How To Seduce A Married Woman Sexually? – 12 Essential Tips

by John Santana

A woman has been playing with your senses without even realizing and you are falling hard.

But as you move towards knowing a bit about her before asking her out, you realize she is not ‘Ms’ but ‘Mrs.’

Your dreams go shattering down but you can’t keep your eyes from dancing near her desk.

She is hot. You picture yourself kissing her luscious lips. But how can you seduce a married woman?

Seducing a married woman is tricky and risky from all possible angles

She may engage in light flirting with you to enjoy a fresh breath of air just to get rid of the boredom of her married life… but steps back when she senses something serious.

Or, maybe she is ready to take the bold step and walk out of her marriage to be with you? Or maybe engage in some extramarital affair?

You don’t know the consequences. But man, you like that woman and you got to take a chance!

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Where to find a Married Woman to seduce?

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If You are into older women or fantasize seducing a married woman, the first question is,

Where will you find married women to seduce?

If you don’t find any in your workplace or parties to be worthy of your efforts, you can go to the Ashley Madison website which is a heaven for married women looking for affairs.

So, now the real question is –

How to seduce a married woman? – 12 Essential Tips

1. Flirt your way to her pants.

The best way to seduce a woman who is married and has kids is to make your way slowly and subtly with flirting.

A married woman is unlikely to flirt with anyone in a long time. Married life usually takes away the excitement and her husband is possibly not talking dirty to her.

Give her the taste of the spice she is missing in her life.

Be the change that she desperately wants to happen.

Don’t go overboard with talking dirty or you can get a kick on your nose. Rather tingle her and bring in the naughtiness and excite her senses.

Start by complimenting the silliest things about her. Tease and be playful when you are by her side.

When you flirt with her, you send her an indirect message that you are interested and she will feel wanted which increases your chances of getting her rock your bed.

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2. Be honest with your intentions.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Married women are experienced in the field of dating and flirting. She knows what’s going on in the mind of a man when he approaches her as this is not her first time.

If you will try to fake anything, she will sense it. Make sure that she knows you like her sexually.

Your interest may evoke her desires too and even if she is least interested, she will wait for you to notice her and you will cross her mind every now and then.

3. You can see your stars shining when her kids love you.

Does the woman have kids?

You have to make sure that they love the sight of you!

Many times women refuse to move on from her marriage even if it is an unhappy one for the sake of her kids.

She is concerned about her children and doubts if any other man will be able to give her children the love of a father or if the children will be able to accept him.

Being friendly with her kids and getting called as their ‘favorite’ will erase her doubts.

Buddy, you will get a clean chit.

She knows if the extramarital affair she is going to have with you transforms into love, she doesn’t have to worry about her kids suffering from the trauma of an unloving step-dad.

Bring them chocolates, play with them, and compliment them. Treat them like your own. Children are not hard to impress after all.

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4. Show her that you are a strong man.

A lady has no time to waste on boys. Don’t play around her as you did with your high-school crush in teenage years.

People get attracted to confident personalities. Be confident in yourself and have faith in the man in you.

Radiate masculine energy. Stand tall with her. Dab masculine cologne. While walking with her, walk straight and in a manner as if you’ve made an unsaid promise to protect her from the dangers of the world.

Maintain intense eye contact once in a while.

When hugging her, wait a moment longer. Make her feel your arms are the safest place in the whole world.

5. Do not take her for granted.

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She had enough of the world taking her for granted. If you want to be the one she cheats her husband with, you have to make attempts to not ignore the things that matter to her.

Her man doesn’t know that if he is not giving her the attention and love she deserves, someone else will give it to her.

So, if you want to be the one to replace her husband, you have to really value her opinions and views.

Listen to her attentively when she speaks and makes meaningful conversations. Talk about aims, goals, science life, Psychology, adventure, or anything that she is passionate about and have no one to talk with.

Ask her for advice when you have something important and let her know you appreciate her views and like the way she thinks.

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6. Create an ambiance.

Ambiance plays a great role in the art of seduction. If you have got a chance to meet her in private, or if she has agreed for a date, create such an ambiance that it lingers in her memories.

Do you think candles are romantic and extremely seductive? Light some.

Play a piece of sensual or classic music in the background so if she even doesn’t have the intention, she starts fantasizing about you.

7. Praise her beauty and accomplishments.

Women love getting praises for the efforts they put in for looking good, much more in the case of married women as their husbands rarely compliment them.

This gives you an edge over them.

Compliment her for the way she looks and carries herself, the way she ties her hair. Compliment the color of her blouse.

Apart from getting compliments on their beauty, women love when someone admires the things that truly make her.

She is juggling her married life and career simultaneously. If she has kids, she is looking after them too. This lady deserves some appreciation.

But don’t be too flattery with your compliments or she is not going to take any of them seriously. Don’t bore her by making senseless comparisons or obvious exaggerations.

Beware! She can look right through you!

When you praise her, make sure you really mean them and not blabber just for the sake of it.

Observe the little things about her that ordinary people miss to notice. If she has changed her hairstyle or wore a new outfit, tell her that they look good on her and watch her blush.

Compliment her work ethic, her situation handling skills, and her intelligence.

Nothing turns on a woman more than a man who sees her the way she likes to see herself.

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8. The most important rule: You don’t talk about her married life!

Ask how her day was. Do not ask how her husband is doing.

Let the conversation be centered on her and the things she feels or does.

Tell her your funny childhood stories and ask hers.

Of course, she can be passionate about her husband and mention his name once in a while, listen to her. But don’t reply with more than a one-word sentence.

Apart from when she is sad because of his behavior, give her a shoulder to cry on and tell you are there for her.

Pro tip: Act like she is not married. This way, you will find it easier to seduce her. And she will also forget about all the worries of her marriage and frolic in your presence.

See her for what she is as a human, not just as a woman who is married.

9. Fuel her life with the excitement that is lacking.

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Have you seen couples together who are married for a while now? They will walk hand in hand at parties and laugh at lame jokes.

But inside their homes, all they talk about is who will change the child’s nappies, what is going to be cooked for dinner, and if they are running out of milk.

Married life often becomes very dull and mundane. She is lacking excitement and thrill.

Who doesn’t like to get all excited and extra energetic once in a while?

She has that enthusiastic childish person inside her. Bring out that person.

Be a fun person around her. Don’t bore her out in the pursuit of not making mistakes.

Make mistakes and laugh at them. Be crazy and make jokes until she has tears in her eyes due to laughing.

Do not give her a single dull moment. It is proven in many types of research that women are attracted to men with a good sense of humor.

Take her to interesting places and talk about mysterious facts she has never heard of. This woman will really look forward to being with you more often.

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10. Show her that you are the better man.

Why will a woman leave a settled married life with a man to be with you?

Or why will she cheat her man just like that by sleeping with him on the weekends and with you on the weekdays?

You gotta have that spark that makes you irresistible!

Wear flattering clothes for her, groom yourself, and strive to look the best version of you. She must notice that you’ve made the efforts to meet her.

Be a gentleman and give her the best time she is going to have in her day.

Plan dates and puts efforts to make it special. Get her gifts when she least expects it. Remind her every day that she is special and you want her.

This will work wonders if she is in an unhappy marriage and will distinguish you from her husband.

11. Build sexual tension and turn her on.

If You are sexually attracted to her, she should know.

After you have spent some good amount of time with her and friendship has started to transpire, it’s the right time to now slowly sexually advance. Work on building sexual tension.

Initiate touch by sitting really close to her. Keep your hands on their shoulders while making a point. Touch her palms sensually while walking on the streets.

Look at her lips when she is talking.

These signs will tell her that you want her and will build sexual tension.

She will want to release the sexual tension that is budding between the two of you.

Now that you can sense the sexual tension, increase it more by hugging her goodbyes and hellos sensually. Don’t hug her like a friend; instead, make it warmer and tighter.

Make your voice deep and husky. Sound sexy and sensual. Discuss erotic stuff. Talk about Kinky stuff to do in bed.

If you are lucky, you will find the woman herself offering to have sex with you, rather than you convincing a married woman to sleep with you.

If she hesitates at this point, ask her directly and take things to the next level.

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12. Feed her Dopamine.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Do you know every time we receive a text message or notification on our phones we feel a rush of dopamine – a feel-good hormone?

Do you know that dopamine can also be addictive?

If you didn’t, now you know! And it’s your time to use this knowledge.

Feed her dopamine by sending texts and images to her. She may not be able to receive your calls the whole day because she has other commitments. But if you leave her a text, she will check it when she is free and that will leave her wanting more and more.

Her release of dopamine on receiving your messages will make her crave for you more and more.

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