How to Make a Younger Woman Fall in Love with You? – 14 Useful Tips to Attract Her

by John Santana

Hollywood makes it seem that it is easy for someone to fall in love with you. You see a beautiful young woman on the street who is looking at her phone, getting ready to cross the street. You quickly pull her back by the arm so she does not get hit by a taxi.

She thanks you profusely and takes in the man in front of her. You exchange numbers and the rest is history. However, this is reality and not everything goes as the movies do. Having someone fall in love with you can be a complete marathon with a few sprinting sessions with water breaks.

A relationship developing between a man and a woman goes beyond their interests, how they were brought up, education, life goals and ideals. A large age difference does not seem to be a stopping force for building a strong romantic relationship or even a family. In today’s day and age, it is not rare anymore to find large age gaps between two people in a relationship.

Below we cover some tips to help you get a younger woman to fall in love with you. Results may vary and fine-tune anything to fit who you are as a person.

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14 Tips to Attract & Make a Younger Woman Fall in Love with You

1. Act Your Age

While there may be some women that prefer guys their own age, there are some that like to pursue older men. Use this to your advantage and be the older, mature man who has his life together. Do not feel like you have to act out to get the attention of younger women, they are probably already trying to get your attention.

\Many young women are wanting men that are older because they come with experiences. Younger men tend to not be as mature because they have not gone through as many life experiences. Use this to your advantage and present yourself as theolder, more intelligent person.

2. Keep Yourself in Shape

Women love men who take care of themselves. While keeping yourself in shape you can hit the gym or workout at home. However, at the gym you may have more of a chance to run into a younger woman also working out. This does not mean you have to be in the shape of a bodybuilder but toning up would not hurt. Even more so, you can cut out food and drink that bloat your body..

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3. Hygiene Never Gets Old

One thing that will never go out of style is good hygiene. Spend the extra money for the best smelling cologne and take your time in the shower getting all those nooks and crannies clean. A woman will never get tired of you pulling her in as she takes a deep breath of your scent.

Don’t feel as though you are required to dye any grey hairs you may have, it can distinguish you from the crowd and can make you be more attractive. Some women prefer clean shaven to beards or vice sersa. Whatever you prefer and is authentic to you, just make sure you groom properly whenyou appear out together.

4. Focus On Your Career

Some things that men their age do not have yet is a stable career. The majority of women, if not all women, love a man who is stable financially and able to take care of them. It is an attractive thing to be able to hold your own when it comes to a comfortable lifestyle.

Being able to invite a younger woman into your home and let her know that you can take care of not only yourself but her, will appeal to her. Women take pride in their partners being able to provide for them or have jobs that make them more distinguished.

5. Look Fashionable and Stylish

You do not have to head to the mall and scour the shelves at Abercrombie or Pacsun. If women are interested for older men, they definitely want you to dress your age, but stylishly.

Especially if you find yourself in a corporate job; remaining out together and appearing as an alpha male with style will appeal to her quickly and possibly be what catches her eye. Of course this does not mean that you have to dress in clothes that are not comfortable. Find something you like that is comfortable for you and fits your sense of style.

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6. Don’t Be a Parental Figure

They are not with you to fill a hole in their life from a parent. The age difference between you does not mean that you need to give unsolicited advice, give curfews, or be overall judgemental. After all, you are with a younger woman for a reason. Just know there is a fine line between offering advice as a boyfriend or partner than sounding like a parent that is trying to control her.

7. Don’t Be Intrusive

No matter what, if a woman hints that she is not interested in you, it would be in your best interest to not pursue her any longer. It can come off as creepy and make things worse if you are intrusive and overly pursuant.

If you feel that she is not reciprocating any attention or liking your advances, you should back off and look for someone else. Sending multiple texts or leaving countless voice messages will be a sure way to have her not reach back out to you.

8. Don’t Be Immature

Part of the reason why a woman wants a man that is older is that they want a man who is over their wild and confusing stage of life and knows what they want. They want a man who has the deeper commitment and someone who knows how to make decisions. Jokes and such are okay but make sure you know where her humor stands and understand what makes her laugh.

9. Give Her All of Your Attention

Put away the phones and turn off the T.V. She will love nothing more than to have your undivided attention while she talks to you about her day or any problems she’s having. Make sure you are not distracted by other things and look her in her eyes while she speaks.

Ask her questions about herself and find out deeper things. People love when others are interested in them. Find out what makes her tick and what she prefers after a long day. Women love to be pampered so don’t be afraid to break out the lotion and give her a foot rub after a long day.

Spending time with her goes a long as well. In this day and age where everyone is addicted to a screen, being able to shut it off to give her all of your attention can mean the world.

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10. Don’t Try To Buy Her

Age and being successful in your career usually comes with money, but don’t try to buy her. While a lot of women may be materialistic, you should focus on a woman who does want your time and you, not your money.

It may seem easy if you have it, but it is more important to make sure she is interested in you and not your money. This may also be offensive to some women. It can make them feel as though they are only worth the possessions you can give them. It is enough to cover the tab or take a vacation together, but it can be more meaningful if you give her a thoughtful gift.

11. Find Out Her Love Language

Anytime you want anyone to fall in love with you, you need to understand how they love. Whether it be affection, gifts, time, or words of affirmation, you need to understand how they love. Once you figure this out, you can hone in on this and spoil them with what they like.

You can shower the woman you like with flowers, gifts, jewelry, time, and words. It does not matter how much you feel like you are loving her, if it is not her love language, the love will not reach her.

12. Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Don’t be afraid to open doors for her or call her to make sure she got home OK after a date. While racing her to the car door to make sure you can open it for her may get old and annoying every time, filling up her gas tank for her or walking her to the door will always warm her heart and keep her coming back for more.

Don’t be afraid to be a Prince Charming for her. Being older means you are more sophisticated so don’t be shy when it comes to dates. Take her dancing and lead the way.

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13. Be Genuine

While it can be tempting to make yourself into a different person to get her attention, it is not fun for anyone in the long run. You can save some time and money when you just be yourself. Women are more attracted to someone who is not afraid to be who they are.

Chances are, they have been afraid to be who they are too. When you are being true to yourself, you tend to be happier. It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day who you have if they can’t accept who you really are. Does anyone really want to put on a show 24/7?

14. Open Your Ears

If there is one thing for certain, it’s when a woman likes to be heard. Open your heart and your ears and you are certain to win her. When she asks for your opinion or advice on things, you should always give it. But she will fall for you the more you wait until she asks for your take on things. Make sure you giver your full attention and focus is on her while she speaks and she will be yours.


Women at any age appreciate being with someone who values and respects them. If you are attracted to a younger woman, don’t be disheartened. Younger women may prefer an older man to guys their age because of maturity and stability in your life and are ready to settle down.

A few points we’ve covered here to help you make a younger woman fall in love with you are things like:

  • Be a gentleman
  • Give her attention
  • Be mature
  • Act your age
  • Focus on your career
  • Stay in shape
  • Have good hygiene

The most important thing to remember is to be confident in who you are and know that you will attract the right young woman. Just know that sometimes younger women haven’t lived the same life you have. While you are older and have more experience with things, they may not.

Don’t let this be a barrier but a learning experience for both of you. While you can help guide her through tough times, it can also be a bonding experience that lets her feel secure with you.

Love is not a thing that needs to be rushed or bought. Take your time and find someone who appreciates you as a person and is looking forward to building a life with you.

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