How to Break up a Couple from a Distance Fast & Without Them Knowing? – 14 Proven Ways

by John Santana

There are a number of reasons that you could be in a situation where you want to break up a relationship. Coming with good intentions, you never want to intentionally cause someone harm without having a good enough reason.

That being said, a lot of the time the person in the relationship does not see the problems that you see. This could be a family member, friend, or even colleague that is being put through the ringer by their current partner. You can not bear to see it and they do not seem like they want to end it but hold onto the hope that things will get better.

You may have to involve some outside resources or get nifty and develop a plan but overall, it is possible to break a couple up. It may not be easy, especially if they are married, but if they have some skeletons in their closet or their own doubts, it is possible.

Before you set out to break up any relationship, ask yourself if it will be worth it. Even if you know that your intentions are pure and you are trying to do the right thing, it may not come off like this to everyone. If you get caught, you will be the bad person in this situation and you may lose any chance to end their relationship as you see it.

Couples tend to bond over adversity and then it will be hard to get between them. Ask yourself, is this the right thing to do? What is each person going through? Are you able to swallow it if you cause something much worse than a breakup?

If you truly want what is best for each person, or your friend, then you need to take the time to identify if you are doing this for the right reasons and if the good outweighs the bad.

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How to Break Up Couples Fast? – 14 Easy Ways

1. Identify the Weaker Partner

Once you start to identify who is the weaker partner, you can exploit some of their weaknesses. Once you pinpoint something troubling, you can turn on the problems like a faucet. If you are wanting someone who spends a lot of money, but their partner is more on the frugal side, you can just say that you don’t believe someone should control the money in the relationship. Invite them out for shopping or activities that require some money to spend.

Obviously, you should not want to put them into any situation where they may get into debt or start to have financial issues. You just need a little bit to start making them realize that they would be better off without anyone trying to control them.

2. Separate them as much as Possible

Another thing is if your crush is openly wanting to get married and their partner isn’t, then you can talk more and more about marriage and how excited you are about it. Even start planning little things about wedding days and make them see what they are missing.

Another interesting thing you can do is to try to get them apart and have fun separately. If they are more likely to have a good time without each other, wouldn’t they want to keep doing more of those activities? Find some activities that will let them explore who they are as a person and possibly even grow, especially if it means they may grow apart.

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3. Exploit Weaknesses

Once you start to get close to either person, you can find out what makes them tick. This will take some time and you will need patience and a strategy to make it work. You can use what weaknesses you find to break the bond that they share, and eventually lead to a breakup. separate.

You can start by getting close to someone in the relationship. This may work best if you are already friends with one of them. Let the other person open up about the flaws in their relationship. Take note that you may not be able to start having them rethink their relationship until well after the honeymoon phase is over.

In the honeymoon phase, their new lover will seem like they hung the stars in the sky. If you can find small things that will start a fight easily, use it to your advantage but make sure you are not close to the argument.

4. Overdramatize Shortcomings

After the honeymoon stage, the fog starts to lift a bit. Even in the best relationships, there are still some things that irk even the calmest partners. Be available to talk to them, but don’t seem too eager. It is best to let them start and lead the conversation, then you can throw some questions in to help lead them.

No one generally wants to admit that there are faults in their relationship, and they may not be open to discussing anything in particular. Keep them talking but don’t make it seem obvious. If you immediately jump to a “You deserve better than that”, you may appear to have ulterior motives.

Acting a bit confused when they start to talk about their problems will help them keep talking. Once they keep talking, they start to notice their problems even more.

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5. Reveal lies

No one person is perfect, and everyone has some type of skeletons in their closet. If you can snoop around carefully and catch them in some white lies, you can be sure to start sowing the seeds of doubt in their relationship. A good way to get into someone’s life is through their social media.

You can go back and find old posts from before they were dating, find friends and get them to exploit some stories while drunk, and you can even search their name online to see if anything comes up that you can use against them.

For example, you might know that your friend is not a person who wants to have kids ever. They may have some deep-rooted issues, family genetics that they do not want to pass down, or even just personally do not want to bring up a child, but you find out that their partner does.

You know that this will hurt them in the long run, and you want to save your friend some trouble by looking for ways to show them that their partner actually wants kids. This may come up down the road as some sort of sabotage from their partner or guilt trip them into having kids.

This may be another thing that you have to focus more on if your friend is a male and his SO is biologically capable of having children. You don’t want them to rely on and trust just that person’s word that they won’t get pregnant. Women are capable of trapping men in relationships or dragging them through the mud for a child they did not want to have to begin with.

6. Find a Dark Past

When you go trolling through the internet, make sure you find the correct person, you do not want to find yourself in a position where you found someone with the same name and try to expose this person for their wrongdoings.

It will also benefit you greatly if you get this to your friends’ attention without giving it to them directly. If you give it to them directly, you may risk losing your chance to break them up or even lose a friend in the matter.

You never want to seem like you are unsupportive of your friend and would do anything just to have them to yourself. This can ruin any chances you have of remaining trustworthy to your friend. Once the element of trust is gone, you can count on the relationship crumbling.

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7. Make Yourself Present

You do not want to seem forgettable once the relationship is broken up. You want to be present in their life but not seem too clingy. Do not make yourself too dependable and have a life of your own.

This is better l if you are trying to break up the relationship because you are infatuated with one of them. Strong relationships flourish for those who do not seem too dependent on their partners. You want to be present in their life but not be completely involved until the moment is right.

8. Become a Confident/Friend

Another trick you can utilize is inserting yourself in their friend circle. This may work well if you do not know either of the people in the relationship but want to find out about them without becoming too close to either.

This works well because you can get information out of the friends around them and use it for your benefit. If the friend group hangs out often, find ways to insert yourself into the going-out events, lunches, or get invited without seeming desperate.

You should be friendly with their friends anyways if you want to eventually date them. This will help build a relationship with their friends and they may be more willing to hype you up if you have a good rapport with them. Their friends will also basically know everything about them anyways. You may hear them slip up occasionally and talk about any relationship problems they may be going through.

9. Set up Evidence

Another way to ensure a breakup is to make it look like they were cheating. This can take up a lot of time depending on what the stakes are, but this may be the fastest way to split them up. You can create a fake profile online and start the befriending process.

You can pique some interest by liking some statuses or making some vague comments. You can rope this person in by creating an inappropriate secret relationship that can later be exploited. There are many applications out there that you can download on your mobile phone and begin to text to this person and make it seem like they have a secret lover and are having an affair.

You can also find a way to plant some incriminating evidence on their phone, email, computer, social media, or their home or work. If you can get into any of these with easy access, then you will be able to ignite the doubt that they are faithful.

It would make sense that you would plant this incriminating evidence somewhere their significant other can easily find it. If you can get into their car, place some underwear in the glove compartment or some hair ties on the floor where the girlfriend can find them easily, but that person would not normally look around.

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10. Ask for Assistance.

If you have the time, money, and resources, you can also hire someone or enlist another friend to hit on this person at a bar, coffee shop, park, or even in a store. If you can get them in a compromising position, snap some photos and send to the person they are in a relationship with.

Remember to do this anonymously or a way that will not come back to haunt you. Make sure that you remain trustworthy to your friend at all times, or it will seem like you want nothing more than this person for yourself.

However, the more people you have the riskier it tends to get that someone will spill what is going on. You want to be as careful as possible in enlisting any help.

11. Sow Seeds of Doubt

When all else fails, you can just start gossip. This may require you to swallow a bit of pride and make you feel queasy at first but if enough people start to make them doubt the relationship, it may end quicker than you think. Be careful though, as this method can backfire very quickly if you are not careful.

You cannot just start pumping out rumors from the gossip mill. Make sure to cover your tracks and ensure that the lies are not traced back to you. Spreading gossip and lies needs to have a purpose and ensure that it gets back to them, so they argue. The people you spread gossip with will need to be willing to believe it and then possibly incorporate their own lies into it as well.

The lies also need to be severe enough to cause them to fight or break up. It needs to be believable so that they do not hear the rumor and laugh it off. This will make their relationship stronger as they bond over people trying to cause problems between them.

Even so much as sowing a little doubt that they are still together can make them feel indifferent. When someone asks if they are still together, you can pretend that they’re not and it will hint that their relationship is rocky already.

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12. Avoid Becoming too Close

If you find yourself becoming too close to either person, you may need to call it off. You do not want them bringing you up in the middle of a conversation and putting two and two together.

You still need to make sure that you are happy for them and supportive of their relationship. You can gush to one of them, the one you are closest to, and let them know that you are just so happy for them. One more thing that you may want to avoid is becoming needy.

When you are doing everything you can split the pair up, you need to know that you still have to respect boundaries that are set. If you know that they have a date night or scheduled plans together, do not try to break these up as it will be suspicious.

13. Introduce Someone New

When you have a friend, who is in a toxic relationship, you will find their emotions being thrown around like a yo-yo. You hate to see them go through that and want to help them any way you can.

One thing you could start by doing is introducing them to someone new. This is as simple as including this person with you guys on any outings that you may do as a friend group. You could have this potential love interest stop by when they know you are close by with your friend and have them engage in some banter with them.

You want to make sure that this person meets all of your friend’s needs and wants in a relationship. While they still will have flaws, you want to show them that there are people out there that can make them smile and genuinely want them happy. Find the right time to introduce this person to your friend. It may be when they are fighting with their significant other when they are being ignored, or generally just annoyed with them.

14. Hit up the Ex

Look for opportunities where this person can find you and insert themselves into the conversation or do something cute to stick out in your friend’s minds. It is easy when you are friends with them already so you can get information on how they feel about the other person easily.

Do not make it obvious but you can drop subtle compliments like how they look, how funny they are, or if they are into the same interests as your friend. When you introduce an old flame, it may bring back feelings of lust and wonder. You will have your friend wondering if they are wasting their time with their current partner.

The Aftermath

If you grew close to both of them instead of just one of them, you would need to act sympathetic to both of them. You do not want to appear insensitive to either side or it may show that you had ulterior motives all along. No matter what, you can never let either of them know what you did.

You will need to make sure you cover your tracks well so it will never come up, even down the road. Immediately after a breakup, or ever, is never a good time to confide in them that you had broken them up. This may constitute them getting back together and you to never be trusted again.

On the flip side, you will also want to make sure that you never bring up any conversations out of the ordinary about the ex. If you broke up your friend and their partner, you want to make sure that they have moved on and do not bring it up again. If you do, it will become apparent that you have a guilty conscious and they will resent you.

In Conclusion

If your plan succeeds and you are able to break them up without them knowing or finding out that you, did it, then congratulations. You need to make sure that you react appropriately to the breakup and be there for whoever you are needing to.

Do not swoop in with an attempt to make them fall in love with you, or immediately go into bashing their now ex. This will be suspicious, and you should take things slow. Make yourself a listener and be the shoulder to cry on.

There is a rollercoaster of emotions this person may be going through and you want to associate yourself as the person that was there for them through it all. For this to be successful, make sure that you know what makes them happy and can cheer them up.

Whether it be ice cream, going out for a drink, or planning a fun day, make sure to appeal to what they are needing in the moment. It would be best not to call the ex any names or tell them they are better off at first. Instead show them how happy they can be, either with you or just without this other person.

Trying to break up a couple is bound to come with some risks and these risks include looking like a bad person, losing a friend or two, and even just end up being alone in general. As such, when going forward, make sure you go over a pros and cons list to make sure that this is worth it for you.

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