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Dating a Teen: Pros, Cons & Helpful Relationship Advice

by John Santana

Teens are unpredictable, troubled, and fun. It is a stage everyone loves when going through it but has mixed feelings about it afterward. Dating a teen is a roller coaster journey. They envision the purest form of love. Yet, at the same time, they are complicated as they do not know how to handle a relationship because of their lack of experience.

There will be times when you question your sanity. But most of the time, you will be in awe of just how innocent everything feels. This is a feeling you will never have again. If you think you have found Adam and Eve’s kind of love, you should do anything to hold on to it.

Are you aware of all the subtle hints or catastrophic tantrums that are thrown by your lover? Are you able to decipher them? Read on to find out.

What are Teens Like in a Relationship?

  • Extremes of both ends
  • There is constant drama. Nothing is too small to start an argument
  • Intense love because you are their entire world

Extreme emotions

Before the blueprint of a teen’s mind is given, you should know that the simplest map is often the most complex. As a teen, they are still searching for the perfect version of love. They do not have many ex-lovers to tell how good you are. Therefore, you may feel pressured by the unrealistic expectations they set for you.


All the Hollywood teen rom coms are instilling the Prince Charming idea onto young adults. Without real comparison, they would naturally see that every lover should behave the way it is portrayed on TV. Teens tend to romanticize relationships. It should all be cherry blossoms. They will give you their whole world and expect the same return. In their mind, the perfect couple never argues. As soon as an argument arises, they question the relationship. Most teen relationships end over what you would later think is “stupid.”


While the unnecessary drama is unavoidable, dating a teen is probably the most wholesome romance. You are their entire world. They will do anything to make you happy. You will get surprise concert tickets, picnic ideas, and secret hiking trips. Everything feels so exciting. Teen romance represents the two sides of love. There is the constant drama that stems from love and also the unlimited care.

How do you date if you are a teen dating a teen?

  • Do not internalize your feelings. Talk to someone with more experience
  • Understand that people are supposed to be different
  • Invest in yourself and add values to your strengths

Talk it out

Exploring how to be a healthy couple together is a memorable journey. Although the drama doubles, the intense love also doubles. You will feel your lover is the only thing that matters in this world. The love is so strong that you cannot see a future without them. If you are feeling it, you are onto something real.

First of all, give yourself a break when you feel stressed out. You are new to the arena as well. Confusing and uncertainty are only the price to pay. Whether you make it with this partner or not, it will be a valuable lesson. Since you have no comparison, it is good to ask counsel from someone older. Not only do older people have more experience, but they also have more life lessons to offer. Their wise words will benefit you forever.

Understand differences

It is easy to get fixated on right or wrong in your teenage years. You want to get an apology over every argument. If you do not get one, you will want to part ways. Having different opinions is not allowed because you should be one. And that is a mistake an older person can tell you to avoid.

Relationships are not black and white. Couples are entitled to have the opposite opinions on things. Forcing the other to apologize will only do harm to your love. It will take years to master this knowledge but it is good to have it on your mind when dealing with an argument.

Invest in yourself

Second of all, invest as much in yourself as you do in your partner. Being too attached can lead to the downfall. Your teenage years are the prime time to discover things. You should be trying out different hobbies, studying, and thinking about what you want to achieve.

Being stuck with your partner 24/7 will create stress as you are not free to do things. Split the time between yourself and your partner. Invest in yourself individually so you can be a better person your partner looks up to.

How Do You Date if You Are an Adult Dating a Teen?

Young smiling boy holding pretty girl on his back and playing with her while spending time in park

  • Make sure it is legal
  • Be the leader and guide them through arguments and discussions
  • Let them inspire you and keep a young mind

Make sure it is legal

First and foremost, make sure this is legal by all standards. If it is not, run away from it. Do not do anything until the other person is of legal age.

Be a leader

As an adult in the relationship, you are the mature one. You are the leader to guide your partner the way. They will almost trust you in blind faith because you are older and wiser. You should never manipulate that trust. Since you are the mature one, you need to navigate through the drama with a healthy approach. Even though you are likely the leader of the relationship, you need to take their thoughts into account.

Discuss each topic calmly. Teens tend to turn everything into an argument as if it is the end of the world. Ask them to logically lay out their reasoning instead of cursing. Show them how to arrive at a compromise that is best for everyone. Not everything is a deal-breaker. Arguments should not be started on the premise that it is a breakup. Teens can be too clouded by their emotions to see that. The responsibility may be tough but you need to be the one to step up.

Get inspired

Do not let the pressure scare you. There are tons of benefits to dating a teen as an adult. Teens are not childish but innocent. They still hold a passion in life. Let them remind how good it feels to have a dream. People that have dated a teen often describe it as life-changing. They re-discover their long-lost passion and recalibrate their career goals. Let your partner inspire you and learn from their enthusiasm in life.

The older you get, the more important money seems. You are always thinking of buying the most luxury brands to wow your partner. But teens are satisfied with the smallest things. Stop buying them the latest branded items. Put your heart into a craft and make something. This will impress them way more than your ability to make money.

You will never find another love as pure as this. Cherish it and enjoy the feeling of being young, somewhat reckless, and helplessly romantic.

Where to Find Teens to Date?

Aside from your regular social circle, online dating is the best approach to finding a teen date. Teens are active on online dating apps. Every day, thousands of teens get matched on these platforms. Here are some of the best sites to sign up to date a teen.

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo

Do not let its name fool you. Adult FriendFinder is surely not exclusive to adults. Rather, it is mind-blowingly popular with teens. This LGBT-friendly online dating site is particularly popular with teens exploring their sexuality.

Adult FriendFinder is well-loved by teens because it mimics the best social media platform out there. You can start a live stream, share photo updates, write a blog, join a thread in the community forum, make new friends, and more. This is a site that you will never get bored of.

2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo

The false conception that Ashley Madison is only for cougars ends here. While that may be what the site originally intended to be, it is now a haven for teens that wish to keep a low profile.

Teen relationships often come under scrutiny, making teens unwilling to date publicly. Ashley Madison provides an anonymous dating platform that allows all verified users to hide their real names and personal details. It sounds sketchy at first but the platform has gone over the limit to validate each profile to minimize the risk of users getting catfished.

3. Bumble

This vibrant, female-oriented dating app puts a safety cap on teenage girls. Only girls can initiate so they are less likely to get harassed. As the whole aim of the app is to protect the girls, the whole environment is respectful and friendly. For first-timer users, Bumble is the ideal start.


Dating a teen is a magnificent experience. You will learn so much from it while indulging yourself in untainted love. You may get hurt but you always want to come back for more. To get your Romeo and Juliet story going, sign up on these online dating sites to date a teen!

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