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Guide to Dating a Latina: Pros, Cons & Best Dating Sites

by John Santana

Although Latinas account for a majority group of women in the world, it does not hinder their image of being the sexiest and spiciest. Throughout the years, Latinas have been portrayed as passionate women that will stand by their men regardless of the situation.

The description of dating a Latina is heavenly. How does the reality live up to the expectations? What are the things you need to know about dating a Latina? In this article, you will find out all about capturing that lively heart.

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How to Date a Latina?

1. Do not teach her about manners

If there is one thing that Latinas or Latin people do, they swear a lot. It is a direct way to express their excitement or frustration. Swearing does not imply impoliteness. It only shows they are passionate about their speeches. It has happened so much that people lecture Latinas about minding their language, resulting in heated arguments.

Latinas do not like to be disciplined. Any attempt to lecture them will guarantee to anger them. Their swearing has nothing to do with their manners. They are a lively bunch that often use vocal languages to express their antifascism. You need to get used to it when you are dating one.

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2. Make the effort to get along with her family

For Latin people, family is above all. The strong bonding makes her inseparable from her family members. Latin families are always there for each other through thick and thin. She will be devoting her time to being your lover and being a good daughter, sister, and aunt.

Their welcoming nature also benefits you. When they think you are family, you are family. They will treat you as if you were born and raised in the household. They will not hesitate to share anything with you, take care of you, and handle your problems with you. By being with her, you are gaining many more family members.

It is important to her that you return the hospitality. Be good to her family. Buy them small presents when you visit. Initiate to help out when her family house is being renovated. All the tiny gestures show how much you care.

3. She is extremely honest about all your issues

Latinas do not hide their feelings behind a curtain. If they love you, they will do everything for you. But when they are upset with you, you will be sure to hear about it. Latinas are often called emotional because they are direct. This quality trait does help you work through the lows in your relationship.

There is no need for the guessing game when the relationship is derailing. Your girl will sit you down and tell you honestly what is wrong and how to fix it. You should be thanking her for being able to pinpoint the issue clearly.

Instead of branding them as emotional, a better word would be direct. She knows the importance of being honest with each other so there is no need to hide anything.

4. She likes the romantic gestures

All the cheery, romantic Spanish songs should have hinted at their attitude toward love. She is secretly dying for her man to plan the most extravagant beach proposal with roses and candles. Whether it is an anniversary dinner or a regular Friday date night, a romantic gentleman will melt their heart.

Find out what will put a smile on that cheeky face. Wait until she jumps on you and gives you the biggest hug for your effort.

5. She likes manly men

Latinas are no ordinary girls. Society tells you clean-shaven men are angels, Latinas tell you bearded men are the real deal. Everything that is traditionally associated with the term “man” is a turn-on.

If you want to attract a Latina, it is time to grow a beard, hit the gym, and get a tan. A hot body will capture her attention so she will give you a chance to take her out on a date.

What Do Latinas Want?

1. Be ambitious with your career goals

While you do not need to be established, you need to be ambitious. Have a business plan set up so she knows you can provide for the family. Latinas are willing to work together and split the expenses, given that you at least try hard to be the breadwinner.

Interestingly, Latinas are especially drawn to those dedicated to running their family business. This is likely due to their rich family ties and sense of community. If you help out a family business, you must be a good husband.

2. Your loyalty

Latinas do not like to leave things hanging. Either you are in a committed relationship or you are not. It is perfectly fine to explore at the beginning of your dating phase. They do not mind that you are still deciding. But after some time, it is time to make your decision.

They will not play games with you and wait for years. Failure to commit after some time will end things effectively. And when you promise to commit, you must mean it. The thriving Latin community will make sure you have no place to stand if you are caught cheating on your girl. Loyalty means everything to her.

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3. Your respect for her and her family

Anything that remotely hints at your disrespectful attitude will get your belonging removed from the household. If you are not from the Latin community, learn about their culture. Avoid throwing around stereotypes thinking they are funny. They are only rude and upsetting.

There are many immigrants in the community. If your girl is from an immigrant family, be open-minded and understand their culture even if it is not her customary habit. Do not judge them and appreciate the beauty of what they are bringing to the table. The Latin culture is colorful, vibrant, and happy. Your girl is excited to share all with you.

4. A future together

She sees you two as a unit. Instead of working separately for her respective goals, she prefers to work together for a brighter future. She is not going to be happy if you are solely thinking about yourself when making plans. For example, aside from thinking about how much you want to move to another state and become a geologist, you need to consider how well she will adapt or what she can do there.

Including her in your decisions shows your dedication to building a future with her. Likewise, she will include you when planning her life. This is the most effective way to construct a solid relationship with a Latina. You two are merging together when you pinky promise to spend your life together. Although they rarely interfere with your decision, asking for her advice on your life-changing dilemma will be greatly appreciated. Make her feel like an equal shareholder in this relationship.

5. The ability to stand up for her

While your feisty girl is more than capable of defending herself, she will not tolerate her partner being weaker than her. She expects you to have the guy stand up for her when others disrespect her.

Running away from a fight is the most embarrassing thing you can do as her partner. This will bring shame to her as she will think you are not manly enough. Latinas are tough women and will kick your ass if you are not strong enough to defend yourself.

Best Online Dating Sites to Find a Latina

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Latinas do not hide their desire to find a strong man. They are vocal about their needs and wants. Mingling with friends can no longer satisfy their hope of meeting someone good. Therefore, they turn to online dating to find the best possible match.

Here are some of the most used online dating sites by Latinas.

1. Ashley Madison

  • Perfect for BDSM/rough sex lovers
  • Great for the free-spirited
  • Welcoming to all age groups

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2. Adult FriendFinder

  • Huge Latin American base
  • Language-specific profiles and settings (Spanish)
  • Social events for Latin people

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3. Bang Locals

  • Lots of members across North America and Mexico
  • Advanced searches to find members that fit your selected tags
  • Great for casual relationships

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Are Latinas Loyal?

You probably know this already. Latinas are well known for their loyalty to their men. Once she sees you as her lifelong partner, she will sacrifice herself for you. Some people even say Latinas have blind faith in their men, which is somewhat true.

They love you so much that they will not question your words, even when you sound unbelievable. No matter what happens, they stand by their men and show their support. They will crawl through a blazing hot desert to rescue you if you are stuck there.

Their loyalty is unquestionable. On top of that, their strong family concept means they will take care of your family too. If your parents are old or need assistance, she will immediately suggest quitting her job so she can take care of them full-time, allowing you to focus on your career.

It is a blessing to date a Latina. Her fearless spirit encourages you to pursue your dream, knowing how well she can handle things back home.

Are Latinas Passionate Lovers?

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Very much so. Anyone that has been with a Latina for an extended period of time can tell you how devoted Latinas are. No amount of time will reduce her love for you. If anything, she can only love you more and more over time.

Every morning you wake up and stare at her, you will notice her love for you is growing deeper and deeper. They are romantic girls that will keep reminding their husband/partner about this unbreakable bonding. You will not have to doubt their intentions. Their love is so passionate that a bystander can feel it. After a full day at work, she will gently kiss you in the face and tell you she is ready to give you an oil massage.

She is not clingy but will want to hang out with you all the time. It means she is still working hard on her career goals. But after work, all she wants to do is to be with you. You instantly become their whole world.

Are Latinas Serious About Relationships?

All the Hollywood movies are giving out the wrong vibe that Latinas are playful girls that do not seem to want to settle down ever. This cannot be further away from the truth.

Most Latinas are eager to start a family and want to get married. The fairytale-like marriage is what they dream about. In the beginning, a Latina may seem uncertain about committing. This is because a commitment has a heavy meaning for them. When they commit, it is a lifetime promise. They expect it to last forever.

They do not make commitments easily but once they do, they intend to keep every word of it. At the start, you will need to work harder to convince them this is worth a try. She will keep things casual as she does not know if she can trust you like family. This is where the misconception about Latinas kicks in. They can be quite insecure at first.

After getting to know you fully, trust develops. When she finally decides you are trustworthy, she will ask you to commit it. At that stage, she is dead serious about your relationship. Also, since family is a big part of her life, she will likely want to have kids and get married. You have to love big families and children if you want to win her heart as she has already given thoughts on the names of your three adorable children.


The benefits of dating a Latina cannot be captured with words. Only by experiencing it that you will know what a beautiful relationship it is. Make your warm darling know how much she means to you with a surprise visit to her family this weekend.

John Santana

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