How to Find Married Women Looking For Men (For Sex)

by John Santana

Boy, you are in your twenties or thirties… it doesn’t matter… but do married women excites you?

Like single girls are okay, but married women… they have a kind of charisma that instantly makes you hard!

There’s no shame in accepting that you are crazy over married women. And there’s no need to feel awkward while approaching such a woman at a bar or coffee shop.

Because the fact is, though they make you look like they are hard to get, there’s a sensational volcano in them ready to erupt when they see you.

Yes, many married women also feel the need to get banged by a man out of their marriage. You just need to find out if she is just playing hard to get, or is really uninterested in your ass.

But before that, as a man, who is interested to sleep with married women you should know why married women look out of their marriage to play your cards well.

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Why Married Women look outside of their marriage?

The answer is quite simple. And there are various reasons why a woman cheats her husband. If you don’t already know it, let’s go through it for you –

1. She is leading a lonely life


Why is a married woman cheating? The most obvious and common answer is because she is lonely and sex-starved in her marriage.

Her husband can be a boring man who works his ass off by doing extra hours and pays her no attention to her. By the time he is back home, he is so exhausted that he has no energy left to satisfy her physical needs.

Or he may be, he is a professional who is always out for work on business tours. She is left alone at home with her dildo which she is using for the last 4 years.

Of course, she will feel a need to look for another man to warm her lonely nights while he is away.

Loneliness kills relationships more than anything else.

And wait, if she has been lonely for a while now, she is all full of sexual desires punching her to get out of her body.

Getting laid with this woman gives you a golden opportunity of having the most amazing sex you are ever going to have in your life. So, celebrate!

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2. She is not sexually satisfied.

Most of the women are not satisfied with the sex they get in their marriage.

Her husband is orgasming too fast with that small dick, and she has been faking orgasms to not turn him off and make him more adventurous, but it’s all in vain.

He can’t give her what she wants.

So, what will she do? She looks for a man who can seduce a married woman like her and satisfy her physical demands and make her scream higher than she has ever imagined.

She is not going to settle with the sex her man gives – A man who is getting old with age and losing interest giving her a treat between the sheets.

This bored and unsatisfied wife will certainly look out of all the windows to find a guy who can give her the orgasms she has always desired – no matter if she has to cheat her husband for that!

3. She wants some adventure in her sexual life

She-wants-some-adventure-in-her-sexual life
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Single women will be astonished to know that married women have more thirst for sex in them.

Do you think you are kinkier in bed than a married woman? Dude, she will prove you wrong.

As women age, their sexual desire rises higher and higher.

Even if their husband is giving them what they need, the danger of doing something exciting and adventurous is irresistible to some women.

After a few years of their marriage, the romance dries out and they feel the need to experience being alive again by turning to the dangerous route.

Sex outside marriage gives them that chance to rediscover themselves layers by layers.

There’s a thrill to hiding things that just the women who cheat their husbands know.

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4. She wants an emotional bond and someone to understand her

Not all women cheat their husbands for the greed of better sex; some do it because they crave for an emotional bond and a man who understands her.

Not all marriages are happy, and not all men understand their wives.

To be honest, very few of them have that stigma to be there for her when she really needs it.

Devoid of love, she looks outside of her marriage that makes her feel loved and wanted.

She desired a connection which she lacks with her husband.

But when she seeks for connection and love, it is inevitable that the love out-of-marriage will not result in sex.

Where to find Married Women looking for sex?

Screenshot from Ashely Madison Website

The reasons why married women cheat their husbands are already discussed. But how can you find a married woman who is truly interested in you?

Should you hit on your married boss when she is praising your work? Chances are your working table will be vacant soon.

Should you ask out a woman when she is having drinks with her husband in a bar? Chances are your nose will shred streams of blood.

What if I told you there’s a site where thousands of married women have enrolled for having fun with single men?

The safest and best option for grilling your deepest desires is the social networking site Ashley Madison.

The women present here will not ask you to hold her hands and chase her to the mountains. Nor will she ask you to be her happy ending.

They just want SEX! And nothing else!

They like it when a guy gets sexually attracted to them and make them feel wanted. If you can make them feel horny again they’ll do anything to knock down your senses on the bed!

Apart from that, you can also look at this think-piece we created sometime back: Best Places to Meet for Affairs.

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Things to be careful about when meeting married Women for sex

Having actions between the sheets with married women needs more protection than a closed door.

There is always a risk of getting caught. And if she gets caught, chances are you’re going to pay for it too.

These are the things you need to do if you want to save yourself and have fun simultaneously –

1. Decide the meeting place with great precautions

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

Meeting at the regular cafes where you take your girlfriend or wife is sheer stupidity.

Having sex with a married woman should have instilled at least that common sense in you.

Meet at faraway places where none of your people (either from her side or yours) can be seen or live. You don’t want to get caught, do you?

2. Use the timing to your advantage

When you have chosen a daring task like having sex with someone else’s wife, you’ve got to be more careful.

Meet in office hours, while her husband and your wife are away at work. This reduces the chance of getting caught red-handed by her friends or worse, her husband.

3. Create a new email account for your affairs

Start by setting a new email account for your illicit actions so if a woman gets serious about you, you will just have to get rid of that email and continue with a new one.

5. Set up your profile with a fake name

Never use your real name while setting up a profile. If her husband reckons your name and searches you on other social media apps, you can expect an unwanted guest at the office door the next day… with some goons.

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6. Never use your personal contact number

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Using your personal contact number means your cell phone will keep buzzing with calls from multiple married ladies when you are at work or chilling out with your girl.

Get another number so when you are not ready to communicate, you can just switch it off.

Also, if the woman gets too serious and you are not, you can just break the SIM card and buy a new one.

7. Sending selfies can be hazardous to your health

Are you sending selfies to the married women? Oh no, are you sending nudes?

That’s good. But to let you know, her husband and kids are also getting to see your pee-pee because she hasn’t put a proper password.

Do not send her pictures and do not let her take your pictures! As simple as that!


You may be the guy who has been bored of having sex with his wife or you can be that nerdy guy who’s first and the last kiss was with the poster of a playboy model, whoever ​you are… if you keep these things in your mind, you are getting laid tonight…

And yeah if you follow these precautions, your ass is safe.

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