How To Make Your Hookup Miss You

by John Santana

So, you thought you wanted to enjoy life (and sex) but instead fell in love with your hook-up?

And it’s nothing but hell to you especially, if the affection is one-sided and your hook-up partner is not serious about you at all.

But the heart wants what it wants; even if it requires planning a bit too systematically to make your hook-up fall for you.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change your hook-up relationship into a serious relationship. You can take a chance!

It’s common to forget about our hook-ups after we are done having sex with them and not giving their existence a thought until you’re horny.

The real task is to rule their minds when you are not in their bed…

How to make them miss you terribly? How to make them crave for your attention?

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1. Limit the time you share with them

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What is the first thing you can do to make a person miss you?

To maintain some distance and give them the time to do so!

How can you expect a person to miss you when you are not even giving them space and the chance??

If you are clinging to them the whole day and constantly nagging them via texts or calls, then you are showing that you are available 24*7.

That kills the chances of you coming into their mind when their eyes are closed and the thought of being with someone precious arrives.

The point is, give them the space and let them wonder about your whereabouts.

2. Don’t just play within the sheets, make an emotional bond

Sex must be the best thing in the world. And if they are in a hook-up relationship, you are not the only one on their list.

They are also dating other people at the same time and all of them can give them what they want – sex.

So just wearing the most beautiful lingerie or flexing your biceps will not work.

Sex may be good, but it isn’t the strongest emotion in the world.

Do you know what the strongest emotion is? – Love.

Try to build a relationship with them based on trust and love.

Have chats with them on some easy topics and slowly take it to deeper ones.

Share what you love and values the most in your life and in response ask them their part of the story.

Don’t hesitate to send a text or two in their chat box but make sure it’s not one-sided and they reciprocate to the efforts.

3. Let them know your world comprises of much more than them

The silliest mistake you can do is to revolve the whole of your life around one person.

Everyone loves an interesting person.

And the things you talk about and do make you interesting.

So have a life.

Do things other than them. Make friends. Hangout with them. Focus on your goals. Workout. Go on adventure trips. Help others. Be an overall interesting person.

Knowing that their presence is just a tiny part of your life and the iceberg is much bigger than that will make them want more of you.

Humans have a tendency to be in the top list of a person, and for that, they spend a good time thinking about how to do it.

Thinking how to be the top in your list will make them think of you a little more and miss you a lot more.

4. Learn to say ‘no’ for Sex

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Leave them craving for the thing that they want the most from you – Sex.

No, you don’t have to totally cut them off and start ghosting them.

Giving them the taste of what they like the most is good for once in a while to make them realize how much they missed creeping in your body and to arouse their interests.

But limit the frequency.

This way they will crave your body more and more and ultimately for you.

They will try to fix this thing forever and the thought that they miss you so much will probably make them feel they like you more than a hook-up and they will take the things to the next level.

5. Make them meet the ‘Real You’

Let your hook-up partner know that you are not just a hot bod.

You are a human being who touches more areas of the world than their body.

Make them meet the Real You. By that I mean let them know your hobbies, things you do to make other people happy, and things which make you you.

Try to include them in your activities.

Like if you love golfing, ask them for a golf session.

If you are passionate about movies, ask them to join you in a friendly manner.

Including them, in events that unleash the real you will be a huge help in making them think about you and miss the time they spent with you.

6. Leave them wanting for more

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The best way to make someone miss you is by leaving them wanting for more.

There are many ways to be present in their thoughts for days even after you leave.

Your sensual body language, good wit, body fragrance, and humor can be one of them.

But the best-tested method is to leave them at the highest.

For instance, do not spend the whole night after having sex with them. Instead, as soon as you complete a good session of sex, dress yourself up and leave.

This will make them miss you the second you leave as you are not there for them to share the excitement they got from the sex.

And this instant feeling of missing will continue for a good period of time and take over their mind.

7. Be the Catch, not the Chaser

Chasing someone is exhilarating, but it reduces your respect in their eyes.

Are you the one making all the efforts without giving them any chance to do so?

Stop it right now!

You have to be the one they are chasing.

Even if you can’t help but do anything in the world to turn this hook-up into a serious relationship and get their love, you have to take a moment and re-think.

You are already in awe of that person, now the real work is to make them fall for you.

And that will not happen if you are chasing them continuously as you want to hunt them down.

You have to enjoy the moments when the efforts are more from their side and this article is all about the efforts you can do to initiate the efforts from their side.

But chasing them is not one of them.

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8. Enjoy your time, see other people

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Just because you are crazy about your hook-up doesn’t mean you have to make them the only source of your happiness.

Don’t do that because it’s not a Committed Relationship, and they can be dating many people simultaneously.

Focusing all your attention on one person who is not serious with you can be disaster.

And if the other person knows that you are just dating them, they will get the idea that your eyes are only on them and you are not going anywhere else.

With this thought, they can rest in ease and will not think of impressing you or they will not even miss you.

So, date other people too and have your time.

9. Recognize their needs and act accordingly

If you want to have a prominent place in someone’s life, you first need to be aware of what their dreams from life are.

You need to know what kind of person they are and what their hopes are from their partner.

Maybe if their needs are too different from yours, you need to back off.

But if they aren’t very demanding, you can work on it.

If you see that their dream partner has those qualities that if you possess can make you a better person, then go for it.

10. Do not act Desperate

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You know what’s the quickest turn-off – acting desperate.

This goes for both men and women.

Just show someone that you are interested in them more than they could ever think of, and they will lose all the interest in you.

It’s almost like people like impressing others and working hard for it, it helps them in being the better version of them.

Irrespective of what they say, most of the people think they need to prove something to the world – that they are desirable and worth the efforts.

Give them what they want, and the thought of impressing you will not cross their mind ever again.

Also, are you clingy? Then they are sure to shake you off their shoulders.


Do not curse yourself for falling for your hook-up, you are not the only one in this alley.

Give it a chance and see how it goes. Delight if your efforts are worth it.

And if it’s not, have you thought about the other cutie you met at the coffee shop? 😉

John Santana

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