Casual vs. Serious Dating: Understanding Your Dating Style

by John Santana

People often ask me which is better: Casual dating or Serious dating? So, to answer all your queries, here I am with yet another think-piece. First, let’s begin with the definitions!

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What is Casual Dating (Relationship)?

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Ever wondered how amazing it would be if your partner lets you date other hot people without a flinch and still stays happily in a relationship with you?

Ever wondered not having to text routinely like a mechanical robot to your partner and not having to call every now and then just to say “I love you” and talk the cheesy stuff?

Just to let you know, the relationship of your dreams exists and it is called a Casual Relationship. It is a relationship where you can physically and emotionally bond with a partner and enjoy casual sex without carrying the baggage of commitments and responsibilities that a formal relationship asks for.

What is Serious Dating (Relationship)?

Serious Dating is a committed relationship where both the partners are in love with each other and choose willingly to stay loyal and romantically confined to only one person.

When you are in this kind of relationship, you know you are not just lurking around. As the name goes, you have to be serious, and be sure to take notice of the wants and needs of your partner and act accordingly. This relationship truly stands on the pillars of Love and Trust.

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How Casual is different from Serious Relationship?

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In casual dating, everything is fun and fine. You don’t have to meet your partner everyday or make efforts to surprise them. The best part? If you are not satisfied with the relationship, you can just walk away without any drama from the other side almost like you weren’t committed after all.

While in a serious relationship, you have to give a lot of effort. You have to give your partner the time that they deserve. Their feelings matter to you and you think about them as your own. If you’re not happy in this relationship, you just can’t simply walk away without giving a proper explanation.

Casual Dating is for you, if –

  • You don’t want anything serious but just safe hookup sex and want to experiment with your sexuality.
  • You are not totally sure of the kind of person you want to spend your life with and want something casual to know where your heart belongs.
  • Your life is too busy at the point and you can’t afford to take the baggage of responsibilities that come with a serious relationship.
  • You don’t want to be tied to one person forever and date as many people you want without any restrictions.

Serious Dating is for you, if –

  • You are not looking for just sex but also a heart to heart connection and have found a genuine person with whom you can think of sharing your life.
  • You want to settle down with the love of your life and raise children.
  • You and your partner are madly in love with each other and no other people of the opposite gender can excite you except your partner.
  • You have been dating casually for a long time and now you want to focus on one person with whom you can build a future together based on trust, love, and respect.

Still, confused about which playground you truly belong to? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons then:

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Pros and Cons of Casual Dating

Pros-and-cons-of-Casual Dating
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  • In this relationship, you are literally a free human when you are enjoying some good action beneath the sheets with a person you like and at the same time not bound by chains of responsibilities.
  • Without making any severe efforts, without the need to buy expensive flowers or cooking their favorite meal, and without the urge to hide your phone at their glance, you get a partner who comes to your house to Netflix and chill and gives you company.
  • People who are not monogamous can date and sleep with a number of people at the same time without worrying about the responsibilities or the pressure of being loyal to the one as such things don’t exist in a Casual Relationship.
  • The best part – you can walk out of this relationship whenever you want as there is no promise of forever. (This is one of the unsaid rules of Casual relationship)

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You can go on and on singing praises of this relationship as it lets you be free. But it has its own weaknesses.

  • You feel the absence of a go-to person. There is no one to accompany you to your brother’s wedding and no one to look after you when you are sick. It’s all fun but a casual relationship is like a lonely place.
  • Ending things with someone at the last moment without any obligations can sound fun to you. But when you are on the receiving end, things don’t feel that good, and the lack of loyalty stabs your heart and ego.
  • It’s no secret that a partner makes us thrive to become a better version of ourselves. If you are just casually dating, there are no such requirements, and the good changes of a grown-up person is lacking.

Pros and Cons of Serious Dating

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  • A serious relationship ensures that there is someone who will always have your back not just for physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy.
  • The sex will be better than ever as repetitive sex with the same person makes lovers come out of their comfort zones and get over their insecurities. (You can always open up and try some new kinky sex ideas in the bed)
  • This relationship consists of the planning of marriage and raising kids together. It shows you the pathway to a happy home.
  • This relationship, unlike the others, is not a matter of hush-hush. This relationship goes Official very soon and the partners waste no time in introducing each other to their parents and other close ones,
  • It’s a kind of relationship where the happiness of both the partners matters the same. The partners promise to be there for each other forever and truly try to show up in the best and worst times of their lover.


Serious Dating is not a piece of cake. Not everyone can have the heart to be in a Serious Relationship. And the reasons are obvious –

  • You can’t ghost your partner just like that. Even if you don’t want to communicate, you have to be clear about your intentions.
  • The main criterion of this relationship is that the partners have to be Monogamous. The idea of sharing the love and body of a lover with someone else is unbearable to the minds of couples in this relationship.
  • Sometimes, people who are unable to take the responsibilities enter such relationships due to temporary bursts of enthusiasm and mess it up. This triggers breakups that are miserable and comes with a lot of tears.
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Where to Find a Casual Date?

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Like any other date, you can find a casual date at a party, pick up a girl at the bar, at your gym, or ask your friends to work as a matchmaker and set a blind date for you. The other person should be just as comfortable and ready to enter this relationship as you are.

If you are not up for traveling the long way, you can drop the conventional ways and plunge into the world of online dating. When you sign up in an established online dating app or website, you can be assured that you will get a casual date within a snap of a finger.

Do not forget to mention in your bio that you are not looking for anything serious but just casual. You are sure to meet people who share your idea of relationship and there you have a date!

One such site is Ashley Madison where you can easily find a number of people looking for hook-ups, affairs, and casual relationships. The place welcomes both single and married people, openhandedly. So, if you are into older men/women, good news for you!

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Where to Find a Serious Date?

You can find a serious date in the most unexpected places as they say love comes to you when you least expect it and serious relationship if not based on love, is hard to survive.

In your college, workplace, through a mutual friend, or even at an event… but if your stars are not that lucky to match with the love of your life so easily, you can of course use the much obvious medium – the internet.

Online dating can be infamous for celebrating just one-night stands and hook-ups but believe me the stories of finding the one are no less. is an online dating service helping singles find their true love for the last 25 years.

You should be clear with your intention that you are here for finding true love so anyone with different hopes does not spam you. Also, do not hurry with the process and impose your desires on the first date itself.

But hey! Haven’t you heard? Casual dating partners falling for each other hopelessly and having a marriage too?

The Final Verdict

So who is the winner? Casual Dating or Serious Dating.

To be honest, none!

It’s all about your choices. If you think you are not yet ready for serious dating and want to explore the fun of casual dating… why not? And if you think, it’s time you must settle with the love of your life exploring the ups and downs of life, together… again, why not?

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