Bang Locals Review – Is The Popular Dating Site Legit?

by John Santana

In this day and age, not everyone has time to meet someone the traditional way. You have needs, but it is hard to find people for casual fun and hookups without complications. Finding someone for casual sex seems to be bounded by social norms.

Where is still a good place to get laid tonight without all the responsibilities and fuss? On the vast internet, there is a site called Bang Locals. It claims to be the number one site used for fun and exciting encounters.

Meeting locals is hard enough, let alone sleeping with them and expecting the neighbors to not gossip about it. Bang Locals claims to be the safe haven for horny locals to meet and greet other lustful souls.

But is Bang Locals everything it claims to be? Find out the full analysis of this trending dating site below.

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Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

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Bang Locals At a Glance

bang locals

First Impression: 7/10
Signup: 6/10
Matching and messaging: 7.5/10
Profile quality: 7/10
Pricing: 6/10
Overall: 6.7/10

Verdict: Bang Locals sets out to deliver what it promises. For the most part, it does live up to expectations. It does connect you with locals in your area for a quick bang. However, if you compare it with other better options like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison, Bang Locals lacks behind in the competition.


First Impression

When you first click into the site, you will see a big red warning sign that says Bang Locals report. This flashy attention-seeking pop-up makes the landing page looks a bit like a spam site. Aside from this, the whole front page is fairly decent and standard.

There is a huge banner of a sexy girl flirting at the camera. On the left, there is a section for instant signup. You can indicate your sexual preference and your zip code. Then, a list of results is generated. You can’t browse the detail of the profiles or interact with members unless you become a member.

The preview shows a bunch of sexy girls. It’s tempting to think that a dating site can bring many hot girls to your doorstep for a wild bang. Bang Locals does an excellent job in persuading people to sign up.

First Impression: 7/10


The registration process is simple. It takes less than 3 minutes before you can start browsing through the profiles. All you need is your email address and you are good to go.

Although quick signup is always appreciated, Bang Locals is sacrificing safety over efficiency. There is a lack of ID verification protocol, meaning anyone can lie about their identity and create a fake account. This puts members in danger and undermines the well-being of the community.

Signup: 6/10

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Matching and messaging

As promised, Bang Locals does a bang-up job in connecting you with the horniest locals around. There are a lot of attractive members in almost every county. You can expand the search radius to include more profiles.

Matching with a member is fun. All you need is to send a request to the profile you like and send a message to introduce yourself. There are prompts provided to make your life easier if you are not the best at chatting a girl up.

All profiles are organized in a systematic manner and you can categorize the list by several requirements like geographical distance, age, and last seen.

Matching and messaging: 7.5/10

Profile quality

Members are active on Bang Locals and you usually get a quick response. Most members are between the age of 25 to 50. Hence, regardless of what you are looking for, you will find it. As advertised, you will interact with hot members with the sexiest body and wittiest charm. They are fun-loving, friendly, and ready for an adventure. Everyone just wants something casual so you don’t feel the stress even if you go out with several girls at once.

However, just because the profile quality is high, does not mean Bang Locals is scammer-free. On the contrary, your chance of running heads with a fake profile is nearly as high as a real one. Due to the lack of ID verification steps, Bang Locals are filled with scammers trying to catfish members.

You have to be on alert all the time so you do not fall victim to it. Besides, it is pretty obvious Bang Locals set up some bots itself to attract more users. Not only do some of the beautiful women look straight out of a stock photo, but they also never reply to a message or a request. This undoubtedly drags the profile quality down.

Profile quality: 7/10

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To access its full features, send unlimited messages, and browse through all the profiles, you will need a premium plan. You can enjoy a two-day trial for $1.25. Alternatively, you can pay $39 per month.

The pricing of Bang Locals is on the fancier side. It is not ridiculously high but since the platform does not have that many outstanding features or unique ones exclusive to the site, it cannot justify the pricing level.

Pricing: 6/10

What are other good alternatives?

Here are our favorite alternatives to get laid!

Adult FriendFinder

If you are on the market for a good dating site, Adult FriendFinder is a wonderful choice. With over 90 million members, you are guaranteed to score a dozen of matches every night. Aside from the typical profile search, you can join the community forum to meet a bunch of lively people. Its discussion board allows people to start a thread of any sex-related topic. It’s a chill way to meet more people at once.

Adult FriendFinder has an excellent multi-user video call feature. On this thriving platform, virtual dating is happening all the time. Other members will organize a group call so everyone can chat and mingle. If you can’t find anything interesting going on, start a virtual call yourself and get others to join!

Competition makes the online dating world forever green and young. Aside from experienced sites like Adult FriendFinder with a proven track record, other newer sites like Ashley Madison are also game.

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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a paradise for those looking for a secret affair or just have casual sex. Members are open-minded and friendly. For all sorts of reasons, members come to Ashley Madison looking for the bang with the coolest people ever.

It offers a comprehensive security system that allows anonymous payment and a reporting feature to eradicate the existence of fake profiles. The gender ratio on Ashley Madison is evenly split. Girls love going on the site to find a guy that will give them an orgasmic journey.

The chat history can be automatically erased and it permits users to choose an alias once the ID verification process is complete. You can enjoy banging a bunch of hot girls without using your real name if you are keen on protecting your privacy.

Both of these platforms have a superb location search engine that can correctly select profiles in your area. You can meet locals just as easily. Besides, both sites take a serious measure in removing fake profiles and bots within the community. Your user experience will be much more satisfying. You will yield better results with Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.


While it is unjust to claim Bang Locals a total disaster since it does deliver what it promises, there are plenty of better options out there. All in all, Band Locals is an okay online dating site that will not disappoint. However, it fails to “wow” its audience as well.

Take your investment elsewhere and try Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison instead. These two offer a premium matching service at competitive rates. Sign up now to mingle with all the horny girls waiting to get laid.

John Santana

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