10 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually in 2024

by John Santana

Are you feeling sexually attracted to a woman? Then the first thoughts that will cross your mind will be to find ways to get this woman. While approaching her boldly is the best move to make, the fear of rejection can be a barrier from getting in her pants.

“What if she rejects me?”

“What if she doesn’t think the same way as I think of her?”

“What if she is just being nice and is not sexually attracted to me?”

These assumptions will null your chances of getting under the sheets with her. But how can you let go of this woman you are so desperately attracted to? Women rarely confess their attraction for men. So, all you are left with is reading between the lines.

There are some signs that will be very visible in a woman who is sexually attracted to you. Keep a close look in noticing these signs and there you have the woman:

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1. Her Eyes Will Be Constantly Glued on You

I bet you are familiar with many women who are too busy in their world to even give you a side glance… let alone an intent eye-contact.

They don’t care to look at you longer than a few seconds and after the short eye-contact, they will go back and immerse themselves in their own world.

But when a woman finds you sexually attractive, her need and want for your body can be seen in her eyes. She will look at you constantly with admiration, high levels of desperation, or naughtiness.

You can be convinced of her undeniable attraction when you are looking somewhere else, your eyes suddenly fall on her and to your surprise, she was already looking at you.

She will start blushing (sometimes) because you caught her red-handed so she will move her eyes with a reflex. If she lowers her eyes and bursts in a smile, then boy you have won a jackpot.

2. The “Touching” Never Stops


When women do not only like a man but are also sexually attracted to them, they will try to touch him as much as they can. And it’s just not limited to touch. She will obviously touch you while talking, bidding goodbye, or just stand there keeping her head over your shoulder.

But she will also try to be constantly closer to you. In a room full of friends and colleagues, she will swiftly move closer to your body. She will find seats to sit near you; she will stand beside you or will just walk beside you as much as she can. It’s wise to not be all excited right now and wait to notice a pattern in her body language and actions.

If she follows a pattern and keeps on doing the same things again and again, she is obviously sexually attracted to you and your body.

3. She Just Can’t Get Enough of You

We all know how much it takes for a woman to be the first one to initiate conversations with men, they rarely do it. They have a tendency to be the catch and they like the chase. They don’t run behind a man or initiate any effort until… (of course you know what!)

So, when a woman comes to you and initiates conversations… not once, not twice but all the times, you should know there is something more to her casual conversations. This woman already likes you and will want to know as much as she can about you.

If she is making efforts to talk to you every now and then, she is obviously attracted to you. The stamp of approval will be when not only she initiates conversations, but also flirts or talks naughty. Not every woman will initiate flirting with you unless she feels an intense sexual attraction towards you.

4. Your Jokes Are Dumb but She Still Laughs

Image by 5688709 from Pixabay

Getting used to receiving deaf ears to your dumb and senseless jokes? Try making one in front of the lady who is sexually interested in you… her loud laugh will give you enough confidence to participate in a comedy show.

This is one of the most vital signs of a lady’s sexual attraction towards you. She will laugh with you a lot. Now it’s also a reality that men with an amazing and unique sense of humor are women’s favorite.

Luckily or unluckily, if you are really funny then everyone will laugh at your jokes including both men and all the women and you will never know which of them is really attracted to you.

It’s no secret that funny men attract ladies like a magnet. But sometimes the attraction ends before bidding into a flower as she finds a tall man with big biceps and tells goodbye to your fantasies.

If you are interested to know whether she is attracted to your jokes but also wants to have a physical relationship with you, try cracking a dumb joke. If she laughs even at the utterly miserable joke, you have got this woman.

5. Kiss Her Already or She Will Bite Her Lips

Have you ever found a woman biting her lips while looking at you…? It was extremely seductive, right? But I believe you didn’t guess the reason behind her biting her lips was because of the food stuck in there… it was obviously because she was sexually attracted to you.

The lady was probably looking at you talk and was imagining herself as giving you the best smooch of your life. By biting her lips, the lady is being very apparent with her intentions. She is very much interested in sleeping with youand is failing to resist the desire anymore.

A lip bite should be taken as a full-proof sign that now if you approach this woman, you have all the chances of getting laid.

6. The Woman Tries All Her Might To Seduce You

She may not tell you directly that she finds you irresistible and a deep desire to sleep with you is building in her heart. But she will try all the tactics of seducing you without making it very apparent.

Her body language will tell a different tale and you can feel the sexual tension that she builds between the two of you. Some of her seductive body language will include fondling her hair. She knows men like women with beautiful and healthy hair so she will playfully toss or twirl her hair locks while looking seductively at you.

The woman just enjoys having fun by teasing you and making you weak in the knees. She will also try to mirror your body movements. If you keep your face on top of your hands, she will do the same to grab your attention.

7. What’s Vodka? You Are Enough To Make Her High

Photo by Andi Risam Triangga from Pexels

The woman may carry a dull face all day long. She enters the office with a dull face and leaves with one. But hey, just jump right in front of her. And her face will blossom like a flower. This simply means she can be all rude and throw off an attitude all day long.

But when she will find you around her, she will be over-enthusiastic and radiate happiness in all directions. You will think as if you have never seen such a happy woman before in your life. Disappear from the scene for a while and the cold winter has made a comeback.

Being excited, enthusiastic, and chirping like a bird in front of the man she is sexually attracted to be quite common. This is a subconscious effort made by the lady to give the male an impression of her liveliness and bubbly nature. She wants to portray her best self so that this man likes her. She just wants to create an impression that having sex with her will be full of energy, passion, and fun.

8. Realise When She Adopts a Different Approach of Saying “Talk Dirty to Me”

Okay, you guys are not on the bed till now, nor on the backseat of a car, neither on the washbasin of the closed bathroom…

So, she can’t directly say to you – “Talk dirty to me”. Instead, very politely she will put her desires and fantasies in subtle and tiny hints while having a conversation.

To do that, this lady will begin talking about erotic and sexual topics. She will try to engage you in these and will also ask your opinions. She will not be afraid to express her fantasies and desires in these conversations. It’s just her way to break the walls of hesitation and fear that is stopping you from asking her out.

9. Compliments From Women Are So Rare (But You Are Lucky!)

Photo by Ba Tik from Pexels

You will see the sunrise of a changed world when a lady will start complimenting you.

Now, don’t take it as a compliment if you have just stopped blabbering a long line of compliment in her favor and she replies with a polite “you too” along with a “thanks”.

She is just being nice. You can start thinking of booking the king size room in a hotel when she is the first one to compliment you on your looks and physique.

She may start by praising your intelligence, wisdom, and will finally arrive at your hot body features. Women are habituated to receiving compliments… they rarely (read ‘rarely’ twice) give any. So. if a woman is giving you a lot of casual and sexy compliments, she is definitely sexually attracted to you.

10. What Are Your Weekend Plans?

Tired all your life asking women out?

…and still no luck with girlfriends.

So tired that you’ve stopped asking women altogether and keeping a track of what they are doing on weekends? In such a condition, you will obviously be very surprised if a woman asks you about your weekend plans. She is of course not going to ask you out first. So, she will just ask you casual questions about your weekend plans.

She will also let you know that she is not doing anything on weekends and have got no plans. She gives you this piece of information so you can ask her out. It’s pretty simple to guess she is sexually interested in you.

What to Do Now?

As you’ve read through the article, you could easily tell by now if the woman you can’t stop thinking about is sexually attracted to you or not. There can’t be anything better if the woman is attracted to you.

But if she isn’t and if it’s always been the same for you, then I can totally relate to your situation. Let me tell you, I’ve struggled too with this game of attracting women sexually. Keep aside the idea of women making the first move… most of them didn’t even reciprocate to my advances.

Thankfully, things changed for me when I got to know the Three Body Language Cues that made women addicted to me for as long as I wanted. Not only I was able to get a loving girlfriend, but I also enjoyed my time with multiple women who were instantly attracted and obsessed with me.

Do you also want to know the three secret cues that can make women sexually attracted to you? Do you also want to feel as if you were born to get as many women as you want to be sexually attracted and obsessed with you?

Then take a cue from me. If my life changed, yours can change too. I’m going to share my little secret with you. You can find all the tips and hacks to make women crave for your body in The Obsession Method.

This program contains the secrets and hacks that can easily help you to attract any woman you want with utmost ease and without appearing desperate.

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