13 Signs and their Meaning to tell what a Guy wants from you

by John Santana

We need not necessarily tell people what we have in the heart. Sometimes, it can also be understood by our actions. When two people are in a relationship with one another, the treatment is enough to analyze what they feel about us and with guys, it’s a tad bit more obvious.

But how to tell what a man wants from you? Does he want just to have sneaky hookup with you? or Is he looking to you as his life partner? If you are also not exactly sure what your man wants from you, these 13 signs with deep meaning will give you the information you need at this moment. Are you ready?

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13 Signs to Tell What a Guy Wants From You

If you’ve been in a dilemma about his feelings for you, you’ve arrived! Scroll through the pointers below to understand what he wants from you.

1. You are the one-and-only

He doesn’t treat you like any other random girl in his life. You can feel the difference, by the way, he treats you in public, cares for you and wants you. Little things help showcase a massive difference.

Meaning: If he has been treating you like you are the one-and-only woman in his life it means that you are special in his life and he wouldn’t want to trade you for any other women ever.

2. Stands through every thick and thin

Someone who stands through all your thick and thin, doesn’t leave you by the side and always has your back, isn’t helping you for no reason at all. Of course, he wants you and wants from you.

Meaning: If this guy stands by your thick and thin like a rock-solid, he loves you and he is only paving ways for you to know that he will always support you in every step you take in life.

3. You’ve got your space

This guy doesn’t push and shoves through your personal space to remind you that he is a part of your life. He doesn’t oppress your privacy by penetrating everything and marking his stop at everything you do.

Meaning: If this guy is providing you with space, time and love you need, it indicates that he respects your individuality and values your private time. He is not going to be possessive for random reasons or suffocate your liberty.

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4. The future is ‘We’

When he refers to his future, he doesn’t say ‘I’. Rather he concentrates on the word ‘We’ and makes sure that you are a part of all his happiness and plans.

Meaning: If he does this and considers you in all his plans without batting an eyelid, he is only wanting you to know that he is not looking for something casual with you. He is serious about you and won’t leave your side easily.

5. Your security is his priority

This man is willing to compromise, understand and explain calmly when you feel insecure about anything. He isn’t the type to vacate you in the middle of the street or walk away for the sake of his freedom.

Meaning: If he makes sure that every decision, he makes in his life makes you feel comfortable and secure, he is hoping to go a long way with you. He is also very adamant about making sure that you are happy in your life and at ease with everything.

6. You know their fam and friends

Family and friends play a crucial role when you are in a relationship with someone. When your partner is thinking of a long-term relationship with you, he will make sure to introduce you to his family and friends.

Meaning: If your man has introduced you to his family and friends, in fact, you love them all, it simply means he wants you to be his better-half and blend in his life as if it was yours to keep. Someone who doesn’t love you, will not care to introduce you to his private life. Think about it!

7. Actions do the talking

‘Actions speak louder than words.’

We all know how important it is to show your feelings through actions rather than just mere words. If this man doesn’t just merely say things but also proves them through his actions, it means he is a man of words.

Meaning: Such actions and gestures prove that he is a man of character who is not willing to throw words in the air and forget to prove them. Instead, he is here to genuinely give you the love you want and deserve.

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8. What you think, matters

The key to knowing someone’s feelings about you is to ensure what’s in his mind.
If your man considers your opinions in business matters or even personal choices, it has to do something with his value for you.

Meaning: We do not merely go seeking an opinion from people who we do not want in our lives. It is because he truly respects your opinion and position in his life, that he comes to you seeking help for different matters.

9. Ego is at the backseat

Your man doesn’t bring up his ego after every fight. He doesn’t show you how he can do without you or how his life is still the same as your absence in it.

Meaning: Someone who truly wants you will keep his ego in the backseat and return to convince you when things aren’t right. If he is one of them who returns after each fight to solve matters maturely, he loves you and isn’t here to play a baby in the relationship.

10. He doesn’t feel like a pressure

A man needs to make a woman happy and keep her comfort on top of all. He shouldn’t feel like a burden or someone who makes you fear each step of your life with him.

Meaning: If this guy is willing to bring a smile on your face every single time, keeps you comfortable at every point and ensures your happiness, he is a keeper. If he doesn’t burden you with problems, he is trying to show you that this man hasn’t walked into your life to make you cry.

11. There is no fear of the public

Your man doesn’t care what others have to think about you and him. He doesn’t give a damn about other women looking at you or asking him about who you are. He is proud to disclose to everybody, how important you are in his life and that you are his girlfriend.

Meaning: If your man is doing this in front of your eyes, you have no reason to worry at all. This just plain simply screams that he is not afraid at all of showing-you-off to the world (and, secretly he is proud of you!)

12. Sex isn’t the end

Your relationship is not made of sex. All that he thinks about is not limited to having sex with you or talking about your assets. There is a lot more to the conversations with him that extend to family and friends.

Meaning: If this man isn’t all about intimacy or doesn’t call you up only when he is horny, you can trust him. And when this is the case, it simply means he loves you and is serious about your future with him. He is not looking for casual hookup sex, he is waiting for the love of his life with you.

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13. The conversation is endless

This man doesn’t have a limit to the conversations with you. They extend to a lot of things and you both text each other all day. The conversations include everything and he tells you all about the things he does in his everyday life.

Meaning: If he is conversing with you without worrying about when to end it, he is not pretending to keep his relations with you. He wants to talk to you and loves you with all his heart and soul.

Here are some Bonus Signs for you (only for those who have come so far!) ?

14. Dating apps are not his thing

Of course, a man who is serious about their partner will not install a dating app or use it for any reason at all. It is clear that he wants you and he isn’t willing to be with anybody else if not you.

Meaning: If your man doesn’t have access to dating apps or flirting with other girls, it indicates his genuine feelings for this relationship and his idea of being with you for real.

15. The vibe tells the truth

It’s not just about his actions, it’s also about the way you feel. This guy doesn’t make you feel wrong. He doesn’t feel like a ‘what if’ kind of guy. He is someone you are sure about. He continuously proves himself in your eyes.

Meaning: If your man has been taking the initiative to open up and love you with all his strength, you will begin to feel it deep within yourself. If your vibe tells you that this guy is keeper, believe yourself. (This is a meaning of your heart!)

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Now it’s time for me to take a leave and come back with another piece of article to guide you on the journey of love, relationships, and sex! So, the next time you aren’t sure about his thoughts and feelings, do return to this article and scroll through the signs to ensure yourself. Don’t miss out on this!

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