16 Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

by John Santana

You will come across two types of men in your life – one who wants sex and the other who wants sex as well as you as his exclusive partner.

It’s hard to find out between a player and a soul mate as they both behave more or less the same in the beginning phases of a relationship.

The player may try to impress you and cope up with your tantrums until he gets what he wants (sex absolutely) and walks away without bidding you a proper goodbye.

The man who is genuinely looking for a relationship will be similar in manners.

The only difference will be –

He will be real.

And he won’t leave.

It’s hard for a woman to recognize her true lover.

But it’s not impossible, and there are signs that are telling you on your face that a guy wants to date you exclusively.

Without a delay, let’s get straight to the signs!

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16 signs he wants to date you exclusively

1. He respects you.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

A guy might date you but forget the ‘respecting’ part totally.

He can use cuss words when you cancel a plan or call you names if you reject his advances.

That’s the sign of a playboy whose only intention is to get under your pants.

A gentleman who is interested in going exclusive with you doesn’t show such behaviour.

He will respect you. And respecting doesn’t end with pulling out chairs for you and holding doors.

He will also respect the person you are all together.

Your opinions, ideas, and feelings will matter to him. He will take great care and make sure that he doesn’t hurt any of them.

Your opinions and feelings are a priority for him

Usually, men date a woman for her body and leave when they are done with it to explore another woman.

But when a guy falls for your personality and your view of life… he is sure to stay.

Unlike other guys, the respect will not be limited to private dates. The guy will treat you with respect even in front of his friends.

He will not fool around and make you feel awkward by cracking jokes on you.

And such a man, my dear, totally holds the intention to go exclusive with you.

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2. He introduces you to his family.

A man introduces you to his family and friends, or the people who really matter in his life when he is sure he wants to make you a part of that group.

He has a close-knit circle of people that matters in his life. Introducing you to them is a sign that you have already entered that club.

He is very confident when you ask him to introduce you to his parents.

In some instances, men take the initiative and are very happy to see their favorite people sitting together to have a sip of tea together.

Your name is there on his Christmas party list and his momma is fond of you.

Girl…. Have you decided on your wedding gown yet?

3. His future plans have you in it.

The best ever sign to know that a guy wants to go exclusive with you is when he includes you in his future dreams and plans.

The plans can be anything from a simple date that he is planning for the weekend to grand trips.

Can you see the excitement in his eyes when he said he wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower with you?

Has he already invited you to his brother’s wedding that will take place after 8 months?

Yes, you have found the one.

He is not with you for enjoying mean pleasures.

He is dreaming of his life with you.

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4. He takes you to real dates.

He-takes you-to-real-dates
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

He isn’t like the guys who just plan dates so they can take you home for a night.

He takes you to your favorite restaurants keeping your likes and dislikes in mind.

He makes you feel so special that there is a constant smile on your face when you call it a day.

Flowers, chocolates of your choice, and other pleasant gifts – he does it all for you.

He tries to pay for your dinner bills.

He also tries to pay for every little thing that you buy – to make you realize the importance you hold in his life.

5. He consistently initiates conversations.

Sending you sweet messages in the morning and at night just before you close your eyes is his way of showing love.

Has he ever expressed his wish to facetime you till you go in the world of sleep?

Yes, your whereabouts and well-being matter to him too.

Asking how your day went and making numerous attempts to bring a peaceful smile on your face comes first in his list.

All his actions show that he is not here just for booty calls. He sees his future in you.

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6. He is proud to hold your hand.

Ever went on a date with a guy and watched his face go pale when a hot woman approached and waved her hand to him?

Yes…. That face.

That exact face is a sign that he was not ready to reveal your identity to the world, especially to hot women he might date later.

A guy who wants to go exclusive with you will hold your hand with a firm and proud grasp.

He will be happy to show you to the world as his only girl.

Not a trace of hesitation will appear on his face when an acquaintance happens to pass by when you are with him.

7. He talks about couples who are exclusive.

He may not say it directly to you as he isn’t sure about how you feel.

But isn’t he already treating you like he is your boyfriend? Protecting you, giving you time, pampering you…

It’s almost like you two are exclusive already, but he isn’t vocal about it.

He will try to give away the knowledge to you in pieces.

Like, he will talk about another couple who went exclusive and since then their life has been a beautiful heaven.

He shares his hopes that one day he too wants to live a life of love and settle down with a woman he loves.

By saying this, he wants to see your reaction and know your views on whether you are ready for a relationship like that at this stage of life.

And if you are… this is your chance… just say!

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8. He tries his best to impress your people.

Making real efforts to impress their partner’s closed ones is very important for a man in love.

Haven’t you been in a situation when you really crushed over a neighbor and tried hard to impress everyone he loved from his mother to his toddler sister?

A man who is serious about you will go through the same feelings.

He will be nervous to meet them. But don’t take this nervousness otherwise.

He will be as tense as if he is almost going for an interview for a seven-digit salary.

Of course, winning your parents over will be not less than a lottery to him.

He will treat them with respect and try to include himself in conversations.

The guy will put on a really nice shirt and will smell really well.

Has he bought flowers for your mother? – All the signs of a lover hopelessly in love with you.

9. He is like an open book in front of you.

He-is-like-an open-book-infront-of-you
Image by 5688709 from Pixabay

Imagine how amazing it is to find a person who talks to you without putting a filter on what he says?

It’s like you are just another part of his conscience to which he is not afraid at all to share his deepest secrets.

You are not a mere refuge for him – a place where he blurts out his secrets and lightens his heart.

You are also a person with whom he shares his daily routine, goals, aims, to-do lists, and how his day went.

He doesn’t come to you at night when he wants to talk dirty.

Instead, he makes meaningful conversations with you. Conversations that matter.

Conversations that are deep and not the hollow pretensions of extravaganza of a human mind.

He doesn’t hide his phone in your presence. He doesn’t have anything to hide.

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10. You both enjoy a lot of meaningful conversations.

“Hey girl, sleeping naked or giving your clothes some pleasure this night?” 😉

That’s it. Some guy’s minds can’t move nor think any further than your body.

At such times, when a man walks in and takes you to a different world with his talks, you can shout “Miracle Miracle!”

After all, finding true love is no less than a miracle.

This wonder man talks to you about the topics that are important to you.

The conversations are deeper.

He makes you laugh till you have tears in your eyes and at the next moment he is making meaningful conversations.

A guy not looking at the bigger picture will not care to do this.

It’s a serious man testing his compatibility with his lady love.

11. You have made it to his Social Media.

So, he has uploaded a lovey-dovey picture of you with a romantic caption on Social Media…

Do you need any more proof?

Check his profile. Does he do this to every other girl?

Certainly not.

It’s just you!!

Now you know you have influenced him greatly.

Sharing your picture online is proof that there is something he isn’t afraid to show to the world.

And most importantly, he has done something that he won’t regret.

A lot of thinking goes behind making it official to a platform where people around the world are connected just by a click.

Now that you have made it to his Social Media, wait for the day when he uploads a picture of you with a caption –

“She said yes!” ❤

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12. He tries to include you in the things he loves.

He-tries to-include-you-in-the-things-he-loves
Image by 7060673 from Pixabay

Little things can make a great change.

This guy who is serious about you is a master of little things.

Is he a fan of a band?

Be ready to soothe your ears as he will share all his favorite music with you.

Is he a fan of a particular superhero movie?

He will grab your hand forcefully to the theatres and will explain every scene to you excitedly like a little baby in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as he does.

You may hate video games but he will not give up trying persuading you to play.

Don’t we love certain tiny little things that are so important to us and make us happy that we can’t stop ourselves from sharing it with the person we love the most?

If you are that one person in his life with whom he wants to share his little happy moments with, then your name has a permanent place in his heart.

13. His body language gives all the right vibes!

A man of lust with desperation for sex can fake anything – care, love, eye contact…

But something is that he can’t control – Body language.

It’s the unconscious movement of the body that speaks a language that one is not aware of.

Does he sit with you by putting his feet in your direction? This means all of his attention is on you.

Does he look at you while you are talking instead of looking at the waitress or on his phone?

Or does he just act to look at you while you are speaking but when you ask him questions he turns blank?

Do you feel protected and loved when his eyes fall over you?

Or you just feel nil and vague sexual attraction?

All these signs matter.

A man who loves you can make you feel positive and safe just by his body language.

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14. He is not on the web looking for women.

You might be thinking that what magic makes a man love just one woman?

Seriously, in today’s time when there are so many options to help a man in moving on, real love seems as rare as a unicorn.

Just a DM and a few comments on the Instagram profile of a hot girl, and she will say yes to let him bang her.

Online dating apps have just added to the situation.

Why the heck would a man wait for a woman and cope up with her tantrums when Ileana from Tinder has agreed to spend a night with him?

But this is not the case with this man…. This man has his eyes only on you.

You can’t find him on Social Media or Dating sites to find chicks.

He will not follow a girl to the Drinks Corner to offer her a drink.

You are his priority and he is not looking for any other girl right now.

Being loyal to you is the major indication that sets your dream man apart from the players.

15. You can depend on him.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

A guy wishing to go exclusive with you will be a person who will be there for you throughout.

He is a person on whom you can rely on.

Just a call at midnight will make him come running to you if you need him.

This guy will be very happy to help you.

The best thing is he will not expect anything in return… Well…maybe a peck or a smile on your face.

He will find great pleasure to be your prince charming and help you out with your problems just because he gets to spend more time by your side.

If you find someone who is willing to stick with you in tough times, then it will be best to never let this man go.

16. He will pamper you.

The right man will pamper you like a child.

He will search for your wishes in your eyes and will try his best to fulfill them one by one.

You will feel like you have met your best friend and an angel in a human form.

He will make you coffee in the morning, bring you pads and chocolates in your periods, and will give you a hot bag for your cramps.

The right man will be your shoulder to cry on but he will never be the reason for your tears.

And if he ever hurt you, he will take accountability for his actions and will say sorry.

So, what to do next?

Can you relate to all these signs?

Well, then Congratulations! You have found your man who will be there in the times of storms and will be your sun in the rain.

But what if you can’t relate to these signs?

That means he is just playing with you and your feelings.

I beg you, dear, don’t waste your time with such a man except in case you are looking for a one-time casual hook-up.

Wait for the right man… because when he will come, you will feel like he was there with you throughout.

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