10 Reasons Why A Married Man Falls In Love With Another Woman

by John Santana

We all dream of a happy marriage, a blissful life, and a loving partner.

Our dreams seem to come true as a man enters our lives and makes a promise to stay forever by saying the words “I do”.

But is that it? Is that the happy ending? Or things take a U-turn after that?

In most marriages, it does. It’s quite common nowadays to find broken marriages and divorces because one of them decides to cheat.

According to the Institute for Family Studies, men cheat more often than women. He dares to sleep with other women when the mother of his children is busy preparing his dinner.

But why do married men cheat? Is it impossible for men to stay monogamous? Or does it have something to do with the wife?

If you are afraid your husband is falling in love with another woman and you want to know the reasons why here I am to help you.

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Why does a Married man fall in love with another woman?

1. He is not mature enough to be in a committed relationship

Image by Candid_Shots from Pixabay

A man can grow a beard, talk about new discoveries of science and recent happenings of politics, and lift the heaviest weights in the gym.

Yet, they can not be the mature man that you think they are.

Most of the cheaters are just not mature enough to carry on the responsibilities of married life.

Unlike mature men, they still don’t know what they want from life and what they don’t.

After a certain age, men are past the long phase of hooking up with multiple women and fooling around with the most beautiful chick they found in the room.

They realize that they need a loving and trustworthy woman who supports his dreams and can be a good mother for their children.

But men who are still stuck in the immature phase of grabbing the hottest girl in the town just can’t stay loyal in their marriage.

The slightest distraction will cause them to drift towards cheating.

They will find another woman outside his marriage, begin to worship the idea of spending reckless nights with this lady, and confuse his distraction as “love”.

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2. The wife fails to provide for his emotional needs and emotional satisfaction

Not all of the times a husband is immature to carry the weight of a committed relationship when he cheats.

Sometimes, he is just a miserable person who helplessly looks for emotional support outside marriage.

Women need a man who can understand them, feed their emotional needs, and be their pillar of strength.

Trust me, men are just the same. They can try to appear tough from outside. As most of the hard things are soft and fragile from the inside, men are no different.

It happens that the wife fails to provide these to her husband. She can be great in bed but her indifferent behavior towards his emotions can break their marriage.

A man is constantly looking for constant support and validation. As he can’t find it from his wife, he will unconsciously start looking for it outside.

The game is over when he meets another woman who tends to understand him and support him in his tough times.

If the man has sufficient willpower and the audacity to stand on his ground, the affair can even result in the divorce of the partners.

3. The boredom of married life has led him to break and shake things a little bit


A married man can be happy and satisfied in his married life. He has got a loving wife who loves him, a healthy kid, and a healthy family.

Yet, he will cheat.

If you ask the reason why I’ll say he is bored with the monotony and wants to do something risky.

Men have this inclination towards doing risky things. They don’t know what its results can be and that’s exactly the feeling they love.

Thankfully, not all men are like that. Many of them plan and measure the results of their actions.

But the unfortunate rest of them are just bored and eager to do anything that will take away the boredom.

All he wants is excitement and the fear of the unknown.

Now, he meets a woman, starts taking things to the next level, and soon realizes he is in love.

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4. The other woman lured him into loving her

Women love alluring men, don’t they?

Some do it because they truly love the man. Some do it because of their money, fame, and status in society.

Not all streets are one way. Especially, when it comes to an extramarital affair, it’s a two-way street.

The other woman was possibly enchanted by the married man and his status and money, or both of them happened to spend a really good time together and really fell in love.

Even after knowing that he was married, the woman could not stop herself from initiating romantically towards the man.

Your man can’t resist her advances too and gave up.

When men get such attention and declaration of love and romance from a woman, only a few of them can decline the opportunity.

While really secure married men give a straight no to the lady’s face.

Some of them say yes in such a hurry that it seems they were forever ready to find love outside his marriage.

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5. He sees the affair as his stairway to financial gain

Photo by Jodie Louise from Pexels

Just as a few women use some extra skills that are not mentioned in their resumes to get a job or a promotion, a few of the men do the same.

A woman who is in a higher position than him will execute power and boldness.

You are lucky if your man believes in the power of hard work and honesty to climb up the stairs of success.

To add to that, he will never engage in such activity if his love for you is true.

But if it isn’t, the financial power of this woman will attract him like a magnet.

The other woman may not be even aware of the fact that a man is going crazy over her just because she has money, power, and a high position.

At times, the woman will know your husband can’t get enough of her and will use this knowledge by using him to satisfy her physical and emotional needs.

No matter how much you love your man, if he is greedy he will forget all about his marriage in the lust for power and money.

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6. It’s his way to take Revenge

A lot of things go under the roofs of a married household.

There are fights, misunderstandings, and jealousy, lack of communication then apologies, realization, care, and love.

The secret of a long-lasting marriage is the continuous effort to deal with things and solve them.

Things start to get bitter when any one of the couples start taking the other for granted and stop trying to mend things.

When problems are not discussed and issues are left as they are, loopholes start to appear in a marriage.

When things start turning from bad to worse, the man tries to seek revenge from his wife by hurting her irreversibly.

And what is it that can hurt his wife the most? – Betrayal and Deception.

Thus, the husband cheats on his wife and falls for another woman just for the sake of seeking revenge and finds happiness by placing incomparable pain on his wife.

7. His wife makes him feel unappreciated and unloved

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

After a few years of marriage, there is very little left to be said and discussed between a husband and a wife.

They have talked about the same stories again and again. They have listened to the same praises a million times. It all feels repeated and like a routine now.

Of course, many discussions (a lot of them) still survive between a married couple. But most of them are about the kids, their studies, rents, monthly payments, etc.

The husband may seem unappreciated and not looked at by his wife.

He may feel there is no spark in his love life. He thinks his wife doesn’t care about him at all as, after so many years, she is no longer crazy about his looks and strong muscles.

In such situations, when he finds a woman who he thinks is attractive, he craves for her attention.

Now, when this other woman appreciates him and adores his good qualities, he finds in her what he has been missing in his wife.

This makes him truly fall in love with the other woman.

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8. Affair with a younger woman feeds his fragile ego

Having an affair with a woman or as the cheaters call it “falling in love with another woman” is most of the time a man’s effort to boost his ego.

Let’s face it. As he is a married man, women don’t hit on him any longer.

The passage of time may have taken a part of his charm. He may have less hair left on his head in comparison to when he was younger and he no longer feels fit and fine like he did when he was 20.

The man misses when he was young. When he sees an attractive younger woman, he can’t put a full stop to his lust and gets carried away by the flow.

He sees in her what he lacks – youth. Just like poor people are attracted by rich partners, this old man is attracted to what he lacks.

Having physical and emotional control over a young woman makes him feel like 20 again. It boosts his ego and proves his point that he can still have what he lost.

Having an affair with a young woman also makes him famous in his friends’ group. He takes pride in showing off her new girlfriend to the world, not caring at all about his marriage and wife.

9. Sex can make you do things you never thought of doing

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

I think you already know how much men crave sex.

It seems like sex is always on their mind. If you’ve made your husband devoid of sex for some reason, then it’s on their mind 24*7.

He may try to convince you to not discontinue having sex with him. But if he fails in doing so, he will wait for a few days before finding some other woman to feed his physical needs.

It is a totally different scenario when a wife is giving her husband what he needs in bed. Yet, it doesn’t stop him from having sex with other ladies.

In this case, the man wants variety and sleeps with another woman in the hopes of more amazing and adventurous sex than he is having with her wife.

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10. The so-called love was not true

Nothing can break a man when he truly loves his life.

A sexy secretary, a boss with power and position, a younger woman with huge sex appeal… all are a waste when a man is truly loyal and devoted to his wife.

When a man falls in love with another woman, it can be for many reasons. The main reason being he doesn’t love his wife enough. Otherwise, he would have never fallen in love with another woman.

What you can do?

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

When your man falls in love with another woman, there is nothing much you can really do.

The broken trust and betrayal make it worse. It feels like someone is continuously twisting a sharp knife in your heart.

Almost all of such cases lead to divorces. I know that divorcing a man you loved so much is the hardest thing one can do.

If you still want to save your marriage, I can suggest to you a program that my friend used to save her marriage when it was falling apart.

It’s the “Mend the Marriage” program.

This professionally designed e-book has helped hundreds of men and women who want to prevent divorce from their partners.

This easy to read program includes an added audio-course, bonuses, and live-person video series to help you mend your marriage from its root to the stem.

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John Santana

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