign up for

The Cons

  • They use a lot of bots on the profiles
  • Everything costs, even though it promises to be free
  • The website is boring and nothing original
  • All of the pictures become the property of the website owners
  • Pay as you go model

Our Cheating Cougars Website Review

Meeting the person of your dreams can be a challenge. Especially if you want to go outside of the box and find your next hookup adventure. Despite some of the changing norms in our culture, it is still hard to approach an older woman. Not everyone understands a younger man who wants to find a mature partner.

Many men may end up being alone or finding someone they don’t like that much just to avoid judgment. Cheating Cougars Website promises to be different to all of that. They claim to help young men hook up with the older cougar that they are looking for.

Whether you want a relationship, a hookup, or something that is a little more fun, they promise to provide the connection that you want.

But can Cheating Cougars keep up with that promise? Let’s take a closer look at this website to see if it is all that it is cracked up to be or if it could be considered a scam in the dating world.

It’s All Been Done Before

One of the first things that you will notice when it comes to Cheating Cougars is that it does not put much creativity or originality in the design. If you have been on other websites like Ashely Madison or Cougar Life, you can tell that they put a lot of time and effort into putting the website together and making it interesting for the customer.

Cheating Cougars does not provide this at all. One of the first thoughts that you will have is “I’ve seen this all before.” The website has a boring logo with a white and blue color scheme. When you get to the signup page, you are greeted with a beautiful woman and lots of promises that are too good to be true. They also urge you to sign up for a free membership in order to see some of the featured profiles that are there.

While there is bound to be some repetition over lots of dating websites, it is not a good sign to think that the website is boring when you are looking to hook up and spice up your love life. Cheating Cougars does not promise anything that is special at all either and the lack of originality does not bode well for the rest of the site either.

The Upselling Starts at Once

You will start to notice a trend on this website almost immediately when you sign up. Right after you give all of your credentials, you are taken to an upgrade page, rather than the main page where you can look around. They wanted more money out of the user right from the start.

This can be suspicious because the viewer is not even given a chance to look around the site first. They do not get to check out the features, learn how the home page works, or even upload their information before all of that upselling starts to bombard them.

While this website promises to give you a free service, that is a myth that you will never see come to fruition. It usually is not a good sign if a site promises a free service and then immediately does not provide anything for free.

Lots of Messages At Once

The second you get started on this website and start paying to use it, you will be bombarded by messages all at once. This can happen before you even upload a picture or any information on your profile. This should be the first sign that you are dealing with a scam. No one responds that quickly, especially when you want to make a connection.

When you try to respond to some of the messages that are filling up your inbox, you will find that you are stopped by a paywall. It is impossible on this site to send more than a few messages without having to pay for that delight first. You will need to upgrade the services, and even then they will try to get more money from you in order to respond.

The Cost is High

There are a number of costs that you need to be aware of before you join this site. Everything is pay as you go, which can really add up if you are not paying attention. You will need to use tokens, which will cost, for all the interactions. It feels like they are nickel and diming their customers and it just seems a bit risky.

If you have ever used a site like Ashely Madison for dating and sex, you know that legitimate dating sites are not going to work this way. Sure, they will have some paid membership options, but those provide some exclusive benefits. You never have to pay for each message that is sent, which makes this one a risky game that will cost you for every move.

They Use Bots

It is likely that most of the messages that you get and the profiles that you see on the website will be bots. The terms and agreements even state that you agree that some of the profiles on the site can be fictitious and made up. They do this through a program known as Online Cupids.

If the dating site is using Online Cupids, this is a sure sign that they are not really a dating site. They have no desire to help you meet real women, whether you want to sleep with or date them. You have no chance with a fake profile and this website is full of them. They just want to use these as enticement to get customers to pay to join.

Read the Fine Print

Before you sign up with this site, you need to actually look at the terms and conditions. There is a lot of fine print that can be missed if you decide to just scroll through and then click Agree at the end.

While it can get lost in all the legal jargon, the site owners give themselves permission to take your content and use it however they want. Any pictures, videos, or anything else that you upload to the site can become fair game. This makes this site one that you should not trust because they do not have your best interests in mind.

It is Not a Dating Site

When you come across the Cheating Cougars website, you may assume that you are getting onto a dating site that will help match you with that special someone. A closer look at the fine print shows that this is not the case.

First, they list themselves as a website for amusement and entertainment. You are meant to go there for some entertainment, not to find a companion. All the messages in your inbox right after signing up can show that most of the “connections” are not even real people. They make no promise that you will find a partner, companion or date.

You have to pay to play for anything. And just like the casino, it is going to remind you of when you get to the website, the house will always win. And with all the live cam and adult game ads that litter the site and you can bet this is not the right one for you.

The Cost

There are several membership plans that someone can choose in order to get a chance to look around the website and decide if it is the right one for you. Some people really love this option, but there are some drawbacks that can make it less than appealing.

Some of the examples of the costs that you may have with Cheating Cougars includes:

  1. A three-day plan costs $8.91
  2. A one-month plan is $29.95
  3. A three-month plan is $49.95
  4. A six-month plan is $69.90

They do offer a free plan, but the things that you can do with it are pretty limited. You will not be able to send messages to anyone or do much other than upload your picture, which the site owners are then able to use any way that they want. If you are still looking to utilize this site, try the three-day plan to see if it is worth it.

There are Better Options Out There

It is not a good idea to go to Cheating Cougars and hope to get matched with the perfect cougar. It can happen on occasion, but this is the exception and not the norm with this kind of site.

If you truly want to spice things up, start an affair, or find someone that can make the night wild, there are much better options out there like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison. Save your time and money and choose one of those sites instead.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder is one of the most popular hookup sites around right now. They have a huge user pool of all different ages meaning that there are plenty of cougars to choose from right on your doorstep. They are not filled with bots and it is much less spammy than Cheating Cougars.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a site that is especially for people looking for an affair. This means it is prime pickings for older women in unhappy marriages and relationships. There are plenty of foxy older ladies gagging for a younger man to relieve their boredom. If you are looking for a cougar, you can’t miss this site.

So, Is It a Scam?

If you are really looking to make a connection or to hook up with someone hot, then Cheating Cougars is not going to be the website for you.

They make a lot of promises along the way, but they basically just want you to hand over your pictures and money. Most of the profiles are fake or bots and you have to pay to even message someone a few times.

There are a lot of better options out there that you can choose from, so save your money and pick one of them.

John Santana

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