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Hily Dating App Reviewed: Here’s Our Experience

Last Updated on January 13, 2023

The online dating landscape is a forever-changing one. A dominating app from just a few years can be so out of style, while newcomers can rise to stardom within days. This year, one of the rising stars in the online dating industry is Hily.

First launched in 2017, this adult dating app didn’t release its stable version to the public until 2019. Since then, this trending app has been taking over young people’s dating life. Hily gives a vibrant sense and a trustworthy feeling.

You probably have heard about this dating app a lot. But is it as good as advertised? In this article, every aspect of Hily is discussed and dissected so you can have a full glimpse of what is going on with this popular app and if it is worth your time and investment.


Hily review: at a glance


  • First Impression: 7/10
  • Signup: 7.5/10
  • Matching and messaging: 5/10
  • Profile quality: 5/10
  • Pricing: 4/10

Overall: 5.7/10

Editor’s verdict: Hily gives satisfactory performance and yields the desired results for its young and energetic audience. Its high-standard ID verification protects users’ privacy and the safety of the community.

However, the app is extremely skewed towards the young population, despiting it claiming otherwise. Besides, the app seems to be favoring the active and outgoing members while the introverts are not given many opportunities. All in all, Hily is an okay option. But at the same quality and investment cost, you can opt for better options like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

First Impression

Short for “Hey, I Like You!,” the first impression of Hily is very nice. Upon the first glimpse, it’s clear that this site is for the tech-savvy. The glamorous and stunning designs effectively retain users because the visual elements are all important parts of the experience.

On the front page of Hily, users are promised the world, as on most online dating sites. It keeps advertising the remarkable miles it has walked and the impressive results it has achieved in just under five years.

Hily seems to be very proud of its achievements, as it should be. Indeed, it has come very far for a relatively new online dating app. Most of the photos you see on Hily are young and diverse people, which probably hints at its target audience. But, Hily claims to be an online dating app that caters to all. After a full investigation, its efforts and other features cannot substantiate this claim.

Besides, despite the flashy introduction, there doesn’t seem to be any quality information a user can get without signing up. All the instructions and feature introductions are vague. You don’t really know what the app offers unless you sign up. It is slightly disappointing because an excellent dating app should always have full disclosure of its features and statistics. Hily lacks transparency on this.

In general, Hily gives a grand entrance to users ready to explore and connect with others. It may not be that functional, but it certainly has a glorifying front page to land on.

First Impression: 7/10


The signup process is smooth and professional. Unlike some other online dating apps that allow you to start matching without proper registration, Hily makes sure it can legally identify you.

You need to complete an ID check before you can start browsing members’ profiles. This is a huge reason Hily has got so big. People feel secure with the app and they want to know their data is protected.

Hily is doing an outstanding job in this department. It does manage to maintain the security level high and minimizes the chance of having users’ information leaked by constantly reviewing its security protocols and implementing the ID check.

However, for those that enjoy a fast registration or find a long signup process annoying, you will not like Hily too much. Indeed, high security comes at the cost of time. You will be spending a solid 15 minutes trying to become a member, if not more. Then, you still have to wait for your information to be verified before you are an official member.

This is not particularly appealing and especially not to those that sign want to sign up on a whim. This deters members from signing up because there is still a chance that your registration is rejected if something doesn’t check out. And you would need to go through all that again to submit any missing documents.

Signup: 7/510

Matching and messaging

Hily is famous for its social media features that allow users to get to know others in-depth. It doesn’t function like a basic online dating app. You get to check out other members’ updates, their interests, your mutual matches, and more.

You would have a higher chance of connecting with someone interested in your if you know who has been checking out your profile and for how long. Hily has a premium feature that allows members to see who has viewed their profiles as well as to send message requests to members that are not on their friend lists.

It serves as a community group where you can connect with mutual friends. The rationale behind this is that if you already like the friends you have on your list, you are probably going to like their friends too!

Unfortunately, this good intention does not extend beyond the developers’ minds. In reality, Hily is notoriously one-sided. For example, if you are a 20-something male studying in university, you are pretty much stuck with women sharing the same qualities and features.

There is not much diversity and the app is quite simple-minded when it comes to who you might like. Basically, the app assumes you can only find people your age doing the same thing attractive.

Moreover, the app prioritizes those that are active on it. If you don’t spend a ton of time on it every day, your profile is less likely to get ranked in search results.

Matching and messaging: 5/10

Profile Quality

For profile quality, Hilly lands on both ends of the spectrum. To begin with, most of its members are straight white singles in their early 20s. There is not much diversity in the user pool. Hily is advertised as the fun pool where people from all backgrounds can connect and have fun.

This is far from the reality where most members are standardized. They have the same profile, leaving the outliers zero chance of making dates.

Profile quality: 5/10


In terms of pricing. Hily charges an oddly high price, with the minimum plan starting at $29 per month. If you want to buy a one-off lifetime membership, it will cost you $200, which is an unreasonable price compared to other similar sites on the market.

For the same price, you can be getting a lot more from bigger online dating apps with more members. Hily is aware of its high pricing plans. Therefore, it takes away most of the free features like unlimited searches that are usually available on other apps so that members feel forced to upgrade in order to get the desirable results. This, in turn, makes the app even less attractive because there are no appealing free features offered.

Pricing: 4/10

Are there better online dating platforms?



  • Adult FriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison

Hily is a lovely existence that broadens users’ horizons. However, it is too new that it lacks a lot of vital elements that make an online dating platform great. Sometimes, you should rely on a trustworthy brand with a proven track record instead of trying something so new that there is no way to prove if it’s going to work.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder is a brilliant platform that would easily beat Hily in every aspect. To begin with, it has over two decades of proven results. Members are loyal and love meeting friends on it.

Just like Hily, Adult FriendFinder also serves as a social media platform where you can make friends, send requests, join group calls, and more.

Members are always writing updates on their profiles so you can be up-to-date with what everyone is up to in the community. Join the live streams and virtual dating events that are always happening; it’s a fantastic experience.

Ashley Madison

Another online dating app that can deliver more than it promises is Ashley Madison. It has the same stunning visuals beautifully designed to level up the user experience.

It also takes user security as its top priority and payments can be made anonymously. After an ID verification step, you can use an alias on the app if you are not comfortable with using your real name.

You will find Ashley Madison to be an erotic place full of people eager to try something new. If you are into kinks and fetishes, there is no better place than here. You are heard and welcome no matter what your preferences are. See the complete review, here.


With the above analysis, it’s pretty clear what Hily can and cannot do. Although the app excels at designing visuals, it is not suitable if you are not a young straight single. Furthermore, the app navigation is confusing. Users that do not frequent online dating apps will have a tough time getting used to every feature. A lot of things are quite unnecessary.

If you are just looking for some fun without high expectations, Hily is an interesting app to try. But if you are serious about online dating or have specific requirements, you should try other online dating platforms like Adult FriendFinder or Ashley Madison instead.

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