18 Psychology Signs He is Slowly Falling For You

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Men can be really secretive. Emotional talks are really not their thing.

A man may be head over heels over you and you will not even know, because he never allows a single piece of information to leave his lips.

Why is he hiding things? That’s another deal. Maybe he is not totally ready or is afraid of your answer. Or he is just too proud to give up to his emotional instincts.

But he doesn’t know that no matter how good he is at hiding things, nothing can be hidden from a woman of senses.

Women are great at analyzing body language and reading between the lines. The man is definitely not open about his emotions till now, but he is already giving a lot of signs that shouldn’t be missed.

Want to know the signs that a guy unconsciously reveals when he is slowly falling for you? Let’s find out!


18 Signs He is Falling for You (2023 Update)

1. He Has Started Caring for You – A Lot!

Caring Man

Your interaction is not just a few minutes limited to funny banter or wild intercourse, he actually cares for you.

Some of the obvious signs include how he treats you.

Like after a late-night date, he will make sure you reach home safely. He will not move his car an inch until you wave at him from your window.

Having a headache? He will bring you a hot coffee with your favorite chocolate to calm you down.

Your mood swings and well-being will affect him. The guy will try his best to solve your problems because he doesn’t want to see you stressed.

All these are not just subtle signs of attraction, but it’s the love that’s speaking.

2. Keeps a Tab on You by Texting.

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Oh, girl! The past experiences with all the other guys you have dated till now are really disappointing.

You can’t understand why it’s so hard for them to reply back?? Why is it that only you receive their responses after an hour or days later if it’s not about sending nudes or talking dirty?

You have now made amends with the fact that all men are the same.

But this guy will enter and suddenly you will start questioning your cliched book of facts.

He gives you fast replies and is the first one to send you a message.

The guy keeps a tab on you by asking how your day went, how are you feeling today, and everything that’s important for you.

No, he isn’t a secret mission’s detective. Your happiness concerns him.

Surely, the guy is slowly falling for you.

3. He Notices Everything.

“Hey! Your eyes are swollen up. Everything’s alright?”

“The crinkles around your eyes look really adorable when you smile.”

There are a lot of tiny details he succeeds in noticing that others don’t even have an idea about.

It can be about the peculiarities of your unique habits. It doesn’t matter to him because he treats you special.

He sees you in ways no one ever has. He notices the things no one has ever paid heed to. Obviously, you are special.

4. His Eyes Say the Unsaid.

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You can feel his eyes on you when you are not looking at him. You may be busy in your work and look at his lovely face only to find out that he is already staring at you.

The stare will not be the same as the other guys who try to hook up with you by offering you drinks in pubs.

Instead, it will be intense, full of passion and love. He will make you feel warm and loved just by his stare.

Apart from this, the eye-contacts will be passionately intense. But the hint of affection can always be seen there. It will be like the eye of the cupid.

And if while watching a movie all his concentration is fixed on looking at you and adoring your tresses, you know the man is falling harder.

5. He Is Protective About You.

“What? You are drunk and coming home alone? Wait right there. I’m coming to pick you up.”

He will protect you like you are his own. There’s not a single moment when you are in the middle of a problem and he will not appear as a knight in the shining armor.

He will make sure that you are safe, and ensure that you are hanging out with the right kind of people.

He sees to everything that can protect you physically, as well as emotionally.

This behavior, if exaggerated, can be toxic and unhealthy, but that goes with anything that is done beyond limits.

6. He Has Started Making Compromises.

Compromises – a word that doesn’t sound right when you hear it in relationships.

But the truth is, a long-lasting and more serious relationship requires a lot of compromises and keeps the base intact.

We have seen for years that it’s mostly the women who make all kinds of compromises for their love.

But lady, the right man who truly loves you will never lose in reversing the norms and loving you in all ways possible.

If you have found a guy who has started making compromises for you, never let him go. He is precious. Because he considers you precious.

Your choice of cinema doesn’t match? No need to worry… he will enjoy whatever you wish to see.

Your choice of food doesn’t match? He will revel in what you choose to eat.

When a man starts making changes about the things that he would never have changed, he has already started slowly falling for you.

7. Your Male Buddies Make Him Jealous.

Smile cannot leave his face when he is with you.

You are not good at making jokes, and your sense of humor is older than your nanny, but when you crack a silly PJ, his laughter echoes in the room.

But now you have shared a joke that your male best friend told you. While you are in tears by repeating the joke, this guy’s face is red.

He acted like he hadn’t heard a thing. Or he will reply – “Come on dear, it’s not that funny!” with a straight face.

If you are not too dumb, you will know its jealousy.

When a guy has started falling for you, he will be jealous and it will be apparent. No matter how hard he will try to hide it he can’t.

8. His Touch Is Magical.

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There is more in his touch than it appears. Others may find it absolutely normal, but you will feel a burst of hormones and sexual energy flowing right through your body.

His touch is not like​ one of those who want to ravage you. It’s similar to the way you hold your favorite flowers when you want them to last long – with great care and affection.

His cuddles will feel special and his hugs will be filled with love. He will never leave a chance to touch you in order to express his cultivating love.

9. He Wants to Spend Time With You.

Boys love spending a day with their friends. Of course, there will be video games, fine beer, rash driving, and conversations about the hottest girls in town.

But when he says

“Hanging out with friends? I’ve canceled that plan today as now you have got a half-day at work. Let’s catch up for coffee.”

Things are already working in your favor.

He wants to spend all of his free time with you.

No, it’s not for sex. He will not be necessarily making out with you all the time.

Instead, he will want to spend some quality time with you listening to music or listening to your childhood tales and clicking your pictures.

If this still doesn’t convince you about the blooming love in his heart, I don’t know what will.

10. Pampering You Comes Naturally to Him.

The time he starts pampering you like a baby is the time when the man has lost his heart to you.

Come on! Anyone can buy an expensive gift in pursuit of impressing you to make your place on his bed.

But a guy who is genuinely interested and loves you will give genuine gifts, the gifts that truly matter to you, and are personal.

You mention a locket you loved at a mall one day but couldn’t buy as you’ve forgotten your wallet at home?

Let a couple of days pass, and see him surprising you with the same locket!

It’s not about the expensive​ luxuries to lure you… it’s about the little things that count.

11. He Respects You.

Respect in a relationship is as important as love.

This man, you can’t help thinking about may not be in a relationship with you for now. But if he respects you, he soon can be.

True love is not just about candlelight dinners and walks at night.

It’s also about respect, and that should be the number one priority for any woman before she says ‘yes’ to a man.

You will know he is not trifling with you when he doesn’t treat you the same way he treats his male friends.

You are special to him. Respecting you is just the reflection of how highly he thinks of you.

12. Other Girls Don’t Get His Attention.

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There’s a whole crowd of women touching him like evil creatures, but his eyes are just on you.

Oh… You broke up with your Ex because he left horny comments on that chick’s picture whom you absolutely hate?

That’s sad.

But is the new guy who is treating you as a queen nowadays cannot be seen commenting or searching for hot Instagram Influencers?

That’s good news.

His eyes are just on you.

And you are the lucky one.

To be surer, give your stalking skills a chance or ask your bestie to do it. Check if he is finding girls on social media or has kept accounts on dating sites.

If the result is no, then you can rejoice. He is yours… but afraid of admitting it!

13. He Cannot Stop Talking About You.

You don’t need to create havoc in his personal life so he turns into a maniac and can’t stop cursing you with every sentence.

You can give him some good memories and he will become a romantic fool who takes your name every time he opens his mouth.

Most of the boys don’t even disclose a girl’s identity to their near ones because they aren’t serious about her.

But if the guy involves you in every conversation he engages in, he is nothing but crazy about you.

Your name touches his lips whenever he speaks to his friends, family or even you!

That’s a clear sign that can give you some comfort.

14. Showers You With Genuine Compliments.

You hear one “hotter than the Global Warming” compliment and want to break the guy’s nose.

But one “I love how you handle things with that beautiful smile on your face” can surely make your day.

And this guy always comes up with genuine compliments… ones that are right from his heart.

He is not here to flatter you; he just can’t stop himself to spend time and conveying all the things that make you special.

Without a doubt, this man has got strong feelings.

15. He Sticks to His Words.

A man who fails to stick to his words fails to be a good partner for you or in that case even a good date.

No girl wants a man who makes plans and forgets them the other day. A man who always shows up late on dates is not any different.

On the contrary, imagine being with a man who keeps his promises, shows up on time, always sticks to his words, and never says a thing that he doesn’t meanPERFECT!

Such a man deserves a place in your life. It’s a big sign that the man has started taking you seriously.

16. Listens to All That You Speak.

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Your voice is like a musical masterpiece and he doesn’t want to miss any tune of the same.

We all have met men who look at their phones while we talk. You had already picturized stabbing his phone with forks.

If he is not listening, he is not caring. You are not his priority.

Don’t waste your time by going on a second date.

A guy who likes your soul more than your body will listen to every word you say with great concentration.

He will not just listen, but he will also remember the things you talk about.

Don’t be mad at him if he can’t remember the names of various people you talk about in a day. Not everyone is good at remembering names.

But he can recall all the details you talk about.

Your birthday, important meetings and special says are not missed either.

Girl… this guy is a keeper. And don’t worry as he is already lost in the alley of your love.

17. There Is Emotional Compatibility.

Apart from romance, the other very important thing is emotional compatibility.

Two people enter into a new relationship because of attraction. They have the best times of their love life in the first months.

As the honeymoon period ends, the attraction goes in the drains and they break up and cut ties.

If you want it to survive, you have to get another thing apart from the attraction. That is – Emotional Compatibility.

It’s the understating of each other’s mental states, life, and values that create a lasting relationship.

Whether it’s a hook-up or the guy is just your friend who is treating you as his beloved, emotional capability will help you to cross bridges.

If the guy is not only concerned about sex but also concerned about your habits, personality, kindness, securities, insecurities, and your heart which is full of love.. he will stay.

And he will try everything to make you stay. Remember that.

18. You Can Be Yourself With Him.

Getting along with a guy can be a lot of work.

There’s a constant pressure on you to look a certain way, talk a certain way, and behave a certain way to meet his needs.

So when will you know a guy is truly into you?

When guy likes you the way you truly are!

No false pretensions. You can be your real self with him. You can be weird, imperfect, make weird noises while sleeping, and burp after a heavy meal, and he will love all of that.

If he finds you charming in your shabbiest clothes, when you haven’t washed your hair in a week – It’s just a good sign that he is totally into you.

Frequently asked questions

How Does a Man Act When He’s Falling in Love?

He softens up, listens to your opinions with complete awareness, and does his best to make you happy and not to hurt you. Over time, the guy will start getting romantic and introduce you to his family & friends.

Do Men Slowly Fall in Love?

Generally, men fall in love faster than women. According to a recent study, published in the Journal of Social Psychology, men fall in love quite soon and confess their catching feelings earlier in relationships.

Over to you…

It doesn’t happen daily when you find a man who knows your worth and is ready to give you the love you deserve and sometimes the love that you don’t.

Not every man will love you at your good times as well as your worst times.

People have a habit of leaving when things become tough.

If you have got someone who sticks to you no matter what, it’s nothing but pure love. It doesn’t matter if the man hasn’t told you about his true feelings to you yet. If you can relate to the signs he is slowly showing his attention mentioned here, he is already falling in love for you.

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