How To Tell If A Man Is Attracted To You But Hiding It

by John Santana

Do you know the impressive gut instinct women have? They always read between the lines.

So, when a man likes her, she knows it even if he hides it.

But hey! Confusions are everywhere.

Even if he is being nicer than usual, you will know that there is something more than it seems from the surface.

But you can’t​ say it with surety that the guy has started falling for you without any proper evidence, especially when he has decided to put a tape on his mouth.

I know it’s frustrating when a crush you are crazy about treats you special yet keeps mum. After all, you are dying to know his real intentions!

Of course, you can’t ask him directly. What if all of this was just in your head?

Don’t worry. As I have created a list of 14 signs a man shows when he is attracted to a woman but hides it:

Signs A Man Is Attracted To You But Hiding It

1. Conversations are never-ending

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

He may be shy of asking you out too soon or scared of rejection, so he will try to use all the time he gets with you to talk and get to know you more.

You will see him making great efforts to keep the conversation going.

He will not use just one-word sentences. He will keep giving a lot of details and talk about everything under the sky.

When he keeps his conversations long and good, he is just making sure that he makes a rapport good enough to ask you out.

If you are pursuing a course together, he will choose you to ask about notes and answers, even if he has other friends who can help him.

If he is a co-worker, he can be seen asking you for help for work-related issues. That is not good enough proof.

But you know your co-worker likes you when he keeps the conversation going after his work is over and now, he changes the topic to non-work-related issues.

If he is just a neighbor who is trying to hit on you but lacks the courage, he will keep asking you for small favors and tell you his stories.

If the guys want to keep chatting, he is just building the connection so that when he asks you out, you don’t reject him.

2. Single and Ready-to-Mingle! 😉

Ever wondered why he keeps repeating and giving unasked proofs of him being single?

Because if he will not, how will you know he is available?

Due to some unknown fear, he is not willing to tell you his interest and liking in you.

So, he tries to communicate it in different ways.

He wants you to know that he is available, so if you will give him some cues of mutual interest, he will take further action.

He will talk about his personal life and how single he is… something that not every man talks about with a woman if he is not someone close to him or a man wanting to gain her attention.

He will put his loneliness in stories and make jokes on how single both of you are.

Mind you, his obsession with being single is not without a purpose. It’s just his way to let you know he is waiting for you.

3. The touching says it all

Men often use touch to initiate the feelings of romance and attraction in her.

But mind you! If he is not a pervert, his touches will be really mild and soft.

He will not grope you or do something that is way too out of the park as he knows touching you inappropriately when you haven’t asked is wrong.

So, he will be brushing your shoulders or giving a little pat here and there if he is interested in you but hiding it.

Sometimes it may also be unconsciously as he is attracted to you and so could not hold his urge to touch you and make a physical connection with you.

So, the guy will make efforts to put some physical connection in the platonic relation by touching you subtly but very often.

4. Dresses to Impress (ONLY for you!)

Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels

How can you not try to look good when you are going to meet that special one that has caught your eyes?

Don’t be surprised when the man who has caught your eyes behaves similarly.

You will notice that the guy has started dressing better than the last time you saw him.

But this sign has to be complemented by others, as it is entirely possible that he thought he needed a wardrobe change just for himself.

But a great way to find him out will be to see him when he is unaware of your presence.

Has it ever happened that you met him at someplace elsewhere he was not expecting to see you and he wasn’t dressed as sharply and neatly as he dresses when he meets you?

That’s your sign that the man likes you already and has also started making efforts to catch your attention.

5. The smile on his face will never fade when you are around

It’s quite possible that a smile appears on his face whenever he thinks of you, so how can he not smile when you are standing next to him?

Obviously, a smile is a sign of friendliness and we flash a smile as a friendly gesture to almost everyone we know.

The only difference here is that his smile will be more frequent and real.

You will see him smiling without any reason or laughing even at your poor jokes that don’t come in the category of humor.

In simple words, he will be more cheerful when he is with you in comparison to the times he is with other people.

His inability to stop his blushing and smiling in your presence means he wants to hide that he likes you, but he simply can’t.

6. Tries to be the “hero” of your life

When a guy likes you but is not able to express it in words, he will hide the lovely message in his actions.

You will find him very willing to help. No matter what the situation is, he will try his bit to help you out.

The guy who likes you tries to portray himself as the “hero” of your life. Well, then that’s your cue, lucky girl.

He wants to take care of you and ensure that you are safe at all times. In cases when he doesn’t get the assurance, he just appears without prior information.

It just makes him happy and also makes him feel good about himself while he is lurking around you just to double-check on your security.

*How cute is that?*

7. The people around you will try to express what he can’t


You know the reality but the thoughts of “something so good is not possible” stop you from accepting it wholeheartedly.

But can they stop the people around you to notice what you are failing to? NO!

Your friends and colleagues will obviously notice that there’s some chemistry building up between the both of you.

If you like him too, you will also shine differently in his presence as he does and the secret will be revealed soon.

As the guy is hiding his feelings of attraction, he will be very awkward and get nervous when someone comes up and says you both should be a couple.

When someone will say he likes you on his face, either he will laugh it off with nervousness and awkward difficulty or will get enraged.

He is scared of rejection, or something else that only he knows… so, how can he let someone else confess what he has been hiding for so long?

8. Finds reasons to stay close to you

Whether it is taking the seat right beside for a meeting or seminar, or changing his routes to travel with you…

The guy who is attracted to you will try all the subtle and intense ways to stay close to you depending on his level of attraction.

He will always keep digging for excuses that give him a chance to stay beside you.

Don’t ​panic if he starts hanging out with your group of friends. Just tell him clearly that you’re not interested in him and if you are, rejoice!

9. He will approach you for conversations

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Not everyone makes efforts to begin conversations in the busy world if it’s not about some work or they are locked up with you in a room for way too long.

But this guy will make efforts to start conversations with you.

Even if you like him, you should not have to be the one to approach him for conversations as he will do it even before you think about it.

Whether it is at school/workplace when he is standing next to you or when you can’t see him… that is, via text messages.

When he strikes conversations with you, he tries to make that connection and bond that is required to let him open up to you.

When he slides into your DMs, then the mystery is over… the guy obviously likes you if he goes this far.

10. You will listen to a lot of – “You deserve better”

The thoughts that cross our mind when we see our crush hanging out with a girl:

“What is he doing with such a girl?? He obviously deserves someone much better! Probably someone like me!”

The guy will think the same when he will find you with some man who is not him.

And if he is your boyfriend, he will be jealous and will not like him at all. He will keep telling you that “You deserve much better” and whatnot.

If he is shy, he can be reluctant to count his faults as that will be too much violation of your personal space.

But if he has opened up with you, he will surely hate your boyfriend much more than your best friend hates your ex.

11. The sound of his voice will change when he finds you near him

I don’t know if you know anything about the art of seduction or not… but a simple voice change can do wonders!

If you notice his voice changing when he is talking to you, then it’s his attraction for you that’s doing the miracle.

His voice will become a little huskier, deeper and his pace of speaking will become a bit slower.

These are the signs that a man is attracted to you and is trying to woo you as well.

This is a really good sign to check in a man who you think likes you, as sometimes the voice change is done knowingly…

And sometimes, it is totally an art of the subconscious and the person doing it doesn’t even know about it.

12. The affection in his eyes is undeniable

Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

We can tell what a person is feeling by the look of their eyes… anger, pain, happiness, love – all the emotions are expressed perfectly by the eyes.

But can eyes lie? Yes, if he is a professional liar.

But the answer is no, if he is a guy who is too weak in your love.

A guy who likes you will not look at you like your other friends. There will be admiration and desire in his eyes.

It will be a different kind of look – full of passion, intensity, desire, attraction, and admiration.

But as you know the guy wants to hide his liking for you, he will try to break eye-contacts as he is afraid you will catch him red-handed.

And if the guy is ready to express the things he can’t say, he will make long and intense eye-contacts so you know what he wants.

Also, you will catch him stealing glances at you when you’re not looking.

13. His infatuation makes him eager to know everything about you

If you’ve felt a deep infatuation with someone, you are aware of this situation.

When we like someone, we want to know more and more about that person.

It’s a different tale if you’re excessively busy and don’t have the time to even think about yourself.

But when you have that opportunity, you will use it to think about what the person you are so crazy about must be doing right now.

You will also wonder who he is hanging out with, what are the qualities he likes in a girl, and whatnot.

The same happens with the guy who likes you. He wants to know your life is and what are your interests.

As a result, he will be very interested in knowing the personal details of your life and what you do on a regular basis.

14. The rather confident guy will start fidgeting

I’m sure we all have experienced this when our eyes met our high school crush and we suddenly started having trouble with uttering the right words.

You are lucky if the guy thinks of the same way you thought about your high school crush.

Fidgeting is a clear sign of nervousness.

And it’s pretty obvious to get nervous in front of the person we like way too much while we are trying to hide our feelings for them.

If he starts fidgeting with his words, struggles to remain calm, hides his eyes from you, and mildly blushes if you tease him… the guy no doubt likes you and is trying too hard to hide it.

What to do now?

Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

Now that you know the signs a guy possesses when he likes a woman but tries to hide it, you surely know whether the guy you are thinking about likes you or not.

Whether the answer is a yes or a no, it has nothing to benefit you because even if the guy likes you, he is not willing to let you know and is not ready to take the next step.

So, what to do next?

How to make the guy you like and fall helplessly in love with you if he doesn’t want to confess… and how to make him so obsessed with you that he finally confesses what he is hiding from so long?

Girl… you have to awaken his “hero instinct” and make him want you!

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