Why hook up after getting drunk is a bad idea?

by John Santana

Among the youngsters of today, it is not at all an unusual thing to use different hookup apps or engage in casual fun after a rave party, as some might say that drunk hookup is the best.

But is it really a good option?

It is true that alcohol increases libido, but hampers sexual ability at the same time. And there is a flurry of reasons why you should not get drunk before engaging in a one-night stand.

Today we will be talking about all of these reasons so that you do not end up doing something stupid and regretting it later on. After it is not advisable let you engage in utmost intimacy when you are no longer in your senses.

Reasons why Drunk Hoop Up is no Good


Numerous reasons why getting sloshed and going out for one night stands is an incredibly bad idea.

  • The drink meddles with your decision-making ability

Think of the numerous Times you did something stupid while you were absolutely drunk. Going for HookUp after a good drinking session is another stupid thing that is going to add to your list. You might end up with a creepy dude who you would never go out with if you were in a sober state. Undeniably you will be feeling guilty once you wake up and you are brought down to reality and you would regret the decision of having casual intercourse with the person you don’t even like.

  • You might spill your largest secrets to somebody  you barely know

It is true that your secret should be confined to yourself but when your decision making is impelled you tend to spill out anything and everything that is confidential to you and you end up going into a post-hookup depression.  The secrets could be very important to you and even he or she might blurt it out to somebody else which might harm you. And even if he or she did not you would still have a guilty feeling about having told them what you shouldn’t have. Therefore keep your drinking to a minimum and then decide what to say and where to stop.

  • It might be dangerous for you

Since you barely know the person he or she might be a potential threat that you don’t even know. Consider yourself dating a stalker even if that is for a single night and it’s not ok. You might be followed to your home and even be robbed of your valuables. Which today’s surging crime levels, one can never be sure about the other person which is why it is important to use hookup apps safely. For all, you know he or she might be trying to get you drunk not for the hookup purpose but for getting other valuables from you.

  • You might end up being pregnant or having non-consensual sex

When people are absolutely drunk, they tend to lie about contraceptive measures not wanting to ruin the fun. But have you actually thought about the consequences when you might end up being pregnant, and the person responsible for it can nowhere be found? It’s not worth taking the risk if you have such dire consequences just for the sake of enjoyment in a hookup. You might be even taken somewhere that you do not recognize and made to have sex against your will. Once you are sober, you will be engulfed with guilt and regret.

  • You might give commitment when you actually do not want to commit

When people are drunk they tend to think more emotionally then practically. That is why most of the one night stands or hookups come along with the feeling of regret because you might have blurted out things like- ‘ I cannot live without you’ or ‘i love you’ without even thinking twice. Later on, you might think of it as the worst decision that you could have ever taken. It is a lot better not to do stupid commitments while being drunk and regretting about it.

Bottom line

Indifferent of what your reasons are for a hookup you need to understand that getting drunk while having it it’s probably not the wisest decision. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

John Santana

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