Texting After First Date – Do’s and Don’ts You Need To Know

by John Santana

First dates are rainbows and butterflies and everything in between. The eye contact, the tender touchers and the endless conversations that make you heart beat a little faster. But let’s admit it, what follows after that is texting, a lot of texting!

My date was nowhere near to what I thought it would be, but it’s not because whatever happened on the venue but what followed after while texting after the first date.

Yes, your first date on the venue can be made of dreams but if you don’t know how to hold your horses in the texting game, believe me, it’s all for nothing!

So, what are these do’s and don’ts that everyone must follow while texting after a first date? Are you eager to know about it just as much as I am about disclosing it? Ready. Steady. Go.

Do’s of Texting After Your First Date

Every little step we take, and every little decision we make matters a lot. First dates aren’t bread and butter and to make it work further, you’ve got to put in the extra effort for sure. Follow these dos to get the tricks on what to do while texting after a first date.

1. Appreciating little things

Everyone loves appreciation. A small ‘thank you’ can reciprocate the gesture of appreciation and how significantly you might have made them happy.

After a first date, appreciation posts are warmly welcomed as they leave people in smiles and also help increase the intimacy of the relationship between two people.

You can thank your partner after your first date by texting them a sweet appreciation message like “Thank you for today. It was very special.” Trust me, it can make a huge difference.

2. Where’s the date?

Planning dates on text messages is always a wise thing to do. It bridges a clear communication between two people and ofcourse when the excitement to meet your partner is at its peak, the planning keeps you bonded.

So, if you want to go out on a date with them or make certain plans with them, ask them their tastes, preferences and plan each and everything.

3. Little things echo loudly

In the initial stages of a relationship as people begin to know each other, they tend to judge each other and analyze whether they make a perfect fit.

In such a case, the little things you do and the little steps you take, begin to create a massive difference in people’s lives.

Whether it is a ‘good morning’ or a ‘goodnight’ text, or just a random ‘I miss you’ – this instantly tells your partner that they are on your mind 24*7. Try it out, it works wonders!

4. Show that you are chasing the thrill

We all want our partners to make a move and initiate intimacy. Like who are we trying to fool? Ofcourse we all love it!

Figure out ways in which the excitement can reflect in your text messages. For instance, drop in random compliments for the current display picture or send memes about physical intimacy. (This is the perfect way to convey that you’re attracted to her sexually as well)

5. Use the power of emojis

Emoticons on messages are a great way to showcase your feelings. When you send your partner a message along with a heart, it just immediately enhances the spark – like ofcourse there’s a difference between ‘I love you’ and ‘I love you <3’

But, remember you have to use the right emoticons at the right time. Different emojis convey different feelings, so be very careful, you don’t want to mess it up!

6. Be humorous

Who wouldn’t want to date someone who can entertain us with all their heart and soul? Humorous partners are a blessing as they can instantly light up your mood and can literally make you laugh on the worst days.

Try and be humorous sometimes in the middle of a few conversations. You may even pick references to entertain them. But make sure you are not too loud.

7. Put a full stop (when needed)

Many times, in the excitement we do not realize that the person against the screen might be wanting to end the conversation for the time being. Don’t do that!

Embrace that the other person might have some other important jobs to be taken care of, stop texting and end the conversation on light notes here and there. This just shows that you are not clingy and anyway who likes texting like literally all day-all night?

Don’ts of Texting After a First Date

While we’ve already discussed what you should be doing when you speak on the text after your first date, it is mandatory to discuss what you shouldn’t be doing.

This is so because the negatives only help you to refrain from them and stay vigilant that such actions must not be taken as they can severely hamper your date. Let’s get started!

1. Don’t get possessive for no reason

Oh, it’s a major turn off. Imagine someone trying to cross things in your life right after their first date with you! Annoying, isn’t it? You can NOT do this.

It is normal for partners to discuss other boys and girls while on their first date or after it on text messages. But showing possessiveness on such matters will only make you stay away from them. So, remember not to do that!

2. Texting essays

Nobody has the time to read long messages. If you are one of them who only likes sending long messages, please don’t do that here.

Your date is probably going to run away at the thought of putting in so much effort and reading baseless messages. You don’t have to tell your entire history in a text.

Audios can still do or maybe wait for your second date. But refrain from sending long messages to your new date.

3. Don’t be clingy

One of the MAJOR TURN OFFS for me is a clingy partner (and I am sure it is the same for a lot of others!) Imagine someone who you have only recently started to know and just wants to be with you 24*7 on text messages?

Such actions can scare partners and even frustrate them to a great extent so make sure you do not do that. You have to stop obsessing over your date and give them some space.

4. What’s with the interrogation?

Asking too many questions make partners not only sound clingy but also desperate and frustrating. Initially, we all like a little space and that’s how it should always be.

Don’t try to be Creepy guy and know everything in one day. It’s okay to take baby steps and get closer to deep conversations. Make sure you do not ask endless questions to your date about what they are doing, or where they are going, how they are going and more.

It will only spoil the broth and I am pretty sure you will never want that. So, what is necessary and go with the flow.

5. Don’t make grammatical errors, please!

Honestly, this is a major turn off for most people who are way too particular about sending text messages properly.

Incorrect grammar, spelling, and texts filled with errors will either make you seem like a barbarian or perhaps someone who just doesn’t pay too much heed to what they are typing to their special someone.

In the end, it will only reflect that you might not be as interested as they are.

It is always wise to check your grammar, spelling and other errors before you send them a message. Don’t be in a hurry. It’s okay if you are a little slow but intricate with every text message.

6. NEVER reply in single words

PLEASE DON’T! Single-word replies like “HMM”, “OK” or “OH” sound disgusting as they portray a strong sense of disinterest in conversations. If you are one of those who reply in monosyllables, I suggest – start changing your habit TODAY!

Whenever you reply, don’t stop at least before a sentence so that your partner on the other end doesn’t feel unwanted. Trust me, all of this might sound too much, but they count a lot.

7. Don’t be egoistic to wait

If you both are dating; you both must take equal initiatives to reach out to each other and talk. This is one far-reaching way to show each other that you are interested in dating and taking the story further.

Never keep your ego forward and wait for their message to pop up on your phone screen so you can respond to them. Even if you do, make sure that when it’s your turn to text, you keep the ego aside.

Remember that this is just the beginning and you’ve only had a first date with them. Don’t spoil the ones scheduled after just because of the so-called ‘ego’.

Learn the art!

Texting after first dates can be daunting. It is difficult to understand what to send, how to talk, how to extend the conversation and so much more.

Of course, I have been through the same problem and that is exactly why I am goddamn sure that these points above will guide you throughout your period of conversation with them.

One final piece of advice – Don’t let them excitement ruin you and your fledgling relationship. Take one step after another, remember, slow and steady wins the race!

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