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5 Best Dating Sites in Australia Worth Trying in 2022

by John Santana

In the world down under, the dating scene can be drastically different. What you have known your whole life does not apply in this beautiful land. Australia has a diverse dating landscape. Dating an Australian is not as straightforward as you would think.

Australians have a good reputation for being humorous, chill, and brave. They possess the quality you want in a partner. Before you grasp the opportunity to meet the angel with a sunshine smile, take a look at their dating norms first to see how you can fit in and leave a banging impression.

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AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

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Best Dating Sites in Australia

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1. Adult FriendFinder


  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Lots of members from the suburban and remote areas
  • Personalized prompts and profile setup


  • The site becomes laggy when too many users go online

Of all the people that have tried online dating, there is a high chance that half of them have used or are using Adult FriendFinder. As a matchmaking service that was conceived two decades ago, the casual mingling site has revolutionized the online dating field.

Members are easy-going as they participate in group activities on the platform. You are not limited to meeting one person at a time. Everyone is friendly and eager to make new friends. Not every match will turn into a marriage and that is fine. They are here to have a good time. Even if things do not work out romantically, they will get a new friend.

The userbase of Adult FriendFinder spans across the country. From the bustling cities to the suburban and remote areas, there are thousands of active members wherever you go. Members treat it like a social media or penfriend club to meet new people. They enjoy the lively atmosphere more than the desperation to find a partner.

Adult FriendFinder caters to the needs of the shy nerds that struggle with selling themselves. There are personalized prompts and profile templates to play around with. You can send the suggested prompts to your match or use the template to build your profile. The suggestions range from casual to professional. Every type of member will find something they need.

As much as the fantastic features are great for users, the system does seem to take a hit when traffic is high. Users have reported having lost connection sometimes. When too many users try to get online at once, the server shuts down occasionally.

2. Ashley Madison


  • Best for those looking to try out some fetish or kinks
  • Ideal for casual dating
  • Members often want to meet up ASAP


  • The geographical location is confusing

You cannot be finding a match online without ever hearing the legendary name of Ashley Madison. The app brings out the taboo side of dating. It is popular among those with a fetish or kinks to try.

Australians are absolutely wild in bed. They never run out of ideas to try. Unfortunately, other online dating apps are still not accepting these specific requests as they are too explicit. Ashley Madison welcomes them all. Post about your desire and someone is sure to respond quickly.

Since Ashley Madison lies on the wild and adventurous side of online dating, it is ideal for casual dating. Members are usually not looking for a serious relationship but are open to the idea. They often want to meet up as soon as possible to get down to business. You do not have to spend days courting someone and then have them ghost you.

However, the location tag on Ashley Madison does not work efficiently sometimes. The digital location it is showing can be quite far off then the user’s actual whereabouts. When you think someone is in the same town, they could be two towns over.

3. Bang Locals


  • Excellent geographical search
  • Lots of young Aussies
  • Even gender ratio


  • Too many ads

Bang Locals is another excellent choice not to be missed. Its excellent geographical search allows you to pin down users within a mile radius. You will connect with users only 15 to 20 minutes away, which is perfect if you feel like you urgently need a bang tonight.

The user spectrum is quite young and fresh as well with most users under the age of 40. College students and young professionals are seeking someone to take a walk downtown together before heading home for a sexy bubble bath and some flaming hot sex.

A successful online dating site cannot achieve its milestone without having an even gender ratio. There are about 50% female members. Matching with someone will not be tough. It is not a hostile online dating environment when the developers can maintain a balanced mix of members.

One thing users have to deal with is the ample ads running through the site. Naturally, you have to pay in terms of watching their ads when you sign up for a free account. Despite that, the ads are still quite excessive as you will not go through a page without an ad popping up. Users can only be glad that these ads can be closed immediately and you do not need to wait 5 seconds.

4. Bumble


  • Professionally made for young adults
  • Female-oriented
  • Fewer fake profiles


  • There is no personalized matching so the success rate is low

This happy yellow Bumble app is a paradise for girls. As there are more male sexual predators statistically, Bumble is determined to protect the welfare of girls. The whole app is female-oriented so only women can initiate. It shields users from unwanted harassment. So, it is obvious that this hot app in Australia is quite the girls’ favorite.

Bumble is particularly favored by young adults. The vibrant yellow design captures the lively vibe young people like. There are also very few fake profiles, thanks to the professional support team. Young members are the most vulnerable to online dating scams. Since Bumble targets these young minds, it takes additional precautions to create a scam-free space for young minds to hang out.

Unfortunately, there is no personalized matching. The profiles you get on your wall are simple members in your area. There is nothing specific about them that matches your preference. The search presets are not advanced enough to filter out junk profiles. You have to scan through each profile yourself. For a large dating site like that, it is quite frustrating and time-consuming.

5. eHarmony


  • Detailed personality test to find you the perfect partner
  • Ideal for serious dating
  • Members are mostly working professionals


  • Lack of safe communication methods

The perfect app for serious dating is here. Eharmony is the place Aussies go to find their dream partner. Before your profile is live, you have to answer 70 questions created by the developers. The match results you will get are entirely based on your answers. Their unique system has been successful in creating compatible couples.

There is no better place to look for a serious relationship. Members are sincere because scammers are deterred by the long signup process. Most members are working professionals too busy to meet someone outside of work. It is a respectful environment where lovely conversations are exchanged.

It should be noted that although members enjoy chatting on eHarmony, the lack of safe communication methods is its biggest downside. So, It lacks quality video chats, calls, or virtual gift features. You cannot take the conversation off the platform as you are not protected if anything happens. That means you are stuck with the most basic text exchange.

What is it Like to Date in Australia?

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1. It is always time for a pint

Australians are known for their excessive drinking habit, for good and for bad. It is not uncommon for Aussies to start the day with a pint of beer. The drinking culture infiltrates every aspect of life.

In general, Australian people are already very friendly. Still, they feel alcohol is a major element of a fun day. It allows them to open up to their friends and enjoy the world. Dating an Australian means you are always hanging out in a pub. They all love having a few glasses down in the local pub.

2. “Dating” is not that exclusive

If you are expecting the whole dating process to be exclusive and directional, you will be disappointed. People on this giant island are chill about relationships. They prefer casual dating to any commitment.

They feel no moral obligation to see you exclusively at the beginning of the relationship. Maximizing their chance is their dating motto. They will still be reaching out to others on online dating sites and going out with these new dates.

Defining where you stand in the relationship can be difficult. They do not quite comprehend why you need to be just seeing one person when they are unsure about their future. You need to understand that they are not trying to replace you with someone better but they are evaluating their options to see if you are the one they want to be seriously dating.

3. People are more independent than family-oriented

Unlike in countries where family is above all, Australians are independent and do not like being with a mama’s boy or mama’s girl. There is a fine line between maintaining a good relationship with your family and being cowardly dependent.

For them, you should be living your own life when you turn 18. Calling up to your family and asking for advice every day is quite disgraceful and shows you have no problem-solving skills.

That being said, Aussies are loving by nature. They adore and cherish family time. They simply believe a mature person needs to draw reasonable boundaries. Hence, they enjoy company from someone independent.

4. Ease up and open up

Drop the cliche of sugarcoating your greetings. If you have a bad day, chin up and scream “wankers!” before chugging your drink.

One thing Australians absolutely cannot stand is fake friendliness. All those fronts people put when they are feeling the opposite will not work on these honest bunch. You need to be honest to make friends and get into their circle.

Be direct and share your feelings, whether they are positive or not. Do hide your real thoughts out of politeness. Australians can sense your coverup excuses from miles away.

5. Dating does not mean you are a couple

Due to their indifferent and chill attitude toward dating, they do not consider themselves to be in a relationship unless they have agreed to it. Even if you have been supposedly dating for months, you are still stuck at the “getting to know each other” phase.

Commitments are hard to manage. Some Australians want to avoid committing to a relationship for as long as possible. They are seeing you because they enjoy your company and want to keep you around but that does not mean they are ready to put a name on it.

Getting an Australian to say the magic word is not quite easy. Although they are loyal to the one they commit to, it will take a long time before they realize you are the one.

6. Find some casual activities to do

Dating in Australia is very casual. Almost nobody expects a fancy dinner at a Michelin-stared restaurant. You do not have to dress up every time. They like the sincerity in you. Choose a casual activity like going on a picnic or a hike together. It is the best way to build a relationship.

Cooking at home can be a nice alternative to dining out. They prefer to show their real side to people instead of dressing up and putting on a mask. They are some of the most genuine people you will meet.

7. Sex is casual

Sleeping with someone before the relationship is official is very common in Australia. This no-string-attached coupling reflects how open-minded society is about dating. People are out here to have fun. They do not want to be tied down by responsibilities.

If you believe you are just having fun, then your mentality will fit right in here. But if you are looking for something serious and only want to sleep with those that consider you a lifelong partner, you may need to look elsewhere.

However, do not be nervous and think they are going to sleep with you and be done with you. They are definitely taking their chances to have fun but they are also observing if you will be a good fit. They do make it known beforehand what they are expecting so there is no mismatch of expectations.

How to Impress an Australian?

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1. Mingle with their friends and be hilarious

Aussies are social animals. It is not an exaggeration that they know someone from every block. Growing up in this sunny country, people are programmed to mingle with each other. Your background does not concern them. They do not care about where you are from. All they want to know is if you enjoy their culture or if you are willing to blend in.

These people are natural jokers. There are always innocent jokes, dark jokes, and somewhat inappropriate jokes being thrown around. Australians have a wicked sense of humor. Making everyone laugh in the pub is the blood that runs through their body. It is in their DNA to create good memories.

2. Be outdoorsy

It is no wonder why Australians are the epitome of athletic and sunny figures. The entire continent is blessed by the abundant amount of sunlight penetrating through every desert, mountain, and beach.

Since they were a child, they have been one with nature. Going camping or doing sports is in their nature. They love any outdoor activity. The best way to impress an Australian is to show them how versatile you are. Going on adventures together will be the cutest date idea.

3. Be independent

The casual dating culture implies that over-attachment is seen as a disadvantage. If you cannot handle your life without relying on your partner, you are not the ideal partner for them. Clingy couples are their worst nightmare.

While they want to hang out with you, they will still want time for themselves and hope you can do the same. Develop an interest of your own and focus on your career. When you can shine alone, they will be holding onto you. The truth is that people will seek the qualities that make them want to stay. They do not succumb to merciless begging.

4. Be a good social drinker

You cannot avoid social drinking. Dating an Australian means you will spend one-third of your relationship hitting pubs and doing shots together. It is a fun way to pass time and to get to know each other.

Since they hang out with their friends all the time, being an excellent drinker will boost your image in front of them. Getting approval from their friends is the first check that you have passed the Aussie partner test.

Do not confuse being a social drinker and being a drunk. Chatting with others over a few pints is fun but taking care of a drunk is hideous. Know your limit.

5. Do not push for a future plan

Discussing the future is a scary topic in the Australian dating culture. They will put off the talk until they feel ready to build a future. Most of the time, it is not about you. They do love you but they are not sure how their life will look in a few years. Making a solid plan with you is burdensome and out of their capacity.

Give your partner the time to digest and soak everything in. Pushing them will not achieve what you want. You cannot speed up a process that will take them years. Rest assured that when they are finally ready, they will be the most committed person. Offer them support when they are confused but also give them the necessary space to make up their mind.


Are the dating etiquettes in Australia surprising to you? Just like its vast nature, there is something new in every corner of the dating field here. People from down south are more than wankers you hear about. Connect with your Aussie now and go on dates with the locals!

John Santana

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