Dating Site Review: Is it Legit & Worth The Hype?

by John Santana

Cougar Life believes that when it comes to love and romantic pursuits, age is just a number. The cougar dating website has been a secure forum for adult women and young men to connect since its inception in 2006 by Canadian business Ruby Life Media.

Cougar Life, which claims to have over 7 million members worldwide, is one of the first and first dating apps to appeal to cougars and eager cubs. More than just a dating forum, it seeks to dispel the stereotype associated with mature women dating younger men by posting posts and other content on the site.

Yet, not everyone is perfect, as Cougar Life has been plagued with rumors of numerous false accounts.

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Cougar Life Member Structure

With the number of male members flocking to Cougar Life, it seems that the mature ladies already have it. Even though the website’s primary audience is people in their mid-30s and up, male users outnumber female users on the cougar dating platform.

Males aged 18-34 years old outnumber females by a large margin, accounting for more than half of the population. It’s worth noting that this age group is said to be the pinnacle of a man’s sexual libido.

  • Over 300,000 visits have been reported worldwide.
  • Every month, over 100,000 new users are added.
  • The majority of consumers are between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • Male users outnumber female users.
  • According to reports, the site is riddled with false accounts.

Given the popularity of older women for being sexually mature, it appears that the males who entered this dating platform are searching for casual dates or hookups with cougars.

Despite the incredible fan base, sources say Cougar Life is home to a slew of bogus accounts. When your new profile, without images or information, receives several notifications or attention in a brief amount of time, this is a telltale sign of a fake account. We didn’t have this experience at Cougar Life, which led us to believe that the website took notice and tightened regulations to ensure that member contact runs smoothly.

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Creating an Account with Cougar Life

Unlike other cougar-focused dating sites with complicated registration processes, Cougar Life simplifies everything with its 1-step registration process. The form is split into two sections: Your Account Info and Your Personal Details.

Account Information

In this part, you can enter a valid email address, your favorite user name (using an alias is strongly advised), and your password. You can also post the main picture in this section, but you can do so later if you want to take a look around first.

Your Personal Information

As the title implies, information such as your gender, birth date, and location (city, state, nation, and zip code) will be requested. In this segment, you can also provide additional detail about your physiognomy. Select a pre-written answer to the following:

Body Shape, Eye Color, Hair Color, and Ethnicity

If you choose, you can leave the above physique-related questions blank.

Finally, in this segment, you can create a short caption or greeting. Once all is in order, check the box next to “I adhere to the prescribed use of my personal information in compliance with the Privacy Policy.” and press the “I agree” button to log.

You will get an email with a verification contact shortly. To finish the signup process, click the link that is provided.

Some highlights of signing up:

  • It just takes 3-5 minutes to register.
  • It has a one-step registration process.
  • Members come up with exclusive usernames.
  • Photos can be uploaded during registration, but they are not needed.
  • Creating a greeting or presentation is part of the registration process.

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Getting responses on Cougar Life

Since Cougar Life does not have a rigid authentication mechanism (aside from email verification), it is understandable why they restricted the flexibility of a regular account in terms of contacting other participants.

Standard members can navigate the cougar dating site using the following features:

The Search Function

a cougar Life’s free to search feature includes various filters and alternatives, allowing any cougar or cub to find appropriate matches. You can narrow down your quest based on profile areas, distance, and even keywords. The only disadvantage is that you cannot save your search filters, so you must enter them each time.

Send a Flirt

Give a “Flirt” to a member to show your confidence. This wordless contact is Cougar Life’s equivalent of the “Like,” and it’s a clever way of saying you’ve got your eyes on them.

Mail Priority

You can be more imaginative and charitable in this messaging by giving a virtual present to the cougar or cub of your choosing (paid separately). If the participant posted private images, you could also include a submission for entry.

Interact with Me

Like chatting on social media sites, this feature is a simpler and easier way to reach the cougar or cub of your dreams.

Contact me.

This is a free-form mode of communication, but unlike Priority Mail, you won’t send images or media. However, paying members will get more value for their buck by experimenting with the following features:

Include a Present

Sending simulated presents to a cougar or cub will take the flirting to the next level. Spend 5 to 35 credits to purchase everything from interactive chocolates to watches. Keeping up with Cougar Life members is easy and straightforward with these user-friendly features.


  • You should look for members based on their region, age group, and also their distance from you.
  • It includes a free search feature.
  • To write and read comments, you must have a premium membership.
  • Narrow the quest by using filters such as body shape, height, race, and so on.
  • Limit the quest to either show members with pictures or members who are looking for a date.
  • To express their desire, free users should submit “Flirts.”

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Profile Quality

Cougar Life profiles provide enough detail about the cougar or cub to give you a good understanding of what she or he is like in real life.

A member’s age, place, race, education, body shape, eye color, and hair color will be included in their profile. Besides this simple info, you will learn more about their personalities and interests by visiting the About Me tabs.

Standard participants will see the complete profile and pictures. However, a person might have posted a private photo gallery; you must submit a message to access it. You can freely view their images if they permit you.

Unfortunately, the platform does not make its users fill out their profiles, but many members have half-completed profiles. Profiles and full-sized images are available to standard accounts.

A distorted picture with a lock button indicates that the user has a private photo gallery.
Profile information may be modified at a later time.

Usability and Design

a cougar With its neon pink and teal colors and overall nostalgic feel, Life’s appearance and aesthetics seem to be influenced by the 1980s.

The interface is well-organized, and all-important elements, such as the Dashboard, Messages, Search, and account avatar, are easily accessible through the top navigation bar.

The site itself appears professional and polished, especially its member directory, Dashboard. The boxy interface conveniently divides the different dashboard sections, such as the latest cougars or cubs, those that were recently online, the number of cougars available for a date, and the handy, fast links that will take you somewhere on the website.

If you’re searching for new players, the Search tab is well-organized. If you like what you’re seeing, you can change all the upper left corner parameters and see the results in a list or grid format, complete with primary picture, introduction note, age, personal information, and messaging options.

Overall, cougars and cubs would have no trouble handling Cougar Life.

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Cost of Cougar Life

Cougar Life is above average as compared to other services.

30 days$40$40
90 days$29 / month$87
365 days$12 / month$144

Cougar Life credits are the only way to pass around the dating platform. Credits, the dating site’s currency, are obtained via monthly subscriptions of 1, 3, and 12 months. The number depends depending on the strategy you choose:

  • A one-month membership entitles you to 100 free credits.
  • A three-month membership entitles you to 500 free credits.
  • 3,000 credits for a 12-month subscription
  • Premium accounts are regularly renewed. Members who want to cancel their service can contact the Cougar Life hotline at 1-877-740-3176 between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Cool Features


Cougar Life has a variety of characteristics that keep cougars and cubs on their toes. The following are the most notable:


In real life, you will send presents to people you care for. You may send simulated versions of these presents to the cougar or cub who has caught your attention in Cougar Life. Gifts cost credits, but it communicates to the receiver that you are involved in them.

Private Galleries

Private Gallery Members have both a public and a private gallery; the public gallery is open to both paid and free users. You can store sexy and alluring images in your gallery and restrict access to those you believe are deserving.

Get a Date

You can see how many cougars are searching for dates on a given day in the lower-left corner of your phone. Simply press the “Find a Date Tonight” icon and choose the cougar you want to take out on a date.

Blog about Cougar Life

The blog is an excellent guide for both seasoned cougars and curious cubs. Aside from receiving web updates, you can also find tutorials and helpful cougar dating tips.

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What is Cougar Life?

Cougar Life is a dating forum that brings together older women (cougars) and younger guys (cubs).

Who is the owner of Cougar Life?

Ruby Life Media owns Cougar Life.

When did Cougar Life debut?

Cougar Life was founded in 2006.

Where will I find Cougar Life’s headquarters?

Cougar Life is owned by Ruby Life Media, a corporation headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

Is there a more straightforward way to access Cougar Life?

The site currently has just one authentication system. They do not accept signups via Facebook or Google.

Is a Cougar Life smartphone app available?

Cougar Life does, in reality, have a smartphone app for iOS and Android devices.

How does Cougar Life operate?

Cougar Life operates similarly to other dating sites in that you create an account, fill out your profile, and look for matches. The only exception is that the platform caters to older women seeking younger men and vice versa.

May I use Cougar Life for free?

Technically, you can sign up for an account and fill out your profile for free. You may also use the profiles of other members for free. If you wish to contact other members, you must upgrade to a premium membership.

Since I am a free member, I am unable to give Cougar Life texts. How can I get in touch with other members?

You will also give Flirts to other members if you are a free user. This will demonstrate to them that you like and are involved in them.

What exactly are gifts?

There are interactive presents you can send to other participants to show them how much you appreciate them. You must use credits to buy gifts.

What is the distinction between a standard letter and priority mail at Cougar Life?

Regular messages are informal private conversations with other people, while priority mail is a more formal way of engaging with the cougar/cub you’re interested in. With priority mail, you can include virtual gifts in your letter and a request to access the user’s private photos.

As a free user on Cougar Life, may I make a favorites list?

Yes, you can add users to your favorites list that grab your eye. Simply visit their profile and select the “Add to Favorites” option. Additionally, free users can see if they are on other users’ favorite lists.

Could you please tell me how to uninstall my Cougar Life account?

If you no longer wish to be a member of the web, you will deactivate your account. Simply go to your Account options by clicking on the thumbnail of your profile picture in the upper right corner of the page. Confirm your request by clicking “Deactivate Your Account.”

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Closing Thoughts

After learning about all of the benefits and drawbacks in our Cougar Life study, we highly recommend this online dating site for adult women and young men looking for love. The database is extensive; the interface is minimalistic and extremely easy to use; the likelihood of seeing a scam profile is limited. Any of these variables cannot be ignored. So don’t be afraid to take a chance!

So, whether you’re an older woman searching for younger men or a younger man looking to find cougars, I recommend you sign up. However, it is dependent on what you are searching for. This website is definitely the best place to find it if you’re looking for a short fling or hookup with a cub or a cougar.
And if you aren’t looking for older women or older men, the users on the website share your sentiment.

They are all really straightforward people, and you would have a lot better chance of finding someone on here than on a forum like tinder, where the bulk of people are either there for an ego boost or to talk.

Cougar Life is the real deal for real men and women, and I highly recommend that you use this fantastic guide on building a dashing online dating profile. Cougarlife s the real deal.

To be popular on Cougar Life, you must present yourself as what most users are likely to be looking for. The first piece of advice is to use profile photos that show you doing something involved. This can include photographs from whitewater rafting, skydiving, Cliff repelling, pictures from the gym, or pictures of you enjoying your favorite sport.

You should have a lot of photographs of yourself doing active activities outside. You’ll want to be seen as young, lively, and strong.

The following piece of advice is on what you can have in your biography. According to my advice, cougars should also be as frank as possible about what they want in a cub. The young men on the platform search for a woman who can treat them with dignity and not play games with them.

This is one of the many reasons Cubs are on the website at all. They’re tired of dealing with young teenage girls who crave validation but have no experience of sex, marriages, or bedtime. They’re waiting for someone to treat them like men, not boys. So head on the site & find your cougar today!

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John Santana

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