Navigating Post-Hookup Depression: From Feelings to Recovery in 2024

by John Santana

It is true that one night stands and casual hook-ups are incredibly fun things to try, but those are planning to do it for the first time hardly know about the dark consequence of having post-hookup depression.

This is a genuine problem that occurs among a major part of the youngsters after they are done with their hookups and they start feeling guilty after it.

Today we will be talking about the various stages of post Hookup depression and how to tackle the same.

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Six Stages of Post Hookup Depression

1. Feeling giddiness

At once you will be finding your stomach churning and you will feel intensely giddy. Why? Because you just hooked up and it really felt good. But if you think a little more deeply about it, there is a psychological reason why this is happening. Psychologically you cannot still be out of the make-out session that you had and it is actually the neurological aftermath of what happened. It is bound to make you feel tingly and warm.

2. Your head feels light

Right after you feel Giddy, your head is still preparing itself for the upcoming consequences because you are high on your hookup hormones till then. So make sure that you do not bring out anything like – ‘ I just realized I love you’ and instead try to take things slow. You will find yourself asking a lot of questions like whether you wanted to do that or whether your decision was correct. First, get a clear grasp of the answers and move on.

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3. Panic mode

You might not know it, is but one of the very common things that have occurred is that as soon as the hormones wear off you are dumped from the ninth cloud on the hard ground and you start to panic. It’s like you just bump into reality all at once. You trying to figure out where have you said anything that would mean commitment or whether what you had was a perfectly safe hookup or not.

You might be panicking about your protective measures, and being a girl if you do not remember anything that happened last night it is always advisable to take emergency contraceptives as soon as possible.

4. Guilt

Of course, you’re feeling guilty because the hook up has been nothing but a random thought. You might feel more guilty if the hookup after getting drunk at the party last night. Now you will feel absolutely down and depressed because of the double standards that society places before you. Society says that girls should not be gaining pleasure during casual hookups but in reality, it is absolutely fine to do so.

Every individual has its needs, and therefore it is ok if you or she is engaging in a casual relationship. But if you are feeling guilty ask yourself why you are feeling so unsettling. Think of what you truly believe and instead of thinking of society. Ask whether you have enjoyed enough and if you did the right thing. If the answer is yes you are good to go

5. Sensitivity

Now that you are aware of what you have actually done you might feel very sensitive about sharing extreme intimacy with someone that you rarely know. It is like you will think that invariably the person will turn out feeling you and knows about all your secrets. In case of this start thinking like it was nothing but a one-night stand and it doesn’t matter to you if he or she really let you down. It is better to shut down all the powerful feelings that are overwhelming you.


If you are still not convinced about what you did was right, then you might start feeling gloomy and very depressed. You think about the wrong decision that you have taken and also about the consequences that you are going to have later on. Now we will talk about how you can tackle the post Hookup depression easily so that you can move on to your next HookUp session.

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How to Come Out of the Post Hookup Depression Stage?

  • Ask yourself what you really wanted out of this hookup

There are different reasons why people go for random hookups. For some people, it is done to get over a breakup, while others do it in order to get more experiences and explore more options. If you were doing it for the above two reasons then you can just think of it as an incident of your life and forget all about it rather than being depressed and pondering over it for days.

It is also important for you to understand that if you are disappointed with the kind of action that you got last night then you are chances of depression might increase. Therefore do not think much about it and move on.

  • Ask yourself whether you were anxious or depressed even before the night started?

Many think that having great intercourse might be the solution to depression but it is not. You have to remember that if you are already depressed before night it is not a good option to move forward towards the HookUp otherwise you will regret later. Instead, look for someone who would support you emotionally and morally instead of looking after your physical needs. It is a better option to immerse yourself in a number of activities to get out of the depression phase.

  • Ask whether the guy or a girl is giving out weird Vibes?

Indifferent to whether it is a long-term thing or a casual night, you have to understand but you should be spending it with a responsible person rather than the one who would ask you to do ‘it’ without protection because it’s more fun. If you are feeling that the girl or guy is creepy or weird it’s better not to engage in order to avoid the post-hookup depression.

To sum up we both the same it is not good to be flushed away drinking and ending up with every other person you find. Be responsible and be selective about who you are with- also do it for the correct reasons and you will never feel depressed Ever After a hookup.

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John Santana

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