15 Signs He Is sleeping With Someone Else

by John Santana

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The most important criteria in any relationship is trust.

But in today’s world, the human mind has saturated in such a way where it thinks life is short and is all about having fun.

At one place where the idea has its own benefits, on the contrary, it has also given place to adultery, cheating, and sleeping out of marriages.

True love exists, but the idea seems to fade now as we hear news of broken families due to the husband’s inclination to lust.

Definitely something uncommon has struck in your partner’s behavior that has brought you here.

You can’t confront him directly as you don’t have a solid proof.

You know if your suspicion is baseless it can hurt your partner’s feelings and harm your relationship.

But there are no flames without fire, right?

Before you reach a decision, you should look for the signs that confirm you were right all this time.

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15 Signs he is sleeping with someone else

A committed marriage or relationship stands on a strong foundation of honesty and transparency.

Unfortunately, cheating and heartbreak have become all too common in the world we live in.

If your instincts are telling you that your partner may be betraying your trust, remember that some of the most significant signs he slept with someone else are subtle yet affirmative.

Before you immediately jump the gun and accuse him of being unfaithful, let’s dissect some of the most telltale signs that he is sleeping with someone else:

1. He Has Started Coming Late After Work.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If he had a habit of coming home at a particular time after work every day, but suddenly he has started coming late, then he is probably cheating on you.

A meeting or a few extra hours after office once in a month is understandable. The real threat is felt when this becomes his habit.

He is coming late for no definite reasons.

Most of the time, cheaters prove to be great liars. He will come up with a fabricated story of his distress.

It’s your task to think wisely and decide​.

Is it possible that his boss is keeping him at work late for almost every passing day?

Without a doubt, definitely there is something very wrong with this.

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2. He Rushes To Bathe as Soon as He Enters Home.

There are chances of your partner being a very hygienic person and it’s been his habit to bath as soon as he comes from outside.

But what if he was a lazy ass person a few weeks ago and has adapted to this new habit very lately?

Obviously, this is a matter of concern.

He may be having sex after work with his maiden and to remove the smell of after-sex, he rushes to the bathroom so you don’t get a hint.

Why not take out a day and bathe with him to see what’s really the matter?

The other very prominent signs to notice are the traces of semen.

Are there traces of semen on his underwear? What kinda work is he doing at the office that’s making him erect?

You’ve gotta check this.

3. He Smells Differently.

Is he smelling really fresh lately when he comes back from work?

Like he has just come out of the shower bathed in warm Lillies when he enters home?

Then definitely, he has.

Or can you smell a fruity, flowery, feminine smell from his shirt?

The next time he comes late from work and rushes to have a shower, stop him.

Of course, don’t make the scenario feel like an interrogation. Instead, gently welcome and hug his body.

If you feel a feminine smell, it’s your time now to ask him the right questions.

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4. He Has Started Giving His Appearance Special Attention.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

This is a very important sign to notice but it’s not definite in most of the cases.

The cases in which this sign is invalid are –

● When he has a meeting.

● When he is making serious attempts for a healthy lifestyle and a fit body and has been discussing the matter with you for a while now.

Of course, he has to look presentable when he has a meeting. Trying to be fit is commendable and everyone should try it.

But if he has started making changes in his looks for no particular reason, then the matter is fishy.

You will be confused to see why he is dressing up so much for going to office.

And why he has started taking care of his hair and using the cologne way too much.

Has he started maintaining intimate hygiene out of the blue?

Is he shaving his intimate parts and taking good care of it – a work he declined to do when you lovingly asked for it?

Then, dear, the game has reached the next level and you are now made aware of the event.

He has definitely been cheating on you.

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5. He Has Made His Phone Very Private.

His phone has got a new lock pattern that you are not aware of.

He runs to his phone when it rings as if it’s a call that will decide his life and death.

If he is busy and you happen to answer his call, he will lose his senses and speed up to you and snatch his phone off your hands.

All these are indicative of the sign that it’s a call of someone whose presence should not be revealed to you.

An expression of tension and nervousness appears on his face when you take his phone to see a picture or to make an important call.

What’s there on his phone that he wants to hide?

Obviously, he is not a mafia who is having a double life and trying to hide it from you.

Certainly, a man who has got his name saved in phones of ladies that call him to meet late at night.

6. He Shows Zero Interest in Making You Feel Special.

Relationships lose their vitality and the excitement of romance after it reaches a certain phase.

The thing that keeps couples together in tough times is love.

But you feel even that is lacking in your relationship now.

He works hard to keep all the action enjoying outside a secret. He is hiding everything smartly.

The fact that he is missing out on is his failure in giving you time and attention.

Even though he spends time with you, he is not really present there. He just spends the minutes but isn’t involved at the moment.

You feel the lack of love and warmth. But at other times, his mood surprisingly fluctuates.

He will show extra care and treat you special. Though, this treatment will be momentary.

The unexpected care is to hide and make up for the things that he is doing in your absence.

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7. He Is Suddenly Busy (All the Time!)

All of a sudden, he has been spending nights or weeks out for office projects.

He will say he is out for business and when he will come back, he will have no wish to make love to you.

Men often go out for business-related works, but if he starts spending most of his time working outside, you have a reason to get concerned.

Another way to be sure before you question him is by taking a look at his salary figure

Has it increased? Or is it still the same?

If it’s still the same, you know it’s not just the office work where he is sweating.

8. The Bills Have Suddenly Increased.

Photo by from Pexels

The most vital sign – the money spent outside has multiplied unexpectedly.

You can see the monthly budget getting all haywire.

As his partner, it’s always good to know the amount he is earning and the extra money he gets in bonuses.

If you notice he is using his credit cards much more than he used to do before and there is a lot of money transaction for the things you don’t know a thing about, pay attention.

The household expenses are still the same, he isn’t buying you any expensive gifts or buying expensive watches for himself.

Then where is the rest of the money going?

It’s a sign he is spending the money at places that are not advised to a committed man.

He may have an affair outside which causes him to spend on hotel bills and restaurant charges.

Or is he going to a brothel? You never know.

The best advice is to maintain a sheet and confront him with it so he can’t make any filthy excuses.

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9. His Sex Desire Is Down.


Your sexual life has taken a hit. You cannot find him desiring you as he once used to do.

Normally, if you have stayed together for years, then it’s natural to lose interest in having sex like the earlier times.

Conditions such as stressing too much, work pressure, ill health, or lack of exercise can also make him feel disinterested.

But is this is a sudden change that has occurred, or you are not having sex at all for weeks, then his needs are getting fulfilled somewhere else.

Many men find refuge in alcohol and sex when they are dealing with a tough time.

But if your partner doesn’t initiate sexual interest, then it doesn’t mean he is not having sex at all.

Instead, he has found someone new with whom he is enjoying action beneath the sheets.

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A lot of things must be going on in your life that is enough to make you confused.

His changed behavior surely makes it to the top of the list.

To add to it, he makes you more confused by giving you silly excuses.

You can never get a proper answer from him.

You may ask him why he was out.

He will reply with an excuse that he met a friend on the way back home and went to his place to hang out when you already know that his friend has shifted to another city.

If a once honest man who shared everything with you is reluctant to share even the details of how his day went, then he is surely hiding something.

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11. He Returns Home With a Big Grin on His Face.

People may judge you for being a mean wife if you are suspicious of him for being too happy.

If you ask your husband he can answer – “Aren’t you happy if I’m happy?”

Don’t get demotivated by this answer or be weak. Say it with a smile – “I’m immensely happy to see you like this. Why don’t you share your reason for happiness with me?”

Now, wait for his answer. If he is cheating, he will fumble some stupid words or talk things that don’t make any sense.

He may tell you some reasons but they will not be as important to bring such a huge smile on his face after a tiring day at work.

You can often find him singing songs in the shower.

His mood will be jovial, especially when he is coming back from the office or when he will see his naked body in the mirror.

You will wonder why this man is so happy for no apparent reason??

You’ve got the answer. Of course, who doesn’t feel high bursts of happiness after having good steamy sex?

12. The Little Obvious Signs.

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

Have you found a restaurant bill in his pocket that he never mentioned visiting?

Is it from that day when he told you he is out with his friends for a movie or is having extra work to do at his job?

Then where did the restaurant bill come from? That also, for two?

You kissed him on his lips when he was leaving then who left a lipstick mark on his shirt near his chest?

Is he deleting all his messages and call contacts and has multiple social media accounts that don’t have any mention of yours?

If your answer to all of these questions is a ‘yes’, then you are right.

The man is sleeping outside and there can’t be surer signs than these.

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13. Changes in Clothing or Appearance Post-Work or Outings

Noticing differences in his clothing and appearance can be a sign of adultery. 

Picture this: he is putting more effort into grooming and exercising, dressing nicer, and putting on more cologne than usual.  

Your partner may be extra motivated to exude more appeal to somebody – and if that person isn’t you, he could be having an affair

Whether it’s a hairstyle change, a recent obsession with his physique, or a dropping a ton of cash on new and expensive clothing, people who cheat are suspiciously more mindful of their looks. 

On top of just appearing nicer than usual, another classic indicator is a sudden spike in his absence due to business trips and outings that he always needs to excessively groom for.

Additionally, one of the most common physical signs he just slept with someone else is when he comes home from these gatherings with slightly disheveled clothing, missing items, or even a different scent.

14. Presence of Foreign Personal Items

When you add an out-of-nowhere increase in social events for work with a distant demeanor and new commitments suddenly popping up for no apparent reason, your partner’s abnormal behavior will manifest in different tangible ways

If you observe that your partner is actively drifting further away from your relationship due to many different reasons, there could be another person in the picture.

In fact, he could be so mentally and emotionally distant that he accidentally overlooks small yet literally touchable traces of his affair.

One of the most universally recognized physical signs he just slept with someone else is when you accidentally come across personal items that do not belong to him.

Hairpins, lipstick stains, or unfamiliar jewelry all strongly suggest that he was within close proximity and possibly had an intimate encounter with another person.

15. Excessive Social Media Privacy

If your partner is being unfaithful, he may suddenly become very discreet and secretive about his electronic communications and phone habits.

In this day and age, infidelity often transpires in technology like social media and smartphones just as much as in real life. 

When your partner seems anxious about you checking out what he’s up to on his computer or phone, he could be hiding inappropriate interactions with somebody else.

Some of the major potential warning signals include:

  • Hiding an additional phone, laptop, or tablet
  • Using new chat and communication apps 
  • Browsing on hookup or dating sites
  • Receiving or sending messages during odd hours
  • Increased privacy on social media
  • Constantly clearing his Internet search history
  • Avoids talking about what he’s doing on his phone
  • Refusing to let you use his devices 
  • Uses his computer in the isolated areas of your home
  • Removes your access to shared social media accounts and emails.

Observing abrupt changes in his social media habits such as heightened privacy settings or reduced tagging can indicate that he is attempting to hide something or someone from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know if a Man Has Slept With Another Woman?

Following are some clear signs telling your man is cheating & sleeping with another woman.

1. Coming late after work
2. Avoids communication
3. Smells differently
4. Suddenly improved his appearance
5. Changed the phone’s passcode or unlocking patten
6. Shows no interest in making you feel special
7. Acts so busy all the time, all of a sudden
8. Upsurge in monthly credit card bills
9. Low sex desire

How Do You Know if He Is Seeing Someone Else?

Here are some clear signs that depict your partner is seeing someone else.

1. Avoids specific places for outings
2. Only interested in sex
3. Doesn’t like discussing the future of the relationship
4. Not available most of the. time
5. Argues and becomes defensive for no reason
6. You often catch him with someone else

What are some clear physical signs he just slept with someone else?

A few of the most common physical signs he just slept with someone else include:

  1. He’s always defensive when you ask him something
  2. He is significantly more exhausted than he used to be for unclear reasons
  3. He becomes emotionally and physically distant
  4. He is overprotective of his phone and computer.

What’s Next?

I hope you find none of these signs relatable. Getting cheated on is one of the worst things that can happen to a lady in love.

But if it does happen, remember that life is not yet over.

It’s never about how you look or behave that causes a person to cheat. It’s his poor mentality and lack of guts that have made him do so.

You have got a whole life in front of you and it’s never too late to start fresh no matter what stage of life you are in.

So, pick up your self-respect and hold the hands of self-love and get out of this relationship.

Because dear, believe me – You are worth it.

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John Santana

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