AgeMatch Ultimate Review: Is this Age Gap Dating Site Worth Trying?

by John Santana

The struggles of modern online dating often divide participants into love and hate. Dating apps and sites either seem to drive people to praise them or renounce them altogether. Finding the right dating site that feels safe, efficient, cost-effective, and has a high match rate, is paramount when navigating the online dating realm.

AgeMatch is geared for people who want to meet romantic partners with bigger age gaps than usual. Gap dating is an exciting part of the dating app market where users from a specific age group can find love, romance, or flings from a large pool of active members from a wide variety of age groups.

Like all dating platforms, users need to understand if the services and efficacy of the website they want to use will meet their expectations. Below is a detailed review of AgeMatch created to find out if the gap dating website can help you find love in all the right places.

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Review breakdown:

Summary overview

  • Making a profile
  • Safety information
  • How to use your account
  • Special features and standout functions
  • Popularity
  • Contacting support
  • Pricing options
  • Pros/cons
  • Verdict

Initial Take

After my first few hours of setting up a profile and browsing potential matches, I noticed that the freedom to love the way you want stands out as a core part of the match experience.

The ease of specifying how you identify gender-wise and choosing your sexual preference is easy and simple. Filtering your age preferences while browsing the platform is a breeze and is easily manipulated with a simple adjustable bar.

An About Me section gives users lots of freedom to craft their personality, hobbies, lifestyles, and more into a concise description. This is followed by telling others what you’re looking for out of a potential partner so the chaos of weeding out profiles with very different ways of living is very straightforward.

The search function for selecting other profiles is streamlined as well, so you can pick out certain attributes like common interests and passions to narrow down your results more accurately. This gives off less of a “see what sticks” formula and more of a “find the right one” approach.

The user interface is simple and minimalist and never overburdens the user with unnecessary filler content and useless tabs. However, maybe a few things could be added to look a bit fuller.

Like most dating platforms, AgeMatch offers a free plan as well as a paid premium membership giving users access to upgraded features that can increase their chances of finding a mate. More on the premium plan below.

Making a Profile

How Long Does It Take?

Profile set up from beginning to end takes around 1 to 3 minutes depending on how detailed you get with your bio and match preferences. This makes AgeMatch one of the fastest dating app profiles to create and limits the time waiting between signing up and starting to browse.

Registration for the majority of dating apps can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes including questions, choices, mandatory info, and lots of other things that can dissuade someone from even beginning to look for a match after.

AgeMatch on the other hand is simple and easy to set up, so there’s no delay.

Users can choose to make an account through two options (for now):

  • Email
  • Facebook

For email users, verification is mandatory to begin using your profile, so make sure the email address used is not dedicated to spam and that you still remember the password.

Verification Friendly

AgeMatch requires a few methods of identity check just to ensure the authenticity of its profiles.

The first is through email (if that is your account setup choice), the second is through your phone number by call or text, and the third is a photo verification process using an up-to-date picture of yourself.

Verification of your account is posted on your page and others can see it, so you can expect that completing the verification process will probably result in more matches.

Concerns About Safety

The safety and comfort of its users are most important with AgeMatch’s platform. Reporting, blocking, and everything in between is easy to do and encouraged when interacting with other uses on the site who seem suspicious. Upon reporting and after a thorough investigation, AgeMatch will follow up with any disciplinary actions it needs to perform.

As stated previously, verification for many users is mandatory, and for those who sign up using an email, there is no other choice. The verification for email and Facebook are posted publicly on all profiles. This in coordination with phone number verification makes it difficult for any user not to make it through unverified.

Using the Account

Detailed-Oriented Profiles

For AgeMatch, the more information and thought you put into your profile equals a higher chance someone will want to engage with you. Other users want to see that you’re willing to provide as much info as possible, and AgeMatch makes that very easy with all the room it gives you to do so.

Many modern dating platforms are subject to bots and automated accounts. AgeMatch is highly efficient at spotting fake accounts and removing them from the platform as soon as possible. Reporting suspicious accounts is also very easy for users making it difficult for inauthentic profiles to make it far into circulation.

Regardless of whether you pay for premium or not, browsing profiles and looking at other user’s profiles is always free. Editing, revising, profile pic changing, or any other modifications to your page is simple to do and always at no cost.

Matchmaking and Messaging

The search function inside AgeMatch is one of the best on any online dating platform. Search filters and specific criteria narrow down any result to be the most relevant and accurate possible. Whether you are looking for males, females or couples, a particular distance range, age bracket, or specifying whether they have a profile picture or not, you can find what you’re looking for.

Free and paid members can curate favorites lists of users they may potentially meet. Perhaps you aren’t ready to send the first message, or you want to pursue other options before you reach out to another profile. With these lists, it’s quite easy to go back and see who you still need to interact with.

If you want to initiate interaction with another profile, keep in mind that a premium membership is required to send the first message. However, users with free memberships can reply to any messages that paid users send to them first.

Special Features

One of the biggest persuasive factors, when people are deciding what online dating platform to use, is whether or not any features stand out.

AgeMatch is no stranger to understanding the importance of unique functions that make their platform shine bright. Below are all the features and their detailed descriptions so you can better understand all that AgeMatch has to offer.

Reverse Matches

Reverse matches are a feature on AgeMatch that connects you directly with other profiles that share the same interests and profile attributes as you.

With this very special and advanced add-on, finding people who have common lifestyle habits and ideas is a simple process. Navigating through hundreds of profiles at a time just to see what their bio says is no longer an issue.

A Great App

Finding time to sit down on a desktop or laptop can be difficult considering the hustle and bustle of modern life. Add onto the task of navigating online dating platforms and you have a whole mess of trouble.

AgeMatch offers an easy-to-download and beautifully simple app that can be downloaded through its website on most mobile devices and smartphones. Your account is linked between different platforms, so if you favorite a profile on your phone, you can look it up on your desktop if you need to.

On your browser, navigate to the AgeMatch website and click the download button for Android or Apple to begin the process. Once the app is installed, log in using Facebook or your email and password and begin finding romance from the convenience of your mobile device.

Sending Winks

Sometimes the anxiety of sending the “wrong message” to a profile you’re interested in can make it difficult to make that initial contact. In AgeMatch, if you experience this anxiety, then sending a wink instead could be just the feature you need.

This digital wink lets other members know that you are interested in them without sending a written message. After they receive it and look at your profile, they may send you back a detailed message after you have successfully broken the ice.

Hide from Search

While on AgeMatch, you may find the need to stop some profiles from showing up in your search. No matter what the reason is, this premium feature of hiding others when browsing profiles can make you rest assured that they won’t pop up again.

After beginning the process (just the simple click of a button!) the profile selected will never show up again while you browse.

Ideas for the First Date

This nifty feature on AgeMatch is a way to generate ideas for first dates when you eventually find a match that you are willing to meet in person.

The challenge of finding an activity that both parties will enjoy thoroughly can put a lot of pressure on the meet-up. This feature finds suitable and creative first date ideas so you can focus solely on getting to know the other person.


The forum section on AgeMatch is a great way to get community feedback from real users who are just starting or have found successful matches. Ask questions, share stories, and find advice on the best-proven methods for navigating the website and dates.


Articles, reports, advice pieces, and much more information are available in the easy-to-locate blog section of the AgeMatch website. Feel free to share your posts as well.

Comments and likes are embedded into the process, so communication and interactions are encouraged while using the blog feature.

Frequency in Users

How Many Members?

Over 1 million people are registered users on AgeMatch and more than three-quarters of them live in the United States. Men account for a little over half of the users and women make up a little less than half. This is a great ratio considering many other platforms have the majority of users being men (or bots!).

Most women are between the ages of 18 to 34 while men range from 35 to 55.

How to Contact Support

Sometimes you may need help from a customer service specialist who can walk you through whatever concern or issue you need to be addressed.

Luckily, users on AgeMatch can easily connect with a support specialist to get their problem resolved.

Here are all the methods this can be done:

By Phone

The AgeMatch direct customer support line number is 1-416-628-1072 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a general rule, dating apps tend to hide their customer support telephone numbers, but AgeMatch believes in transparency and the happiness of their customers. Call whenever you need to, and a representative will pick up fast.

By Email

Email correspondence with AgeMatch is a simple and efficient way to relay any information you need.

  • Ask about a free month of premium membership.
  • Find out advice for dating and being safe.
  • Billing or claim conflicts.
  • The history behind AgeMatch.
  • Customer feedback for suggestions and features you’d like to see.

By Mail

For any other type of contact, choosing to send AgeMatch mail is very easy.

The correspondence should be addressed to:

10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160
Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6

Price Point

For those taking online dating seriously, getting the most out of AgeMatch requires a paid membership that can help you significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable match.

Below is a list of the different features and options available for paid and free users:

What’s for Free?

  • Search for your matches.
  • Respond to forum inquiries.
  • Let’s meet feature.
  • Curate your own favorite’s list.
  • Reply to initial messages from premium users.
  • Browse profiles including bio and interests.
  • Like other profile posts and pictures
  • Comment on other profile pictures, blogs, and posts.
  • Upload your photos
  • Browse first date concepts put out by members.
  • Send winks.
  • Write and post your blog entries.

What’s for a Fee?

  • Utilize the advanced reverse match’s feature.
  • Look through profiles as an anonymous account.
  • Make other profiles invisible in your search results.
  • Find out who viewed your page.
  • Reply to member-posted first date concepts.
  • Reach customer support faster.
  • Make your profile stand out in other’s searches.
  • Write notes and comments on other profiles.
  • Find out who has liked your profile.
  • Filter searches with advanced and more detailed criteria.
  • Send the first message to profiles you’re interested in.

Price Range for Membership Options

AgeMatch is affordable and depending on which membership you want and what fits your budget, knowing the options is key to making the right choice.

There is:
1 month of premium for $29.95, billed once at $29.95.
3 months of premium for $19.95, billed once at $59.95 (50% in savings).
6 months of premium for $95.95, billed once at $95.95 (60% in savings).

The Good and the Bad

Below are the pros and cons of AgeMatch:


  • Distinct and useful features not found on other online dating platforms.
  • Nearly 1 million users with a majority located in the United States.
  • Detailed and advanced search features to pinpoint specific results.
  • The free plan has many benefits without upgrading.


  • There is no video chat function and communication is limited to messages or winks.
  • The site is simple, and a few things could make it meatier.

The Verdict

Is AgeMatch a recommended platform?

Yes, AgeMatch is a winner!

Due to the fast and easy registration process, safe and secure verification methods, a large active user base, distinct and useful features, and a reputable presence in the online dating market, AgeMatch is a way to go for finding romance.

Since 2001 AgeMatch has helped countless people looking to find love, romance, flings, and/or fun with others who may differ drastically in age. The safety and comfort of its user base is an important thing for AgeMatch and inauthentic and suspicious profiles never negate the user experience.

The user base is vast with so many active profiles coming from the United States. No matter who you are and what preference suits you, AgeMatch has a viable partner who can fit your specifications.

In a market full of uncertainty, fake profiles, safety concerns, and deplorable customer service, AgeMatch has managed to break the barrier of bad experiences and give online dating platforms a boost in reputation. Whether you’re a younger or older individual, finding suitable matches and a welcoming online community is always a given when choosing AgeMatch.

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