11 Signs Of Unspoken Mutual Attraction Between Two People

Last Updated on February 18, 2023

We all know how it feels when we feel attracted to someone. A string of questions go through every second in our minds and the most prominent of them is – “Do they like us back?”

The idea of confessing our feelings seems a good one but the fear of rejection collapses our plans.

What if they consider me just as a friend? What if they are just being friendly? These questions seem to play kung-fu in our minds.

You can’t directly ask them if they like you. But do you know that actions speak louder than words?

Alright, you don’t have to brainstorm to know if you both share a mutual attraction for each other or not.

By knowing these 15 signs of unspoken mutual attraction, you will be a pro in recognizing if the fire is equal on both sides:


Signs of unspoken mutual attraction

1. There are exploding fireworks of chemistry when you two are in the same room.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Have you ever felt that unspoken and unexpressed attraction for someone who gives you a different kind of feel and suddenly the whole vibe of the room changes?

You know the other person can experience the same vibes and there is something undeniably sexy about just being in each other’s presence.

This is what my friend, it is called “sexual chemistry”.

It’s not expressed. Yet its presence is so strong you can’t deny it.

If you feel the same with the person who crossed your mind before reading this, then you know there exists some kind of mutual attraction between both of you.

2. It is an unspoken mutual decision to stay in close proximity

You may not notice it as this action is unplanned and subconscious most of the time. When there is a mutual attraction between two people, they try to stay in close proximity even when they are unaware of it.

It’s not mutual but rather one-sided if you are the only one to make efforts to stay by their side in a crowd of ten. If they do the same, you can be sure that even they are fond of staying close to you.

If both of you find reasons to stand close and sit beside one another, it’s confirmed that there is a shared liking for each other’s presence and bodies.

It’s a sign that either you feel good around them, or you feel unspoken sexual attraction for their body or both.

When someone is attracted to another, they find silly excuses to be with each other and try to cross their paths as much as possible.

If this is not the case just with you but also with the person who has got hold of your fancy, then it’s a breath of relief as that person has the same feelings of joy beside you.

3. Some extra effort is given to look cute before a meeting

Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels

I’m just going to meet her… My old comfy t-shirt will work just fine “.

Oh…I’m going to meet her. At least I should look presentable and dab some cool cologne“.

There’s a difference between both the statements. And it’s obvious that you use both of them almost every other day.

Meeting the person you are attracted to does feel like the same as meeting your friends.

Of course, it’s special and you have butterflies in your stomach. To give them some assurance, you never forget to look at least presentable before coming to see them.

There will be visible and not so visible attempts to look good before meeting that someone. And even if they haven’t expressed, there will be efforts from their side too.

But one thing that must be in your mind is that not everyone likes to look like a homeless person until they have to meet someone special.

Some people just like to look presentable at all times and if they have put effort into dressing up, it’s not for you.

It will be a golden mark on your love chart if you see their messy self at someplace else… because you came in uninformed.

…because now you know their efforts to look good are just for you and not for anyone else.

4. Personal details are shared on a regular basis

We don’t share the details of the person we dated 2 years ago with everyone, do we?

When it comes to mutual attraction, there will be a mutual sharing of stories from the past and plans of the future.

It will be 2 o’clock in the night and there will be conversations about personal stuff that don’t happen with everyone.

It just shows that you have a certain level of trust in the other person and both of you share some kind of intimacy to be able to say the things you don’t say to anyone else.

It doesn’t matter if it’s good news or bad news, if you feel the urge to share and confide your personal matters with this person, it will be right to start asking yourself if this is without any reason or if something is truly there.

5. You laugh a lot with them

We all like people we can share a laugh with

But do you know we laugh with the people we like?

Yes, let’s not make it confusing.

It’s just that we are more cheerful around the person to whom we are attracted to. We will laugh more; smile more if they are present.

The smiling and laughing has to do with many things.

First of all, we are so in awe of the person we are attracted to that every small thing that they do seems overtly exciting to us and even their silly jokes seem to be the best joke ever.

In simple words, we are so fond of our choice that we hype everything they do.

The other thing is that by appearing cheerful we try to show the person how fun we are to hang around with, so they like us back.

If there is constant laughing and smiling from both of you, it means there is mutual attraction from both sides.

6. There is intense eye contact in play

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Have you ever found yourself looking deep into their eyes while they look in yours and feel like it’s the best thing ever?

When we really like someone, we can’t help looking at their face, especially their eyes.

Eye contacts are really intimate. And we don’t maintain intense eye-contact with everyone we meet.

It’s personal and in the cases of attraction, it’s often also romantic and sexual.

Eyes are the only part of our body that can express the unexpressed and can create a strong emotional bond and physical attraction.

If you find yourself helpless to not look into their eyes and they feel the same and can’t keep their eyes off you, it’s because there is a strong sense of sexual attraction firing between both of you.

Efforts are made to impress each other

There is an undying desire to impress the person who holds our fantasy.

You will always find yourself to show them what an amazing person you are. And they will not leave a chance to let you know all the exciting things they are able to do.

The constant desire to impress one another is an obvious sign of attraction.

But girls, if you still have a doubt and want to crank up the heat, here’s something for you: How to Make Him Want you?

7. It seems you are in love with their bodies

Not all your friends think how wonderful it would be to rest your head on their chests and feel the strong muscles and sexy cologne…

Not all your friends think how amazing it would be to hold their hands and kiss their lips.

If you constantly find yourself adoring their beautiful body it’s not friendship but the irresistible attraction budding.

And this is not just limited to you. You have also caught them looking at your body with a hunger in their eyes.

The two of you find each other gorgeously attractive and its high time that you accept it.

8. You are constantly touching one another

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

What is physical attraction if it doesn’t have to do anything with touching?

Two people who are attracted to each other can be seen doing this a lot.

It will not be like one of the couples as you are not on that stage yet. But it will involve subtle touching of hands, shoulders, and cheeks while talking and spending time together.

You will be so eager to experience their touch that you will not leave a single chance to hold their hands.

They will reciprocate your interest by hugging you a bit longer and holding your hands every now and then.

9. There is mutual flirting from both the sides

Nah, flirting doesn’t always mean attraction. It’s a kind of thing we see in our everyday lives and often people flirt with those they don’t even like just to get rid of their boredom or to feel good about themselves.

It’s fun to do, so it can’t be a stamp on your shared attention.

But when it’s a kind of flirt that is different from the others, and it involves teasing, you know that there is something that you guys truly share.

Teasing each other is kind of personal because you don’t do that with everyone you meet. It says that you consider the person close to you, and you are comfortable to tease them because they will not mind and understand your humor.

It also states that both of you know a tad bit about each other to know the boundaries as excessive teasing can also be called “bullying” and you don’t bully the person you are interested in.

Maybe you engage in little fake fighting and laugh it all off by mutually expressing your interest in each other.

10. Both of you mirror each other’s movements

Mirroring is a very strong indicator of sexual attraction between two people.

The best part about it is that it is subconscious. So you know the other person is not faking it.

The worst part about it is that it is so subtle that you will not even notice it if the act is given proper attention.

You just moved your left hand and kept it on the top of the right one. Do they do the same?

They just decided to touch their forehead and you did the same too. EVEN WITHOUT REALISING IT!

People mirror each other due to strong sexual attraction and there is no reason for it at all.

If both of you end up doing the same things, then it’s surely an unspoken mutual attraction.

11. There is no one in the room when the two of you are together

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

One more striking sign of mutual affection and attraction is that being so engrossed in each other that no one else in the room matters.

In a room full of friends, the two of you will have eyes on each other. You will share conversations as if you don’t have any interest in talking to someone else.

Though, of course, you do talk to others. But you will be honest, you don’t want to. Because the subject of all your attention is standing right in front of your eyes.

The bond is such that you lose track of time.

Does the one you are thinking about while reading this act the same with you? Then you probably know the answer by now!

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