12+ Best Places To Meet For Affairs Without Getting Caught

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

Having an affair is nothing less than a wild adventure – it thrills you to the core, and it’s risky.

You know it’s wrong, but you can’t stop yourself. It’s your guilty pleasure.

Apart from excitement, the other feeling which takes a good part of your thoughts is the thought not to get caught!

The fear of getting caught can make the experience of meeting your secret lover a stressed, anxious ride.

It would be best if you chose places where you can enjoy yourself without the fear of meeting anyone known and divulge in extreme pleasure that your new secret lover promises to give you.

Here are a few ideas to help you choose places for having an affair as you go on meeting your secret lover and make it a mind-blowing event.


According to the Survey These Are the Best Places To Meet for an Affair (Without Getting Caught)

1. Coffee Shops

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The aroma of coffee is great to be around your partner before you involve in some steamy sex. So, it’s better to meet your partner at an intimate coffee shop for a date.

As coffee shops are public places and you can meet many of your acquaintances there, you should make sure to choose a cafeteria that is kilometers away from your home as well as a workplace to enjoy the time without worrying about getting caught.

2. Clubs and Bars

When we think of night outs, we think of Clubs and Bars. So, if you want to take your secret lover out for a night out, take them to one of these places.

If you want to dance to loud music and immerse in drinks, go to a club. It’s a public place, of course, and if it isn’t a masquerade theme party, the chances of you getting caught are pretty high. So choose a distant place.

If you want to enjoy and discuss the plans to take the affair forward, you should choose a relatively quieter bar.

3. Casinos

A casino is a great place for anonymous daters to enjoy a few drinks and play games. The place is full of tourists from around the world, so your chance of getting caught in this crowd is almost not possible.

Some Casinos also have rooms attached to them just in case you want to spend a night. 😉

4. In Your Cars

Sounds funny. But the most commonplace for two people cheating their respective partners is surprisingly the cars.

It comes with no hassle at all. Just meet at a secluded place or pick your secret lover in the car and park your car either on the secluded side of the road or between two vehicles, and there you are!

This can be a great option for the men whose wives are getting suspicious of where the extra money is being spent. Even if they are not, it saves your money!

5. On a Yacht

A great place to choose if you want absolutely no disturbance. Not only do you get a chance to do whatever you want in a private room, but you also get to spend some time in nature.

6. Cinema Halls

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The times are not gone when people take their secret lovers to the cinema halls. You can hear several stories of affairs flourishing in cinema halls.

After all, it’s a convenient place to catch up, given its ambiance. After the lights dim, no one will see you, and when the sounds go on, even the loudest of noises can’t be heard. That makes it a perfect place to perform your deeds.

Just don’t go to the cinema halls you go to with your partners.

7. Internet

The Internet and Social Media is a totally different world in itself. With the help of many social media platforms, you can give your affair a naughty turn and carry it for a long time.

In case you want to chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other messaging apps are always there for your help. Just remember to delete the messages.

If you want to see your secret lover in and out, you can do that too by Facetiming them.

To kick-start an affair, you can also visit Ashley Madison, one of the most common dating sites for affairs or committed people to find partners for affairs.

8. Amusement Parks

Want some fresh air and an adrenaline rush? Go to an amusement park.

As you are going to be under the scorching sun, wear your caps, mask, and sunglasses. In this attire, no one is going to recognize you anyway.

9. Hotels

Don’t have control over your desires? Want to make out as soon as possible? Book a room!

Or do you want to take it slowly and know the person first on a much deeper level? After all, making plans on carrying your affair further and hiding it from the world is equally important.

For that purpose, there is a lot of space, such as the food area, where you can discuss matters in a private place.

10. Public Bathrooms

Another stop for the people desperate to have sex!

Public bathrooms are not a very romantic destination to carry on an affair. But the heart wants what it wants… and, when you can’t keep your hands down on them, entering into the bathroom is what you need.

11. Out of Town

The far the place is from your home, the better it is. It’s wise to choose a place that is completely unknown to your partners or even you! The new place ensures that nobody knows you and you can go on freely doing your stuff.

12. Business Trips

While you are away on business trips, it’s an excellent idea to carry on with your affair by taking them with you on the trip. The best deal with this is that your husband or wife knows that you are handling business and will not get skeptical.

Places Not To Have an Affair

While thinking of places to continue your affair is important, thinking of places of not having an affair is more important.

1. The Places Frequently Visited by Your Partners and Their Friends

Meeting your partner while you are making out with your mistress or lover is a nightmare.

So, it’s better not to go to any places which your partner or their friends visit. It will also be good to keep in mind their native places and their relative’s homes. Their family members should not catch you at any cost.

2. At Your Workplace or Homes

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I know you like the comfort of your own bed, but there’s a high chance of your lover leaving their tiny belongings there, which your partner is sure to find out about.

Also, their body fragrance is sure to wet your bedsheets, and your partner can smell it better than a dog.

Workplaces are not a good option either. Your co-worker can walk in the middle of your amazing smooch and record you getting ashamed. To add to that, who wants to be fired from a job for the reason of having an affair?

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Tips To Avoid Getting Caught

No matter how intense is the feeling of excitement and adventure when you are involved in an affair, the tension of not getting caught red-handed is always there in the back of your mind.

These are certain tips you must keep in mind to avoid getting caught.

1. Delete the Affair Data From Your Phone

When having an affair, a lot of planning and sexting happens on your phone. Your phone is a book of evidence. Make sure not to make it an open-book.

Messages, sex chats, details of your planning, and a long list of secret avenues and time to meet along with private pictures of the lover – your phone, if caught, can create the greatest blunder.

The safest option is to set a good password and delete all kinds of data beforehand if your partner thinks of checking your phone.

2. Take a Shower Before You Meet Your Official Partner

Being lazy will not work. You must positively take a shower before you head home or go on a date to meet your official partner.

Why? Because your partner loves your fragrance and can easily distinguish between your fragrance and your lover’s fragrance.

It also becomes necessary to have a bath after having sex to get rid of the after-sex smell and unwanted body fluids to keep your affair undercover.

3. Always Use Cash When You Are With Your Secret Lover


Paying with cash is the safest option as your partner will not get the information of you spending money on someone else.

Paying bills of restaurants and hotels is nothing but a big risk as your partner will definitely question you about the extravagant spending and look through your silly excuses.

Prevention is better than cure. So, paying cash ensures you have not to give imaginary excuses and save you from getting caught.

4. Have an Affair With a Person You Can Trust

The tales of men and women having affairs with their partner’s friends is not new. And when they spill out the beans to your partner, you lose from both sides.

So, it’s better to choose a person whom you can totally trust. If THAT someone is unknown to your partner, then it is best.

Also, knowing that the other person is not a blackmailer who can blackmail you with the evidence of your affair to extract money in the future can save your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Most Affairs Take Place?

Workplace is the most common place where affairs start and get caught.

How Do Most Affairs Get Found Out?

Most partners get caught cheating through text messages and hidden dating apps.

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