How to be Safe while using Hookup apps?

by John Santana

If you are single, you will have a number of friends going around you like, “ why don’t you use dating apps?”

After their constant nagging, you might even open an account in the popular dating apps like Bumble or tinder to get hooked up.

But what you do not know is that this seemingly innocent application can pose enough danger to you. So here are some of the tips which will help you to be safe even while you are using HookUp apps.

Safe Hookup Tips

Do ample research before you meet

Ask for the other person’s social media account and check there. In media like Facebook and Twitter, people are hardly restricted as what they put up, and you will pretty much understand the kind of person you are going to meet via those accounts. If a person is easily giving you personal pictures but is really shy when it comes to giving social media account details, then you should be probably avoiding that person.

Make sure that you have the same Expectations as the other person

On the first date itself, the other person might have wanted to get laid with you while you just wanted a romantic dinner outing. Disappointments arise when both of you have different expectations and the result is that the date does not go very well.

It is also important for you guys to clear out about your health issues as well as your relationship status before you meet up. If at any point of time you feel that the communication is not at all clear, then avoid meeting the person. Being transparent before is a lot easier than having an unpleasant date.

Think of what your gut Instinct is trying to tell you

Always remember that your instincts are your best friend. If someone seems too nice to be true, then check on the person repeatedly to notice any flaws. Check out whether all office photos look like the same person or they are different. If his profile does not contain any detailed information and yet he seems to be an extremely nice person, try smelling your instincts. If it seems fishy, walk out on the date.

Try to meet in an open area

After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If a person is actually genuine he or she will have no problems whatsoever to meet in any place you like. If he has the right kind of intentions he would loudly like to meet you in a coffee shop rather than any secluded place.

Remember that you are meeting the person for the very first time and the scene behind the closed doors can turn ugly anytime. Therefore it is always a better option to have people around so that the other individual does not get to enforce on you.

Do not go for meeting right at once

Not only will it sound desperate but also you need to know the other person at least a bit too well before the meeting. While you still haven’t met you always have the option to block the other person and avoid the meeting. You have to understand the fact that violence in hookup can happen anywhere and everywhere even in the public spaces, therefore, you need to be actually sure that you want to meet the other person. Go on for Talking via text or calls so that you are actually aware of the nature of the person and whether you or not you are comfortable with it.

Do not push your limits

Yes, you heard that right. Just because you are single and lonely does not mean that you have to be desperate for a HookUp even if you have to step out of your comfort zone. In a hookup, if you are the only person doing the compromises then it is definitely not something that you would want. Be it drinking, getting drugged or having sex, be very clear right from the beginning what you are comfortable with and what you do not want to do. Just do not go around doing anything because you do not want to kill the mood.

Feel confident and speak out for yourself

What are the first things that you have to learn to do is to make sure that you are absolutely confident, and your voice speaks of it. Most of the individuals are actually afraid of doing HookUp violence on confident people, and they preferred to stay back.

Bottom Line

Most importantly it is essential for you to understand the hookup scenario before jumping into conclusion. We live in a world where crime rates are at its peak and therefore you need to be safe rather than regret later.

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