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Dating a Cancer Man: Pros, Cons & What Its Really Like?

by John Santana

Widely known as the most sensitive Zodiac, your water sign guy has the potential to be the perfect partner you seek. Ruled by the moon, his emotional capacity can handle all your tantrums. On the other hand, his over-thinking nature requires additional nurturing.

There is no such thing as the perfect sign. But, a Cancer man is probably as close to it as can be. If you are embracing a new relationship with a Cancer man, take notes here so you know how to love your man right!

What is it Like Dating a Cancer Man?

1. He Likes Being Friends First

Your Cancer guy wants to be friends first before you establish a relationship. For him, dating is not about fooling around. He wants to commit to someone. Being in the wrong relationship will hurt him tremendously. Therefore, becoming friends first is a safe way to go.

In the beginning, he will hang out with you as a friend. His non-aggressive approach often gets mistaken for being uninterested. You can feel his romantic interest as he will be asking you out frequently.

2. He Creates Lots of Romantic Dates

A Couple Out on a Picnic Date

The title of Romantic King should go to your Cancer man. He is thoughtful and sweet. When planning a date, he will keep your hobbies in mind to create the best date for you. You would be surprised by how well he knows your preferences.

Not only will your dates be lovely, but they will also be full of surprises. Your boyfriend does not like recycling date ideas. Every time, there is something new. He is always doing his best to find fun activities that you have not done.

3. He Confesses His Love to You Every Day

When a Cancer man is in love, he is madly in love. He is a romanticist that wants to be with a soulmate. It takes him a lot to identify you as the one. But once he does, he is head over heels for you.

There are a thousand ways your moon-ruled man will confess his love. He has something up his sleeves at all times. Hiding his feeling is not something he is good at. He is not shy to tell you how much he loves you.

4. He Takes Care of You

All water signs are gentle in nature. They are capable of putting others before them. That’s why your man thinks about you every step of the way. Dating you is more than about having fun together. He wants to be the provider.

One day, you will receive a homemade lunch box for work. And the next day, he will get concert tickets for your favorite singer. These gestures, no matter how big or small, show his affection for you. A Cancer man in love will somehow be your personal butler because he loves making your life bright and full of joy.

5. He Talks About The Future

Loyalty is what your partner lives for. He is not window browsing until he finds a better option. He is dead serious about marrying you the moment he wants a relationship. In his mind, he is already envisioning sitting in your future house with your children.

Having these family goals excite him and keep him going. You will hear him ramble on about how he will build a house for you or take a family vacation in the Bahamas someday. There is no need to freak out. He is not pushing you or expecting you to get married right away but it is surely his end goal.

6. He Wants You to Meet His Family and Friends

Being a popular guy like him, there will be a lot of family gatherings. He has so much love to share with his friends and other loved ones. Introducing you to his innermost circle is a direct invitation for you to fully enter his life.

Once you are officially dating, he will want you to meet everyone immediately. Your Cancer partner is hardly the waiting type. He sees you as his lifelong partner when you put the boyfriend/girlfriend label on. Letting the family meet you as soon as possible means a lot to him. He wants to know if his future wife can get along with other important people in his life.

7. He Wants to Live Together

Although lust is not the only thing he is after, having a physical connection is essential. He will not be able to endure the pain of not being able to see you frequently. It would be a dream come true to see your face when he comes home from work every day.

It will not take long before Romeo asks you to move in with him. When he is in love, he just cannot take his hands off you. He wants to be with you all the time and craves intimacy. Going on dates a few times after work every week cannot satisfy him.

8. He Acts Up Quickly in Arguments

His soft-hearted side determines his inability to handle arguments. It is quite frustrating to debate something with your man because he gets defensive in a split second. No matter how well you think you are presenting a topic, as long as it does not fit his stance, he will turn the table around quickly and accuse you of starting a fight.

He is fragile in confrontations. It makes him feel vulnerable. He has to do everything to defend himself. You may be surprised by how fast he changes and do not think you have said anything aggressive. However, any small fight can escalate as he does not know how to dial down his tone. You should try to avoid letting his high emotions affect you since it is a vicious circle.

What Does a Cancer Man Want in a Relationship?

1. He Wants to Achieve Something Together

Business People Discussing a Project

Whether it is about career or family, he is constantly thinking about goals to achieve together. Every milestone in the relationship is memorable for him. He believes couples should fight for the same goal.

In terms of career, perhaps he will want to start a small business with you or at least some work to do as a team. It consolidates your partnership and shows you are the power couple he is proud of.

As for being a family, he will want to buy a property as a household or rebuild his existing family home. He looks forward to having a home with you. Having something together as a unit brands your strength as partners. He needs to know you can function as a whole and achieve more and beyond.

Working separately with no interaction gives him anxiety. He wants to infiltrate a little in every aspect of your life so he feels secure.

2. He Wants a Wife

Relationships are not a game. It should lead to a happy marriage. What he asks for is not to have fun now, but to cherish every moment till death do you part. Your lover is not shy about wanting to marry you one day.

Family means the world to him. He fantasizes about having a home with you. Likewise, he hopes you feel the same. You do not have to lock into the commitment right away but it should be on your agenda.

Casual relationships that lead nowhere are not his cup of tea. While you do not have to talk about retirement plans right off the bat, showing your intentions about long-term commitments can put his mind at ease.

3. He Wants Your Trust

A sensitive water sign like your man can be easily triggered. When you ask him too many questions about his friends or whereabouts, he could translate that as you do not trust him. He builds up himself as a trustable person and wants to gain your trust.

Any move that disrupts the flow will destroy his self-esteem. He will think you do not believe him and doubt the entire relationship easily.

A healthy couple should base their relationship on trust and not grill each other for the supposed truth. If you want to know something, asking him once is enough. Asking the same question multiple times will likely provoke and annoy him.

4. He Wants Your Encouragement

The relationship should be motivational. Sometimes, he expects compliments from you like a little child. Your recognition keeps him going. His actions and dedication are to impress you. He wants to prove that he is the one you can count on.

Not having his effort praised will deter him from trying more. He does not often say it out loud because he feels the compliment should be genuine. As his partner, giving him the golden sticker from time to time will prompt your Cancer man to reach for the stars.

5. He Needs Your Support

His childish side will manifest when he makes stupid decisions. He does not like to be overruled. As your relationship matures, you will find it better to let him fall and learn on his own. There are mistakes you cannot prevent. He relies on your support to move forward. His relentless effort can only be put down by failure.

He wants your full support in his decisions. If he is making a terrible mistake, you can try to reason with him. For smaller things that are more insignificant, you will find it better to just support him and let him figure his way.

Disapproving his ideas will make him more reserved in sharing in the future. He is a fragile child that needs comfort and support all the time.

Is He Loyal?

A Happy Couple

He is all about loyalty. Cheating or being unfaithful directly hurt his beliefs. Relationships are sacred. Even before you are married, he takes the commitment seriously. At the same time, he will do his best to avoid any inappropriate interaction with others.

That’s what a relationship is all about for him. By treating you with dignity and love, he believes this strengthens your love, making it more long-lasting. You almost never have to worry about him texting someone behind your back.

That being said, your Cancer man is not very good at picking up hints. Despite his best effort, he cannot tell if someone is trying to flirt with him.

He will not overthink a friendly text from a colleague, thinking it is normal. As his girlfriend, you often have to remind him that some exchanges are not okay and that he needs to watch his boundaries.

Don’t blame your loving guy for not knowing certain behaviors are not the nicest to do in a relationship. It never occurred to him that way. He is clueless and needs your guidance sometimes.

Is He Husband-Material?

Baby and Parents
Asian baby (12 months) boy takes its first steps with his family in forest. Thailand.

Being a husband has been his dream since day one. He is extremely family-oriented. Growing up, he has experienced how a loving family can shape and empower people. He takes his family as his role model as well as learns from their mistakes.

He never wants to repeat the same tragedy that he has witnessed, whether it is from his family or friends.

It is guaranteed that he will try his absolute best to be the perfect husband. There will be hiccups along the way but his spirit is there. What he asks from you is to assist him, help him, and pick him up when he falls.

Remember that it is his first time being a husband as well. There are things he does not know about. Mistakes can happen but it does not undermine his effort or potential to be the Mr. Right for you.

Instead of criticizing him, show him how to act when he makes mistakes. He is an incredible receiver. He can mimic things in a heartbeat. Show him with patience how a loving couple should be and he can learn from you.

Your husband is a visual person. He does not take word instruction well. It will only confuse him. Find the balance and help him achieve his greatest potential with a clear guide.

Best Online Dating Sites to Find Your Cancer Man

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo


  • Perfect for hiding your identity
  • Premium features are free for females
  • Even gender ratio


  • Explicit content is allowed even if you feel uncomfortable

Albeit the modern standards, going on dating apps can still damage your reputation at work or with friends. This is when Ashley Madison saves all your troubles. There is no judgment. Once you have your ID verified, you can hop on anonymously with an alias. Most people choose to hide their identity because they do not know who is on the app. It gives them a sense of security.

Furthermore, you are in luck because Ashley Madison gives away all its premium features to girls for free. You do not have to spend a dime to message others and search for profiles.

All the costs are borne by the guy. You can just sit back and enjoy the party. The gender ratio is even and the environment is chill and safe.

However, Ashley Madison allows explicit content to be posted. There are lots of nudes and suggestive photos. If you are uncomfortable with this nature, you will have to turn a blind eye to find the perfect date.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Group activities on the platform
  • Virtual gifts and gifs
  • Very few fake profiles


  • Geographical search cannot be narrowed down

There is a reason you see Adult FriendFinder dominating most online dating site recommendation lists. This legendary site has matched millions of couples together since it was first founded over two decades ago.

Unlike other platforms that focus on one-on-one matching, Adult FriendFinder encourages members to mingle. There are group activities like live streams and speed dating events every day. You are instantly connected with a bunch of members from all over the world. The platform operates internationally and attracts lots of gorgeous babes from everywhere.

The messaging system is superb. Users can send virtual gifts and gifs to impress their match and crack some jokes. The smooth chat box makes it easier for members to communicate and stay on the platform. There are also very few fake profiles as the admins take prompt actions against bots and scammers.

Adult FriendFinder is perfect if you are looking to explore your chances. But, it is not the most efficient for conducting geographical searches. In order to protect user privacy, you cannot narrow the location search.

You will only see approximately how far the match is away from you. And the results are not ranked by distance. You will have to arrange the profiles yourself if you are looking for a date close by.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Precise geographical searches
  • Friendly vibe
  • Perfect for traveling


  • Mostly for hookups only

Getting you laid as fast as possible is the aim of the platform. Bang Locals allows precise geographical searches so users can pinpoint the closest member for an easy date night.

Members are friendly as the whole platform fosters a harmonious environment for members to connect. You have to watch your messaging as the aggressive language can get you banned.

Your account is automatically updated when you travel, bringing you new dates from around the area. Members are from different parts of the country so you will never run out of dates.

Bang Locals is ideal for getting yourself out there. However, you might find it hard to find something real. Members are straightforward with what they want. Most of them are looking for a sex partner only.

You need to locate profiles that indicate their preferences for relationships. Some members are open to options while others are exclusively seeking a casual relationship.

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Your Cancer man’s sensitive touch only shows you how much he cares for you. He is one of the most romantic signs out there.

Dating a Cancer man will fulfill all your dreams about being a princess. He will treat you like you are the only precious thing he has. Are you still looking for your Cancer man? Sign up on these outstanding online dating sites today to bump up your chance!

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