GetItOn Review: What to Expect from This Unique Adult Dating Site

by John Santana

If you are on the hunt for a unique platform in the adult dating scene, then you may have already heard about GetItOn.

This platform is an adult dating platform that can help you find others in your area who are interested in casual encounters!

The only question is: what can you expect from this dating site? Is it worth signing up?

That’s where I come in. Today, I’ll be covering everything you need to know about this dating platform to help you decide whether or not it is the right fit for you.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into it!

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Overview of GetItOn

GetItOn is a unique adult dating platform that helps you to find people who you are sexually compatible with.

The site provides you with a questionnaire upon signup that will help them to understand your preferences and match you with other users that you are the most likely to be compatible with.

The user base on the GetItOn platform is extremely open-minded, meaning that this is a great option for those wanting to explore more unusual or adventurous sexual encounters!

The way that the algorithm selects matches for you that are compatible with your sexual preferences means that you are likely to find users you are interested in quickly and easily.

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Signing Up and Creating a Profile

The signup process for GetInOn is very simple and straightforward. You will fill in the essential information such as your own gender and what genders you are looking to match with.

From here, you will be able to fill out the sexual compatibility test. This is a particularly unique step of the registration process and will ensure that you find a match that you are sexually compatible with.

Key Features

One of the most useful and unique features that GetItOn provides is the compatibility charts.

When matching with another user, you will be able to view their chart of preferences and see how these match up with your own.

Another unique feature of this platform is the ability to tip other users. To capture the attention of a user that you are interested in, you can send tips through the app directly to other users.

GetItOn also has a live model feature where users can view live video streams and join in video chats hosted by professional models on the platform.

Safety and Discretion on GetItOn

When using online adult dating apps for casual encounters, the safety of your personal information is extremely important.

Luckily, GetItOn has measures in place to protect your private information and allow you to have safe and discreet interactions with others!

GetInOn has a secure chat platform available, ensuring that your information is private and secure when reaching out to other users. The privacy policy of this platform also ensures that all of your information is kept confidential.

Pros and Cons from a User Perspective

There are both positives and negatives when it comes to GetItOn as a platform.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some pros and cons of this platform from a user’s perspective.


  • Live video streams from professional models
  • Safe and discreet
  • Customizable preference options
  • Sexual compatibility focused
  • Uncensored content.


  • Membership is required to view photo galleries
  • Not many active members in smaller towns or cities
  • No mobile app.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the most notable pros and cons of this platform. Upon signing up, you may discover a range of features that do or do not appeal to your personal tastes.

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User Experience and Community Interaction

The GetItOn interface is very easy to use, with the website being clear and simple to navigate.

The platform has a range of unique features that make it stand out from the crowd, such as the live video streams and the compatibility charts.

The community on the GetItOn platform is generally very open-minded and accepting of all genders, sexualities, and sexual preferences.

While you may not find many active members if you are in a smaller town, those in larger cities should have no problem finding a range of matches in their area.

Pricing and Membership

In order to send and receive messages, unlock photo galleries, and join live video streams, you will need to have an active GetItOn membership. There are three different types of membership that you can get:

1 month – 29.95 USD / Month

3 months – 19.93 USD / Month

12 months – 14.93 USD / Month

You can also spend additional money on the platform in the form of ‘tips’. These are often just a few dollars and, when sent to another user that you are interested in, can catch the attention of potential matches.

Comparison with Other Adult Dating Sites

Many other popular dating sites, such as Tinder and Hinge, fail to find matches for those looking for casual encounters due to the fact that a large number of people on these apps are looking for relationships rather than hookups.

Even when browsing dedicated adult dating sites that are geared towards those looking for hookups and casual sexual encounters, people still struggle to find any matches.

One of the most common reasons why many people fail to find matches on this platform is due to the fact that they can’t find anyone that they are sexually compatible with!

This is why the way that GetItOn operates is so unique and effective.

The sexual compatibility questionnaire that users are to fill out upon registration means that it is far more likely that you are going to find someone that you are sexually compatible with.

For users who are looking for sexual encounters without judgment or want to experiment with something a little more out of the ordinary, GetItOn is definitely the place to be.

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Conclusion: Is GetItOn Worth It?

At the end of the day, whether or not GetItOn is worth it depends entirely on what you are looking for.

If you want to experience casual hookups and sexual encounters without spending forever finding users you are sexually compatible with, then GetItOn may just be the platform for you.

The complete lack of judgment on this platform means that you are far more likely to find other users who are interested in exploring sexual fantasies and scenarios with you compared to other adult dating apps!

One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to invest in a membership to use the messaging features of the app.

With that being said, you can sign up and browse the app entirely for free – which is a good way to get an idea of the user base and decide whether or not you are interested in continuing to use the platform!

John Santana

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