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6 Best Latin Dating Sites & Apps: Meet Hispanic Singles

by John Santana

The Latin community is massive and growing every minute. Latin people are known to be enthusiastic and welcoming. Dating them is like attending a new festival every day. They are energetic, loyal, and sexy.

Are you looking for your Latin babe? Gambling your chances in a club is never as effective as matching with one online! Summer is right here. You need to be on these sites to hit the beach with your Latin honey boo.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Our Top Recommendations For Latin Dating Sites & Apps

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo


  • Ideal for those that enjoy kinks and fetishes
  • Perfect place to find an affair
  • The gender ratio is even


  • Men have to pay a high price to join

Are you hesitating to join a regular online dating site because you are looking for a secret affair outside of your relationship? People stay in their relationship for all kinds of reasons but that doesn’t make their love healthy. In light of that, Ashely Madison offers users a place free of judgment for people to find affairs.

There will be no whistleblower on the platform. All affairs are between you and your match only. As they also have their secrets to hide, members don’t have to worry about a messy affair and a love triangle.

On top of that, Ashley Madison is the Mount Everest of kinks and fetishes in the online dating world. It endorses all types of tricks in bed and encourages members to try them out. Embrace yourself and listen to your heart. Members are able to find their true calling there, thanks to the openness of the app.

The gender ratio is evenly split with around 55% of women and 45% of men. Having a higher female member ratio often implies a well-run system as women are more susceptible to online harassment, making them less reluctant to sign up on suspicious apps.

Ashley Madison’s intention to keep the community safe is priceless but the execution has garnered some doubts. Females can enjoy all the premium features for free, while men have to pay a substantial amount of fees. Active members can be paying well over $80 a month to chat with new dates. There is not much gender equality in that regard.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo




  • Diverse with lots of Latino people new to the country or abroad
  • Available in Spanish
  • Fun community with plenty of activities


  • Results are presented based on proximity

The most wholesome online dating site is here. Since it was established over 20 years ago, Adult FriendFinder has been topping the charts of being the most inclusive dating site. Available in Spanish, there are millions of Latinos and Latinas chilling on the site looking for love every day.

Whether they are Latinos new to the country or currently living abroad, they will be able to match with someone sharing their values and cultural background. Meeting a Latin fella feels so natural.

While hooking you up with the curviest babe in town is the goal, Adult FriendFinder goes out of the way to make the community enjoyable. There are loads of online activities every now and then. Members can participate in some Spanish speed dating nights or join a discussion thread about dating a Latino or Latina.

You will find more than love and friendships here. It is a recognition and sense of belonging that you will reap here.

Albeit the wild nature, Adult FriendFinder is lacking behind a bit with its location search. The result does not list out members by their location. Basically, you get a list of possible matches in a 5-mile radius or other distance set by you. It can be a tiny bit inconvenient if you are looking to find the closest person in your area because you can’t shorten the radius search.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Threesomes and group sex are allowed and promoted
  • Auto-match with hot Latinos in town
  • Members are scattered across the country


  • Lack of security and a monitoring system to protect users

Latin people fully embrace their wild side. You will find a lot of them unwilling to commit at first because they just want to have fun. Therefore, there is no better place to meet a Latino than a hookup site. Bang Locals is the right place to be. With members scattered across the country, even in remote areas, Bang Locals covers your chance to bang and date a Latino.

If you are adventurous enough and not a fan of monogamy, you will fall in love with Bang Locals instantly. Threesomes, orgies, and all kinds of sex acts are allowed and promoted as long as there is mutual consent. Members can leave the social norm of dating one person at a time behind. Polyamorous couples rank Bang Locals as their favorite hookup site.

Bang Locals offers an auto-match feature where you are notified if someone fitting your requirements signs up. You can get hitched with all the feisty Latinos in town.

Unfortunately, Bang Locals has been the center of attention a couple of times throughout the years for its lack of security. Members have reported receiving messages from fake accounts or bots from the site, urging them to upgrade their plans. Scammers exploit the basic registration system to create a bunch of fake accounts and scam users. Bang Locals has yet to fix the loophole that puts members in dangerous situations.

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  • Regular posts about online dating tips and safety advice
  • Ideal for long-term relationships
  • Most members are professionals


  • Not LGBT-friendly

Opening its door to anyone that identifies themselves as Latin, Hispanic, or Spanish, is owned by the famous That’s how you know you are joining a quality platform. To avoid members getting scammed, the thoughtful dating site regularly posts about the latest scamming tactics and safety tips so members don’t fall victims to shameful cheaters.

The majority of members on are professionals too busy to date in a conventional way. They don’t have time to fool around as they want to settle down and have a family.

The site suggests matches based on your compatibilities like common hobbies, occupations, and preferences. The success rate has been high as the site single-headed introduced thousands of couples that are now happily married.

Sadly, will only work if you are heterosexual. The site is not LGBT-friendly and does not plan to change that. It advertises itself as the dating site for Spanish singles to find love. There are no other sexual identities or preferences to choose from.

The failure to keep up with the inclusive society has caused a major loss of members a while back. is not for those exploring their sexual orientations because you have no flexibility. It will make you feel like same-sex dating should not happen at all, which is quite backward by today’s standards.

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  • Almost 7 million active users
  • It serves as your personal blog
  • Huge member base in Central America and South America


  • Features are quite basic is a thriving dating site with thousands of active members every minute. Out of all registered members, there are around 7 million users that go online at least once every two days.

When you first lay eyes on, you will be stunned by how poetic the site is. Indeed, the platform wants users to fully unleash their feelings and emotions by writing personal blogs. Although does not serve as a social media platform, your profile gets updated every time you publish a blog post.

Other users can see what you have been up to and build a more vivid profile with your words. It builds credibility and helps members filter trashy members out.

If you are looking for international members, has a large audience base in Central America and South America. They usually reside in both the US and their respective Latin country.

You will get plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded people. The site works even better if you are traveling to these countries on holiday or business trips. You can easily change the target location and hit up some locals before flying there. will work fantastically if you are not picky about the services you receive. The entire site is structurally basic with not many features to highlight. Users get the typical matching and messaging. There are no advanced searches, virtual gifts, or tags.

It seems the site works best for those who do not care about sophisticated features or modern designs. The entire site looks as if no one has updated it since 2010. While the basic features it offers are impeccable, users are expecting more than what is providing.

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  • Popular among new Latin immigrants in the US
  • Both for serious and casual dating
  • Pleasant visual layout and profile grid


  • Not suitable for 35-year-olds or up

As an immigrant, finding love in a foreign country feels scary at times. You want to meet someone that shares your background. is here to solve all your problems and shower you with busty babes. This Latin love-finding platform has found itself to be flooded with new immigrants into the country.

Members are overwhelmingly supportive and ready to share any tips to make your journey to settling down smoother. They would happily help you adjust and face the obstacles in life. You are meeting more than just a date. They become your friends and pillars of your new life.

Whether you are seeking a serious relationship or just casually browsing, has something for you. The platform serves both ends of the spectrum well, with some members looking for an open relationship, some looking for hookups only, and some looking to tie the knot. Whatever you want in your romantic life, someone from guarantees to satisfy you.

The site layout is pleasant, with a clean profile grid that showcases five profiles in a row. Members can scroll endlessly until they spot the right match. Browsing the profiles is free but you will need to upgrade your membership if you want to interact with them.

As a free member, you will not be able to view the message or conduct advanced searches. The only reason offers free membership is so you can see how hot the members are, thus, luring you to sign up.

The demographics on is young. Members aging 35 and up hardly stand a chance in this competitive world. Young members are more eager to connect with other youngsters. If you are not in this age group, it will be difficult to score quality dates. You should take a look at the profiles available using the free signup option before committing to a payment plan.

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How to Get a Latin Date Interested?

Before you make a move, you must remember that Latino people are social creatures that love being with their family and friends. Being a loner is not intriguing for them. To get a Latino interested, you need to show your social animal side.

Be the most personable one at a party so they see how charming you are. They love it when their partner knows how to get people’s hearts and attention. In the Latin world, family bonding is above everything else. It builds up their expectations of their future partner being family-oriented.

If you don’t have a good relationship with your family or are very independent, your Latin lover may see that as a flaw. They think someone must be characteristically flawed to not maintain a healthy relationship with their family.

Talk about your family with them and share all the fun activities you do together. It puts faith in your partner that you will be devoted and loyal to them. Reassure them how much you value your family and how lovely it would be if they could be part of the family.

Also, Latin people are visual beings that will not say no to eye candy. It is time to work on your muscle game and hit the gym. Having a curvy body, for both guys and girls, are extremely attractive to the opposite sex.

What is a Perfect Date With Latinos?

group of Friends hanging out
Picture of cheerful friends sitting in cafe and drinking alcohol. Look aside.

Again, keep in mind how much a Latino or Latina loves a good crowd. The perfect date idea does not always involve being alone the whole date. Rather, your Latin babe appreciates it when you bring them to a crowded music festival.

It is in their bones to be dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Most of them are natural dances that know how to work that ass. Get them tickets to the concert in town tonight and dance with them. They can dance tirelessly from dawn till dusk.

Invite their friends or bring your friends along too. It is not impolite to bring more people on a date in their culture. They love their friends. Having more people around shows how considerate you are and that you are making an effort to break into their circle.

If you aren’t into having your ears blown away by loud music on a date, invite them home for a home-cooked meal. Latinos are warm-hearted people. It is normal for them to invite a complete stranger home out of kindness. It shows trust and respect.

Likewise, when you invite your date home, they will not think you are trying to bang them. They believe it is a loving gesture that shows your faith in them and in the relationship.

Don’t be surprised when you invite a Latino home and they end up bringing you more gifts than you offer. They are always excited about gatherings and meetups that they will over-prepare for the occasion.

During the date, drop the cheesy talks about deep thoughts and commitments because your Latin boo is here to have fun. Anything that will bring down their mood should not be on the table. There are times to talk about sad feelings and there are times to just party.

Be humorous and insertive. People with no character are a big turn-off. Show your best quality and stand out. Everyone has a shining trait and Latinos and Latinas are the best at spotting it. Someone that can light up the mood is marriage-material.

In general, Latino people care more about your interests than your values. For example, they want to know if you are into rock music rather than your stance on aliens. They believe sharing the same interests is important in maintaining a relationship. If you share similar hobbies, you can have fun all day and participate in different activities together.


Latin people are a hot pick for very good reasons. They are the radiating ray of sunshine you need to rejuvenate your life. Immersing yourself in their culture is incredibly rewarding. If you have been trying to get yourself a hot Latin date, you need to sign up on these online dating sites so you can score home the best babes in town.

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