Adult FriendFinder App & Website Review – Does It Really Work?

by John Santana

It’s the oldest desire in the online dating world; to find someone who just wants to keep things casual and fun. Online dating, just like anything, can be full of unrealistic expectations. You probably gave up meeting girls in bars because however chill the vibes are, they end up wanting something more.

Just when you are busting your head around what good options are still viable out there, here comes Adult FriendFinder. Advertised as the ultimate casual dating site, the platform is overwhelmingly popular with all sorts of people.

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Adult FriendFinder At a Glance

Is Adult FriendFinder the dream or is it too good to be true? Before you decide to sign up, take a good look at this review to see if Adult FriendFinder is right for you.

First impression: 8/10
Signup: 7/10
Matching and messaging: 9/10
Profile quality: 8/10
Pricing: 7/10

Overall: 7.8/10

The verdict? Adult FriendFinder exceeds expectations in most departments. Its fun and interactive features allow you to meet more dates outside traditional online dating channels.

Its profile quality is generally high. With a strong search engine, you will have no problem finding feisty girls for some casual sex. Although some minor hiccups hinder your experience, it is still one of the best options you will find out there for casual dating.

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What is Adult FriendFinder?

Founded by Andrew Conru in 1996, Adult FriendFinder is one of the oldest online adult entertainment and dating services still thriving. Based in Florida, it has a long history of jamming across various sectors in the adult world.

Dedicated to serving lovebirds and lonely souls, the site levels up the typical dating experience by having its own magazine and webcam sessions. Members can join the professionals and try out something naughty together.

Currently, Adult FriendFinder is the most popular in North America. Most of its members are based in the US, followed by the rest in Canada. There are still members from around the world, but the percentage is rather insignificant compared to the North American share.

Adult FriendFinder In-Depth Review

adult friend finder logo

Adult FriendFinder first impression

All romantic stories should have a cute beginning, and that’s why Adult FriendFinder is here. Its front page is neatly designed with a subtle red theme that is raw yet timid. On the landing page, users are greeted with a huge banner of a sexy girl. But it’s nothing cheesy or tacky.

On top, you will find the full menu bar with various options. Then, there is the quick signup button on the right-hand side. When you scroll down, you’ll see the platform’s impressive track record to wow its audience. After being in the industry for over 20 years and winning numerous awards, you can rest assured that the platform has successfully connected thousands of horny souls.

The site is here to let everyone know it goes full throttle. With 90 million registered members, the platform prides itself on being the leading casual dating site. Everything looks promising. There is nothing much to pick about from the first impression. The only thing is that you don’t get to check out members before you sign up. So there is a mystery waiting for you regarding the members’ quality.

First impression: 8/10

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Adult FriendFinder signup

Adult FriendFinder has one of the easiest signup processes out there. All you need is to specify your sexual preference with email verification. Then, you can start matching in under 5 minutes. Signing up to the site is free for everyone, and you have to provide some basic information like age, gender, and location to customize your profile.

Choose a unique login name for your account. Understanding that not everyone wants an online dating profile to be associated with your email, Adult FriendFinder gives you the option to display your chosen username instead.

Once you have completed the registration step, you are redirected to the matching page, where hundreds of profiles greet you. Then, you can start filtering them out by your requirements.

The overall signup process is satisfactory. However, there is a slight problem with security. Since Adult FriendFinder requires only email verification, it does not serve as a tight gate against scammers and bots. If that deters you, do know that the platform does take user security seriously by introducing other measures to keep the community safe. We will discuss the measures in later sections.

Signup: 7/10

Adult FriendFinder matching and messaging

Adult FriendFinder takes all other competitors out of the game when it comes to matching and messaging. Its advanced search is powerful and accurate. It can handle multiple requirements at the same time and still categorize the lists by different tags.

You can utilize the keyword search and look for members with certain qualities. The search engine will scan through profiles and lock in those with the keyword in their profiles. This awesome feature allows you to pretty much look for anything specific.

Combine the keyword search with its existing filters for the best results. You can leave out other filters to expand your reach. Also, Adult FriendFinder uses a merit system. The more active you are in the community, the higher your profile will get ranked in searches.

Adopting the merit system encourages users to frequently engage with members and keep the community safe. The more you interact with other members, the less likely you are a scammer or a bot. Hence, recommending you to other members is a wise choice.

You will find many members online every night trying to score a higher ranking. This pushes the community to be more lively, and people are eager to make new friends and have more exposure. After all, there are not many online dating platforms where you can have fun and get laid at the same time.

It offers a wide range of messaging channels and fun features that you will not find elsewhere. There are chatrooms, groups, live streams, blogs, and magazines to join, and each of them is exhilarating. For example, members can write down their real or fictional sex stories and share them with others on the “Sex Stories” page to arouse the interest of other members. Not only does it cultivate your writing talent, but it also attracts other members to follow you.

The group feature lets you join in some interest groups about any sex-related topics. You can do a group call or organize a virtual speed dating event to greet other members. Compile your videos and publish some vlogs so others can get to know you better. Adult FriendFinder supports all these features.

It is undoubtedly on the fun side of the online dating world. Going on Adult FriendFinder is like going to a theme park. All these features gather multiple members at once allowing you to talk to more people before you narrow down your shot. Meanwhile, it still supports the most traditional email messaging if you are all about keeping it simple.

Its multiple messaging channels are the most-talked-about advantage of Adult FriendFinder. It makes it stand out from other online dating sites. Just because Adult FriendFinder is a fun community for group activities does not mean it neglects the importance of private chats.

You can easily connect with other members and start a one-on-one conversation. Show your interest by sending a virtual gift or a sticker. It has loads of adorable stickers that will capture a girl’s heart. You will never run out of ways to win over a girl. Try these 30 Pickup Lines to Impress.

Matching and messaging: 9/10

Adult FriendFinder profile quality

Adult FriendFinder puts an effort to ensure its best resources are reserved for the best members. The profile quality is high on the site. As mentioned before, despite a lack of a comprehensive ID verification check, the site does adopt various measures to keep the community scammer-free.

To start with, the platform encourages members to report any suspicious activity or account to keep the community clean. Every complaint is investigated thoroughly. Once an inappropriate activity is identified, the user will be banned permanently.

Besides, the site also regularly scans for unusual activities itself. It does not compromise efficiency over security.

Diversity is another attractive quality on Adult FriendFinder. It is LGBTQ-friendly. There is no shortage of sexual preferences in the search engine. Members come from all walks of life. Some are cougars in their 50s looking for a young stud after sexual divorces.

Some are young college students wanting some fun during the upcoming spring break. And then there are professional women in their 30s too busy to date but are open to a casual relationship and see where it goes.

Whatever you are looking for, Adult FriendFinder is guaranteed to satisfy you. On top of that, you are encouraged to be as clear as possible about your sexual preferences. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are looking for.

There is no judgment here. Members are open-minded and ready for something new. Therefore, you will have a premium experience as long as you are honest about why you are here. Members are also talkative about their experiences. You will find members ready for a discussion in the community forum.

What sets Adult FriendFinder apart is how it serves as a social media platform. You are not only here for sex. There is so much more to it. You can make friends and exchange stories and ideas on sex-related subjects.

Members are engaging and diverse. They can offer a different opinion on things. It will widen your horizon. The heated debate and friendly discussion are the highlights of the site. You will rarely find members so attached to an online dating site. This proves how good Adult FriendFinder is in bringing people together.

Profile quality: 8/10

Adult FriendFinder pricing

When it comes to pricing, Adult FriendFinder is on the fancier side of the market. Its one-month plan is $40, which is higher than the industry average. The cheapest option is to sign up for three months which averages $27 a month.

With the premium membership, you can explore all the profiles and send unlimited messages to individuals. The free membership limits you to private activities. You can participate in group chats and activities, but you are restricted by your plan if you want to further discuss some topics with an individual member. You can’t initiate anything if you don’t upgrade your account.

The full experience on Adult FriendFinder is indeed unmatched. The price is fair given the stunning features it offers. However, it is undeniable that the budget may be pricier than what the average person is expected to spend on an online dating site.

In general, the high-quality features Adult FriendFinder has to offer do justify its pricing scale. Even though it may be slightly out of budget, the results will prove to you that it is worth the investment. Most other online dating sites with remotely comparable features are either more expensive or at the same price, making Adult FriendFinder a better choice.

Pricing: 7/10

Can You Find Love on Adult FriendFinder?

There is no need to frown even if you are unsure what your expectations are. It happens all the time. You believe you are not in the mood to date. But then you turn a corner and find the one.

Indeed, Adult FriendFinder is advertised to be a casual dating site, and it is, for the most part. But that doesn’t mean there is no room for love. In fact, the platform has united thousands of happily married couples over the years and it is continuing to do so.

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You just need to know where to look. It is true that most members are not looking for a serious relationship. They prefer to keep things casual. While this is good as you don’t have to deal with the clingy lover that refuses to leave, it does leave you with a void that you can’t fill.

Therefore, Adult FriendFinder offers members the option to list out what they are looking for. Whether you are strictly looking to get laid, find love, or in between, you can list it out on your profile so members will know. Alternatively, when you browse through other people’s profiles, have a look at their preferences so you will have an idea.

A misconception is that Adult FriendFinder is no place for love. This is simply not accurate. The site is made to entertain everyone. You will surely find the loveliest person.

According to members, the most effective way to find love is still to start by keeping it simple. Don’t jump into a serious big talk about love and marriage before you even have your first date. People adore Adult FriendFinder because it keeps things simple.

Keep it casual and if you like the vibes, initiate a deeper conversation about your chemistry and see where it goes. It is supposed to be a stress-free platform where you can find love and enjoy at the same time. Don’t let the pressure of dating gets in your way.

Adult FriendFinder is the all-in-one online dating platform for everyone. It does not discriminate against age, race, or sexual preference. Everyone finds a supportive community that they can rely on.

How to Build a Baller Online Dating Profile?

In the online dating world, the only way you can semi-verify someone’s identity is to match his profile with his messages. Building a kickass online dating profile is crucial to your success. No matter what diamond-level personality traits you have, if you have a sketchy or dull profile, you will get a miss most of the time.

There is no way to stress this enough. Knowing how to organize your online dating profile already gets you halfway to the finish line. To start with, here are some tips if you are new to this or have been trying your luck for a while to no avail.

Choose the right photos

First, select some eye-catching HD photos. It’s 2023. Stop using the 360p photos from 2010. Take some good shots. The best-performing online dating photos are often the casual ones. Do you like fishing or cooking? Choose some photos that reflect your interests well.

Candid photos give out an easy-going and comfortable atmosphere to people. They are more willing to connect with you rather than with some pretentious people with a bunch of studio portraits. You can throw in some sexy photos but they should not be overly suggestive unless you are exclusively looking for hookups.

One or two photos showing your abs and muscles will increase your likes by a margin but anything more than that will effectively end your chance of finding love. Users have shared that they are only interested in sexy people if they want to hook up. But when they want something serious, they prefer down-to-earth people that don’t feel the need to take off their shirts in every picture.

Write an honest description

After you have narrowed down your list of cool photos, it’s time to write your description. Don’t get fixated on selling yourself. Write from the heart. You are not here to give a sales pitch. A lengthy marketing piece will make you look boring and arrogant.

Lovingly present your qualities in different categories. Always be humble. Instead of writing, “an award-winning horse rider with over ten years of experience”, write “I love horses! I have been practicing horse riding since I was a child and I’m lucky enough to have won some awards for doing what I love”.

Keep it conversational. Write your profile as if you are talking to a real person and not an employee profile on a company page. Imagine what you want to let your date know when you talk to her. Take that tone and stylize it on your profile.

Keep it short as well. In reality, no one is going to spend 5 minutes reading your essay. Anything more than two paragraphs is a waste of time and effort for you. Keep it concise and precise. What are the things that best describe you? Leave some room for mystery and let your date discover more about you later on.

Try to avoid using extreme language even if you truly mean it as it will likely put off potential dates. For example, don’t say “I hate marriage” and just say, “I’m looking for someone casual at the moment.” Choosing words that carry extreme emotions make people feel you are unstable and easily irritated. It does not reflect well on your end. Keep things neutral.

Nail the chat

a girl chatting on adult friend finder

Once you have completed your profile, the actual game begins. Now, you have to match your style with how you have branded yourself in the profile. The last thing you want is to be hilarious in the profile but boring in the chat. Your profile should reflect your qualities well. Don’t oversell yourself.

Use the same style when you message a match. The best thing about online dating is that it gives you time to digest and think about your next sentence. If you are shy and often clueless about what to say, Adult FriendFinder does suggest prompts that make it easier. Select a suitable prompt and change it slightly to fit the content. Then, as time goes by, you will master the art of talking to an online date.

Building a killer online dating profile is where you will get your primary matches flowing in. Learn the tricks to make sure no like is lost to translation.

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It is not an overstatement to claim Adult FriendFinder to be the social media platform for sex. It understands the importance of building a sense of belonging for members. Therefore, it strives for the best for members.

Overall, Adult FriendFinder delivers more than it promises. You will not be disappointed with its diverse features and fun-loving members. Despite the slightly expensive pricing plans, Adult FriendFinder is worth the investment. It will get you the perfect hookup, date, or marriage that you have been seeking. Sign up now to make your dream come true.

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