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Dating an Aries Woman: Personality Traits & Best Matches

by John Santana

Is your Aries girl’s strong presence deterring you? What is underneath her tough attitude? Is she loveable, and most importantly, how can you love her right?

When you first meet an Aries girl, her confident vibe is penetrating and mesmerizing. It tickles your heart and pushes you to get to know this mysterious being. In this article, you will find out all the rumors about dating Aries and if they are true.

Aries Woman Basics

Birthdates: March 21 – April 19
Keywords: Bold, ambitious, motivated, confident
Element: Fire
Represented by: The Ram
Famous Aries women: Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Mariah Carey, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Stewart

How Does an Aries Woman Act in a Relationship?

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Aries is the most frugal among the 12 constellations. Physical things rarely excite her. She tends to bond less with materialistic things but focuses more on the emotional side of substances.

Loyalty plays a big part in Aries’ emotional field. She is the most generous lover as long as her partner is giving the same effort. She can tolerate any small mistakes if she believes you can redeem yourself.

Unfortunately, the courtesy only extends to forgivable small wrongdoings. There is no mercy in her ruling for bigger things. A second chance is a myth that does not exist. No one wants to turn the table with her. The same translates in her love life. When a partner makes an inexcusable mistake, there is no turning back. Usually, it’s common for Aries to never keep in contact with her ex.

Aries makes very different choices depending on her expectations. When she is in the mood to casually date, she is a visual creature that only has her eyes on a hot body. But when she is thinking about settling down, looks are hardly an influential factor. She doesn’t have any unrealistic fantasies. Hence, it is fairly easy for her to feel satisfied with her boyfriend.

What Does an Aries Woman Like in a Man?

1. Being Practical

Aries likes practical men. Things that are too flashy, like roses and candlelight dinner, aren’t her cups of tea because they won’t reap any reward. People with a pragmatic approach are reliable and trustworthy. Your intrinsic values are much more long-lasting than your wallet. She needs a man of action and not just big talk. So, showing up with 99 roses on the first date is more embarrassing than romantic. Take her to an art gallery instead.

2. Being Stronger Than Her

Underneath her independent surface, she is a little girl longing to be loved and taken care of. Having a manly boyfriend in her life relaxes her. Finally, she doesn’t have to be the toughest girl.

She craves the feeling of fully letting her guard down, but the reality is harsh. There are rarely people that will make her feel safe enough to do so. As the lucky one, you need to be stronger than her so she feels protected. Let her know there is finally no need for her to act tough.

3. Being Stable and Mature

Stability and maturity are the logical requirements Aries seeks in a partner. All the fun and looks will not run a family. She knows what is best for her future. You want to be the one to set the pace in this relationship.

Demonstrate your ability to provide for the family. Taking up further training at work or studying for a second degree is always beneficial in terms of financial stability. Other than that, cutting out your weekly pub crawl and getting wasted with your mates are also good ways to show you are not a trashy boy. She wants a man in her life and not a playboy.

4. Loyal and Faithful

Although this should go without saying for every relationship, Aries is particularly sensitive toward questionable acts. In her dictionary, being unfaithful has a rather broad definition. She is the jealous type that will not appreciate your dinner plan with a girl you met on a gaming platform. There are quite a few rules to follow.

Think of it this way, your girl is fair in the sense that she lives by the rules she sets. She is not asking you to obey rules that she breaks every day. These truly stand for her value. Unless it is absolutely essential, you should avoid hitting the pub with a girl alone or meeting girls as friends online. These acts are not always problematic in a relationship but they are for Aries. She will not like it if you keep violating her boundaries.

How to Make an Aries Woman Fall For You?

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1. Let Her Know You are Trying to Initiate

Don’t wait around for your Aries girl to confess. She is brave enough but it is her moment to feel special. She will stand firm in pushing you away if you don’t formally make a grand entrance by asking her to be your girlfriend.

Also, don’t rush into things as it takes a while for her to observe if you are the right one. Be patient with her so she can better access your good side. Generally speaking, it will take at least three months for Aries to warm up to the idea of commitment. It may sound incredibly long for some but it does add an extra security layer that you are more compatible with each other.

2. Listen and Let Her talk

Less is always more. When you are dating Aries, let her hold the microphone. It is super essential to listen to your partner. Let her speak her mind out. You just have to sit there and be a good listener.

A big reason relationships don’t work out with Aries is because the partner is frequently dominating the conversations. Things will not look good when two speakers are eager to express themselves. You would want to keep your opinions to yourself when it is needed.

On her bad days, you want to pour some wine, bring some cousins and listen to her complaints. That way, it tells your Aries how much you value her thoughts. There are times when it is about you. Likewise, there are times when it is about her.

3. Be Playful

At first, Aries can be understood as being too uptight. Her inability to process jokes does not reflect her sense of humor. Revealing too much of herself is a weakness she dislikes. With new people, she tries to put off showing too many emotions.

Try to look beyond that as she gets playful with close ones. There is no need to stop joking around her because of her attitude. She is slowly getting used to opening up to her love. Keep your goofy side. Eventually, she will take the good influence and laugh with you.

Perfect Dates Ideas With Your Aries Girl

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1. Take Her to a Sports Game

Aries is super sporty. You may be surprised to find many Aries girls are more masculine than you are. She thoroughly enjoys working out and submerging herself in competitions. Bring her to bouldering, bowling, or even scuba diving.

There are no sports too extreme for this one. Her unlimited energy stems from her eagerness to excel and be better. As her partner, there are some expectations of you as well. Sweating your ass off and getting tireless with her showcase your strength, which is a big plus.

2. Being Artsy

The ‘A’ in Aries stands for artsy. There is no better way to describe her talent than having her show you in person. It might not seem like it from her somewhat cold outlook but Aries is a natural-born artist.

This is largely due to the amount of attention to detail and her exceptional sense of color combinations. An adorable artsy date idea would be visiting an art gallery or a hidden photographic exhibition. She will surely have a comment or two about the artwork there. She can’t help it but her critical eyes will not miss a chance to analyze any creative work.

3. A Jazz Club

Since she is constantly pushing herself to the limit, she gets exhausted after a full week. Elegant music genre like jazz is right up her alley when she is mentally drained. Take her to the closest jazz club for a live concert night. She will smile while gently nodding along to the music.

She is a classy girl that prefers some downtime. It recenters her balance and allows her to navigate through chaotic thoughts and feelings. If she doesn’t like a jazz club, pick another category. An open-air concert is equally appealing.

Best Dating Sites to Find Your Aries Girl

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  • Adult FriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Bang Locals


Your Aries girl is low-maintenance. As long as you can catch up with her train of thought, deciphering her love language is effortless. This wholesome guidebook gives you all the tips you need about dating this delightful girl. Now, all that’s left for you is to find the right one on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

John Santana

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