10 Best Senior Sex Dating Sites for 50+ – Ultimate List for Older People

by John Santana

The vast online dating world often neglects the needs for senior sex. Your hands are tied when signing up to platforms. All of them only have faces of young college people having fun. Nothing seems to be suitable for you.

Worry not, the senior dating community is growing stronger than ever with these up-and-coming dating sites. Read on to see all the sites you should bookmark for your next endeavor.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

10 Best Senior Sex Dating Sites for 50+ (2023 Update)

1. eHarmony


  • Emphasis on soul connection
  • Personalities display
  • Compatibility test


  • Extremely expensive subscription fees

The long-lasting love is brought to you by eHarmony. Emphasizing true love, the whole site is designed to brew romance. Upon sign up, you will have to answer a long list of 70 questions. It can get dreadful but it’s all for the compatibility test built into the system.

Its smart matching techniques analyze the answers you provide and offer you matches that will be the most suitable for you. Users have reviewed that the compatibility score is accurate in facilitating the matching process.

Since the site emphasizes soul connection, it displays a lot on each profile. Your personality is shown by showing a lot of little details about yourself and the answers you gave. You can visualize your date immediately, and vice versa.

eHarmony is great for long-term relationships, but it comes at a high cost, literally. Its starter 6-month Premium Plan starts at $65.90 per month, which is nearly 8 times more expensive than the industry average. At this price, you would expect they are delivering the match to your doorstep.

Although eHarmony has a talent for matching people, it is highly doubtful that it’s worth the investment. You will be able to sign up on 5 different sites with a much better chance of matching than dumping all your eggs in the eHarmony basket.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • Very friendly towards mature dating
  • The gender ratio is even
  • Members are active


  • Mostly for casual dating

Ashley Madison is like an oasis in the desert for the 50+. The whole online dating world is only filled with young people looking for an Instagrammable date. Anyone above 40 is almost marginalized without a chance.

This safe haven for the mature will tickle your pickle right in the sweet spot. Most members are above 35 with plenty over 50. As expected, they are also looking for someone their own age. You will not find trashy photos of young college girls soaked in beers in their tiny bikini tops. Instead, Ashley Madison is a higher-class dating site for the ladies.

Members respect everyone’s desire and you will not be judged. The gender ratio is very evenly split, at almost 1:1, which is rare on other platforms. It is an engaging community. Every night, you will see all those profiles coming online. Its high-quality members guarantee you a prompt reply.

There is no bot or fake profile on Ashley Madison with its strict automatic screening that clears out suspicious profiles regularly. Seniors are hopping on the dating site for someone that matches their calm.

The best place to look for mature sex is here, although that’s really where it stops. Ashley Madison is unlikely the place that will find you love as members are drawn to its casual vibes. No strings attached is the motto. Not a lot of ladies on it are open to something more serious, particularly since they are usually on dating sites behind their family and friends’ backs.

Don’t expect to find your true love here. Ladies tend to go on it after they lose their partners or when the flames have died. Therefore, they prefer to keep the relationship a secret. It is no place for a happily ever after. What Ashley Madison can bring you is a fun ride you will never forget.

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3. Adult FriendFinder


  • Interactive features like video chats and group calls
  • Simple site map
  • Community-oriented


  • Inactive profiles are not filtered

As one of the top adult dating sites, there is no stopping Adult FriendFinder from growing. To date, it has over 90 million registered users from all parts of the world. It is more accurate to label it a community than a platform.

On Adult FriendFinder, every member is your friend. One thing people over 50+ struggle with is keeping up with the fancy, gimmicky, unnecessary visuals that every other trending site has. There is no simple dating anymore these days, except here.

The site map is straightforward. You get a menu of all the features. Liking and connecting with members are easy with just one click. Its easy navigation undoubtedly adds a lot of points for senior dating since many do find it difficult with flashy designs.

Sometimes, you do not want to keep texting someone. The older you get, the more you realize texting is the worst way to express yourself. Therefore, the video call feature on Adult FriendFinder will do magic for you.

You can call a member right from the start. Better, you can group call everyone on your friend list. It is much easier to hang out with a group and find someone in there. You can post on the forum asking who is available tonight or any fun kinks to try. Members get to know each other by commenting or reading your updates. It is a strong social media tool for sex.

Its large user base comes with quite a few inactive profiles. While it is expected, it often comes in the way of finding new partners when the search results direct you to profiles that are 10 years old and haven’t seen the day of light. Those people are no longer on the site but the system needs improvement in filtering those profiles out to up the user experience.

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4. Bang Locals


  • Connections are made by geographical locations
  • Very friendly towards mature singles
  • A large demand for older people


  • Ads

On dating platforms, it is very common to see people pretending to be someone else. Not that they create a fake profile, but they birth a persona that is far from their true self to protect their image. Those having some kinky desire will act like they have no sexual fantasy, believing it to be the way to attract girls.

That could not be further away from the truth, at least on Bang Locals. On this diverse dating site, you are celebrated for who you are. No one should feel the need to hide. Its strongest feature is the geographical advanced search, which combines both location and specific search filters to locate the best matches for you.

You can select a 10-mile radius plus filters like age, hair color, or interests. Bang Locals is one of the friendliest dating sites for the mature group. You will find women your age or younger women looking for mature men.

You will be a hot pick wherever you go. The site adores breaking the traditional dating boundaries. It does not cater to just the majority who are young and looking for a hookup. Your needs are being well taken care of.

The only drawback is the excessive ads that flood the site. Some of those ads pop up when you are clicking into a profile. It can be frustrating at times to open up a link that you do not intend to.

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5. WaysToMeet


  • A lot of sexy profiles
    Members are diverse
    Plenty of female users on the site


  • Some of the photos are rather graphic and porn-like

WaysToMeet introduces the sexiest mature ladies in town. Praised by men for its authenticity, the site digs deep to see what caters to its audience the best. On the front page, you already see a sexy lady posing in seductive positions. Users know they are about to step into a world of fun and lust.

Women tend to post their sexiest photos on the site. They do not shy away from showcasing their sexuality. Nothing is coy here. Its freeing spirit attracts thousands of members coming online every night. You will get instant matches with the high activity flow.

You might think a promising site like this would turn out to be filled with horny men looking for the few female profiles available. But WaysToMeet stuns everyone by showing how many genuine women are on it to look for men. Its users are slightly skewed towards the mature group, which is wonderful for you to score a match.

On the downside, some of the photos are too sexy, or porn-like. It’s not necessarily a turn-on for men to see porn photos on a dating site. Depending on what you are looking for, most are seeking a date, not a pornstar. It gives off a rather uncomfortable feeling to browse through a dating site to see a lot of revealing photos.

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6. Silver Singles


  • More female users than males
  • For dating and long-term relationships
  • Large monthly visits


  • No girls from other age groups available

You can’t get more direct with the name than this. 50s are the new 20s. Silver Singles aims to unite singles in the prime of their lives for a loving relationship. It is one of the few sites where you will find the number of female members surpassing the males.

The charm of a promising relationship encourages singles to sign up. Whether you are looking for some casual sex or a future partner to grow old with, there will be the right one on Silver Singles. Plenty of members are here to take things slow. Look for some fun while seeing if it could develop into something more.

It has about 1 million visits per month and users are from all across the US. You don’t have to travel far to meet your soulmate. The site is successful in hooking up people in the same age group. But that is also its biggest limitation. Since the site only accepts members above 50, you will not find anyone younger.

Not everyone above 50 wants someone their age. Maybe you are open to options. Then Silver Singles does have few choices and may not cater well to your needs.

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7. Elite Singles


  • Millions of monthly visits
  • High-quality individuals
  • Filter by interests and compatibility


  • Rigid web design

Specifically to attract mature professionals, Elite Singles has millions of monthly visits from bright professionals from all fields. Singles are of high quality since most of them are certified and recognized in their niche.

It is not easy to spend time meeting someone as brilliant as you are if you have spent most of your adult life trying to perfect your skills. This platform gives a chance for the ones looking for a partner as intelligent as they are. All without spending too much effort filtering through the brainless horny girls.

A hookup is plain if you have nothing to talk about. At least you would want a conversation with someone smart enough to catch what you are saying. The site shows search results by compatibility. If you have similar interests, the system will bring you together.

Despite a clever setup, the site lacks some identity verification so you would still run into scammers who claim to be a professional. Besides, the web design is outdated. The layout is rigid and not at all user-friendly.

The speed would be significantly improved if they update the user interface. The grid feels like an early 2000s internet model. It’s not convincing to say the site is trending from the looks of the front page.

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8. Match.com


  • Strict monitoring process
  • Active and genuine members
  • Most users are looking for someone mature


  • Essential features like messaging are only available to paying members

You have most likely seen Match.com’s ad on the internet. It is a highly advertised dating site for all types of dating. Be true to yourself and attract someone. Its registration process is one of the tightest to protect members within the community. You have to be verified by the team before you can go on and match to reduce the presence of catfish and scams.

Due to its strict screening policy, you can rest assured that members are genuine and active. Its active members are thriving and passionate about meeting new dates. As data has shown that mature people tend to prefer to use desktop sites for online dating instead of a mobile app, Match.com becomes one of the most convenient with its desktop version.

Most of its users are 50+. Its senior audience makes it heaven that gathers like-minded people with similar interests. You can filter profiles by their interests or something more specific with their advanced search.

The quality of Match.com is high because it is very expensive to join at a striking $45. Its premium features like unlimited messages are only available to paying members. You can’t message whoever you want as a free member. It’s restrictive towards what you can do if you don’t pay.

The investment does not necessarily yield the return you want if you can’t first explore around and see if it resonates with you. Members have no way of backing out once they pay. It is not as lenient as other platforms with its refund policy.

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9. Zoosk


  • Large user base
  • Affordable premium plans
  • Simple swiping feature


  • Frequent ads and spam

Its supposed 40 million members is a great selling point. Zoosk attracts an older audience above 30 and you will find people in their retirement years on it. Its simple swiping feature makes it easier for the senior group to navigate. Older people tend to avoid dating sites or apps with overly complicated designs or site maps. They don’t need the fancy visuals to find a date. Keep it plain and simple, that’s what Zoosk is doing.

Compared to all the ridiculously high fees on other senior dating sites, Zoosk has quite an affordable rate to offer with the premium plan comes as low as $12 per month for a year. You get more value for money since the features on Zoosk are the same as the other ones with a tripled price.

However, Zoosk has annoyingly placed ads all over. They get into your screen in the middle of matching and they cannot be closed easily. When an ad is stuck on your screen, it becomes spammy. Users find it irritating when they see more ads than profiles in one night.

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10. Our Time


  • For senior dating
  • Simple site navigation
  • Fast matching and sign up process


  • Fake profiles and inactive members

Another senior dating site proudly announces itself as the soulmate finder you need. Connect with people that love what you do. The site supports only senior dating and simplifies all its features so those who struggle with technology can follow.

The site navigation is easy. You will find everything in three clicks. Signing up for an account takes less than 10 minutes. The matching process is straightforward. You see a profile you like and you can initiate a conversation by praising her ideas for weekend activities or her passion for gardening.

Members have a broad background and interests. It seems like a piece of cake to strike up a conversation. Profiles are displayed in an organized manner.

Despite its diverse profiles, a lot of them may be fake. There is no in-depth self-introduction in the profiles. They do not respond to messages, and worst of all, some icons look like stock photos. It’s hard to not be convinced that these are profiles made by the team to lure in paying members.

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Dating Tips for Seniors

Perhaps you lost your long-term partner recently, or you have been single playing in the field for years. Nonetheless, as you age, you start to feel rusty in the dating game. You don’t seem to be able to understand the latest trends. Even others your age seem to be demanding a lot more than before.

Your physical needs change together with your emotional ones. What you have always upheld may no longer be true once you hit the 50 mark. Grow your sexual and dating needs together so you can enjoy healthy sex.

1. It may take longer to warm up to sex

  • It doesn’t come as frequently and easy
  • Don’t forget foreplay

Just because you have hit a new stage in life doesn’t mean your sex life ends with the past. Undeniably, your sex drive has changed. You may not be able to perform as fast and as well as you did 20 years ago. But the raw sexual desire is still there.

Prepare yourself for a hot date night. You need to put in more effort for things to work. Set up the mood. Get some sexy lingerie for your date. Put roses on the bed. Anything that elevates the atmosphere will help.

Your body responds to your surroundings more than simply the lust on your mind. Without a proper build-up, you may feel frustrated as to why you find it difficult to have sex even though you are physically attracted to the other person.

Foreplay is essential. It takes a longer time to warm up, more so for your partner if she is also 50+. Her sex drive could take a hard hit after menopause and she struggles to be wet enough to enjoy it. Bring sex toys or lube to it. There is nothing shameful about upping your sex game.

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder

2. Take care of the emotional needs

  • Talk about your life and interests

Talking seems more interesting than partying all night followed by having drunken sex. Your emotional needs are manifesting as you grow. Casual sex is not the same as meaningless sex. For casual sex, you can still develop a sense of bonding and connection with her. You can take her out on a date first, listen to her stories, and buy her flowers.

Both of you are no longer in that stage where you are rushing to go home for sex. Without the mental supplements, sex does not seem as fun. To get to your lady’s heart, take an interest in her.

What has she been up to for the last 50 years? Was she ever in love? What is something that she is proud of?

Getting to know someone opens up more possibilities. Casual or not, you will have made a new friend. Having more casual female friends is sexier than sleeping with a hundred nameless girls once you are in the silver age.

3. Respect her wish if she wants to keep it casual

  • If she is not here for a long-term partner, move on

Silver seniors are on dating sites for various reasons. There is no doubt that you will find girls who still believe in the fairytale and want a happy ending with the prince. In reality, that concludes a minority of those out searching for a date.

Many 50+ turn to dating sites after a divorce and they do not want to meet new men through physical social meetings because of the moral constraints put on them by their families and friends. It is not easy for divorced single women to be public about their dating life.

Sometimes, you fall for the one cute girl you have been hooking up and fantasize more with her. Sadly, the feeling is not mutual. She wants nothing but fun. That’s the heartbreaking reality many have had to go through.

For some people, their fun life only starts at 50. They have wasted the first half of their lives on the wrong people and careers. Now, they want to explore.

You are more unlikely to change a mature lady’s mind than a young girl’s. Her no firmly means no.

How To Spot A Fake Profile On Datings Sites And Protect Yourself

Unfortunately, the problems of fake profiles seem to be significantly worse on senior dating sites. Most likely it’s due to the fact that many over 50+ did not grow up with dating sites and are less familiar with the dating scams like young people who grew up with catfishing bots.

Just one photo

To save yourself from a catfish, look for details that suggest a profile is not genuine or a bot. A fake profile usually has just one photo. Scammers often steal one photo only to avoid getting detected easily. If they don’t care enough to show more photos on their profile, even if they are real, they probably are not worth your time.

Profile comes up multiple times

You have come across her profile several times. It can be that the system is just looping around since you have run out of matches, but more of the time, it is because someone has created multiple profiles for the same person. Either the description is different with every profile or the whole profile is identical head to toe.

It is a clear sign that this is a catfish trying to increase her chance of a match. Most systems have a way of screening out redundant profiles but there is still a lot that slips through the net because of the large user base.

Sending links

Never open any links someone sends you right away. That is a telling sign that they are bots. Occasionally, when the conversation is going smoothly and she is mentioning a band she was playing in and sends you a link to a YouTube video. In that situation, it can be innocuous in nature. It takes time to build trust.

If someone sends you a link right away within three sentences. That is very suspicious and the link probably contains viruses. For your sake, do not open any links that a stranger sends you.

Refuse video calls

They refuse to do video calls. Obviously, they will not be able to call you because you would notice they look nothing like they advertise. Granted, some people do not feel comfortable video calling right away but that does not mean they are catfishing. Try suggesting a voice call or exchange voice messages to start with. At least then you will know if you are talking to a guy or a girl.

After a while, push for a video call if she keeps rejecting your proposal to hang out in person. Things will get sketchy once she continuously throws excuses at you. Give her an ultimatum that she either reveals herself behind a camera or this is over. You will never have anything with someone who refuses to show themselves anyway. That is not why you signed up for an online dating site.

Suspicious topics and behavior

If they dominate the conversation and steer it back to the same topic, again and again, you are dealing with a scammer. A catfish or a scammer is either after money or attention. They will give out a backstory of how sad and poor their life is and ask that you fund them.

Remember that you can feel sorry for someone, but you should never offer help to someone you cannot verify their identity. It is a major red flag when she repeatedly asks for financial support. Don’t think you are off the hook even if she doesn’t ask for money. Check whether she is constantly seeking attention and your whole conversation is just about her.

Users like that are mostly fake. Their story might be true and they can be looking for an online outlet for their steam and frustration, but everything on their profile is certainly made up.

There are many clear signals of whether a profile is real or not. You sign up for fun and to meet people, not to deal with catfish. Spot the suspicious details from the start so you can skip those profiles and only match with someone interested in dating or casual sex.

Final Thoughts

Finding senior sex does not have to be taboo. Everyone should enjoy their dating life. Having fun is what adds to the prime years of your life. Follow these dating sites and sign up today to get hitched with the coolest lady in town!

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