4 Strong Signs She is Just Using You for Attention

by John Santana

Do you ever feel that she is playing a mind game with you? She approaches you with her angelic face one day, then leaves you freezing by the iceberg the next. You must have thought about what she wants from you and if she even wants you at all.

Are you being too sensitive? Is she just using you for attention? Does she even like you? These are the questions that will have you going back and forth. To find out if a girl is using you for attention is simple, but to know what to do next is hard.

Everyone deserves to be in a healthy relationship, whether it is a serious or casual one. Read the signs well before you are in too deep.

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4 Signs She Is Using You For Attention

1. You Know Her Well, But She Doesn’t Know You

It’s all about her and her princess land. Every time you talk, she shifts the focus on her and starts talking about her life. You know which school she went to, her favorite side dish, and her childhood summer house, but the knowledge is not mutual. She probably can’t even spell your last name.

She wants the world to revolve around her. It has nothing to do with you. This is the number one sign that she is not into you. More precisely, she is not into anyone but herself.

2. She Is Slow To Reply You

“Oh, I was at work.” “My friend came over.” “I was so tired.”

There is always an excuse. She does everything else except reply to you, even in case of an emergency. Whenever you need her, she seems to be up in thin air. Having a stable and constant connection is important. It tells how much you mean to someone. They will reply to you the first chance they get if you are on their mind.

3. She Refuses To Make Long Term Plans

Building a long term plan shows how committed you are. A commitment does not mean buying a house or planning something 10 years from now. It can be taking a road trip in a few months. If she shows no interest in all the plans you talk about, her mind is not with you.

The worst thing is probably when she texts you about her other future plans. She does think about the long term, just not with you. In that case, it is very obvious that you are there to feed her ego. She wants only attention from you.

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4. All Your Friends Warn You About Her

A major red flag is when everyone thinks she is bad news. They know she is trouble when she walks in. Most of the time, you should listen when most of your friends warn you about something. They see right through her that she is fishing for attention and she does not care about you.

Invite her out with your friends. If she refuses to meet any of your friends, that is also a clear sign that she does not want to be involved in your life. Someone who shows an interest in your life will want to meet the people you hang out with.

What To Do If She Is Using You For Attention?


Too many people think they can turn someone they love into someone who loves them. It will never work. If she doesn’t care for you, the best you can do for yourself is to leave her behind. Leaving a toxic person is very refreshing. It opens your eyes to the world to harvest more opportunities.

After you walk out, you will find yourself in a world full of new opportunities and girls that care and pay attention to you and your life. You should never keep someone who is just there for herself and not both of you. If it is not mutual, there is no reason for you to stay.

You are not getting anything from a girl like that. The affection and attention are only there when you have sex. All the other times it feels like your emotions are used for her joy and entertainment. That is when you know you need someone new.

Meeting someone who cares can be hard, but it’s not impossible, as long as you know where to look.

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Where To Look For Girls That Are Interested?

You probably have spent all the nights wandering around pubs and clubs, trying to meet new girls who show an interest. Indeed, these places are the conventional ways of meeting girls. But, that does not mean they are the most effective.

As frustrating as the truth can be, you will likely spend all your nights in a fruitless search for love. Luckily, there are better ways to find girls that you can trust. The internet is a great place that pulls like-minded people together. You will be getting plenty of love from girls if you know which platforms to sign up for. These three are currently the best trending dating sites that hook you up with passionate girls.

1. Bang Locals


  • A very welcoming site for all sexual preferences
  • Strong geographical search
  • Simple sign-up process


  • Not enough users compared to other bigger dating sites

Don’t let the name deter you. You will find most people more genuine on this adult dating site than in real life. People are open and honest about what they are looking for. There is no need to sugarcoat it. The sign-up process is simple. Write in your profile that you want someone sincere and not use you for attention. You will find plenty of matches.

Bang Locals uses a strong geographical search that connects you to the nearest user. Unless you live in the outback with only one house in a 10-mile radius, be sure you will be matched almost instantly.

While Bang Locals has a fantastic user pool from across the country, the number of active users is not as high as other bigger dating sites. It is not a major drawback as it is still one of the largest online dating communities, but you might run out of matches rather soon if you live in a very small town.

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2. Adult FriendFinder


  • Huge user base (90 million)
  • 30 years of proven track record in the dating field
  • Comprehensive features like lisst of favorites, customized search functions
  • Video chat rooms


  • Ads

The all-in-one site for social media and online dating is here. Adult FriendFinder offers the most comprehensive features you will find on the market. Its customized search allows you to distill down specific characteristics such as brown eyes, athletes, hiking etc. You will find exactly what you are looking for.

After having been in the industry for nearly 30 years with over 90 million users, Adult FriendFinder knows how to be the matchmaker. Users can participate in group video calls to increase their chance of finding a girl. You can also join groups and societies that share similar interests.

Occasionally, there is an overwhelming number of ads displaying on both sides of the page. The ads do not cover any content so they do not disturb users but it could still give a spammy vibe.

Adult FriendFinder is one of the best online dating sites for its value. You will not find another site offering this many features with a full support team ready to help.

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3. Ashley Madison


  • A site for adventure seekers
  • Very discreet relationships
  • Encrypted messages and clean search history


  • Slow site speed

If you are seeking something a little more low profile, because you are currently in a relationship or for other reasons, Ashley Madison is your go-to dating site. It offers a safe platform for those ready for an exciting adventure with others in a committed relationship as well.

Due to the sensitive nature of this, its security system can defend against the best hacking. Your messages are encrypted and your search history will be erased from time to time, according to your settings. No one can retrieve your personal data, not even the owners of the site.

You can freely chat up any girls you like and you know they share the same interest in a lustful site like Ashley Madison. The only thing this secretive hype site can improve on is its page load speed. It can take a whole minute during rush hours to load a page which can decrease users’ desire to get online.

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Final Thoughts

Being toyed around with your feelings hurts. You don’t know if she really cares about you or just using you for her benefit. Most of the time, there are clear signs that she is not into you. She is just getting the spotlight from you.

To avoid being used, you need to know where to meet the best girls in town. If you have been meeting heartless girls, you are most likely looking down the hole. Try out the nicest platforms to date the loveliest girls that will never use you for attention and give you the attention you deserve.

John Santana

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