Ashley Madison Review – Is The Dating Site Legit or a Scam?

by John Santana

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It’s not the first time Ashley Madison has made headlines. While some praise the site for being honest, open, and inclusive, others attack it for its adulterous nature.

With all the unjust and unsound biases flying around, it is time to dive deep into this popular online dating site to investigate the real deal behind all this hype.

Finding a date is hard. But as it turns out, finding a quality online dating site is even more challenging. Is Ashley Madison the one you have been seeking? What does it offer? And is it on par with premium sites?

Ashley Madison At a Glance

If you are considering opting for Ashley Madison, take a look at this full report that breaks down each part of this platform.

First impression: 8/10
Signup: 7/10
Matching and messaging: 8/10
Profile quality: 7/10
Pricing: 7/10

Overall: 7.4/10

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What is Ashley Madison?

ashley madison

Founded in 2002 in Canada by Darren J. Morgenstern, Ashley Madison lives by the motto “Life is short. Have an affair”. It is an online dating service provider that focuses on secret affairs and casual hookups.

During its 20 years and counting glory days, Ashley Madison has expanded to offering its services not just exclusively for married people, but essentially everyone that feels rejected in the normal dating realm, including the LGBTQ+ community.

Needless to say, at first, Ashley Madison has got loads of nasty comments for its site’s nature. Although the unjust attacks have dialed down as time passes, you will still hear a lot of negative things about the site, none of which are related to its performance.

Whether adultery should be publicly celebrated or not is another debate, but Ashley Madison’s true matchmaking power should not be neglected.

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Ashley Madison In-Depth Review

Ashley Madison first impression

For a site that is notoriously framed, Ashley Madison’s landing page is surprisingly sleek and clean. There is nothing explicit or sexual. Most would expect a gross image as the banner for sites that advocate secret affairs. That is the first sign that Ashley Madison is a lot more pleasant than people give it credit for.

To begin with, as the site puts it on its front page, “Rule No.1: Don’t get caught. Married women can keep a secret, can you?”

The site is never meant to encourage people to cheat; it is merely a platform to connect those who are determined to find a partner. A lot of people are stuck in a dead-end relationship for no good reason. Not everyone can get a divorce just because the marriage is not working out. Ashley Madison provides a safe harbor for those looking to revitalize their best dating years.

On the landing page, there is a banner of a mysterious girl hushing at you to keep this a secret. You get to log in to the desktop version on the top right corner, or you can download the app on App Store or Google Play.

Other than that, the front page is static, which is a good thing. There are no cliche fake profiles to lure you in, no visual overload, and no pop-up ad telling you to pay upfront. If you want to fully experience it, you have to go explore it yourself.

All in all, Ashley Madison gives a highly satisfactory first impression. It makes users curious about what is in wonderland. It does a bang-up job in attracting people to sign up. Its fresh front page is also ad-free, meaning it is less like a spammy site.

First impression: 8/10

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Ashley Madison signup

The whole signup process is as fast as it gets. It takes less than 10 minutes, and you are ready to go in the system. During the registration step, all you need is to fill out some personal information about yourself, such as age, height, weight, body measurements, and then your sexual preference. The process is followed by email verification.

Once everything is in place, you are good to go. You are advised to write a short bio on your profile to make it more personal and thoughtful. Profiles with a bio tend to generate more interest and draw more attention.

Since the site is designed for having discreet affairs, you don’t have to use your real name on your profile. You are free to use an alias as long as the photos are legit.

However, there is a lack of ID verification so scammers are quite likely to get through. Besides, Ashley Madison once had an incident back in 2015 where users’ personal data was leaked. This huge scandal made the company undergo a series of tests and reviews on security and safety. However, despite the actions taken, there is still no proper ID verification in place to deter hackers from signing up.

Signup: 7/10

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Ashley Madison matching and messaging

As a site dominating the casual dating field, Ashley Madison does an excellent job in the matching and messaging department. The whole user interface is intuitive. Anyone will be able to navigate around and learn all the features in no time. So, for all the tech dummies out there, Ashley Madison saves you the trouble of learning a brand new system.

You might be delighted to hear that Ashley Madison has a higher female member ratio to male, which is uncommon in the industry. There are plenty of online dating sites filled with horny men looking to bang a girl. In such an environment, women feel less protected and often insecure about being in a male-dominated place.

Hence, Ashley Madison is a paradise for women to truly express themselves and let out their thoughts. In this community, everyone can be exactly who they want to be. There is no need to hide your sexual desire or preference. You are accepted for who you are.

Besides, members gather here mostly because they feel the traditional online dating platforms are not very welcoming towards what they stand for. But here, at Ashley Madison, everyone’s uniqueness is celebrated.

The matching process is simple. Profiles are presented in a grid format, and you can choose how many profiles per page. On each profile, photos and some basic information are highlighted. You get the age, location, and some other details based on how you set your preferences.

Below the profile, you will get two options, either to “like” the profile or to give it a miss. Liking someone’s profile means you send a request to connect with them immediately. Giving it a miss will take the profile out of your search results. The profile will not be shown again until you have run out of possible matches. Only then will the profiles circle back.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to decide, you can swipe past the profiles. Then, that tells the system you don’t want to connect right now, but maybe you will change your mind later so those profiles can be presented in your searches again.

The app also comes with a travel feature where you can share your travel plans with women at your destination. That way, you can pre-arrange a hookup before you even land! There is also an alert that lets you know when there is a unique quality on a member’s profile that is rarely seen on others. It ranks members differently based on nine criteria.

If that is not surprising enough, you will be more than happy to know that your user experience will be mostly ad-free. That’s right. Ashley Madison does not like spamming its members with ads.

Matching and messaging: 8/10

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Ashley Madison profile quality

With nearly 60 million members, Ashley Madison guarantees a long list of promising candidates for you. Most of the time, members are indeed very well-mannered and well-educated. There are lots of elites in the professional fields that choose Ashley Madison as they want to steer away from anyone who might know them in real life.

Nothing feels low-class here. Everyone and every profile is as extravagant as it gets. However, due to the lack of ID verification, occasionally, you will encounter a few scammers. These scammers are easily identified as they bear huge resemblances.

If you run into a fake profile, you just need to report it to the sit. Every fake profile reported will be removed promptly to keep the site clean.

As Ashley Madison has an evenly split gender ratio, the site is a harmonious place where members are highly active in matching and engaging. Women take the initiative to chat men up, which is the opposite of most other online dating sites. They feel safe here. Hence, the vibe is chill and people are easy-going.

You will blend in soon, no matter where you come from. Members of Ashley Madison are not here to judge your background. They are here for a good time.

Profile quality: 7/10

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Ashley Madison pricing

Ashley Madison does not use the monthly payment system. Rather, it is proud of its credit system. You purchase credit to perform searches, write to members, and additional features like the travel plan share.

100 credits cost $59, and 1000 credits cost $289. The credits required for different features are different. Messaging and performing advanced searches will cost you from 10 to 25 credits. At first glimpse, it may look suspiciously expensive, which is arguably true. But keep in mind that Ashley Madison does not incur any regular payment.

Credits never expire so you can come back anytime to match with more people. Once you have found someone that you like, pause the action and see where it goes. If it doesn’t work out, then you can get back into the game for the next one.

It ends up saving you money because, on other online dating sites, you have to pay monthly or have your account closed down or downgraded. On Ashley Madison, you are free to keep your account and credits. Nothing is lost and you can have the best matches possible.

Pricing: 7/10

Can You Find Love on Ashley Madison?

As you are aware of the nature of Ashley Madison, many can’t help but wonder what if you catch feelings? Or what if you change your mind and want something serious?

Regardless of your concerns, the answer is yes. You can find love on Ashley Madison, just like any other online dating site. Ashley Madison is not just lenient with its anonymity, it also graciously welcomes everyone. Although many members are strictly in the “no strings attached” zone, plenty more are open to anything.

Members don’t always explicitly state what kind of relationship they want. The truth is, they are unsure themselves. That’s why members are willing to explore down different avenues.

Some members have been stuck in a dead marriage for over a decade. They have forgotten what it’s like to be loved and to date. All they need is that one right push to get them out of the rabbit hole.

Don’t feel frustrated about their background. You are here to explore all possibilities. Everyone has the right to dig deeper about themselves. You will find loads of members seeking a serious relationship on Ashley Madison.

People often mistake Ashley Madison for a mediocre hookup site. But it’s not. It is quite the contrary. You can find your soulmate there. People are excited to talk about their visions, beliefs, and interests. They feel there are not many people that they can share these things with in real life. Hence, they turn to this friendly platform to look for someone they can trust.

It is all about catching the right one at the right time. If things flow along and the feelings are right, members are open to nurturing the lust into love. However, do note that members don’t like being rushed into things on Ashley Madison. Remember that a lot of them are legally still married and have their concerns regarding a divorce or getting out of their situations.

Don’t force your date to make a decision. This is something you have to be aware of when signing up on Ashley Madison. You will find the most interesting and humorous people here that you don’t want to let go of. But respect their wishes if the timing just isn’t right.

This trending online dating app is all about enjoying the moment. Things will eventually go the right way if you let them. In general, finding love is more than just a possibility here. Thousands have found their long-term partners through Ashley Madison. Love sometimes blossoms in unexpected places.

How to Approach Someone on Ashley Madison?

Chatting someone up on Ashley Madison is different. Since many members are already in a committed relationship, there are things you steer clear of to create a clean atmosphere.

  • Don’t ask about her marriage or relationship: People are here to get away from their real-life troubles. Ashley Madison is an escape that they can forget about the unpleasantness. Being intrusive and prying on people’s private life will get you deleted from their friend list immediately.
  • Strike up a conversation about the similarities you have: Are you both into nature? What is the best place to go surfing in town? Start with something casual. Get her to resonate with you. That way, you can create a fun environment where you have some common ground and options to explore more about each other’s life.
  • Be understanding: When you date someone who is already married, understand that it is not possible for her to be as responsive or free as you might want. She has to allocate her time between you and her partner. She can’t reply to you when she is hanging out with her partner. This is something you have to keep in mind and be cool with.
  • Keep things private: Since you can’t hang out like most regular couples, book a secluded place in advance and prepare some romantic activities for a weekend getaway. Let her know that you understand the nature of your relationship and try to keep things private.
  • Don’t overshare: Avoid oversharing news about the two of you to people around you. You never know how words get out. It would be awkward if you have any mutual friends and your affair gets exposed.
  • Be respectful: On the other hand, even if you are dating a single girl, be respectful and don’t push the boundaries. People choose Ashley Madison because of the unspoken rule that you take everything as it goes. You don’t know if it will be love or just casual sex.
  • Be realistic: And finally, if you do catch feelings but the other person doesn’t feel that way, stop pursuing aimlessly. Start fresh again. There are plenty of other sexy girls on Ashley Madison waiting to be plowed. And it is possible that one of them is your future wife.

How to Identify Scammers on Online Dating Sites?

Ever since the security leaks in 2015, Ashley Madison has come under scrutiny over its security protocol from time to time. That leads to discussions about how scammers are infiltrating online dating sites more than people think about.

Scammers are not exclusive to one online dating platform. They appear everywhere. You should always be on alert and learn to identify the red flags in a profile.

  • Stock photos: First, the low-quality scammers will be using stock photos on their profiles. This is the best way to spot them. Their profile photos simply look too fake to be from a real person. A quick reverse image search will reveal the origins of the photos, probably from a business site or stock image site.
  • ‘Borrowed’ photos: If the reverse image search comes up clean, doesn’t mean the person is off the hook. Try looking them up on social media platforms to see if the names and photos match. Very often, scammers use random photos they could scout from other people’s social media accounts. You will notice there is a mismatch of photos, names, and content. It is almost like you are looking at someone with a split personality. That is how you tell you have been cat fished.
  • Refusing to chat on the phone: Also, if someone refuses to talk on the phone, meet in person, or keep postponing plans to hang out, there is a high chance that she is not who she claims she is. She might not even be a “she” after all. It’s quite likely that you are talking to a retired man seeking attention. She might be claiming that there has been an emergency in the family and she is too upset to talk or meet. The excuses continue. There is a new reason every day.
  • Asking for money: Most importantly, if someone asks for money, that is a huge warning sign. There is absolutely no legitimate excuse for someone to ask for a stranger on the internet for money. If she gives a dire story and reason, refer her to a shelter or organization that might be able to help. You are not anyone’s therapist or social worker. It is not your burden or responsibility. However sad the story is, even if it’s true, never give someone money.
  • Asking to go off-platform: Keep all your chat on the platform. Never take the conversation elsewhere. Having a record on the platform keeps you safe because the site can always trace it back to the scammer. If you have suffered from a loss or are suspicious about a profile, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities and the platform. This is to protect yourself and others from falling victim to the same person again.

If you are unsure about someone, don’t meet up. Trust your instincts. It will end up saving you.

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Ashley Madison scores a promising 7.5/10 for its stable and outstanding performance.

The necessary functions are here to satisfy users’ needs. To step up the game, this discreet online dating site has a bunch of unique features that cater to its different audiences.

You will be delighted to meet the smart, classy, and naughty women on Ashley Madison. Check it out to enjoy the best hookup experience ever.

Find Discrete Hookups - Try Ashley Madison
John Santana

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