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Dating a Aries Man: Personality Traits & How To Attract Him?

by John Santana

Is there an Aries man stuck in your mind? Have you been staying up all night trying to decode his behaviors? Do you want to know what is on his mind?

An Aries man is a sweet and brave soul that has the greatest potential to be the most loving boyfriend. If you are trying to win his heart, this is the article you need.

Aries Basics

  • Dates: March 21 to April 19
    Keywords for an Aries: Adventurous, independent, initiative, passionate, restless, self-expressive, confident
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Famous male Aries: Robert Downey Jr., Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Heath Ledger, Elton John, Steven Tyler, Conan O’Brien

Characteristics of an Aries Man

1. He is Bright and Open-Minded

His life is full of adventures and innovation. He loves freedom and is open-minded. There is no concept too weird for him to understand. He is cheerful. In a sea of people, he is always the one to lighten up the room with his wittiness.

An Aries man loves embarking on a new journey. He retains a childlike candor when they are having fun. Oftentimes, he will send you a viral video he saw on Instagram about extreme sports and cool stunts to try. Believe it, his brave soul will have the guts to try everything he sees. For him, if someone else has done it before, why can’t he?

2. He is Direct

An Aries man is the definition of straightforwardness. His masculinity makes him a firm defender of his words and actions. He is not afraid to share his thoughts and feelings. Most people have a love-hate relationship with this personality trait.

While you can rest assured an Aries will likely never lie to you, listening to his so-called truth can be increasingly annoying and frustrating. He does not know how to sugarcoat a criticism and will tell you in your face about the stupid mistake you made. On the plus side, his firm approach fuels his motivation to achieve any goal he sets. Failure is not an option. Therefore, when an Aries man promises you something, he intends to seal the deal.

3. He is Full of Life

An Aries usually gives the impression of being too impatient. This impression is painfully inaccurate for him. He does not like this “impatient” label. He is full of energy and is not afraid of difficulties.

That being said, his enthusiasm for things comes and goes quickly. Hence, this creates an illusion that he is disgruntled most of the time. Keeping him in a competitive environment can easily inspire him to keep fighting. To further cultivate his interest, he needs stimulants and a goal to fight for. Then, he will be able to stick with his goals.

4. He is Determined and Knows What He Wants

Your macho man is very decisive and efficient in deciding things. If he ever seeks your advice on an issue, you know something is really bothering him. His high intelligence and physical strength allow him to face setbacks on his own. But that does not mean comfort and support are not important. Having someone to stand by him and reaffirm his decision keep him grounded and safe.

His vision goes beyond his current life. All his decisions are made with how they will impact his future life in mind. He will not make a reckless choice that implicates his future goals. Therefore, despite his adventurous spirit, an Aries guy seldom gets into huge trouble.

5. He is Sincere and Loyal

Although he is not keen on socializing and does not have hundreds of friends, all his friends are dead loyal to him. The most attractive thing about him is not how awesome he is. Rather, his down-to-earth sincerity is the magnet that sucks his friends in.

His friends appreciate his generosity. There is no jealousy between him and his close friends. He wants the best for those he cares about. Whenever his friends need help or are troubled, he will give the most practical advice from their point of view. His loyalty extends to his partner. You get a sense of security and know you are in good hands with this one.

How Do You know If He is into You?

couple looking at eachother

Playing the guessing game is not in your Aries man’s love language. Your lover will shine his love onto you like the sun. When he loves someone, confessing about it is probably the most exciting part for him. He fantasizes about the thousands of ways he can make this grand romantic gesture. As silly as it sounds, he enjoys taking the initiative in asking you to be his girlfriend. It makes him feel he has earned it and you are his reward.

Ambiguity hardly turns him on. Being hot and cold is pouring ice water on him. It puts out the flames he has for you. Ghosting your Aries man to create some distance will not prompt him to chase you. He will gladly leave someone that does not take him seriously.

You’d be surprised by how fast he can turn away if he feels you are not interested. It is also because he is worried that you do not like him. Rejection is a bitter medicine he refuses to take. So, he prefers to be the one walking away.

Otherwise, most Aries men are the ones who want to take the initiative to attack. He shows positive vibes toward his crush. Whether it is confessions or verbal hints, he hits straight in and does not take a detour.

How to Attract an Aries Man?

Although Aries man has a big and forgiving personality, he is quite picky when it comes to choosing a partner. Pure physical attractions do not sell big on him. He sees your character more than anything else.

However, love at first sight describes the law of attraction for him. As much as he values character, he will only give a chance to someone he gets good vibes from. He likes someone that complements his personality without outshining him. A soft-hearted girl that is willing to listen, understand, and care without judgment is the rose in a desert. At the same time, he wants you to be independent and be able to shine on your own.

A more reserved Aries man will look for opportunities to insert his presence in your life. His life will resolve mostly around you. He is waiting for the perfect opportunity to show his worth. For example, if you need participants in your company’s event, the lively Aries man will try to use his resources to recruit guests.

He will even take one step further to help you plan the event well. Giving him the recognition he deserves will lock in his heart. He wants to be valued. You should never take him for granted and say thank you to the littlest things in life if you want your man to always be crazy about you.

What Does an Aries Man Hate?

A Man With Gray Eyes

Playing Games

It is not an Aries man’s nature to be calculating, so it’s best not to play tricks on him. Mind games will ruin his trust in you. He believes in an honest and open relationship. Manipulating him into doing what you want will hurt him deeply. It is dehumanizing for him to control a romantic partner.


Most Aries men are soft-hearted, especially when facing the people they like. He does not like having his affairs advertised as gossip. You might want to be careful about talking dirt about your man to your friends behind his back. If one of your friends decides to defend your honor and confront him, things will get ugly real fast.


Whatever beef you have with your man, sit down and fix it together. A relationship should be between the two people in it. It is a repulsive act to broadcast your love life to the world. Choosing to share your argument with your besties instead of your man is the ultimate betrayal and possible one you cannot recover from. You should think wisely about what to share and what to keep private.

The Perfect Date for an Aries Man

Guys with this fiery star sign thrive in an environment where they can show off their masculinity by winning anything as small as an arcade game. He also blends in well in any social setting. Inviting him to an escape room evening with friends could be a great way to have fun and get to know him.

Don’t worry about throwing challenges at him. He will be more than happy to fight for it. He particularly enjoys exciting group activities. Inviting him to an escape room evening with friends could be a great way to have fun and get to know him. A laser tag event is also exhilarating as he can let out some energy. Besides, you can show off how out-going you are in these activities, which is a big advantage.

Be spontaneous and adventurous. Exploring new places together and creating memories are the best things you can do. He craves the unique bonding you share. Sharing something that is exclusively between you and him is enticing.

Sex with an Aries Man


It probably does not come as a surprise to you that this Mars-ruled man loves diving into business and ripping off his clothes immediately. Instead of gently spending the time on foreplay, he would much rather have prolonged sex with you.

Foreplay is not quite necessary for him. The wait is rather dreadful and not something he particularly enjoys. He wants to make love passionately. Love and lust intertwine in a relationship.

To look at the bright side, an Aries man is frequently turned on by his love interest. Even if you are cleaning the garden in your PJ, he finds that sweet and loving. He will hug you from the back and want to sex you up.

His sex drive is high as the sky. Love is incomplete without sex. Your man is not a horny bastard. He simply thinks having sex is the moment your body and soul merge where he can truly feel you have become one. The feeling is magical. But an Aries man is incredibly understanding and will not push it if you are not feeling sexy.

Best Online Dating Sites to Find Your Aries Man

  • Adult FriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Bang Locals


Your Aries man is bossily charming. His firm character makes him a wonderful partner to rely on. You can trust him with your life. Once you get the hang of the etiquette of dealing with this smiley breed, you will reap a warm relationship. Stop wasting time and get your Aries man today on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals!

John Santana

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