How To Chat With Married Women – 6 Simple Tips

by John Santana

You just saw a woman and, in a heartbeat, you knew you wanted to make love with her and kiss her lips.

The world came crashing down when she told you she is married.

Some men find married women more charming and sexually attractive as they have good experience of sex and are masters in the art of seduction.

But they seem clueless when it comes to pursuing her.

What’s the best way to pursue a married woman? Should you send her flowers? Should you ask her out?

The best way to reach her heart is through chatting.

Chatting gives you a chance to unleash your inner desires and deepest feelings without hesitation.

What’s more? Seducing a married woman is a lot easier with texts that hit the right spot.

But first, can you adopt the same ways to chat with a married woman as you do to a single woman?

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How is chatting with married women different from single women?

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Chatting is a totally different scenario when it’s with married women because

  1. Married women are experienced and they have done the cheesy flirting and sexting a lot, possibly more than you. She knows the game better than you as she is an old player.
  2. As she is married, she has restrictions and responsibilities. She can’t reply to your texts always and she may have certain time limits which you have to obey if you want to continue.
  3. The need to maintain privacy is much higher in this case as she is married and if she indulges in flirt chatting with you; she is cheating with her husband and has to conceal the relationship for things to work out.
  4. If she knows you are a boy with no experience on how to turn her on through texts, she will show no mercy and cut you off straight away.
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Where to chat with married women?

You are lucky if you met a hot and gorgeous married woman and she agreed to give you her number.

Then you can adopt the conventional ways of texting and continue your affair.

But if luck has not been lending you a helping hand recently, you have to create your playground on your own.

Shift to online dating sites. Remember to mention in your ​Bio that you are looking to date and have some fun (or Sleep) with married women.

If you want to jump straight away in the game of dating married women without wasting a second of your time, sign up on Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison is an online dating service which is a heaven for men as it is designed especially for people looking for a relationship or an affair with a married woman.

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How to chat with Married Women?

1. Start the conversation by sending an emoticon.

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If you are clueless about how to start a conversation with a married woman, initiate the conversation by sending her an emoticon.

She may reply with another emoji or a question mark. If she replies to your emoticon, it means she is interested to know you more and continue the conversation.

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2. Texts are unusually seductive if sent at the right time

The best time to seduce a woman through texts is at night.

If you are the last person to call her before she calls it a day, she will have a smile on her face because of you and will probably see you in her dreams.

Also, things become unusually seductive at night and women want more, so if you have intentions of sending her flirty or dirty texts, try your luck at night.

This will work wonders especially in a case where her husband is not concerned about her and she is sexually unsatisfied in her married life.

If you are worried as you can’t​find married women who are interested in you, signing up on Ashley Madison will be the best checkmate for you.

3. Tease her

Do you know what is synonymous to flirting? It’s teasing.

Tease her by taking trivial topics in your hands. It may be as light as teasing her about her typing errors and some funny story she shared with you.

You can also send her indirect messages by saying “Your husband is lucky” and “All the men in the town are jealous of him”.

This way, she will know your deep interest in her sexually and will reciprocate.

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4. Call her by a suitable nickname

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Not only nicknames are personal, they have an extremely high capacity in making a bond and seduce her senses.

Give her naughty or cute nicknames, and use it every time when you say something that can hit the right spot.

But do not refrain from taking her name too, she will love talking to you if you know the right balance between calling her by her name and nickname when you’re​ talking dirty to her.

5. Keep the chats interesting

It is already known to you that getting a married woman hooked to you isn’t going to be easy. You have to have that spunk to maintain her interest in replying to your texts.

Your text messages have to be interesting yet short to grab her attention. Make her laugh but keep the jokes limited. Do not overflow her chatbox with flowery compliments. Send compliments that turn her on and want your body.

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6. Dive in straight to the dirty talk

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Married women are reluctant to open their boundaries for all the right reasons.

Even if she is unsatisfied with her man, she will not easily give up on her loyalty, and talking dirty to her can take a long time as that will only begin once she is comfortable with you.

If you have intentions of not waiting for the longer part and start your affair with a married woman right away, go to Ashley Madison as the married woman there are looking for men outside of there marriage and are eager to engage in all kinds of adultery.

Here’s how you can do it –

  1. Go to Ashley Madison and don’t be astonished as one of the best adult dating sites will offer you to grab a free account.
  2. Create a good profile to multiply your chances of you getting laid tonight.
  3. Use the Sex Chat preference and select a location. This will allow you to find horny girls/women near you who are up for sex chat and real-life one-night stands in your own area.
  4. Inform them that you’re excited to meet them in real life and drop your contact number.
  5. Don’t stop at one. Repeat this with profiles of multiple women and soon your phone is going to explode with notifications from married ladies.


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Seducing a married woman through texts is a different experience altogether. It’s not a piece of cake.

But trust me, it is worth it.

By following the tips and ideas in the article, you can easily work your way through her heart and body.

But if the only thing restricting you from pursuing her is fear, then Ashley Madison will not just give you a chance to have an affair with married women, but will also give you the experience which you can implement in further sexual interactions.

All the best! 😉

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John Santana

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