9 Best Dating Sites and Apps in Dubai, UAE in 2024

by John Santana

Dubai, the synonym of fun and futuristic architecture, is home to many lively pubs and clubs. As one of the world’s most developed cities, Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife and its dating scene. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, is not the only attraction that captivates visitors’ hearts.

Situated in the Gulf region, Dubai is a cosmopolitan in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Just several decades ago, this whole land was nothing but desert. There were barely any roads or cars. But then, the land gifted by its oil reserves began to shine.

Who would have known that this whole region would transform into the richest areas in the world? From luxury shopping to enjoying a cocktail in a penthouse, Dubai is ready to make your dreams come true. A question that keeps coming up from singles in town is, where to score a date?

In a city as modern as Dubai, looking for a date is no longer a thing you do in bars. Take it online like everyone else. There is never a shortage of dates in a city that never sleeps.

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9 Best Dubai Dating Sites and Apps (2023 Update)

1. eHarmony


  • Promotes diverse dating
  • Trustworthy
  • Easy to use


  • Not a huge number of users in Dubai

Another staple dating site that is renowned throughout the world is eHarmony. It is a trustworthy place to be matched with local singles. And it may even be the platform to find the girl of your dreams. You can read all your messages and icebreakers for free and even respond to some.

However, to get the premium features you can pay a monthly or yearly fee. But don’t worry, this is pretty low. It also means there are much fewer fake or spam profiles.

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1. Adult FriendFinder


  • Very extensive social media features like groups and customized friend lists
    Large user pool
  • Group video calls
  • Perfect for both casual and serious dating


  • Site speed is slow during rush hours

The ultimate social media platform for sex is here. Combining all your favorite features, Adult FriendFinder offers you something entirely different from other online dating sites. You are not just looking for a match, you are a member of a community.

Customize your friend lists according to various traits, post updates, and create interest groups that focus on your best sex topics. Adult FriendFinder is here to elevate your dating life. With over 90 million users, everyone is here to make a friend they can share insights and date.

Join an interest group and start a group call. It allows you to chat with multiple members at the same time, the perfect tool for those too busy to chat up individuals every night. This large platform welcomes everyone. Some are looking for something casual while others want something stable.

Users are fairly diverse, ranging from young to mature, businesswomen to MILFs, shy to wild. This is the one platform that fulfills all your requirements and makes your dream come true.

Occasionally, the site speed slows down significantly during rush hours, especially at night when most people are online. Other similarly large-scaled dating sites are much faster with their server, showing a need for improvement for Adult FriendFinder.

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2. Tinder


  • Widely used
  • Perfect for casual sex
  • Easy navigation
  • Modern visual designs


  • Majorly for casual sex rather than dating
  • Fake profiles

To count dating apps around the world, Tinder is not to be overlooked. As one of the most popularly used apps, it has its charms that keep users on the hook. The swipe-left-swipe-right feature was made known by Tinder. Its features are simple, yet practical. Users can give a like to the profiles they like and start chatting for a meetup.

The app offers a fantastic visual experience for users and site navigation. Everything is straightforward. You like a girl and if she likes you back, you start chatting.

Tinder is a great start for those looking for casual sex. However, if you are looking for something more, or are open to the idea of it, Tinder may not be able to offer what you want. Users on Tinder are heavily on the hookup side.

Most people are not looking for an actual date. Just sex and move on. If you are open to other possibilities, you might want to try your luck somewhere else before getting your heartbroken.

Besides, there are quite a lot of fake profiles lurking around. Tinder should tighten security to stop people from opening up multiple accounts.

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3. Bumble


  • Large user base
  • Both dating and hookup-oriented
  • Clean and lovely user interface
  • Fast connection speed


  • Users are not diverse (skewed towards the younger population)

The newest hype for the young population is here. Bumble is a dating app that pulls lovers together. Whether you are just looking for a night to remember, or a love story as great as the mountains, you will find your match on Bumble.

Its yellow theme creates a warm vibe that is friendly and welcoming. The whole design is very well-made and the animation is smooth and visually pleasing. Bumble does not disappoint its audience in its site speed. Users are able to connect and start matching instantly even at the peak of the night.

Unlike Tinder which is more hookup-oriented, Bumble caters rather well to both ends of the spectrum. You will find girls who want something casual, no strings attached. At the same time, the site does not lack girls who want something more serious and open to the idea of finding Mr. Right. It is a pool of possibilities.

Bumble serves well for most people, no matter what their dating goal is. However, its users are highly skewed towards the younger population, mostly under 35, making it difficult if you are seeking someone more mature, a MILF, or a cougar.

Users have said that Bumble is a fun place to find a girl to go clubbing and have casual dates with, but most people are not very mature for those looking for someone past the young drunken stage.

4. Dubai Dating


  • Easy to join
  • Anonymous confession wall
  • Free to use
  • Local and diverse members


  • Quite small pool of members

Designed specifically to locate matches right next to you. Dubai Dating has a powerful search engine that can take you to a diverse range of matches right round the corner. As much as a cute date is worth the time, sometimes you just want to stay in the neighborhood after a long day of work.

The anonymous confessions wall lets you vent about your dating woes and ask questions without being recognized.

On the downside the site does not require a profile picture making it tricky to know who you are chatting to. The site is still growing and the pool of members remains quite small.

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5. Love Habibi


  • Respectful of religion and customs
  • Diverse members
  • Largest dating site in Dubai
  • Locally run


  • More men than women

Love Habibi is probably the least judgmental dating site you will find on the market in Dubai. Whether you are looking for love, friendship, or a match who is Muslim or Christian this site has you covered. It is run by a small group of people but has grown to be one of Dubai’s biggest online dating networks. It is a respectful place and feels authentic and local.

One downside is that the members are heavily weighted towards men. Therefore, guys, you may have more competition than the girls at finding a match.

6. UAE Friends Date


  • Clean interface for mobiles
  • Free usage
  • Find friends or dates


  • Is strict on dating rules

A friendly site that can help you find single Arab men or women to date. Whether you are looking to meet locals or find foreigners to mingle with, this site has you covered. There is a special section for Expat Dating as well as a UAE Singles Club and a Dubai Singles Chat.

This site follows Dubai’s strict dating rules and traditions so it makes it easier to act accordingly with the culture. It is totally free and you can chat to Dubai singles from anywhere.

This platform could also be a good way to make new friendships in Dubai. This could be perfect if you are looking to meet new locals to have fun with platonically. If you are specifically looking for dates however, this could be a downside. As some of the users may not be looking for love or lust.

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7. LoveAwake


  • Large user base
  • Fast-growing
  • Free to use


  • Male-heavy

This diverse dating site has taken over Dubai by storm. Its popularity almost guarantees you a match instantly when you go online and it is well-suited to people looking for a long-term relationship. There are also different search filters so you can locate the girl of your dreams, whether it’s by physical attraction or personal interests. You will find mostly Arab users, although there are also people from all over the world that live in Dubai.

The best selling point of Loveawake is its emphasis on the connection among its members. You can flirt with other members by inviting them to chat after an introduction message. Loveawake encourages deeper connection and therefore, its engine presents to you matches that you are compatible with in as many aspects as possible.

Unfortunately, there are also some flaws. First of all, there are a lot of men on the site meaning there is more competition to chat to females and a smaller pool to choose from.

8. Match.com


  • Large user base
  • Fast-growing
  • Free to use


  • Other sites have bigger Dubai-based user bases

Match.com may be a familiar name to you. This popular, global dating site is well-known for being a great platform to match compatible people. And in Dubai it is no different. It offers its services in the UAE and includes Dubai and various different languages.

Match.com has a straightforward and intuitive interface for mobile. This means you can conveniently chat to people based on their looks or personality from home or even on the go.

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Dating Rules In Dubai

As much as Dubai is exciting, its dating rules strictly follow that of the UAE. Public affection is not allowed and sex before marriage is forbidden. Only married couples are allowed to hold hands in public. Kissing, hugging, and other types of physical affection are not acceptable.

You are also not allowed to stay in a room or a car with the opposite sex who is not your family member or wife. By law, anyone who breaks the rules faces a penalty and jail time.

However, in real life, the law is not tightly enforced. The police do not check door-to-door the marriage status of each resident. Each case is usually only investigated when someone files a complaint of illegal activities in the household.

Walking down the streets in Dubai, you will see couples hanging out and dating like the Western world. Most people are open-minded and enjoy taking their date to the fancy restaurants by the seaside.

Luxurious hotels often have a more lenient rule when checking in couples. Most of them do not ask for a marriage certificate and allow couples to check-in without proving their marital status.

As much as Dubai is an open-minded international city compared to other parts of the region, there are still rules that you should familiarize yourself with before going there to avoid any legal trouble.

Be respectful to the local community and avoid public display of affection. Dubai is a wonderful place for dating as long as you can keep a low profile and keep the romance and flames to yourself and your partner.

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Are Dating Sites Monitored In Dubai?


Indeed, dating sites like Tinder and Bumble are blocked by several telecommunication companies like Etisalat, while companies like Du allow it. In general, Aeroshield is your best bet in accessing most dating sites as they do not appear to have blocked any.

The dating rules can be confusing for non-locals. Most people use a VPN in case the dating site is blocked by a telecommunication company. It is a rare scenario where people get into trouble just for signing into a dating site.

As long as you follow the dating rules in public, you will be able to enjoy connecting with hundreds of girls in the exotic land of Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Dubai is an ultramodern city of entertainment and luxurious lifestyle. You will find everything in this mega cosmopolitan. Its dating scene is as alluring as all the skyscrapers lighting up the sky.

Despite the strict rules the city has in place, there are plenty of ways to look for some fun tonight and go on a hot date. To start your dating adventure, make sure to check out all these top dating sites in Dubai 2023 to score the girl who will rock your world.

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