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In the age of hookups, flings, and one-night stands, it feels there is no scope of a man who is falling for you… for real.

Gone are the days when we felt secure and safe with a man. Women are not even sure if the man they are dating will stay tomorrow or not.

The insecurities have given birth to a new cosmetic surgery market, with lip fillers and Botox making the rounds.

But does a man really get attracted to a round bum and plumper lips? Is it only about external beauty?

Hey, have you not heard stories of the most beautiful faces being all heartbroken by a man?

Then what exactly is it that a man desires and likes in a girl?


What do guys like in Girls?

The truth is that several things that make space in the heart of a man, excepting exterior beauty.

While good looks play a major part in attraction, these are the things that make a better part of it –

Things Men Like in a Girl

1. A beautiful smile that can add lights to a dull environment

Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer from Pexels

Girl, I know you love your lipsticks and blush. They feel great to apply and are a form of self-love and a kind of art that not everyone understands.

But do you know what’s the most attractive makeup you can wear? It’s your smile.

According to Orbit Complete, 69% of people find women more attractive wearing a smile than when they are wearing makeup.

So, the next time you are going out, don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile with your makeup, and you are ready to rule the world!

Moreover, a guy likes a girl with a cheerful smile because it makes her look attractive and because a warm smile from her makes him feel good about himself.

Not only does a smile enhance her beauty, but it also oozes confidence and shows that she is open and friendly – a trait that men vouch for in a romantic partner.

2. Ability to make him laugh, aka a great sense of humor

Don’t you like the people who make you laugh like the rest of the world doesn’t exist? Time seems to flow easily with them.

There have been many instances when apart from falling for deep ocean eyes, we fell in love with someone’s sense of humor.

The same goes for men. When they find a lady who can make them laugh, they instantly start liking her, and the whole crowd surrounding her blurs.

But the truth is, not all of us can have skills of being funny, and not all of us are capable enough to host a stand-up comedy show.

It can make you ask yourself –

“Does that mean I’ll remain single forever?”

No, just having fun will go a long way.

Also, it’s a scientifically proven fact that men love those women who laugh at their jokes as much as the ones who make them laugh.

He will like you if you relate to his sense of humor and get his jokes in simple words.

So, it’s in your hands now… if you want to attract your dream man, throw away the frowning face out of the window and have a good laugh with him.

3. The attractiveness of sexy femininity

Opposite attracts.

Just as we like strong and macho men, men tend to like women who ooze femininity.

Now, being feminine doesn’t mean you have to act fragile and fake, being childish to attract his attention. Nor that you have to talk in a baby voice (actually, they hate that)

Being feminine is accepting that you are a woman, owning the power that a female possesses, and being proud of that.

It’s being confident in your own skin and owning your strengths and flaws with the same ease.

However, society has been framing gender stereotypes for a long time now. Some of them are beneficial, while most are useless.

Adopt a few measures like wearing pink and red as they are very sexy to the eyes and make you look irresistible.

Along with that, complete your outfit with some minimal jewelry like a small neckpiece, earrings, and rings to bring out the diva in you.

4. Random acts of Kindness

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

It’s no secret that when a man searches for a lifelong partner, he searches for kindness in her. It reminds him of his mother, a source of love and kindness to him and everyone.

Every man wants his children to have a mother whose heart is filled with kindness and compassion.

It is said that we should not change for a man. If a man doesn’t love you for what you are, then let him go.

But kindness and compassion are a few qualities that you should develop not only for a man but also for yourself and the people you love in general.

You don’t have to win a Noble prize for your acts of kindness. Just the small acts will make your real personality shine through.

For that, pour wine in his glass before yours. Share your food with him.

If you are out on a date, don’t start eating first. Ask him to start together.

If you are kind just to him, it will be a huge turn-off, and you will come as a person faking it.

Treat everyone around you with kindness and shower them with love.

Treat the waiters with respect. Treat his family members, friends, and everyone you meet on the way similarly.

Even if you don’t get that man you are eying, you will be a wonderful woman for life who will be loved by all.

5. Tempting Sense of adventure

If there’s anything a man loves the most, it is an adventure.

Whether it is spending time at the bar, grinding himself in the gym, or getting caught by the traffic police – all of these provide a little sense of adventure to him.

He will not let you go at any cost if he discovers your love for adventure.

Being adventurous doesn’t mean jumping off a cliff.

Being adventurous is about being open to different realms of possibilities and excited to live life to the fullest.

A man loves when a woman who loves life adds excitement in mundane chores and a little thrill to his daily life.

6. Listening to him with all the attention in the world

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

No matter how tough a guy tries to appear for the world, inside of him, there is a little kid who wants love and care.

He wants a woman who listens to him and not just anyone who cuts him off and is very self-oriented.

Why is it so important for men?

Because he expects his future partner to be that someone with whom he can share all the best and worst memories of his life with.

When he comes back home after a long day at work, he wants to convey everything that happened to him as a little child to the girl he loves.

Also, his friends rarely lend an ear to his deepest secrets and his dumbest jokes. Like everyone, he too wants a person he can call his “home” and who is his human secret diary.

When a woman truly listens to him and is interested in paying attention to what he speaks, he immediately starts putting her in his close-knit group of people and starts treating her special.

7. A strong sense of self

Having a strong sense of self engages a lot of qualities. A woman who has a strong sense of self can be described as follows –

  • She is confident in her skin and knows her worth. She enjoys having fun with others but also knows her boundary.
  • She is not jealous of other women. She knows everyone has their own personality, and each of them, including her, is special.
  • She isn’t insecure when the man talks to his female friends and colleagues.
  • She knows who she is, and she respects herself as a person. She also treats others with respect and expects them to respect her too.

A woman with all the pointers mentioned above is considered ​a strong woman who knows what she wants from life and is definite about her plans.

If you don’t already know, having a strong personality is not just attractive but extremely sexy for men searching for a partner and are not just looking for a casual hookup.

Now that you know what a man likes and adores in a girl, let me introduce you to certain things that men DON’T like while looking for a partner.

Things Men Don’t Like in a Girl.

1. Constantly nagging and blaming others

Constantly-nagging and-blaming-others
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

It’s hard to keep up with anyone who constantly blames you for anything and is always dissatisfied with life.

I think it’s alright to have problems with life. We all have that.

But when someone always takes the negative platter and throws the negativity out at others, no one likes them. And men are the same.

A woman who thinks blaming a man for everything and nagging 24*7 will positively affect him, and then she is wrong.

No one has ever said in the history of mankind –

“You constantly blame me for everything bad that happens in your life. I think I’m falling in love with the way you keep blaming and nagging.”

While considering him responsible for his mistakes, crying about everything that happens in your life is very unattractive.

2. Acting desperate for attention

Men have always been a kind of chaser. They love the thrill of falling for a woman and pursuing her.

While it’s okay to express your interest in him, acting too desperate to gain his attention will make him cut you off his list.

By chasing him desperately, you will take his excitement of pursuing you, and even if he likes you in the first place, his infatuation will slowly end.

Let him make plans for a date and give him the chance to initiate conversations and scheduling meetings.

Don’t be the one to start things from your end. Have patience and wait for him until he thinks he is ready to make a move.

3. Always playing the victim card

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

A man starts to lose interest in you when you are the victim in every story you narrate.

Men like women with whom they can laugh with and share some personal conversations.

It’s perfectly fine to dictate to him the things that are troubling you.

But if every conversation is about how someone implemented hurt on you, how your best friend misbehaved and cheated, and how all the girls you know are jealous of you and are a bitch, you are going to lose.

He will instantly be put off and think that you have nothing good to talk about. And it’s not possible that every freaking time it’s everyone else’s fault and not yours.

He will not get the right vibes that he should get from a partner and fear making you meet his friends as you can repeat the same stories in front of them.

4. Being a gold digger

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

While having self-worth is important, overdoing it by transforming your self-worth into arrogance can harm your chancṣes to impress a man.

If you are too full of attitude in your conversations with him and others and look down on him, he will dislike you at the very first sight.

Ask any man even one who never had a girlfriend; no one wants to be with a woman who makes a man feel bad about him; he will soon find someone who appreciates him for the way he is.

He can have a short-term fling with a woman who is too full of arrogance and attitude, but he will never consider her to be his long-term partner.

However, if you already have all these and are still looking to grab his attention, here’s something for it: How to make him want you… Happy reading!

Don’t worry; we don’t charge for it! ;)

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