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Dating a Wealthy Man: Pros, Cons & Relationship Advice

by John Santana

Money may not be able to buy happiness. But it certainly solves the majority of the problems that drag down your happiness level. Most people will refuse to admit this because it makes them look tacky. But with all other factors equal, everyone will opt for the wealthy guy.

So, wealth is a determinant factor in the dating game. It is a factor some people keenly seek. But, is it really that important? What is it like to date a wealthy man? Will you be Cinderella dancing happily ever after in a castle?

Let’s find out all the etiquette you need to know about dating a complex wealthy man.

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What Qualities Does a Wealthy Man Look For?

Wealth does not fall from the sky. It takes years to accumulate and sustain. A wealthy man surely has high standards in order to keep his assets. When he looks for a spouse, naturally, he will put the standards on you.

1. Someone that can keep a low profile

He does not mind your wealth status. Even if you do not own a house, he will not care. What matters to him is that you can keep a low profile about his influence. There is nothing scarier than having someone showcasing his wealth under the spotlight.

A wealthy man will not appreciate any attempt to disclose his assets. He will do whatever it takes to keep it a secret. That is the key to making more money. Drive the fancy car he bought for you all you want, just remember not to brag about it with every stranger in the pub. An attention-seeking lover is not what a stand-up businessman needs.

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2. Someone with their own career who pays their bills

Nothing impresses him more than a powerful, independent woman. A career-driven woman motivates him to work harder to keep up with his partner. Relying on his allowance will make you dependent on him, which in turn makes you less attractive because you have no qualities that he can look up to.

He is a successful person at work. He understands it takes years to earn that respect from others in the field. When you have that respect in your profession, he will be drawn to you like a moth to flames.

Be financially independent so you can buy luxurious things on your own. He can pay for the bigger bills but you also need to be able to afford the smaller bills. If he has to pay for everything, he will only feel like he is buying you up and will not cherish you.

3. Someone who does not show how impressed they are by his wealth

Indeed, no one can be emotionless seeing a wealth fountain. Possibly by the time you step into his house, you are thinking you must have been living in a cave all your time to now know about how extravagant someone can live. That being said, it is smart to hide your surprised face.

A wealthy guy has seen it all. Everyone out there is only impressed by his wealth. If you put the emphasis on that, you will never win his heart. Show that his house is merely a house to live in. You have a cozy place too.

Show how impressed you are by his other qualities. If he is into skiing, complement all the cool tricks he can do. This will leave a better impression than exclaiming over how much money he has.

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4. Someone who gets to know his personality

When people think about a wealthy guy, the first thought immediately goes to his bank account. No one around him really takes the time to get to know him as a person. You are the one to change that. Ask him about his hobbies, what he aspired to be at school, what he likes to do on a day off, etc. Steer the topic away from his work. You already know he makes a lot of money. It is time to know his different sides.

He will be pleasantly surprised to see someone talking about his life for a change. He is always surrounded by people asking about his work that he cannot express his other feelings. If you can be that tree hole for him to unload all his interests, worries, and joy, you will be the one he wants to take home to his parents.

How to Date a Rich Guy?

Handsome Business man

1. Do not ask too much about his business and work

Running an influential business empire comes with secretive strategies. There are lots of insights into the business that he cannot share. While unraveling the mystery is alluring, it will annoy him if you will not stop asking questions.

There are questions better left unanswered. Being his girlfriend, you need to know that there are matters he needs to keep away from you. Avoid hassling him to tell you things. You may even encounter times when he disappears for a mysterious conference somewhere on a tropical island. Trust will be the only thing that glues you together whenever you are unaware of his actions.

2. Give him privacy

Unlike most other couples that spend time together day and night, your guy will need more privacy to process his thoughts and feelings. Working constantly under stress to hold his empire, he will need more downtime than others.

If he tells you he does not want to meet up for the next few days, take a step back so he can recover. Forcing him to hang out will drain his energy more.

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3. Prepare gifts for him from time to time

You are probably thinking that there is nothing that will ever impress a rich guy like him. That is not entirely true. Although he has access to any materialistic item he wants, he will not get the thoughtful gift unless you give it to him.

He does not expect you to spend a fortune on things, nor will he be impressed by money. But if you can come up with something personal, that will really stun him. For example, did he ever mention his favorite child comic book? Did he casually mention how great the first edition was?

Find him an original copy of that comic book. His face is going to be priceless when he realizes how much you listen and care about his words.

4. Make sure you are not dating him just for his money

While money provides stability, it should not be the sole reason you are dating this man. Ethical issues aside, dating someone for his ability to pay your bills is not a long-lasting strategy. You will be in misery for the rest of your life. Sooner or later, he is going to feel your true intentions as well. When he ends things and stops the financial support, you are left with nothing.

Therefore, everyone that dates a wealthy man must know that this will only work with love. He is not your meal ticket. If you are not into him, he will feel it.

Will a Wealthy Man Be Loyal to You?

Yes. This answer may come as a shock but it is true.

Over the years, you have heard the news of how rich boys equal playboys. They do not want to settle down and cannot commit to anything. This is a common misconception about this group of people.

Despite the outliers that make it to the gossip news, most rich men are extremely loyal to their partners. The richer he is, the more he understands the difficulty of finding someone sincere. Women fly around him like butterflies. They are only after his money.

Once he finds someone that stays for his character and not his bank account, it is like finding the real gold mine. He will hold onto that feeling and do whatever it takes to make you stay.

Besides, most rich guys these days are inherited, meaning they grew up in wealthy families. Since they were young, their parents had taught them the importance of choosing the right one and not playing around. Growing up with this family influence will further consolidate their belief in building a strong family and keeping the wealth within the circle.

On top of that, a wealthy man is intelligent enough to know about the consequences of being unfaithful. A cheating scandal is hardly a business boost. It can crumble his empire because no one likes giving business to a cheater. It will damage his reputation and potentially crash his company stock. In that case, only a fool will ignore the harm and play around.

All in all, your prince is not what the press describes. Wealthy men are usually very loyal because they are well-disciplined and they know better than to cheat.

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Best Online Dating Sites to Find a Wealthy Man

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  • Adult FriendFinder – The huge range of people on here means it’s the perfect place to pick up a wealthy man.
  • Ashley Madison – Wealthy men often frequent this site as it allows them to remain discreet, secure, and protected.
  • Bang Locals – Looking for a fun date or fling with a richer gentleman, discover men ready to treat you like a queen for a while.


Now, you know all about the dating tips with a wealthy man that most people spend a lifetime mastering. Digest the useful information and use it on your man to make him fall head over heels with you.

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John Santana

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