13 Rules of Casual Relationship One Should Keep in Mind

by John Santana

How often do you hear of a casual relationship that is running on as smooth as butter? Very few, right? This is because casual relationships require two really mature people to understand the basis of such a relationship that includes no ‘serious stuff.’

Often its fun to say you want a casual relationship with someone you like but the fact that it can lead to complicated results is generally ignored. So, what is a casual relationship? What is the foundation on which it stands strong? How do you successfully run a casual relationship without losing the track? Calm down, we are here to answer it all!

A lot of people assume that casual relationships cannot be fun due to unbound limitations. That’s a myth in my opinion. I believe that when two people decide to mutually invest in it, with no interruptions (or practically say) in each other’s lives, they make it happen. It’s really not that tough if you push the right buttons.

If you’ve been scrolling through Google’s advice for a successful casual relationship, Congratulations! You’ve found it here already.

Are you really up for ‘What we call Casual dating’?

A casual relationship is not one that you assume inside your mind without the other’s consent. It requires a strong agreement of both the partners alongside setting up strong boundaries. I repeat- casual dating may sound like a lot of fun, but they need exceptional handling.

In case both of you, are here for just a couple of times or willing to discover the sides of adult dating, a casual relationship is ideal for you. But if you have been planning to fall head over heels, take it to the road of marriage and get way too intimate together, my dear, you’ve been mistaken!

We are sorry to be pricking your dreamy bubble to tell you all about this type of relationship that has very little or nothing to do with all the ‘lovey-dovey’ stuff you’ve perhaps been fantasizing about all this time.

So, how do you begin?

It would be wise to indulge in a detailed conversation with your partner regarding this so that both of you are comfortable and convinced as to what you should and should not be expecting from each other during this period of dating. That is the easiest method to kick off with this.

When you both decide to engage in good communication, your relationship becomes less likely to get complicated. This way, both you and your partner can have a good time together without the fear of getting into post hookup depression or ugly things you may not want further.

Rules of Casual Dating one should know

It is absolutely normal to want a Casual relationship yet be unaware of how to go about it. Don’t worry, we’ll take you through this. One of the most essential aspects to run through before you take the ‘big step’ is to learn the art of balancing. Both of you really need to walk on the same track together, because once it disbalances, it’s gone!

Keep Reading… We’re on the same team of ‘Casual Dating is fun’

Now that I’ve already introduced the idea to you, you pretty much know what comes further. So, go get yourself on a comfortable couch, and relax well, as I walk you through these 13 excellent rules to keep in mind while you work towards acing your casual dating game:

1. Prepare for the upcoming

If they say it’s casual, you’ve got to believe ‘it’s casual’. Don’t start forming happy bubbles inside your mind where you have a ‘happily ever after’ together. This is important because when it pricks, it’s all going to vanish in the air, abandoning you all broken.

As we all know, communication is the key to everything, make sure you guys share some really serious conversation and make everything crystal clear to each other. This will guide you both into avoiding all kinds of the blame game. As you both make communication the super factor here, there will be fewer chances of a misfit relationship and you may even have the opportunity to extend it for longer. Remember, it’s all in the talk!

2. Say ‘NO’ to Family Involvements

Have you been planning to tell your mother about this ‘starry’ guy you’ve recently started dating? Is he calling you over for dinner tomorrow to introduce you to his parents? STOP RIGHT THERE. You’ve been going the wrong way.

Involving families in a casual relationship will only complicate things because they don’t take relationships as easily as we do. And let’s be real, Parents are parents – however cool, they would still want a ‘permanent’ person in your life. Also, hope you remember exactly why you got in here? -Because apparently, you weren’t up for anything official.

If your parents are invited in, don’t freak out when they rain drama, disappointment, and anger on you two.

3. Remember you are here FOR YOURSELF

Relationships can be intimidating. As you spend time with your partner, know them more every day, and share some romantic time, it’s obvious to develop a certain attachment with them. Such overwhelming feelings must not mislead you into detaching yourself from your own worth. Remember you are here FOR YOURSELF and to give yourself the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

So, in case they start mistreating you, or yell at you for no reason, you know what you got to do. Never hesitate to say ‘NO’ to people who don’t value your being. That is the foremost rule of any type of relationship – casual or intimate.

4. RESPECT stands out

Really, there is no way you can have a healthy relationship with anyone without enough respect for each other. Remember this is not a discreet hookup session, it’s a casual relationship. If you two have been planning to be with one another, but with a rare amount of respect, you guys aren’t going to go a long way.

Make sure you two understand each other and value each other’s contributions to the relationship. Don’t give to unnecessary drama, anger, and argument which may only ignite the fire instead of washing the pain away. Accept each other’s decisions and choices graciously. This will help you both to flourish your relationship properly even if it’s only casual.

5. Distance from possessiveness

The word ‘Casual’ stands completely against ‘possessiveness’ – so if you have signed up for a casual relationship, you got to be really cool about your partner being with someone else (and of course vice-versa). So, if something seriously pinches you, remember to go about it wisely. Don’t shove blames on them or authorize them to go your way. I tell you, they’ll run away.

You are advised to distance from possessiveness because this is only a casual relationship and neither of you is looking for anything too big. Such behavior may even suffocate your partner and make him want to distance from you immediately. So, if you get going into their lives, don’t be startled to return stabbed in the heart.

6. Prick the bubble yourself before they do

We all like fantasizing about people we want, but it’s important to prick the bubble before they do. Wanting to go out for candle-night dinner, dreaming of a family with them, and having beautiful kids seem super-exciting until reality calls you home. Don’t forget, expectations will hurt at the end. Wondering how? Well, here’s the picture.

If you constantly look for something serious, you are ultimately breaking the rules of a casual relationship and disrupting the calm. Remember Casual sex is not the same as making love, both seem to be similar but are different. As a result, your partner might want to break out of your control or prick the bubble themselves. Imagine how awful it would be?

7. Do your job

Dating someone can be very exciting. There is a lot it has to offer alongside all the romantic stuff. But prioritizing your partner over all others, especially in a casual relationship may end up being a foolish decision. Don’t forget, this is only a part of your life, not your life.

Keep the focus on the things that matter to you or which play an important role in your life. Go hang out with friends, party with cousins, spend time with family, clean your home, do your work, and be happy. Remind yourself at every step of life that there’s a lot more to focus on than clinging on to them.

8. Let the relationship breathe

The more space you give each other, the more likely you are to have a healthier relationship. Space in relationships help in giving each other plenty of time to give importance to other relevant things in life, make wise decisions, and respect each other’s time. Spaces also assist in handling each other more patiently which is a sign of maturity between the two of you.

Always remember to give your relationship some time to stop and smell the flowers. You’ve no idea how incredibly it helps in providing some great mental energy and boosting the spirit of your relationship quickly.

9. Don’t give them your all

There’s a reason why casual relationships are called ‘Casual.’ If you’ve been telling them everything about yourself, including what’s up with your family, or fight with friends, you are doing it wrong. The same goes for how you dress – you don’t always want to look your best or dress too seriously or you may give off the wrong impression. While wearing the occasional dress shirt can be okay, mix it up by not always wearing button ups and make sure to wear some more casual clothing too.

Why do you even need to take them through so much personal information when all you want is a couple of weeks or days or maybe just months with them? If you keep telling them about everything you do, or everything you have been through, you will end up being attached which will only complicate things when you want to end this casual relationship.

Also, do you really think they are worthy of all your trust? Think about it!

10. Accept that they can have a mix of people alongside

The most common type of problem that most casual relationships go through is jealousy in partners when one of them sees a few more together. I mean why is it such a big deal if you guys have already been calling it ‘CASUAL?’

Don’t get jealous, just don’t. If you want to see someone else, apart from them, open your doors too. Don’t block each other’s paths. Also, it would be really nice if you open up about this before time. When you make confrontations regarding such important matters beforehand, it helps you to prepare accordingly.

11. Honesty is a big deal

An honest relationship is a sign of utter respect and maturity. If you are honest with each other, you will grow a more mature relationship over time that does not have stunted growth. Don’t be scared to say what needs to be said.

12. Learn from the relationship

It might seem like nothing big, but it does have a lot to offer. While you are dating someone, don’t forget to learn while you enjoy every bit of this ‘casual’ setting. Every learning will help you keep things easy and be better in your next adventure. (since you call it casual!)

13. Split that bill

This one definitely caters to all types of relationships. Just split the goddamn bill! There is no reason to make your partner pay all the time and empty his pockets for no reason at all. Splitting the bill in a casual relationship is as important as any. This is also a good way of keeping away from complications and embarrassing blame games.

Why go the ‘casual’ way?

Not everyone is up for a ‘together forever’ or ‘until eternity’ kind of relationship. Some just need a break from the exhaustive ‘serious’ dating and looking for just one night dating and sex without any commitment.

With the change of time, the theory of relationships is changing rapidly too – while some are looking for all-or-nothing, the others are in hunt of just-a-fling! Casual dating is for the second type of people! 😛

A casual relationship sets you free and gives you the tinge of dating – both in one. Simply put enjoy your life in your own terms with all the advantages of Dating! ?

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