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4 Best Dating Background Checking Sites To Find Out If Your Love is Even Real

by John Santana

No one likes being alone. We all seek the comfort and companionship of a partner we can share our lives with. For some, this isn’t an easy task. The reasons could be that they are in an isolated small town, city life making it hard to meet “the one”, or crippling shyness.

There is a solution, though, thanks to online dating services.

Thanks to current technology, finding love has never been easier. Anyone may now find their perfect partner online with only a few mouse clicks, skimming through a profile or 200. As a result of this innovation, the online dating community was formed.

Meeting people online is easy; we are all connected to each other in ways that were never even dreamed of by our predecessors. The internet is truly a miracle of humanity’s ability to reach out and touch the world. Be it via social media accounts, dating sites, chat rooms, forums, the list goes on. There are no limits to the number of people that we can connect to, develop feelings for and eventually update our relationship status on Facebook.

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Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

What’s The Catch?

As fantastic as being able to fall in love without so much as going for that first awkward cup of coffee due to your keyboard-based charm and wit. It’s crucial to consider the potential hazards of such a partnership. Some people haven’t even met their partners yet, which is understandable. Frequently, a pair will make long-distance commitments to their love interests solely based on pictures, texts and memes.

Going Catfishing

Even more so than in the past, people aren’t always who they claim to be in this day and age. Catfishing, money scams and human trafficking are all very real and constant dangers.

Creating a fake person with an entire life and background is just as easy as doing a Google search, finding the right images and making a few social media accounts. You think you’re talking to a gorgeous, intelligent man or woman that is successful, has the same interests and hobbies as you, and even likes your taste for obscure Mongolian throat singing albums.

And while this is always a possibility, chances are, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. The last thing you want is to be falling for some slimy, balding dude living in his mom’s basement, covered in chip crumbs and sporting a neckbeard who is rapidly working his way into your bank account and sensitive information.

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Unless that’s your thing, of course, who are we to judge.

Get The Information You Need Before It’s Too Late

Man Using A mobile Phone

It might take months to get to know someone truly, and we don’t always have that luxury. The pace of modern life is intense. Falling in love before you do a thorough background check has the potential to turn ugly very quickly. Some sites even offer unlimited background checks and give comprehensive reports, so you are able to get as much information as possible before you dive in.

Identity verification

The best way to do this is by employing background check services or signing up for one of the many available background check sites. At the very least, do a simple google search. You will be amazed by what you can find just by adjusting your google search parameters.

This also applies to doing a solid social media search. For the most part, everyone, even the fakes, has social media accounts. There are a plethora of ways you can get quality and accurate data just by spending some time online going through public records.

Reverse image search

You could also do a reverse image search if you have a picture. However, be aware that using search engines can lead to the discovery of misleading info.

The Dark Web

You’ll also find features like free dark web monitoring, which scans the depths of the internet to see if any cybercriminals are taking advantage of you and your data.

Social media accounts

Among the most effective methods to perform a background check is to use social media, which allows you to authenticate personal information and learn more about the other person’s personality or if they are things such as secret social media profiles.

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How Can I Track Down Someone I Met Online?

Mobile Phone

Is it possible for me to learn more about their background? Background checks are essential for immediately establishing a positive connection with someone.

Using background check sites

Modern technology makes finding love easier. It is now possible for anyone to find their soulmate online with just a few clicks. This technological advancement created an online dating network.

It is no surprise that people have not met their partners. Often the couple commits with people from far away. Because of technological advances, we can never get in love without distance. The risk that can result from such a relationship should be considered. Online dating has never been easier.

These websites will offer background check information in order to determine a person’s identification. Criminal records, social media accounts, phone numbers and addresses, as well as a few other facts, may be included on the list.

Sites for Dating in 2023

Dating online is an alternative to meeting people on an actual date in the real world. Those whose lives are filled with cats and other red flags may find completing a criminal records background check helpful.

This article explains what a dating website is and its pros and cons in general. Deep Web Search is a new service that will begin in March 2023. Truthfinder provides substantial criminal, financial or property data.

Top 4 Best Background Checks for Dating Reviews in 2023

It’s best to do background checks on matchmaking websites to find out if they have any potential matches.

Even when you have a good conversation with someone, many scammers will try hard to trick you, but you should be safe than sorry. The most accurate dating website on the internet has ever been reviewed. Please read it. This list is the best option for quick access. Get started with it.

Best background check services in 2023

The best background checks are offered at great prices, using a trusted background checking service to find out what is going on. You may be interested in looking for family or friends with whom you lost contact, and perhaps you may just like to see how much data is being collected about you.

A word from Dating Scammers

“When I first started using dating sites, I was shocked to find I had been ripped off. This site helps people like myself prevent this disaster from happening. Over 100,000 customers contacted us to prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring online.

I was able to discover I’m Dating Scammers via background search services. Do not try to get in contact with someone online. How can one find shady apps? Let’s see what happens. Continue.”

Tell Me the Purpose of Background Checks?

A background check refers to looking for specific information and data from a person. This does not only apply to dating websites but also to companies who use them to verify their employees’ false information. There are plenty of websites out there that can provide you with further details. Not every background check is exact and typically includes education, job experience, criminal records, licenses, and credits history.

Why Should You Do a Background Check?

Tell me the best reason to have a background check. I think that’s the most straightforward reason. Dating online is about seeing someone that no one knows. Is it possible a relationship is trustworthy?

Although I have heard such beautiful stories about people meeting via the internet, there are still many fraudulent sites within the online dating. Have you ever seen Catfish? But no one wants that to happen to you. Even so, you can use these background check services to find information about real estate and businesses or simply to find out who called you from a private number.

The best part about these types of verifications is that they are simple and easy to perform, and there is no public record of who checked or who was went looking, so there is no risk in using such facilities.

Criminal Records are a possibility

About 1 in 5 Americans have a criminal record. You can see if your date is one of them by running either a county, state, or national background check online. County records include crimes only committed in that particular county.

All criminal records are available to the public, including sex offender lists. This can be a little time consuming, but it’s essential to do before things get too serious. Regardless of the stage of a relationship, you’re in, a background check service is good. People Looker offers background check services such as contact information, phone lookup, email lookup, address lookup, and criminal records, including a notification feature so you can always have an updated result.

These websites disclose a person’s criminal history, social media profiles, current and previous addresses, and sometimes even traffic violations. This knowledge can assist you in determining whether or not you can trust somebody.

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Best Sites for a Background Check – Overview

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

The website offers monthly and quarterly subscriptions and provides several essential services, including Instant checkmate searchable data.

This background check website, established in 2010, requires only a few simple steps to search for someone. It is a little more expensive than other alternatives, but its results are known to be remarkably precise. The Better Business Bureau gave it an A+ rating. This platform’s data collection is also FCRA compliant, and everything is straightforward.


  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • It provides you with a lot of specific information.
  • There is a 5-day trial for only a dollar.
  • It generally has pretty good reviews.
  • Millions of searches have been made on it.


  • It is at least $34.78 for one month, making it more expensive.
  • Phone or email search costs extra.

Reports Included

You can begin using this site by scanning for a name and a place. This website contains authentic criminal histories, photos, background checks, address information, and court records. If necessary, you can also perform a search for arrest histories or sexual predators.

Visit Website

People Finders


PeopleFinders searches 6,000 records to find 6,000 data sources, including 43 billion documents. In general, this company is arguably the most prominent company that conducts background check services currently available in the US.

The firm offers a variety of data-oriented services with almost three decades of experience. This website also provides many other benefits that it can perform, such as It is an online background checks site with valuable information that can significantly impact decisions.

Visit Website



This background check’s design is very similar to Instant Checkmate’s, but this is because they were both created by the same people. TruthFinder was formed in 2015, shortly after the release of Instant Checkmate. It has a few different types, but it pretty much runs the same.


  • It has a variety of different reports.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Results are organised with the most recent shown first.
  • It also has a 5-day trial for a dollar.
  • You can purchase single reports.


  • You have to pay about $27 to use this site for a month.

Reports Included

TruthFinder contains all of the same documents and reports as Instant Checkmate. Rather than searching for criminal behavior, it searches for public records, dark web data, and relationship info. As a result, because it has a page dedicated exclusively to it, this webpage is a wiser choice for conducting a background check for wanting to date.

Visit Website

PublicSeek Review

publicseek _image


All you have to do is look up a person’s name, contact number, email, or address. This background check website, formerly known as SeekVerify, allows the user to search over 10 million official records.

In addition to the items as mentioned earlier, you can browse for. This site contains a number of other reports. These reports include online profiles, employment histories, criminal records, and financial information.


  • It is easy to use and navigate.
  • You can get a one-day trial for only a dollar.
  • Their records are updated every 24 hours.
  • It provides accurate data.


  • You have to pay about $26 a month to use this site.
  • It cannot be used for any type of professional assessment.

Visit Website

Reports Included

One of the suggested uses for this site is to check the background of a date, but you could still also use it to look up a phone number, know more about your neighbours and friends, or reunite with a close friend or family member.

What to Look For in Background Check Sites

The most reliable background checks service will provide accurate information, sufficient protection and ultimately, legal business. Check these sites for background checks.

Accurate, updated records

You can easily find information online through Google. However, the web is still the source of legal documents – a source that can be found in a single file, and it isn’t easy to prove that a court filing is accurate or up-to-date. Countless fake social networking websites are linked to counterfeit social networks. A reliable background check website will do thorough background checks on individuals to determine any possible avenues.

This service provides accurate information about a person. This company lists the most reliable background checks in existence.

The specific information you want to obtain

Several search types can be carried out, like background checks and person search sites for people. According to the kind of search carried out, the site might seek information about social media or criminal records. Many backgrounds checking companies offer everything necessary.

However, they have limits to how they will look at particular details. It is critical to choose an agency that knows your search.

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Cost and delivery time

Most of our services are free, although some offer free trial periods. Take into consideration how expensive the website is and whether it provides subscription plans or both. In addition, consider the turnaround time required to finish the report.

Several background checks may take several minutes to complete, and others might require several business days. Choose a website where you get quick results.

Customer support

A background check usually includes questions concerning the procedure and the finalized reports. Though private investigations can be cheaper than background checks, you’ll need the assistance of a knowledgeable team of professionals.

Check if the company offers customer support and if the provider’s websites are simple and accessible. They both play an essential role in the success of background checks.

Background Check Your Date or Online Friend: Top 5 Reasons Why?

Online dating has a reputation for safety, and that’s why a background check is essential. The price might discourage you a little from taking this extra precaution, but this list of reasons why contacting a person who meets you online or via an app is essential.

Users reported success in tracking down long-lost friends and family members, and hiring managers were able to acquire in-depth academic histories of prospective employees.

1. To make sure they’re a real person

Asian freelancer talking on smartphone and typing on laptop

As real as the words appear when you talk to them, the chances are that it isn’t. They may be a bot who wants to steal your money from whoever is actually trying to make them.

The first time they’ll be able to bond with you, they’re expecting something. You can eliminate the problem if the background checks are done at a good point in time.

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2. To make sure they don’t give you false information

Even though they’re real people, they may lie. Often people will try and be someone they aren’t using fake images. You could talk to anybody while ignoring any false information you had. Scamsters generally know how to trick you into believing their schemes.

3. It can ease any worries you have

When it’s difficult online dating can help ease your fears. It feels better to date someone who has a dating app that isn’t scammed. It’s possible to worry about this date not going as planned, but at least there won’t even be extremes to worry about.

4. It’s better to be safe than sorry

It may be hard to get a background check for people who have viewed the site. Extra precautions are essential to avoid getting scammed online – this helps protect yourself when planning on meeting a friend.

5. It’s Easy to Do

Use the following methods of background verification to find out more information about an individual. It’s not necessary to take a lot longer than you need for it to be completed.

DIY Background Check

If you don’t want to spend to get a background check done on someone, there are a few alternatives. It may take more effort to find what you’re after, but it can sometimes be simpler to attempt to find some details yourself prior to actually purchasing a service.

How do I do it myself?

A simple way to start is to use a search engine to find a person’s name and get quick results. If you know either their telephone number or email address, you can search them too for any signs that they were scammed.

You may also find some social networking websites where you can find information about these websites. Some people share pictures on social media that they think are true to what the person said. Depending on the amount of information or images in the account, it may signal an upcoming occurrence.

DIY vs paid services

While it is possible to conduct a background check on your own, it is far more convenient to use a background check site to obtain all necessary details inside a single location. You may be successful in finding a reasonable level of data on your own, but that might not be applicable to everyone for whom you search.

As a result, if you are having trouble finding it on your own, you might like to consider using a paid subscription to ensure accuracy and simplicity.

Background Check Services FAQs

These are some commonly encountered questions in completing a background check using an internet site.

How much does a background check cost?

Some background check firms offer three types of information: standard advanced or in-depth. Tell me the details of the service you provide for each level.

Basic background checks cost about $50- $50, Advanced Background checks cost between $50 and 80, and detailed reports average around $100 to $200. Though all the services for background checks are distinct, they require confirmation of all details before buying. Furthermore, many providers need monthly subscription plans without individual reporting options.

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Should I buy a monthly subscription plan or pay a per-report flat fee?

All of the information will depend on how much background testing you plan on completing per month. Many businesses need to search out thousands o

f applicants annually. Buying a subscription package can be an excellent way to get multiple applicants to be screened on your premises as a tenant. It provides unlimited searches at regular monthly rates. If one of the background checks is needed to find the missing person looking for a new roommate, paying a flat rate for a single report is more appropriate.

Tell me the FCRA?

FCRA means Fair Credit Reporting Act. This federal law helps regulate the collecting and using of consumer data. unlike other credit card companies, they provide the same protection.

Official consumer credit bureaus can only access this information from various lenders. This data provides insight into a person’s debt and spending habits and is frequently used for factors like pre-employment screenings and determining a person’s credit ratings when taking out a loan.

What is a standard background check?

Most reliable background checks include the information given below. All background checks must include this information in a clear, current form.

How Do You Do a Background Check on Someone You Are Dating?

The procedure for conducting background checks on your date is simple. Do background searches on counties, states, and/or multiple states. Check Sexual Offence Registrations. Check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

What sites offer the best background check for dating?

Truth Finder. Truthfinders. Generally, the most reliable background check service. … USA search. Top budget checks. … Peoplefinder. … Been verified.

Does TruthFinder show dating sites?

Truthfinder is among the reliable background check services that search for criminal records and other details about the user.

It is possible for users to see dating sites and profile information from the search. As well as find out a wealth of other information, including if someone has any known aliases, bankruptcies, tax liens, and more.


Now that you’ve been given all of the background check information that we have gathered, it’s time for you to put it into practice the next time you are thinking about going on a date with someone you met online.

While all background check websites provide similar services and outcomes. A background check is definitely required for online dating; do not forego it! It gives you more sense of security since you can discover more about the individual with whom you’re conversing. A background check for dating also keeps you safe and provides you with reassurance before entering into a much more serious relationship.

Without a background check, your safety may be compromised, and not just meaning your physical security; your mental heath as well.

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John Santana

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