No Email Required Dating Sites – Our Top 9 Picks Reviewed

by John Santana

Dating has become even more exciting and daunting with the introduction of new sites and apps.

Gone are the days of waiting for your neighbor to make a move; now, you’ve got access to many potential matches right at your fingertips!

However, there are so many platforms to choose from with different signup requirements that it can feel overwhelming to choose.

Not too keen to give away your email to these sites so that you can avoid promotions and maintain privacy?

If you’re looking for no-email dating sites and apps, we’ve got you covered in this article! In this post, we’ll go over our top 9 picks, including an honest review and sign-up details.

There are plenty of dating sites without email requirements, so get ready to check out the best ones on the market. Let’s go!

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

No Email Needed Dating Sites – Our Top Recommendations

1. Adult FriendFinder

adult friend finder logo


  • 90 million users
  • Members are diverse
  • Precise advanced searches


  • Some features are not smooth enough

To kick off the list, here is a dating site that predominantly tops most charts in the industry. Adult FriendFinder is home to 90 million users around the world. It has been around for 20 years. You will find the members to be super diverse and friendly.

There are multiple ways you can sign up. Either you give your phone number, connect it to your Facebook account, or connect it to your Apple account.

Signing up for Adult FriendFinder is fast. The whole registration process takes less than 15 minutes including building up your profile. Every step is automated. You get a few templates of profile descriptions and you can customize them based on your needs.

It reduces the effort users have to spend to create the profile and increases the quality of the profiles. The best part about Adult FriendFinder is its impressively accurate searches. It allows multiple filters and tags at the same time so users can search according to their requirements.

The search engine is powerful enough to recognize various commands and correctly display the results. If you are looking for a professional lawyer in South Carolina, you will easily find one with an advanced search engine.

That being said, some other features on Adult FriendFinder are not smooth enough. For example, it offers a video call feature for friends to connect.

But the loading time often exceeds a minute and the video quality is low. These features do not significantly impact your experience but it is something to consider.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • Anonymous sign up
  • Members are open-minded and into all kinds of kinks and fetishes
  • The gender ratio is evenly split


  • If you forget your logins, it is hard to recover your account

Another well-known, reputable online dating site taking over the world by storm. Ashley Madison has an efficient secret signup that allows users to register with a phone number through an encrypted system. Once you have created an account, the number is scraped from the system and cannot be traced back to you. All you need is your logins for the account.

Members of Ashley Madison are highly energetic and ready to try something new. People have crowned Ashley Madison to be the queen of kinks in the online dating world for very good reasons. It is very common for people to look for sexual partners to try new tricks in bed on the platform.

No matter how weird you think your fantasy is, rest assured that you will resonate with someone there. Furthermore, Ashley Madison is adored by members because its gender ratio is evenly split. This gives both sides an advantage.

You do not want to sign up on dating sites with a skewed gender ratio because that ultimately puts the minority in advantage as they have more options to choose from.

However, on Ashley Madison, if you forget your login details, the procedures to get your account back can be lengthy. Since the site uses the secret signup system and anonymous payment method, you have to prove to customer support that it is indeed your account.

Find Discrete Hookups - Try Ashley Madison



  • Explicit photos are allowed
  • Welcoming towards the more mature audience
  • Profile grids are clean and easy to browse through


  • Very difficult to find a long-term relationship as most members are looking for hookups is a trending dating site for a more mature audience. The majority of members on the platform are over 35. You do not have to experience uneasiness like when you sign up for a dating site with just college students and young adults.

This welcoming platform is famous for allowing explicit photos. No one should be ashamed of their body. Instead, the beauty of the human physique should be celebrated. You can post all sorts of photos as long as they are not nudes or offensives.

Its profile grid is smooth and clean. You can take a good look at someone’s profile within a second and decide if you want to give it a proper read or move on. This saves tremendous time for users.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a stable relationship on because most members are looking for hookups only. Members are not looking for romance. They all want an unforgettable night of sex and prefer to walk their own ways after.

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4. Plenty Of Fish (POF)


  • A vibrant dating scene filled with members looking for both long-term relationships and hookups
  • A great choice for rural areas and small towns
  • All essential features are free


  • Fake profiles are everywhere

POF is a popular online dating site in the US and Canada. You will be talking to people across the country or the border. It gives a vibrant dating scene with some looking for a marriage and others looking for something casual.

Its sheer large volume of members makes it a fantastic choice for those living in rural areas or small towns. There is no shortage of members in every state. You do not have to drive five towns just for a date anymore.

Besides, POF is generous with its free features. In fact, all essential features come with the free membership plan. You can enjoy unlimited messaging and searches.

Since anyone can signup on POF without much security verification, there are fake profiles everywhere. It seems like the site does not take serious security caution against the surge of scammers.

The team often fails to address reports on time. So it is up to the users to keep themselves safe. Check out its alternatives here.

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5. OkCupid


  • Quality compatibility test
  • A beautiful site layout with stunning visuals
  • Profile quality is high and wonderful for serious dating


  • The signup process is lengthy and you cannot skip any step

If you are looking for some serious dating, OkCupid is a good bet. Upon registration, you need to finish a compatibility test. In the test, you have to answer questions about your preferences, hobbies, and interests. Then, the system will generate a list of possible matches based on your scores.

OkCupid is a well-built site with stunning visuals. Site navigation is easy. Hence, it attracts everyone, even those who are not good with technology. The site layout is simple. Yet, its aesthetics make the surfing experience pleasant.

You are guaranteed to find high-quality matches because of the compatibility system. It takes effort to sign up. Therefore, members that remain are of higher quality and have a genuine interest in meeting a lover. It is good for members looking to settle down.

Despite having all the perks, the signup process to OkCupid can be dreadfully long. As mentioned, the compatibility test takes a good 30 minutes to finish.

And some questions are rather personal and confusing. The results directly influence the matches you will get so users have to put their best effort into answering the lengthy questions.

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6. Zoosk


  • 35 million singles from around the world
  • Simple swiping feature to match or pass a profile
  • Simple and fast signup


  • Lots of ads popping up in the free membership plan

With 35 million singles, Zoosk is the place to find a hot date. It adheres to the modern simple swiping feature. Matching with other users has become a lot easier. On each profile, basic information is shown for members to decide instantly if they want to match with this profile, give it a miss, or click into it for more details. It is an efficient way to present profiles.

The loading speed is fast as the site is well-maintained. The site can process a large number of search requirements efficiently. It allows users to add as many filters as they want.

Although there are sometimes small glitches in the search results, the overall performance is still highly satisfactory. The results are shown according to the relevance of the requirements you put in. The filters you put in first are given more priority over the later ones.

Its speedy signup process is another great thing about Zoosk. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the whole process. You will get instructions on how to create an eye-catching profile. With the tips, you can write an attractive description in just a few minutes. Then, you are good to go and venture off to the magic world.

Zoosk is a great place for both serious relationships and casual dating. But be aware of the fact that the free version comes with a lot of ads. The excessive amount of ads make the site look spammy and dodgy.

The ads are popping up expectedly in the middle of a chat or browsing that users often click into those ads by mistake. The worst of all is that many of those ads are linked to suspicious external sites. Those sites are not verified and could pose a possible security threat for users’ online safety.

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7. Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating site in the world according to Statista, with over 6 million monthly users across the globe.

Although its reputation may make you think that it’s not meant for serious daters, many couples have reported falling in love on Tinder.

Tinder is the reason we’re all swiping right nowadays, so this site is a clear trendsetter in the dating scene. Additionally, Tinder also offers a premium version that allows you to see who has liked you, among other benefits.

You can sign up for Tinder by using the mobile app, which will prompt you to input your phone number.

Alternatively, if you have an iPhone, you can sign up with your Apple ID and choose to hide your email address from Tinder. There are lots of options here when it comes to registering your account!

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8. Bumble

Women make the first move on Bumble, which differentiates it from Tinder where it’s anyone’s game!

Some like the predetermined messaging aspect of Bumble, while others prefer a more traditional approach.

Overall, daters who are looking for something more serious tend to choose Bumble over Tinder.

Bumble offers both free and premium versions which are similar to that of Tinder. Also like Tinder, users can sign up using their phone number through the mobile app. Many people report using both Bumble and Tinder to expand their potential options!

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9. The League

The League is a newer, fast-growing dating site option. The angle of this site is intelligent dating, as The League prides itself on selectivity and high-quality social networking.

Profiles on The League are more detailed than that of Bumble or Tinder and include stats such as education, experience, life goals, and more. The intention of The League is to provide their users with life partners.

The League can be joined using phone numbers or social media accounts such as Facebook or Linkedin, which completely sidesteps email use.

The League also provides Membership, which gives the user more matches and increases the quality of those matches.

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Is it a Good Idea to Give Your Email Away?


Signing up for no-email needed dating sites is a smart idea. There are plenty of reasons to justify this.

What Are The Security Risks Of Providing Your Email?

Providing your email to dating sites gives these sites the license to send promotional materials to you. In some cases, it may even put your personal data at risk.

Although rare, a data leak can happen, which could compromise your email account and potentially other accounts that are linked to that email (such as your banking login).

Alternatively, if you sign up with your phone number, unauthorized users will be less likely to gain access to your account.

To avoid any threats to your personal information, the safest route is to use a throwaway email account (which is discussed in more detail below).

What Are The Benefits Of Providing Your Email?

Emails enable the dating site or app to contact you more easily, but this may also result in more advertisements being received.

If you’re willing to provide your email address, consider forwarding all promotional mail to a spam folder. However, doing this may also send important mail to spam.

The ability to use other methods (phone number, social media, apple ID) to sign up for a dating site can indicate how popular and modern the site is.

Dating sites that do not adapt to the times may quickly be replaced by more efficient competitors!

Creating a Throwaway Email Address to Register

If you are also wary of giving away your phone number, you may want to make a throwaway email address.

This type of email account is not linked to you in any way and is meant for non-important signups, such as mailing lists and dating sites.

To create your throwaway email address, you can use sites like Temp Mail and Guerrilla Mail. If you want more information, click this link here to learn more. Remember to renew your account regularly!


It is important to keep yourself safe while enjoying your online dating experience. There is no need to compromise privacy over love.

With these top no-email needed dating sites, you are invited to a fun matching in the safest manner. Sign up today to explore the different faces that will make your day bright!

Frequently asked questions

What dating sites do not require an email address?

Many sites allow users to sign up with a phone number or social media account such as Instagram or Facebook instead of an email address. Some of the top options include Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, Tinder, Bumble, and The League.

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