How To Find Out If He’s Cheating on You

by John Santana

A relationship is based on trust and loyalty. But often, people tend to forget the rules.

Cheating in relationships has become SO common (unfortunately!).

There are songs written about partners who cheated, there are movies based on such stories, there are millions of cheating blogs all over the internet.

But yet when it comes to yourself; you refuse to accept it even though it is widely visible.

Even if you are getting cheated, you ignore the signs because you can’t accept the harsh reality.

Sometimes, you’re too innocent to find out that your loving boyfriend is sleeping with someone else’s girl.

You deserve to know if the man you are planning your future with is emotionally invested in you, or is a full-time cheater.

If you’re sensing something is wrong but you don’t know what it is, and want to find out if your guy is really stooping so low or it’s all in your mind, give this article a read –

12 Signs your boyfriend is cheating on you

1. His behavior, habits, and routines start to switch


You know your man in and out. You are aware of his routines, behaviors, and day to day life activities.

When a man suddenly starts acting way out of his routine, you have a reason to worry.

Do not start the engine of your suspicion for a single trivial reason because when he is cheating, he will show a lot of changing patterns.

Look out for these changing patterns:

  • Suddenly, he will start charging his phone at some other place.
  • The most striking sign will be when he will change his phone’s security system out of the blue and will not inform you about it.
  • He will suddenly start working late in the office. He will take more time than normal to commute.
  • The clock will touch an extra 10 minutes when he uses the bathroom.
  • Instead of staying glued to his video games, he will start spending his time alone in a dark room with doors closed.

If you can find similar signs in your boyfriend, it’s probably because he is hiding something.

2. He gets defensive when asked about his whereabouts

As his girl, you are concerned about his whereabouts.

Normally, a guy who loves you and is serious about you will share everything that’s happening in his life.

He will share how his day was, what are the things troubling him, and what are the things he is thankful for. From weekend plans to future trips, he will share everything with you.

But not when he is cheating.

You know a guy is cheating when all of a sudden, he stops sharing these things with you and thinks considerably before answering your questions.

It is possible that he is having a bad day and doesn’t want to open up.

But if it is turning into his constant behavior, he is trying too hard to contain the extra behind the sheets action he is having in his life.

Such a guy can even get hyper and create a scene when asked simple questions; because that’s the only way he can escape answering them.

3. Looks and appearance have started gaining his concern

Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels

Your boyfriend’s belly fat was peeking out of his shirts for a long time now. And each time you asked him to work out, he grabbed another bag of chips.

But now, it feels like the sun has set in the East when he suddenly started going to the gym.

Not only that, he is focusing a lot more on his looks.

When a man is pursuing another lady behind your back, he makes efforts to win her over.

You will see a lot of changes in this arena. He will begin wearing fashionable clothes. He will care for his intimate hygiene. He will dab some luxurious cologne as if he is its brand ambassador.

It will be wrong to accuse a man of cheating when he is just trying to polish his appearance a bit for a rush of self-confidence.

But when it’s not for the wrong means, you will know it. He will discuss it with you.

But if it comes out of the blue, that he is dying his hair and applying that costly cologne to have a night out with his guy friends…

Keep your pair of binoculars ready.

4. Getting access to his phone has become more difficult than ever

Your guy is constantly glued to his phone. It seems he is married to it.

He will constantly be on calls and walk to another room to receive them. If he has nowhere to go, he will simply cut the call and hide the number and contact details from you.

He is always on his phone, texting someone you are not aware of. He says he has a friend’s group chat, but when you ask his friends, they give you a puzzled look.

It seems that if you touch his phone for a while, or slide the screen left or right, he will have a heart attack.

If he is pro at it, he can even fake a heart attack.

The guy will keep his phone forever locked and even after being his girl, you will not know the password.

Yeah, it is good to hear about privacy and personal space. But when a guy is serious about you, he has absolutely nothing to hide.

Of course, there can be something he is struggling with, but that doesn’t have to do anything with his phone which he is constantly hiding from you.

Also, if you ask for his phone and he takes a minute or two to simply swipe his fingers before handing over the damn thing, understand that he was probably deleting texts.

Or you may call it – evidence of his flourishing romance with a bitch.

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5. The stain of the lipstick tells the colorful story

Your man enters the room and you jump over him to give him a hug.

But there’s a flowery fruity feminine fragrance coming from his shirt that isn’t yours.

Either he has just realized he is supposed to live like a woman for the rest of his life and is finally coming out.

Or he is cheating you.

There’s a lipstick stain on his shirt and you know it’s not your shade. Of course, it’s a nice shade of red but let’s not go into that.

Nothing can shout so loudly in your ears of his affair than these signs.

He didn’t like to have a bath before. But now, he runs straight to have a shower to remove the after-sex smell lingering from his body.

Do you want any more signs?

6. You are receiving such over the top compliments from him it seems he is describing another person


We all crave for compliments from our lover, don’t we?

It may have been months since he sincerely complimented you.

All of a sudden, he is loading you with tons of compliments and you are obviously happy but confused.

Why all of a sudden, he started seeing you as a person so worthy of admiration?

Reports suggest that 61% of men feel guilty when they are cheating. In order to lighten the guilt, they try to over compliment to make amends.

It’s also his way to make sure there’s no way of catching him red-handed.

He will go as far as singing praises of you in front​ of your friends and relatives so no one not even in a thousand years can think of the possibilities of him cheating on you.

7. Why the hell is he on online dating sites? For making friends?

There was a time when you too stumbled across many online dating sites in search of your prince charming…

Before you found out this toad and mistaken him for a prince.

But why on earth is this guy still active on online dating sites?

If he tells he is just there for “making friends”, you are allowed to plant a slap on his face.

We all know the reality. People desperate for connection and sex are there on these sites.

Do not let him fool you. This is a clear sign of cheating.

If you ask him to delete it and it’s still there on his phone a week later, this is not one of those men you can expect to be faithful.

8. His sexual game has become confusing

When a man cheats, his sexual preferences become hard to understand.

Sometimes, he will go for months not having any sex with you.

And on some days, he will give you the best sex of your life. He will show you all the new adventurous sex positions that you’ve never heard of and he will love you harder.

When a man sees another woman while being with you, it is normal to expect such experiences.

When he is not having sex with you at all, he is enjoying the time of his life with another woman, fucking her hard with all the possible chances he gets.

The man loses all his energy on satisfying this woman. Thus, lacks the need to make love to you.

When he turns up as a totally different man on the bed, tries out different sex positions, and makes the scene hotter than ever, don’t you think someone else is teaching him these tricks?

Okay, a man can try different things to bring alive the dead sexual energy.

But if it’s out of proportion, and he is doing it like a pro that seems to have past experience in it, you are being subjected to tried and tested ways.

If you are still confused, this will make things more clear for you – Signs he is sleeping with someone else.

9. The list of lies is so big that he fails to keep a track

There are a lot of things going on his life and he is trying to hide all of them

He is trying to hide the excitement of seeing his mistress naked for the first time and he is hiding his anxiety to cover up the scene with his lies.

As a result, he creates bunches of stories, tales, and excuses to hide them all.

The man fidgets, fumbles with his words, and often forgets what he said a day ago.

10. He is quiet about you online

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

A cheater will never make the mistake of making you official online.

“But he has uploaded pictures with me online!”

If this is your answer, then take a good look – aren’t there a lot of pictures of him standing with other hot girls on Facebook?

After all, he never mentioned you were the love of his life over social media. Other people will consider you no less than his friend.

If he did confirm about your relationship online and has recently deleted the post without any reason, you know there’s a girl out there in whose eyes he wants to appear single.

11. He accuses you of cheating

Yes, it comes as a shock.

When a man has let his horses run in all directions, he thinks you are able to do the same.

He may be cheating you out of boredom, or he has simply lost interest.

But don’t let this confuse you – Even when a man no longer loves a woman, he still thinks of her as his personal entity.

It’s a different scene if he has blind faith in you.

But if he lacks the trust, when he sleeps with a woman, the thought of you sleeping with another man will surely cross his mind.

So, when you are able to fully overcome the shock of your man accusing you of such a thing… It’s your time now to investigate a bit deeper.

12. There will be no PDA

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you are dating an experienced cheater, he will know how to take things casually while being in a serious relationship.

He will not hold your hands in front of his friends, and he will totally ignore you and will show an indifferent approach towards you in front of beautiful ladies.

He knows any one of those can be his future prospect, so he tries his best to treat you as if you have no important place in his life and will be exaggeratedly sweet in private.

13. The name that you just heard wasn’t yours!

“Amy, Can you pass me my towel? Umm… I meant, Joe”

If this has happened with you and you still believe he is not cheating in you… you, my darling are fooling yourself.

Open your eyes and see.

He was with his apple of the eye last night and his subconscious mind is still not over it. For some while when he let his guard down, the subconscious took over his conscious self and the name just slipped.

14. His Mood Swings are making you crazy

New relationships are definitely exciting but when it’s on the sides, it also causes anxiety.

The stress to hide things from you is taking a toll on him and it can be clearly visible in his mood swings. He is so happy one minute that he is floating all around the house, but the next minute he is all grumpy ready to throw everything in his eye-sight.

The wild ups and downs, the mix of emotions, and the uncertainty in his mind – it will be all too difficult for him to hide from you.

15. You just feel it!


There’s a reason we all have instincts and gut.

While it’s not necessary it will always be true, it isn’t necessary either that it “can’t” be true.

If you used to trust him completely and suddenly the security has worn off, then the suspicion in your gut is trying to tell you something. Before you shrug it off, try to dig a little deep.

How to find out if he’s cheating?

Now that you are aware of the signs of a cheater, you know if your man is cheating you or not.

If he isn’t, congrats!

If he does, it really hurts to know.

If you really want to confront him, words are not enough. He will never accept his mistake.

You have to find him red-handed. To find out if he is really cheating you, follow these methods:

1. Read his text messages

If he’s cheating, there’s no way you will find his textbox empty.

And if you do, there’s a high chance he has deleted all the “mushy” messages that bitch sends him. But he won’t remember doing it forever. You need to wait for that one day when he forgets to wipe his phone clean.

However, if you don’t always check your husband’s phone, you need to be extra careful as he may not like it.

While checking, don’t forget to check the trash box and even the gallery. You cna also find some shred of proof there.

Also, don’t blindly trust conversations with male names. Men often save numbers with fake names when they are afraid of being exposed.

2. Use Spying App

Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels

If hiring a private investigator is too expensive for you, you can choose a more affordable yet very effective option – spying apps.

There are a lot of useful apps that you install and catch your boyfriend with proof.

One of the leading apps is Mspy, which works in incognito mode and gives you a recording of all his calls, helps you to read his emails, tracks GPS locations, and keeps a record of sent, received and deleted texts along with other features sufficient to catch him red-handed.

3. Go through his bank statement

Only a fool will invite the other girl to have sex in the apartment you both share. A cunning man with a bit of brain will prefer hotels, and here the bank statements will really help you.

Look for transactions made from his account to hotels and restaurants he never discussed with you visiting.

Also, pay heed to the transaction date. Aren’t they the same dates when he said you goodbye as he needed to visit his grandma’s home but instead checked in a hotel? You have your proof girl.

How to Save Your Relationship?


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