How to Hook up with a Cougar? – Ultimate Guide for Newbies

by John Santana

Cougars are sophisticated, educated women who do not participate in video games. As a result, they can be daunting to meet. If you were to hook up with a cougar, you’d do as you’re doing. Making love with older women differs from sharing sex with women your age.

They are not only more ready to please and they are mature. They are not, however, incapable of expressing their wishes. When hooking up with a cougar, don’t be afraid to be as wild as you want within reason. Many times, the cougars are depending on you to teach them what they’ve never seen before.

When using a dating forum, it might be difficult to keep up the conversation. This is common as you both because you have a few decades between you. Fortunately, after you’ve mastered a few dating rules, you’ll be able to attract cougars near you. You do share an urge to hook up.

So seize the golden opportunity that has just been given to you. By having sex with older women, you will get to have the experience of your life. The same is so when it comes to mingling with cougars. This makes no difference in what you look like or where you come from; if you do all the things right, you could end up leaving with a cougar.

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5 Steps to Catch a Cougar

1. Find the Dating Sites/Apps They Are On

If you’re seeking the right cougar, stop imagining yourself with your friend’s mothers and head on cougar dating sites. As the dating world has moved online, many others have been looking for hookups on casual dating sites.

There is a lot of cougar dating sites available that it can be difficult to choose the best one for your situation or preference. You can also read some web articles and rely on the advice of your brothers to help you find the best cougar dating site. Some of the cougar dating sites you were considering could turn out to be web scams.

Tinder seems to be the most convenient choice. It’s free, and it was initially developed as an application for hooking up, but you can restrict your searches to just cougars.

One challenge that are found with Tinder is the cougar’s age standards must be updated in their profile settings in order for you to turn up with them. You may also be squandering your time because cougars do not often look for gentlemen under the age of 35. Another challenge is that you can not message a profile until you both swipe right on each other.

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If you’re looking for a discreet way to hook up with cougars that don’t limit the number of profiles you can touch. POF allows you to find someone and anyone from every age. It’s also perfect for finding cougars so you don’t have to pair with them before contacting them. Furthermore, POF is well-known for its outstanding hookups.

You may even pursue OkCupid. It can be a bit of a bigger shot than creating an account on POF, it allows you to deliver messages for free. Unlike Tinder, though, you cannot approach women until they have partnered with you.

The third choice is AdultFriendFinder. On AAF, you have access to more than a thousand cougars who are still looking for young men to hook up with.

The only disadvantage is that it is a paying quality dating application. CougarLife is another choice, as the name suggests, is created for cougars looking to hook up or date younger men. However, unlike AFF, you must pay to post tweets.

Regardless of the platform, you enter, I highly encourage you to mention what you’re using the app for in the about section of your website. This would certainly assist you in getting some dates on dating platforms such as OkCupid and Tinder. Say the lady straight up why you intend to hook up with a cougar. The right strategy is still to be honest.

2. Go to MHow to Hook up with a Cougarartini Bars

Aside from creating online dating profiles, there are some places where you should be able to start your search to meet older women in real life. The most visible of these is perhaps a martini lounge or bar.

A sophisticated nightlife venue for mature women is a martini lounge. This establishment is expensive, but it is very beautiful. You will have a huge number of cougars to choose from and they are typically avoided by the millennial crowd. Plus, you might be one of the only younger guys there.

Martini bars can be both formal and informal, you should dress to impress. Put on your best flats, spritz some cologne on yourself, and bring a wingman. It shouldn’t be difficult to look for a martini bar in your area. Simply do a Google search for one or read our detailed guide on finding hot cougars here.

3. Buy her a Drink, and Don’t Forget her Friend.

When meeting a cougar for the first time, stop making small talk. The best course of action is to tell her who you are before proceeding to the bar. You can even see if she and her friend want to grab a drink.

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Make sure that you give her friend attention also. If you offend her friend that she’s therewith, she will see you as being rude, and you will have little success.

And what if she said she doesn’t want to drink anything? Simply move on to someone else that is interested.

You can find yourself where the cougar is interested in you but her friend is just not that into you. This can happen from time to time, so don’t give up. Get your thoughts clear, but don’t worry about your companion. Often, make sure to give her friend a compliment too.

4. Attend a Club

Clubs tend to be a great place to meet friends for hookups so you can get up close on the dance floor. Cougars are looking for you to join them in their gyrations, with romantic songs coursing through their veins and beer making them horny.

If you attend a bar with the goal of leaving with your dream cougar, make sure it’s an older ladies-only party. In major cities, there are a lot of these, but cougars, in my experience, prefer Latino-themed pubs.

You must exude confidence, be a confident dancer, and be prepared to flirt whilst there. Whisper something to her, approach her, and then kiss her when you guys are ready. She needs to know you are into her too.

5. Don’t Bring up her Age.

Of course, there are some things you might want to tell to a cougar you are trying to hook up with. However, there are certain items you do not say.

One factor you can never bring up is how much older they are.

Cougars are conscious of their generation. Some are mindful that they seem young for how old they are! They don’t need you to bring it to their attention. The attraction will die from suffocation.

You know, even though you think you’re being kind by doing things like, “you look fabulous for your age,” or “I can’t believe you have no wrinkles,” you’re just being annoying.

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Cougar Dating Pros

A big benefit is some cougars do not hang out late, so if you want to go out with your friends at night, the odds of running into your cougar are very low. Another benefit of being in a relationship with a cougar is that they feel obliged to help you and will still prepare food for you.

They’re both very adventurous in bed and eager to please you. One of the most important benefits of hooking up with a cougar is that they are incapable of being pregnant.

Closing Thoughts

It’s never been easier to see a cougar. In fact, you don’t have to do a lot to find a beautiful older woman who is looking for a good time. When you hook up with a cougar is not the same as having sexual relations with someone closer to your age.

Cougars are more experienced and aren’t afraid to tell you whether you’re doing wrong or right. Hooking up with a cougar will thrill you and how desperate they are to please you. Whether you’ve been fantasizing about hooking up with a cougar but can’t decide, it is worth looking into.

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John Santana

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