25 Signs He Wants You to Be His Girlfriend (Soon)

by John Santana

Have you ever met someone who you suspect of liking you? Do you feel he wants you to be his girlfriend? If yes, you’ve got to scroll through for something exciting!

While a few guys gear up the courage to confess their feelings and want a relationship, some just don’t have the confidence. Will she even say yes? What if she never wants to see me again?

Well, girls, there are other ways to figure up his feelings! Watch out for the signs – yes, the signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend. Don’t worry, I won’t let that to you alone – keep reading and if these 25 signs are a match, you know what to do next! 😛

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25 Signs He Wants to Make You His Girlfriend

If this guy at the bar or your favorite café, leave these signs for you, he is surely into you. Scroll through to get a glimpse of them correctly.

1. Best Friends Know It All!

Men tend to be extremely open about their feelings with their best friends. They will make sure they tell their friends about how they feel for you and why they want to be with you. As a result, he will want you to meet his friends and strengthen your ties with them.

If you are only a casual friend and all their best friends know you, this might be a sign of their secret feelings for you. Their behavior, when you are around, will speak a lot.

If his best friends often tease him by your name or giggle a lot in your presence, it should click your thought.

2. Craves the Conversations

A man who is not interested in you will not initiate conversations or make the effort to know about you. On the contrary, he will make an effort to know you from a closer perspective and learn about your interests and hobbies.

A man who cares about you or wants you to be his girlfriend will not just ask questions and respond by nodding the head. He will engage in further question-answer sessions and dig deeper into meaningful conversations.

There’s a very thin line between a man who wants to put the effort and someone who wants to dig out your secrets. If he only wants to talk for selfish reasons, he will engage in personal conversations that are secret-digging. Know the difference!

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3. Opens Up to You

A man who trusts you or develops a liking for you is likely to open up about his personal life and feelings. He will tell you about his deepest darkest secrets, cry in front of you and wouldn’t crawl himself into the walls that he usually does.

He might even want you to know about his past love life with other girlfriends or why he doesn’t have any girlfriend still. In such cases, you can assume that he genuinely wants to have you as his girlfriend. This is surely one of the most important signs so don’t miss out on this one!

4. You’ve Met the Fam!

A man will not randomly bring a girl to meet their friends and family. If he is bringing you home to see everyone, he is up to something.

He might bring you home with ten other friends, but the importance that is given to you should help you predict the situation.

If he is bringing you home to meet his family, they will give you special attention. In case he is inviting you home alone, it is a clearer sign indicating his feelings for you and what he wants from you.

Pay attention to the décor too. Men who want to introduce you to his home for something serious will try and keep their space clean and welcoming enough to impress you.

5. What’s the Plan?

When we like someone, naturally, we will want to meet them and see them continuously. This man who likes you might be as eager to see you and is rather ready to move mountains to catch one glimpse of yours.

If he makes plans with you regularly, you might want to assume he is into you. It is also important to consider whether he includes other people in his plans too. If it’s just you and him together, he might be into you and wants to make you his girlfriend.

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6. Digs Into Your Love Life

Men often like to dig into the love life of their opposite sex but someone who genuinely likes you will want to know something more than just your current relationship status.

A man who wants you to be his girlfriend will take the initiative to ask about your previous boyfriends and why it did not work out with them. If he is getting into meaningful conversations about the past of your love life and not just digging into your sexual life eagerly, he is surely into you.

7. The Vibe Speaks Aloud

When someone likes you or wants to be with you, the instinct will poke you with reality. If you’ve been feeling the heat between yourself and him, you can assume he genuinely wants you as his girlfriend.

We often ignore our vibes when we don’t understand the situation. But honestly, the vibe has a crucial role to play in important conditions like these. Don’t ignore them!

8. You Feel Fly

A man will not make the extra effort to make a woman feel special if he hardly has a feeling for her. If he treats everybody in the same way, then perhaps, it’s not that. But if you are the only one who gets the premium share of his time, something is heating up between you both.

If he tries to drop you home, pick you up for each plan, helps you out in need, sits next to you while every outing with the group, that’s a sign that he has some serious feelings in his heart for you.

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9. Everyone Knows About You

One of the most interesting and important signs of a guy liking you or wanting to be in a relationship with you is when different people you meet for the first time come and tell you that they have heard a lot about you.
A man who genuinely wants to be with someone will tell people or his close friends and family about the girl they are into.

When people say that they have heard a lot about you, it means that this guy has been talking about you with a lot of people and giving you some special attention in his mind.

10. He Puts on Your Favorites

Have you ever complimented him about this sexy black shirt he wears? Does he wear the same shirt too often for you? Well, these aren’t just gestures, they are major signs that will reflect their liking for you.

No man will ever consider someone’s favorites if he doesn’t have anything to do with you. But if you’ve been grabbing his special attention with this shirt every time, he wants you to fall for him just the way he has fallen for you.

11. Says ‘NO’ to Dating Apps

When a man is seriously looking for an honest relationship with you, he will make sure he is all into you. He will not find ways to cheat you or look for alternatives in his life. He will try and be faithful to you and give up on all the flirting.

If your man has uninstalled all his dating apps or has been telling you that he isn’t using any websites to get laid online, he is probably trying to indicate that he wants a serious relationship or maybe he is just too much into you for anything else.

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12. No Fear of the Public

A guy who is likely to be dating another woman apart from you will not want to be seen in public by anyone. He will fear to take you out for a walk on the streets or simply hate the idea of publicizing his relations with you.

Of course, you haven’t started dating him yet. But if he just doesn’t fear to outpour his feelings for you in public, he is not a hopper!

13. What’s Life Without You?

Typically, men who aren’t looking for anything serious or just flirting for fun, will not put forth a desire to talk to you every day.

But someone who genuinely has feelings for you or wants you to be his girlfriend for real will make sure they speak to you every day because they want to do it.

If this guy has been doing it, trying to make everything work just to talk to you properly, he genuinely wants to be with you.

14. You Mean the World

Guys won’t randomly want to care for a girl or pretend for long hours that they care for someone if they aren’t serious with them for some reason. Someone who is really into you will be the only one who makes the effort to care for you and outshine their feelings for you.

If your man has been calling you now and then to make sure you’ve reached home safely after you both have met each other, or he is standing by you in your vulnerable times, trying to give you a shoulder to cry on, believe me, he isn’t looking for something casual from you. He is just waiting for you to pick up on the signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend

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15. You’ve Met the Silly Him

Usually, men try to act as “cool” as they can in front of other women who they might be wanting to woo. But it is only when one is genuinely in love or into someone that they open up with them and don’t mind them being acquainted with all their silly sides.

If this guy has been showing you his silly sides by cracking lame jokes, doing funny things and burping in public, you know the connection is for real. And if the connection is real, that’s a never-miss sign that he wants you to be his girlfriend.

16. His Eyes Unfold the Feelings

Men are stupid at hiding feelings. It’s just one of the many things they cannot hide or help when they fall for someone head over heels.

Since your man wants to be with you but can’t say it, you can hunt for his interest in you by the way he looks at you. If you’ve ever caught him looking at you, or making numerous eye-contacts from a distance, you know he has been feeling for you!

17. He Is Eyeing on the Details

It is really cute to have someone in our lives who pays attention to every little detail about us. Whether it is a new haircut or our nail paint, it is amazing to be noticed so much.

Men who fall in love with women and want them as their girlfriend secretly will take the initiative to do this. So, if you’ve he has been noticing the teensy details, Congratulations, he likes you!

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18. It’s Not About Sex

This guy doesn’t want to have just sex with you. He doesn’t look at your assets or talks dirty to you. He doesn’t want to ignite the fire at night or dance in the club with you and get drunk and have sex with you.

Rather, he wants to have meaningful conversations, go out for random hangouts with you, watch the sunset/sunrise or take you to their favorite ice-cream shop.

If this is what your man has been doing, he is not looking for only sex. He is looking for a serious relationship with you. This is the man who will make Love to you not just have sex.

19. Says ‘No’ To Other Women

Does he shy away at the thought of flirting with other women? If yes, then this is exactly what I am talking about.

A guy who wants you to be his girlfriend and for some serious reason, will never want to flirt with other woman or do it in your presence.

He will never want you to feel insecure or unprotected. Rather he will make sure you feel special and wanted. If he is doing it, don’t let him go!

20. He Remembers Important Dates

This guy doesn’t forget an important date. Whether it is your birthday or your favorite festival, he will remember it for you and make sure to make it special.

If you’ve noticed that this guy remembers your birthday and all other important dates related to you, he might be genuinely in love with you. So, if he wants you to be his girlfriend, don’t say no!

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21. He Is Your Support System

Any man who genuinely wants to be with you, will not just hear about your success and call for a party. Instead, he will support you in your aspirations and motivate you to work harder to achieve your goals.

If your man is one of them who strives to help you to achieve your goals and get nearer to them, don’t be afraid to say yes to him when he tells you he wants to date you.

22. No ‘Split the Bill’ Formalities With Them

Most men secretly wish their friends to pay the bill. But if he wants you to be with him, he wouldn’t want you to pay the bill. Instead, he will be adamant on paying the bill himself thereby allowing you to rely on him.

23. He Wants To Be In Your Good Books

Any man who doesn’t have a lot to do with you, wouldn’t care to know whether he belongs in your good books or bad. But someone who wants to make a mark in your life, be with you and want you till the end, will desire to be in your good books.

If he always wants to know what you think of him and whether he is important to you, that’s an obvious sign that he wants you to be his girlfriend.

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24. It’s All Cool and Comfortable

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t judge you no matter what. If he wants to be the person in front of who you can put forth your silliest self, congratulations, his feelings for you are genuine.

Whether you laugh loudly or cry like a baby, if he is there for you standing rock solid without judging you for a moment, believe me, (that’s a sign) he wants you to be his girlfriend.

25. Major Missing for You

Why would a man miss you if he has nothing to do with you? If this guy is making an effort to tell you that he misses you when he visits your favourite bar without you, or when he hasn’t seen you for a while, it genuinely means he has feelings for you. This also portrays that you are always on his mind. Would you give up on someone like that?

Not Everyone is Worth It!

Not everyone you meet is willing to make you feel special, light up the candle for you and make you forget all your pains. Only a few are worthy of love, of care and course of you.

If you have been noticing that this guy you’ve been talking to has started to develop feelings for you, I am sure these signs will pop up sooner or later.

Men might not necessarily confess their feelings orally but the various signs that speak are loud enough to echo the feelings amidst the silence. If you think you’ve been hanging out with this guy who has started to fall for you, you must be sure of his feelings before you take a step further.

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Before You Take Leave!

Finding a man who loves you, cares for you and wants you to be with him until his last breath isn’t an easy thing in this era. If you find someone like this who is willing to compromise on things that make you feel insecure, who is willing to love you unconditionally and make you smile to ignite the spark every time, don’t let him go.

So, go confess your feelings to them before its too late! Tell him everything, the spark, the ‘special’ something and the love that he deserves from you.

Tell them how you like them and how you’d want to be with them for the rest of your life. Believe me, you just don’t want to miss out on someone so beautiful!

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