About Us

Hey, I'm Josh! I'm kind of your normal 32 year old. I grew up in an average middle class family, went to college, and started working.

However, what maybe makes me a little different is my colorful dating history and experience. As a social guy with a lot of charisma, I've been fortunate to be in a lot of different dating situations.

Sure, I've been in a number of relationships but I've also explored relationships and experiences that aren't so typical. 

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One night, when I was drinking with friends and telling them about a recent experience they joked that I should put this all on a blog - that they and other guys would definitely read it to learn more about the alternate "dating" world that other people don't talk as much. The next day, that idea stuck with me and thus, The Absolute Dater was found. While it took me a few years to get consistent, the blog always had good readership and engagement!

People from all over the United States (and even some travelers from other countries) would email me asking me for advice and with follow-up questions. I can easily say I've helped more than 1,000 people over email and that the blog has helped over 500,000 people so far!

Please, let me know if there is anything I can improve on or if there is anything else you want to learn about. You can reach me here.