How To Make Him Want You [Ache for You Like Never Before]

by John Santana

I’ve been surrounded by men my whole life – brothers, friends, lovers… And I know one thing for sure:

Making a man want you is not very different from making a woman want a man.

Both of them are very similar in the things they get attracted to and want to make their own.

The way to a man’s heart is simple”

Make him feel appreciated and wanted. In return, he will feel good about you and want you back.

But how can you make a man feel good about him in a way that he wants you to become his girlfriend? How can you make your presence so enchanting that it becomes irresistible to a man?

That’s what we are going to discuss in this article. Let’s have a look at the ways you can try to make a man want you more than anything.

How to Make a Man Want you?

#1 How paying attention to your appearance will catch his eyes

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Before you can start your efforts in making a man want you, he sees you.

Good appearance goes a long way when you are in the hopes of making him your infatuated lover.

Men are extremely visual beings. Your appearance should attract his attention before anything else.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to possess the dreamy look of a Greek goddess to click his eyes. You don’t even have to be the most gorgeous or best-looking woman in the room.

You just need to focus on your hygiene, personal style, fragrance, and the way you carry yourself.

If you take the time to look presentable and wear good clothes, a man will appreciate it.

He will not know that you spent hours selecting the right outfit and applying the perfect eyeliner.

But he will notice that you take yourself seriously, and you make it a point to look presentable, which is really attractive to a man.

Personalize your look by adding minimal jewelry that goes with your outfit. Men find jewelry intensely feminine and you know it already that for a masculine man, the opposite attracts!

Unkempt hair, unfitting clothes, and a bad smell is a turnoff. After everything that goes wrong with your appearance, he may still consider you as a friend, but you will not be the girl of his dreams he wants to date exclusively.

#2 He will crave for your company if you make him laugh

While women tend to get very conscious in front of men they like and try to show they are perfect, the only thing they accomplish to do is to flash a few fake smiles and make the unattractive sounds of practiced laughs here and there.

You don’t have to worry about being perfect in his eyes. In fact, anything that seems perfect is not real.

Feel free to show him your quirky side. Make him laugh and show him the real side of you.

Nothing attracts a man more than a woman with a great sense of humor. Believe me, if he’s not that into you then also he won’t be able to resist your beautiful smile.

It’s a common misconception that women lack a sense of humor, which is possibly a result of women being too nervous in front of their suitors.

Drop the tension right there when you watch his lovely face and walk through the door.

Crack jokes and be playful.

He will see that you are not just a woman who takes herself seriously by dressing well, but also a woman who takes life not so seriously by enjoying every moment.

Having fun and being carefree will make him think of you more than often.

The next time there is a party and you are not there; he will positively ask your whereabouts.

Who knows, he can ask you for a date sooner!

#3 *This woman understands me so well, I really want her!*

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Men love to talk. And most of the time, they love to talk about themselves.

Some of them are just obsessed with themselves and unfortunately, most of his friends have stopped taking him seriously a long back ago.

He doesn’t express it, but he searches for validation.

Like most of the men, he thinks the world would be a better place if everyone listened to what he says and realized how worthy his point of view is.

You don’t have to go gaga over everything he says and give a huge round of applause for every word that leaves his mouth.

Just being able to relate to his words and to acknowledge his opinions will work.

A man will love a woman if she gets what he so earnestly wants to express.

It’s all about making him feel appreciated and validated. The next time you are out with friends, you will find him by your side at all times

“You get me so well!” is just his way to say you are awesome and I already like you!

#4 How your kindness can steal his heart

Being rude and savage are in trend now. But being kind and sprinkling positivity is a classic that never goes out of style.

Be kind to everyone you meet – friends, colleagues, family, and strangers. I

Not only does it increase your chances of the guy liking you, but it also makes you a better human who is full of positivity and leads a peaceful life.

Don’t underestimate kindness. It’s something that reminds him of his mother. And I don’t know if you are aware of this but,

Have you ever heard that when a man sees a glimpse of his mother in a girl, nothing can stop him from falling in love for you?

Mothers are the epitome of kindness. She is the one who is patient with everyone and understands other’s emotions.

Small gestures of kindness can show the wonder-woman that you are. Ask your friends about their day, smile lovingly at people, and open doors for your friends and elders.

If your friend is having a bad day and snaps at you, accept her apology when she realizes her mistake without making her feel bad.

Give a warm hug to everyone you are comfortable with.

All these will create a positive image of you in his brain and he will be left with the option of nothing but to adore you. And you’ll see your guy friend falling for you slowly.

#5 Part of your confidence is not worrying about to look cool

We all know that confidence attracts. A part of your confidence comes wanting to look confident, but to be comfortable in being totally yourself.

So, what if you like to be a little dorky? Have no hesitation in showing your real self.

It’s all about doing the things you love and experimenting at life without the pressure to appear cool.

But in order to reflect confidence, don’t be a huge failure by engaging in nasty arguments to prove your opinions or taste. Express what’s on your mind with conviction, and be receptive if someone’s opinion arises to differ.

#6 When you live your life to the fullest, he will put his heart on his sleeves (for you!)

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Have you ever watched a man doing something cool and you wanted to be a part of it?

Men feel the same about women!

When a man sees a woman is enjoying her life to the fullest and ticking her goals-checklist, he will get curious and want to be a part of it.

He will start thinking about how you spend your day, which of the amazing places you must be visiting now, and who are the amazing people you are spending your time with…

He will start thinking about ways to be an important part of your life!

The desire to be a person with whom you share the interesting phases of your journey will become magnetic to him.

Men like adventures. And what’s better than dating a girl who is an adventure in herself??

Women who chase their own goals and live their dream tend to cast an enchanting spell on men that are hard to break.

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#7 Be open to new things without raising an eyebrow

Women will agree that most men have weird choices and habits. Unusual stuff usually excites them.

A woman who is too reluctant to accept his weirdness stands no chance of becoming his girl.

You have to make the guy feel like he can spend his time with you and still enjoy the things he likes.

We all feel an inclination towards people who are more agreeable and open to do new things.

Watch the movies you don’t usually watch to give him company. Get along if he wants to take you out for a music show that plays music which is different from your taste.

If he likes a weird boy band, ask about them rather than raising an eyebrow and making him feel uncomfortable for his choices.

#8 Genuine compliments will go straight to his heart

Men may deny it, but just like women, they love compliments too.

Of course, cheesy compliments that make no sense will obviously be gross.

But as you are already infatuated with the man, you must have a list of things that you like and love about him.

Take a clue from that list, and make it a point to let him know what you think about him.

It can be anything from his golfing skills, his taste in movies, dressing sense or fascination about a certain hobby.

“The movie you suggested in your Social Media, I watched it and loved it! The dialogues and background score were so good!”

“You are a pro at Golf! That was insane!”

Your genuine compliment will make him feel validated. He will like his interests match with you and he will feel good about himself.

If you are in the early stages of getting to know him, a subtle compliment can work as a good icebreaker.

You never know if he suggests you some more movies and asks you out to watch one with him.

What about a date on the golf course? 😉

#9 Men love it when you tease them

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If you don’t​ already know, the word teasing doesn’t mean you have to bully him.

The kind of teasing we are talking about is the one that feels like fun and falls in the category of flirting.

When you both are finally comfortable in each other’s presence, it’s time for you to let ​him realize the fact that you are interested in him.

Being playful by teasing him is the best way to do that. Signal your interests through teases and flirts.

He will know he is desirable for you, which will make him feel good about himself and ultimately, good about you.

The best thing about this step is if you follow all the other steps before coming to this, you will not be any random girl just hitting on a handsome man.

You will get an edge over other girls wanting to get his attention, as you have already made a bond with him. There will be a connection between both of you which will be undeniable.

You are in a safe place with him and you guys share a space that consists of more than flirting and sexual tension.

At this point, other girls don’t stand in your competition as you have already made the guy feel special about him and he is mutually interested in you.

#10 Give him the best time of his life in bed

You have finally got his attention and there you are… sleeping with the man of your dreams.

But is this the end? No!

I’m sure you want to keep the man with you for a good long time. After all, it was never a one-time thing for you.

But how can you succeed in making the same man fall for you over and over again?

To do that, you need to have great skills in the bed.

A man may be crazy for you for all the good qualities you possess, but if you fail to satisfy his sexual needs, he will drift away and search for someone else.

You have to keep him lusting over you and prevent the idea of being with other girls to enter his mind.

You can learn hundreds of kinky positions and things to do in bed to keep him engaged by experimenting and talking dirty.

But if you really like to keep the man wanting you over and over again, you have to learn how to seduce him and turn him on just by talking dirty.

Keep your sex life exciting and adventurous and there you have a man in your arms who is ready to be yours, forever.


Sexually attracting a man is easy. But making him want you is a totally different game.

It requires emotions other than mere attraction.

It asks for a bond and a sense of respect that you can cultivate over time.

When you try all the stages described in this article sequence wise, the man residing in your heart will not only want your body but all of you – including your soul and all the little things that make you who you are.



John Santana

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